Police Officer Skates With Youth While On Patrol For An Inspiring Reason

By Amanda Froelich | True Activist

Officer Craig Hanaumi isn’t like most cops you’ll meet. While on patrol in Seattle, Washington, he uses his talents for playing trombone, doing jiu-jitsu and skateboarding to interact and connect with youth in the area.

According to the Bellevue police officer, skateboarding and practicing martial arts with the kids is an essential part of his job, as it’s important to forge positive relationships between law enforcement and community members. Plus, it allows him to interact with individuals he wouldn’t normally meet or converse with.

According to GoodNewsNetwork, Craig is fond of sports and recreation because he feels the activists allow people to form more meaningful bonds than just conversation. And, judging by the kids and teenagers he spends time with, his theory is correct.

Officer Craig’s activism is noteworthy because many members of society have a terse relationship with law enforcement workers. This is because many cops lack the skills necessary to diffuse situations. Fortunately, some are working hard to change the image of police officers so relations with the public might be improved. 

In the following video, the officer skateboards with teens while on patrol:

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