How To Release Your Fears Before They Manifest

By  | Spirit Science 

Do you know what you’re afraid of?

Awareness of a fear is the first step to releasing it, someone who isn’t aware of their fears is controlled by those fears. People don’t like to think of themselves as being afraid though, people would rather think of themselves as brave, it’s a matter of pride. The fears are stuffed down into the unconsciousness so they don’t have to be acknowledged. This is probably the worst thing you can do though, as in the unconsciousness is where the fears fester, multiply, and eat away at the person.

ESP-Psychics-Explained-Telepathic-Communication-Spiritual-Power-Gifts-God-or-Satan-Telepathy-Orgin-The_BibleUncovering the fears is quite simple, simply pay attention to your behavior, it will give away the fears. Look at what you avoid, is it simply because you don’t enjoy that thing, or is there a deeper reason?

Look at what you attack or condemn, especially when it stirs up anger or hate, what’s behind that? Also, things you aggressively defend such as beliefs, possessions or other people, are you afraid of losing something? When you get all riled up emotionally, there’s a fear somewhere behind those emotions.

Your mind is like a house, and the thoughts are your guests. Fears are obnoxious and unruly guests who will trash the whole house if unchecked. A mind without Awareness is like a house where the owner has left and rowdy guests have taken over. The guests aren’t going to leave on their own, they like being in control of the house even while they destroy it.

Awareness is the first step, a fear that you’re conscious of doesn’t have the same kind of power. It’s manageable, but wouldn’t it be far better to be free of that fear entirely? Your fears attract what you don’t want into your life, fear keeps people living unconsciously, keeps people enslaved, keeps people searching outside of themselves. Fear keeps you locked in the same patterns, it kills growth.

Releasing fears is simple, yet your mind makes it complicated. How do you let go of a physical object? You simply stop holding on to it, the same is true with fear. Your fears stick around because you feed them your energy, you cling to them.

You give your fears “life”, either consciously or unconsciously. It may seem your fears have a grip on you, but that’s just part of the illusion fear creates. It’s really you that is holding on to them.

You can release your fears before the situation that you fear arises. In fact, dreams are great for doing this, but you don’t have to be dreaming either, simply imagine a situation that you fear. If you’re afraid of heights, afraid of falling to your death, imagine yourself standing on the edge of a cliff, looking down.

The fear will arise, and depending on your imagination, it may be just as strong as if you were really there. It’s an unpleasant feeling, isn’t it? There will be the urge to avoid the fear, to run away from it, and that is precisely the kind of behavior that empowers fear. Don’t back down, really look at the emotions. When you feel the fear completely, a funny thing happens, the fear loses its power over you.