Tips for Solo Road Trips

Travelling smart makes every journey unique, relaxing and extra safe. For long road trip fans, the call to go on a road journey is undeniable. The sight of orange, greenish and woodsy brown hues paired with the excitement to reach your destination is the end-all and be-all of any road trip. Doing the extended drive solo can be tiring and labour-intensive, but if you find joy in your solace, solo road trips can be something to look forward to.

Here are tips to get the most of your road trips

Prepare the armory

Clean your car before and while you are on your trip. Decluttering provides an organized thought process while you are on the road. It is stressful to find your new trash piling up with your new ones. Best to start clean and refreshed. As your trip proceeds, purge clean your car at the nearest stations. Believe me; it will be out to get you in the close quarters and claustrophobia-inducing space that is your car.

Prepare all your documents in advance. It can be troublesome to go on a solo road trip without your insurance documentation, license, and registration if you get pulled over by authorities. Therefore, it is good practice to clear previous violations and parking tickets before going on a long trip.

Plan Ahead

A solo road trip can turn into a memorable activity you’d do over and over again if done correctly. Doing it right entails careful and detailed planning that aims not to stress you out.

Know your limitations, especially when driving, staying up late or driving in the dark. Your limitations as a driver will eventually define your travel schedule.

Cut through the 5-hour long drive feat by booking your accommodations ahead. Often, being alone in your thoughts while in the car may be a humdrum experience. Getting yourself some relaxation and recreation by enjoying hotel amenities such as massages, bathing in a pressurized shower cabin, and sauna can indeed break the cycle of driving, getting off and driving again.

Build an itinerary

The length of your travel plan, coupled with the places you want to explore, will serve as the base framework of your itinerary. Define the number of days you will set aside per location. Choose a theme for your trip depending on your interest; samples are wineries, historic places, nature and landscapes, etc. Read on the world’s top ten best road trips to draw itinerary inspiration from.

Navigate Wisely

It wouldn’t hurt to use one or two applications to assist you in navigating. This way, a map is for general navigation, and the other will cover a detailed plan that includes places of interest and whatnot. It is wise to consult atlases such as the UK road atlas as travel resources on areas of interest.

The adage “try everything once” essentially applies to solo road trips. Solo travel can enhance skills you thought you never have. It entails strategic planning, practical and common sense and an adventurous bone. It is something to be explored that is out of the ordinary; it is spontaneous and memorable.

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/pickup-truck-on-highway-2994335/