The Mandela Effect – New Insights and Revelations! Cynthia Sue Larson Explains

The Mandela Effect is gaining traction amongst the masses. Is this a REAL phenomenon or just “False Memory?”


The Mandela Effect – just what is this all about? Is this about a reality, possibly for the masses, that is constantly warping and wefting, ebbing and flowing, and literally shifting the past as we know it? Is this about our brain’s ability to process information one way at a certain point in time and another well into the future, or is this just about false memory?

Today’s guest Cynthia Sue Larson and I have discussed the Mandela Effect at great length before, but it seems that with every passing day, new information comes to light about what we may just be dealing with.

Cynthia and I discuss this in connection with what is known as retrocausality – the idea that cause does not always have to precede effect, and some of the exciting discoveries within the quantum field that are supporting this theory.

This conversation was so much fun to have and so exciting when we consider the possibilities and the clues that may eventually lead us to understand the true nature of reality.

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