How to Flex Your Psychic Muscle to CHANGE Your Life Right Now!

You wouldn’t go to the gym with the aim of getting in shape, but stop after a few weeks and say, “There, I’m done now. All set!”

The same applies to strengthening your psychic muscle. Building that often atrophied ability is an ongoing process, but according to my guest, author and renowned paranormal researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley, once you commit to a continuous practice of building your psychic strength, you can use it to consciously and proactively affect all aspects of your life.

In our chat about using “practical magic” to positively influence your life, we discussed ideas like meditation and how everyone who has an interest in utilizing their paranormal faculty must make some form of meditation a regular part of the psychic work-out. But she didn’t just give the same ‘ole, same ‘ole about meditative practices that we typically hear about, oh no. Rosemary shared some secrets on how to do more engaged or active meditation to conjure the results we’re looking for, and in some cases, even bring about psychic effects while engaged in the actual meditation itself.

What about finances? Who isn’t interested in learning how to increase their abundance? Can we wield our psychic ability to multiply the digits in our bank accounts? According to Rosemary, the answer is absolutely yes! But is there a specific formula for doing this? Rosemary lends great insight to this big question.

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We also addressed the use of mirrors, crystals, and other tools to beef up our psychic practice. I for one have always been interested in just why mirrors and other reflective surfaces have been known to open doorways or portals to other (spiritual) dimensions. The explanation she offers simply amazed me!

Lastly, we cover the importance of protecting ourselves from psychic “attack.” Now that our extra-sense is primed and ready to put to work, how can we use it to shield ourselves from unwanted outside influences?

Indeed, this interview is packed with great info. that you can put to work right now!

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Rosemary Ellen Guiley on Entity Communication, the Afterlife, and More

Source: Anjula Ram

In this revealing conversation with Anjula Ram, Rosemary Ellen Guiley shares her understanding of the spirit world and talks about opening to, and closing from, entity communications. She also discusses the importance of prayer and meditation, entity influence, spiritual discernment, the afterlife, and the djinn and shadow night visitors.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley is a leading expert, author, and researcher in metaphysical and paranormal fields. She has authored more than 60 books on a wide range of topics, including several category bestsellers and nine single-volume encyclopedias and reference works. Guiley’s work focuses on contact with otherworldly realities, spirit communications, the afterlife, psychic skills and protection, dreams, past lives, and transformation of consciousness. She also probes spirit and entity attachments, and negative hauntings. Guiley provides consultations, readings, and past-life regressions. She lectures internationally and runs her own publishing company, Visionary Living, Inc.

For more info: visionaryliving.com and djinnuniverse.com

Anjula Ram is a freelance producer-host providing content for the conscious evolution of humanity. As a spiritual intuitive she also offers insight and guidance for personal development. For more info visit AnjulaRam.com

‘Live from the Heart. Create with the Mind. Experience through the Body.’ – Anjula Ram.

CLN RADIO NEW EPISODE: Shadow People and The Djinn with Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Alexis Brooks speaks with paranormal researcher and investigator Rosemary Ellen Guiley for the second time about a phenomenon known as “shadow people visits” and their connection to “The Djinn”

REGuileypicThere is an elusive phenomenon that is plaguing countless people throughout this planet.  Frequently appearing in bedrooms, in corners, or in hallways, these shadowy figures often observe without any contact or in some cases they can intrude upon an unsuspecting experiencer with brute force.  A disturbing reality to be sure, these entities, called by many, “shadow people” have strikingly similar characteristics.

I first spoke with paranormal researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley about the shadow person phenomenon last year, but after having listened to multiple accounts from people in my own travels, it is clear that this is a subject that was worthy of re-visiting.

This interview gives a comprehensive overview of the shadow person enigma and how its characteristics may be tied to the Djinn.

In this second interview about shadow people we discuss:

  • The increased incidents of shadow person visits (Rosemary feels that most if not all people have had at least one shadow person visit in their lifetime)
  • The common features of a shadow person visit, as well as the variations (size, appearance, etc.)
  • Personality characteristics of experiencers of this phenomenon
  • The generational connection of shadow people visits
  • Benevolent vs. Malevolent visits
  • Shadow people in dreams that carry-over into “physical reality”
  • Portals and rips in reality that allow these entities to “bleed through”
  • What experiencers can do to try and eliminate these unwanted intruders


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