Men: These Exercises Will Help You Last Longer & Be Your Best Sexually

By Adina Rivers | My Tiny Secrets

If you’re a man, odds are you have a deep need to feel more powerful in bed. Don’t feel bad, it’s totally normal and inherent to your gender.

In this video, lovely sex educator, Adina Rivers is going to share 7 “Penis Empowerment Tips” that will help you be better in bed. She’s going to talk about lasting longer and also about increasing the size of your penis. Now, before you write this idea off as total quackery, listen to her explanation of what causes an erection – it’s mostly just blood engorgement. So, finding ways to have better and more blood flow to your penis, will effectively make you a bit longer and thicker – the maximum for your own body type.

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(1)  Make sure you’re in good physical and emotional health. Eat more natural foods, drink more water and exercise often.  Mindfull movement exercises like yoga, tai chi and martial arts are best. You can check out this article for help with emotional healing, and this article for ways to reduce stress in your life.
(2)  Regularly massage your penis with natural herbs for more expansion.
(3)  Regularly massage your testicles to strengthen your erections.
(4)  Masturbate less frequently to strengthen your erections (or if you do it often, don’t ejaculate).
(5)  Increase your sexual power with herbs like ginger, saw palmetto, yohimbo, maca, ginseng. All of them help with circulation to the penis. It will also help if you limit your coffee, cigarette, dairy and sugar consumption.
(6)  Use techniques that help you to last longer with your partner (one of which is demonstrated in the video).
(7)  Be aware of what your semen is like. Your semen says a lot about your health, so look at yours and note if it is thick, white and mild in odor (healthy) or thin, greyish and bitter (unhealthy).
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Ancient sexual traditions believe that men over 30 shouldn’t ejaculate more than 3 times a week in order to maintain a healthy amount of semen.