TODAY (June 3) at 9am PDT: LIVE Intention Experiment to Heal the Racial Divisions in America

By Lynne McTaggart

Please join me today for our weekly LIVE Intention Experiment

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

9 am PDT (US) / 12 pm EDT (US)/ 5 pm BST/ 6 pm CEST

To join, simply visit my Facebook page at the designated time:


For the past few weeks, during my broadcast, I have focused on not only containing the spread of the coronavirus but also calming the fear and hysteria surrounding it (and the knock-on effect on food supplies, businesses, etc). I have also discussed some of the potentially positive aspects of this international crisis as an opportunity for a massive re-set of our entire way of life. 

I will continue to hold intentions for this global pandemic to end, for the lockdown to be eased and for us all to stay well. 

However, as you are probably aware, recently there have been many protests all over America for George Floyd, African-American who was killed by a white police officer last week, with many of these turning to riots or being responded to by violent police retaliation. 

In my intention broadcast today, I’d like us all to send an intention to lower the current violence and heal the racial division in the United States.

Here’s a tip to help you intend: When it is time, take a few deep breaths and hold the intention statement in your mind while allowing yourself to visualize it’s coming true using all of your senses. Send the intention out from your heart and feel the collective energy of everyone else who is joining in with you. After 10 minutes, release the intention.

And if you need some help in finding the right time for you, please use this time converter: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html.