The Keys to Ascension – Michael Roads (Interviewed by Lilou Mace)

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Michael Roads provides the keys to ascension in this wonderful interview with Lilou Mace.

Deeper Level Orgasm Training: Lilou Mace Interview

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Former Spanish porn star-turned Transcendental Sexuality Taoist, José Toirán, trains women in how to connect the mind, heart and uterus together, strengthening orgasmic power and easing the experience of childbirth. 

Every woman, on her own, can access the orgasm via three pathways that guide us to experiencing different levels of inner power. 

How to Create and Live From the Heart – Lilou Macé

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After the Drunvalo Melchizedek workshop called Awakening the Illuminated Heart, Lilou Mace explains why it is so precious to live and create from the heart, and how to do it.

Heart Imagery Exercise: Lilou Mace and Daniel Mitel

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Enjoy this ancient heart imagery exercise that reminds us where we come from, and how we’re all connected by one heart. When practicing this, and other exercises from the Heart Imagery: Union with God workshop, correctly you should experience a sense of relaxation and the feeling that you are entering into the light. During the exercises, as you pass by the thoughts of this world, you will understand that God’s light is formless and without limit and you will understand that nothing that you think are your real thoughts are similar to your real thoughts. Because you are part of His Creation and Mind, so are your thoughts part of His Mind. Additional exercises are shared in a follow-up video.

Awakening From The Illusion With Heart Imagery – Daniel Mitel With Lilou Mace

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Lilou Mace interviews Daniel Mitel about the heart imagery process. Daniel is a world traveler helping people understand their intimate connection to God. He started to teach Zen Meditation in 1981 and between 1981 and 1992 he was practicing “the spinal breathing” meditation; later he found out that, in fact, he did practice the Kriya Pranayama of Kriya Yoga Great Master Babaji.

Since 1996, he is teaching worldwide Meditation Day Workshop and Heart Imagery Workshops.(www.heartimagery.org).  After couple of years spent in meditation in North of Tibet, in 1999, Daniel created “The School of the Heart”. Ten years later, in Toronto, he created “The School of Meditation”.

Daniel is an Ambassador of Peace and Diplomat of Love in the Embassy of Peace.

International lecturer and Martial Arts Master (Tai Chi Master and Karate Traditional Black Belt 5 DAN in WJKA – World Japan Karate Association), Daniel is dedicated to inspiring the world to move from violence to peace and from anger to love. Throughout his work, workshops and spiritual conferences, Daniel changed the life of thousands of people.

Prior and after Tibetan Great Masters, Daniel worked with a group of well-known Masters from different schools of meditation (Osho, Dalai Lama, Paramahansa Prajnananda, Ana, Di Yu Ming, Sadhguru, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Jasmuheen, Anastasia) who train their students to be in the Heart.

Now, together with his own workshops (Meditation Day and Heart Imagery), Daniel Mitel is bringing Awakening The Illuminated Heart and Luscious Lifestyle Program workshops out to the world. By teaching all these spiritual seminars, Daniel is sharing a message of hope and possibility to anyone who wants to experience a new understanding of life; an understanding which comes from the heart

Energy Healing for Everyone – Brett Bevell with Lilou Mace

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Brett Bevell, founder of the Magical Awakening Institute and a world renowned healer, is interviewed by Lilou Mace. Brett is also a poet and the author of The Reiki Magic Guide To Self Attunement (Crossing Press 2007), Reiki For Spiritual Healing (Crossing Press 2009) and New Reiki Software for Divine Living (Ayni Books 2013). He teaches regularly at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, NY and at other retreat centers around the world.

Noosphere: the Planetary Mind of Gaia (Lilou Mace Interview)

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In this interview with Stephanie South, we are directed to look to the sun and our 5th dimensional bodies for guidance through this time.

The Noosphere – literally, “mind-sphere” or Earth’s mental sheathe – is a word and concept jointly coined by Édouard Le Roy, French philosopher and student of Henri Bergson, Jesuit paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and Russian geochemist, Vladimir Vernadsky, in Paris, 1926. At the root of the primary definition of noosphere is a dual perception: that life on Earth is a unity constituting a whole system known as the biosphere; and that the mind or consciousness of life – the Earth’s thinking layer – constitutes a unity that is discontinuous but coextensive with the entire system of life on Earth, inclusive of its inorganic support systems. A third critical premise arising from the first two is that the noosphere defines the inevitable next stage of terrestrial evolution, which will subsume and transform the biosphere.

How this evolutionary shift might occur is at the crux of the experiment, Noosphere II. Though little else is known concerning Édouard Le Roy, our ideas about the noosphere and the transition from the biosphere to the noosphere are largely derived from the perceptions of Teilhard de Chardin and Vernadsky, along with the work of American Physicist, Oliver Reiser.

There will come a time when the birds will fall from the trees, the rivers will be poisoned and the wolves will die in the forests. But then the warriors of the rainbow will appear and save the world. – Prophecy of the Cree Indians

More information on Stephanie South https://www.lawoftime.org/

Lilou Mace: Learning to Love What Is

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Lilou Mace reflects on her own learning of how to trust that life is always guiding you toward your greater good. Part of ‘loving what is’ (a cornerstone of Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’ inquiry process) is taking responsibility for what’s happening in your reality, even when it seems unfair and undeserved. Rather than raging against the challenge that life has offered you, ask life for help and guidance in opening yourself to a deeper understanding of the situation.


How To Create Miracles and Live A Magical Life – Robert Young with Lilou Mace

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Robert Young talks with Lilou Mace about how to create miracles and live a magical life.  Robert is the author of  ‘Your Personal SuperComputer’ – a modern guide to accessing our superhuman gifts that have been hidden in front of everyone and demonstrated by each of us in every unexplainable special experience.

Read more about Robert Young on his website:  youngsight.com.  Here’s an excerpt from his site:

The world is changing fast and this is not the time to allow yourself to be washed away by the wave of circumstances. Elevate your spirit and ride the wave as it builds to a new level of love and harmony. Join us in living the dream and making a difference.

It is not by chance that you are where you are, doing what you are doing, and it is not by chance that you are the person you are today. Some force, some influence or some attraction has called upon you to proceed in the way you are proceeding at the present moment and this process will continue to occur for the remainder of your life.

Living Into Your Destiny: Lilou Mace Interviews Robert Ohotto

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Lilou Mace interviews Robert Ohotto, a world renowned radio show host, teacher, and Intuitive Counselor, Coach, and Life Strategist based in Boulder, CO. He is also the author of the groundbreaking best-selling book Transforming Fate into Destiny.

Listen to learn how SHAME factors into life purpose, karma, religion and spirituality, and blocking intuition. Is it important to love and accept all the wounded parts of you? Do you even need an ego? How do one’s destiny and astrological chart figure in to the present moment?

Watch more of Lilou’s interviews at https://www.JuicyLivingTour.com and https://www.LilouMace.com


Living From the Heart – Hira Hosen with Lilou Mace

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Hira Hosèn talks about living from the heart in this interview with Lilou Mace. Hira’s heart is filled with the deepest joy, bliss and gratitude to share this transformational knowledge. It is her gift to share with you a spiritual technology that will enable you to connect to the light and love of all creation by using the amazing power of your heart.

Following are some notes from the interview:

  • Everything that we are living is a holographic projection of your consciousness.
  • We forgot how to life from the heart. Instead, most of us live from the brain. We have forgotten that we can move our consciousness and stay in the heart and then live from there – perceive reality through the “eyes” of your heart.
  • Don’t ask the universe for things that you want. The universe is inside your heart. So instead of going OUTSIDE and asking the universe to manifest for you (e.g., “Universe, I want this… I want that…Please give it to me…”), go inside of your heart and speak directly to the source (that we all are).
  • As above, so below. As within, so without.
  • Instead of reacting to everything on auto-pilot, stop everything and go within. Tune into your heart, feel where you need to go and how you are going to do it. Stop everything and re-tune, re-feel where you are.
  • Most people are centered in their brain, by you can move your center of focus to your physical heart. You can learn to tune into the messages from your heart.

Next ATIH workshops with Hira Hosèn in English:
18-21st of September 2014 in Italy (Turin)
9-12th of October 2014 in Ibiza Island – LILOU PARTICIPATING
13-16th of November 2014 in Amsterdam
18-21st of December 2014 in Glastonbury, UK
4-7th of February 2015 in Israel

For the updated calendar & more info, follow this link: https://theschoolofremembering.net/sor…

Watch: Insights on Finding and Living Your Life Purpose

Source: Lilou Mace


Some doors are closing while others are opening so that we can get clarity on what we really WANT.  Lilou Mace shares personal insights from her own journey to enjoying a purpose-driven life.

Conscious Musings Into the New World – Alexis Brooks With Lilou Mace

CLN’s Alexis Brooks is interviewed by Lilou Mace about her recently released book: Conscious Musings: Contemplations to Transform Life and Realize Potential.

Conscious Musings offers a collection of candid and powerful essays that will give you the opportunity to have your own personal awakening, by examining the circumstances of your everyday life and the realization that it is you who create your own reality; and only you can change it – in any way you choose!

By examining provocative subjects like the paranormal, shamanic traditions and even modern science, Conscious Musings draws a breathtaking correlation between these areas of inquiry within the context of social psychology to illustrate the broader spectrum of reality, and how we can use this knowledge to recognize and ignite our own personal power.

Honest and invigorating, Conscious Musings will appeal to the casual explorer, as well as those well versed in the areas of metaphysics, consciousness and the “new age.”

If you are seeking a life of liberation, and limitless abundance on all levels, Conscious Musings will set you on your path with renewed clarity and confidence!

Source: Higher Journeys

Stop Suffering: The Work with Byron Katie

Lilou Mace interviews modern sage Byron Katie on the experience of suffering. Where does it come from and how can we stop it? Learn how to apply a simple, yet profound, inquiry process to question your stressful thoughts.

In a nutshell, examine the painful thoughts you hold about any situation by holding each up to the following questions:

Is it true? Can you be absolutely sure that it’s true?

How do you feel when you believe the thought?

Who would you be (in that situation) without the thought?

Turn the thought around to the opposite statement. Can you find examples where it’s true? Turn the thought around to the self and find more examples. Keep looking for additional turnarounds that expand your point of view on the situation.

The cognitive shift that occurs is profoundly transformative.

Everything you need to apply The Work to your life, including an e-book called The Little Book, can be found free of charge at TheWork.com


Relationship Advice – Gary Douglas with Lilou Mace

Gary Douglass, the founder of Access Consciousness, provides relationship advice in this interview with Lilou Mace.