You Don’t Have To Carry That Weight

by Zen Gardner

I find this concept intriguing, as it’s very subtle but a major influence on many of us. Those working hard to help influence and change this current paradigm, or at least bring a degree of enlightenment that would help bring about positive change, are tempted to carry a tremendous weight on their shoulders.

In fact, every individual can be tempted to think in this manner, worrying about the overall world situation and its consequences on loved ones and the innocent around the world. We are truly living in very seriously troubled times and it’s on much of humanity’s minds.

When thinking about this I was reminded of the story of the man who was taking his first flight in a small airplane. With great trepidation he went on the flight, extremely nervous the whole time and clearly not enjoying himself, very vocal with the pilot that he was worried the plane wouldn’t hold them and hence crash. When the plane landed the pilot exclaimed, “See, that wasn’t so bad. The plane carried us just fine, didn’t it?” The man answered, “Yeah, but I never did put my full weight down.”

Aren’t we all like that at times? Reflexively thinking our worries, tension, and psychological and spiritual load carrying are helping to bear the overall load somehow when all along everything is carried on the wings of a magnificent Universe?

It’s easy to fall into. While our hearts cry out for the suffering, pain and injustices in the world and we do make a difference by our contributions, we can’t carry that load. No one can. Nor are we supposed to. We can identify what is happening around us to foster clarity and understanding and do all we can to bring awareness to others and even relieve some suffering, but we can’t carry these problems – least of all these major world situations.

How Such Weight Carrying Can Work Against Us

It’s unrealistic and actually burdensome to try to carry or change everything on earth, especially in an unfounded emotional respect. The human psyche will think it needs to change it all to warrant making an effort for significant change, and then give up if it doesn’t see signs of change immediately. The tendency is to think “What difference can I make?”–or “What can little me possibly do to affect and change such massive issues..” etc.

You don’t have to change it all, in that context. But we do need to do our part.

Think about the planets and stars. Nothing’s holding them up with some massive effort. They just hang there, effortlessly suspended by an amazing, alive and energetic cosmos.  And these celestial bodies are even spiraling through space at a fantastic speed at the same time.

Fantastic, and effortless.

That should be our fundamental reference point. We come from a place of knowing and confidence.We activate responsibly as we’re each called. One does not cancel out the other, contrary to “normal” thought patterns. We each confidently execute our particular callings. This is conscious reality, our unfolding truth one soul at a time.


As with the airplane passenger, it’s important we simply put our weight down and trust. It’s already being “carried” anyway, it’s us catching up with that reality that’s the point. The Universe is just fine and will continue long after any of us are gone from this temporal stage. It always has been just fine and always will be, despite warring powers, manipulators of any sort, horrible injustices, cruelty and the like.

There’s no doubt we each profoundly affect the morphic unified field, the ether, or whatever you want to call it. This to me is one of the most astounding and encouraging aspects of awakening, which is followed by conscious decisions and actions. It is very real how we each influence the interconnected “whole” in so many wonderful ways. But worrying and fretting about the overall condition should not be our main concern, but rather simply going about our immediate awake and aware contributions without distraction.

Such is carrying the world. It’s nobody’s job. It’s an unnatural imposed psychological weight that only discourages our naturally inspired participation.

Take Action – Be Here Now and Consciously

We each make a huge difference. We just can’t carry the weight of this matrix projection and its pervasive, persuasive sycophantic following we’re being handed. It’s false to the core, as real as the effects may appear. It’s not real in the most basic sense. It’s a fabrication, a lie, and a very dangerous and damaging one if you endorse it by succumbing to it by giving your energy to this vast wasteland of fabricated, answerless options.

When we change individually, everything changes. Spiritually, metaphysically, etherically – as well as physically, socially and otherwise. Even quantum physics asserts this as does any advanced understanding of our metaphysical nature and how we interact with our energetic surroundings.

“Carrying the load” does no good for anyone or anything. It may be fashionable in social or spiritual circles, it may even “feel” good as if just that is doing something about our surrounding world, but it’s ultimately nothing more than make believe self assuaging to compensate for a lack of conscious awareness and very specific personal action.

When we act in full awareness we know we’re making a difference. Unconscious thought or fabricated load bearing only feeds the lie.

Beware the pitfall. Stay awake and a potent force for real change by fully living the awakened life you’re being handed.

We are the change we’ve been waiting for. Simply live it. Fully.

Burden free – and happily!

Much love, Zen


Don’t Know What To Do With Your Life? Here’s A Secret For You

Charlie | Collective Evolution

We live in an age where both humanity and planet earth are going through a lot of changes. If we look back roughly fifty years ago, we would have generally known our place and role in society. Women were housewives or secretaries, and men were the breadwinners, the heads of the family. We had guidelines reinforced by war-time propaganda and shows like “I Dream of Genie” and “Bewitched.” We had a rough idea of who we were, and what we were going to do with ourselves in the future.

In our modern day and age, we have no clear guidelines. We currently find ourselves changing from a Type Zero civilization to a Type One (see the video here), and one of the products of this change is the internet, a technology that allows us to be a constantly interconnected civilization. National borders are no longer barriers that stop us from communicating and progressing together. We are becoming global citizens.

This can be seen as a source of liberation, or intense confusion. The internet allows us to be exposed to a wider variety of voices, its wealth of information allows us to see that it is possible to live our lives differently. We now know going to school, to university, getting a ‘respectable’ job, getting married and getting a mortgage isn’t the only path we can take. We know there are people out there like Steven Spielberg and Bill Gates who lead particularly successful lives without university degrees, and established an inspiring legacy for all of us. We know that we can publish our own book on Amazon, we can build our own websites, we can manage our businesses wherever we have wifi, and we can find a special someone online who really shares all our interests, rather than selecting people at random in the darkness of bars and nightclubs.

So, in this age of constant and limitless opportunity offered to us by the internet, what exactly should we do with ourselves?

This is a difficult question, and it is this question that is responsible for the rising phenomena that is the Quarter-Life Crisis. The younger generations are breaking under the pressure previously felt by people in their 50s. The Mid-Life Crisis came on when you looked back on your life feeling you wasted half of it, and missed every opportunity you had to make something better of it. So you anxiously try to do something different, for fear of running out of time.

Twenty year olds nowadays feel the pressure from their family, friends, and society, to do something ‘worthwhile’ with their future. So they find solace in the only place they know they don’t have to fear external and unwanted expectations, they don’t have to change who they are to ‘fit in’. And that place is the internet. YouTube. Tumblr. Alternative websites like Collective Evolution. We are secretly hoping we somehow find a way out of all this mess. That somehow, somewhere, we will find a person, a video, a phrase, that triggers an idyllic revelation, and will tell us exactly what we have to do.

In this age of constant social, environmental and galactic change, it is not surprising we feel lost, stressed, insignificant, and somewhat detached from the world ‘out-there’. It’s a natural consequence of our evolution. The paradigms of the past are out-dated, they don’t fit in with how we feel inside. Someone else’s expectations of ourselves, although sometimes based on good intentions, can be a great source of stress.

What can you do?

There is one secret, that is not-so-secret, that will let us find the answer we are searching for. And it is inside each and every one of us. It is our intuition. Our inner voice. Our gut-feeling. Whatever you wish to label it. We all have it. If we tune into this voice, we will never go wrong. It will guide us exactly where we want to go, it will make sure you always go after what will make you safe, happy, loved and fulfilled.

The tricky bit is blocking out all the external voices, the external expectations that cause all the pressure. These voices can be very loud, very firm, and they surround us every day. Learn to recognise them with patience. Ask yourself: why am I doing this? Why am I thinking this? Why am I feeling this? Is this my voice? Or is this someone else’s voice? Analyse the causes and the consequences of every major decision you have made or are being faced with. Was it made out of love? Or was it made due to pressure? Did I tell myself to do this? Or did someone else tell me to do this? Is this what I want to do? Or is this what someone else thinks I should do?

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Love is Free – Everything Else Has a Price

Zen Gardner, Contributor

If you think about it, that is a profound truth. It is also an easy filtration system for truth in a world where discernment is both difficult and rare.

Try this simple formula. Examine your life simply for compromising economic enslavements, or even social relationships. What is the relative cost? Is it more parasitic than helpful? Are they obligatory relationships built on old, controlled patterns of thinking or behaving? It’s tough to realize what we’re in the midst of in a world so entrenched in these programmed mechanisms swirling about us.

Unconditional love, as ethereal-cereal as that may sound to some, asks nothing in return. Yet ironically, an exchange at some level always naturally occurs anyway.

That’s truth economics.

Are You Ensnared Outside of Love? Disengage

Who hasn’t been caught in the web? It’s a continual fight for anyone on this besieged planet. All of us have to deal with this sticky maze to some extent, and have been doing so all of our lives. It’s not always fun – it’s become a way of life, and survival. Discerning this changing world around us is our perpetual challenge, especially when our intent to change the flow and our reactions to this bombardment start to bring us to some serious revelations that contradict the narrative we’ve been sold.

It eventually becomes clear that the point of our realizations lead us to disengage. The whole system we’ve been sold is a lie, top to bottom.

Where did we go wrong? We fell for the cost system. Everything costs, so fight to gain more and the guy with the most toys wins. When this type of selfishness kicks in conscious awareness is lost. There is no more altruistic giving or helping those in need in their diseased paradigm, it’s back to a gain/cost game.

That might be a short summary of our condition, but the fact remains it’s time to wake up.

The key is not being in their game at all.

The Price of Love

It’s ironic how relationship love comes to mind for most when this subject of love comes up. That’s social programming playing on our instincts once again. Whereas, unselfish behavior is nothing new. It has been the natural response of cultures since time immemorial, caring for one another and extending that outwards. We just don’t see it today with corporatist totalitarian regimes clamping down on society as they are, and the reflexive responses of those trying to survive within their constricted climates of fear and insecurity.

This kind of fascist control has been the hallmark of every dynasty throughout our blighted history.

The point is, true love is free. There are no strings attached to true love. It gives without expecting in return. We all have it. It’s simply a matter of releasing and utilizing it.

And ironically it all comes back in spades.

The Difference

The key is recognizing what we’re up against, and responding accordingly. True love will always remain unconditional. The difference is in living up to this awareness. It’s not just simply to be observed, quantified and filed away. Loving interaction at work changes the entire dynamic of society, more radically than any other influence. We give and love because we care.

And Universe responds accordingly.

Blinding us from this wonderful truth is the reason for the harshness conditioning–war, hate, greed and most of all fear. These shut down our channels of connection to love. But only if we listen to them. When we learn to operate outside their matrix of deceit our powers blossom.

This is where we need to operate from, the standpoint of consciously aware love.

That may seem a bit esoteric for some, but it couldn’t be any more practical.

Stay in love.

Love, Zen

This article appeared at ZenGardner.com. Please visit Zen’s website for more consciousness-raising wisdom.


Manifesting the Mystic Morphic Field

Zen Gardener | Waking Times

There was an interesting article recently about researchers who found within the computer informational field what appears to be proof of foreknowledge of 9/11. The huge spike in chatter regarding the events immediately prior to the strikes is completely anomalous. In other words, it goes on to say, for it to be just a coincidence is next to impossible.

No big surprise. But what about this informational field?

They call this computer information world a type of “morphic field” or “information field” and it seems to be a virtual manifestation of the global mind. Not all of it of course, but the informational global mind, which at this point in history is a massive amount of generated information that’s accelerating by the hour.

Research in this field is also being investigated by other visionaries. By tracing trends in language using webbots that crawl the internet reading data with assigned values to various words, they’ve been able to often predict not only major events, trends and changes, but the specific nature and sometimes locations of future phenomena.

It’s not an exact science by any means, but this whole field starts to show the power of the literal electromagnetic informational mind as evidence of or a reflection of human consciousness, and we should pay close attention.

Language as a Manifestation of Consciousness

Language shared is clearly consciousness at work. This is our current fundamental method of communication. Perhaps general telepathy is on the horizon, but for now words backed by intention and no doubt other influences is how we understand communication.

Whichever, it only stands to reason that the greater the body of consciousness manifested, the greater the effect on the present, and hence the future.

In the words of Roger Nelson, founder of the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) from his book Quantum Mind p. 57;;

My own ‘model’ is that consciousness or mind is the source or seat of a non-local, active information field (this is not a standard, well defined physical construct). Such fields interact, usually with random phase relationship and no detectable product. When some or many consciousness (information) fields are driven in common, or for whatever reason become coherent and resonant, they interact in phase, and create a new, highly structured information field… that becomes the source of the effects we measure. Source

Pretty profound. When the accumulated consciousness fields are driven in common or show coherency or resonance, they create a new information field.

Sound interactive? That’s the whole point…we need to get busy manifesting Truth and Love within this field.

Morphic Resonance and Quantum Physics

Taking this field changing empowerment even further, morphic field theory is the “discovery” (coming into consciousness) that there’s a dynamic at work akin to the concept of non-separability and total connectivity that quantum physics has discovered. Reminiscent of Plato’s Theory of Forms, these interactive force fields give form to not just plants, animals, crystals, planets and the like, but to behavioral and social patterns. This is similar to the evolving informational field concept described above but even more profound. It is much like  Carl Jung’s collective unconscious understanding, but even broader while on a somewhat more so-called “scientific” footing.

It essentially is touching on the effect of Universal Consciousness coming into our experiential realm and our interaction with it. But again, morphic field study is the attempt to pursue this intuitive knowledge scientifically, so called, in a quantifiable way.

All part of the continued awakening of mankind, despite the manipulations, masking and withholding of knowledge by the controllers. Now you can see why so much is hidden from us – it’s fuel for our flux capacitors!

No worries, we’ll get our own.

The “Hypothesis” of Morphic Fields

All self-organizing systems are wholes made up of parts, which are themselves wholes at a lower level, such as atoms in molecules and molecules in crystals. The same is true of organelles in cells, cells in tissues, tissues in organs, organs in organisms, organisms in social groups. At each level, the morphic field gives each whole its characteristic properties and interconnects and coordinates the constituent parts.

The fields responsible for the development and maintenance of bodily form in plants and animals are called morphogenetic fields. In animals, the organization of behavior and mental activity depends on behavioral and mental fields. The organization of societies and cultures depends on social and cultural fields. All these kinds of organizing fields are morphic fields.

Morphic fields are located within and around the systems they organize. Like quantum fields, they work probabilistically. They restrict, or impose order upon, the inherent indeterminism of the systems under their influence. Thus, for example, a protein field organizes the way in which the chain of amino acids (the “primary structure” determined by the genes) coils and folds up to give the characteristic three-dimensional form of the protein, “choosing” from among many possible structures, all equally possible from an energetic point of view. Social fields coordinate the behavior of individuals within social groups, for example, the behavior of fish in schools or birds in flocks.

Pretty amazing..

The most controversial feature of this hypothesis is that the structure of morphic fields depends on what has happened before. They contain a kind of memory. Through repetition, the patterns they organize become increasingly probable, increasingly habitual. The force that these fields exert is the force of habit.

Whatever the explanation of its origin, once a new morphic field – a new pattern of organization – has come into being, its field becomes stronger through repetition. The same pattern becomes more likely to happen again. The more often patterns are repeated, the more probable they become. The fields contain a kind of cumulative memory and become increasingly habitual. Fields evolve in time and form the basis of habits. From this point of view, nature is essentially habitual. Even the so-called laws of nature may be more like habits. Source

This Is How The Lying Matrix Thrives

Social engineers for eons have known this underlying dynamic in their own terms. The latest rash of modern psychopathic societal designers identified these causal and potentially liberating or captivating trends at whatever level of understanding, and set in place educational and society-modifying mechanisms to keep humanity from spontaneous, self-supporting growth centuries ago.

Left to our own we would naturally be drawing from consciousness new and beneficial “memes” or morphic fields to develop and help humanity, and not extinguish and control it like our current overlords of darkness.

In other words: we’ve been sterilized, castrated, knee-capped, lobotomized and asphyxiated from the Truth and Knowledge of who we truly are and our incredible power to manifest and shape a loving, conscious world around us.

As long as we let them fill the airwaves, ground waves and mind waves with their limiting, manipulative, oppressive and distracting propaganda and electromagnetic crap and don’t activate vibrational Truth to reverse the trend, society is literally being pushed off the map of true human awareness into the maw of a mental and social meat grinder.

It’s Up to Us

It’s entirely up to each of us what we do with this amazing energetic system. We can harm or we can heal. We can go along with the status quo or we change it. It will simply reflect whatever is put into it in its own fascinating way, and is doing its job at all times whether we acknowledge it or not.

And it’s there for conscious use if you choose. We’re eternal consciousness connected to everything, yet we’re free agents to choose good and Truth and Love, or darkness, evil and hate.

The beauty of this knowledge is the realization that every letter you write, every item you blog, every word you speak, every thought you think, every prayer or intention you utter, every loving or non-loving deed, every decision to do the right thing or not…EVERYTHING….is forming the world in which we live..societal, informational and the underlying morphic world which we all share.

Every time someone watches mindless TV, gets spellbound by things like Hollywood or war programming, or entertains the Matrix meme in any way, they are supporting and perpetrating the death-dealing, humanity perverting lie. Period.

While on the contrary…

The Internet Highway of Information and Transformation

…Every time you blog with good and helpful information, forward an inspiring or Truth-revealing article, post an idea or heart-warming picture or uplifting message, encourage a fellow activist in their efforts, do a kind or loving deed or reach out and shake someone up…EVERY TIME…you are changing the morphic field…for the better! All while subtracting from a negative imprint by everyone involved.

Which will it be?

Will we contribute to the wake up, or be part of the problem? It’s a continual choice. There’s no standing still. Either way we all affect it.

It’s that simple. That serious. That real. And that liberating!

Put Your Shoulder to the Shift

Hopefully this awareness of how pervasive the dynamics of intention, attraction, information, communication and consciousness are will spur you on. It has me. I’ve known this dynamic was at work but to see it in this light was empowering.

And participating and really making a difference that matters couldn’t be any easier than it is today. You can do gobs of damage to the oppressors’ constructs and help establish the righteous rule of Truth, Love and Consciousness by just putting it out there. Manifest it in the morphic field any and every way you can and it goes to work immediately and affects everything!

Even according to nerdy quantum physics, intelligent life on this planet now knows everything you do affects everywhere in mind-blowing, non-linear or spatially limited ways. We are all interconnected with everything! What more empowering information could there be?


Mind is the Matrix of Matter

Julie Henderson | Waking Times

The late and great metaphysician, Stuart Wilde, said that if and when your energy is moving faster than the world around you, you have a kind of destiny, or a calling, something that pulls your mind and emotions and etheric into another place beyond this dimension that we inhabit in the name of growth and evolution. If you’re not busy being bogged down or stressed out by certain things that most people are, if you aren’t in any dodgy situations, and if your focus is primarily on learning, discovery, renewal, healing, serving others, resolving conflict, keeping the peace, or being creative… then somehow you begin to serve a separate (but not better or worse) purpose. At that point, when you’ve reached a new “plateau of self-discovery,” and things become comfortable, you are supposed to begin a new search for the next destination encapsulated by more advanced learning, rich experiences, and discoveries. By enhancing your life and your journey, you automatically raise the energy of those who are pulled to you.

Sometimes “rock bottom,” whether it be in relationships, home life, or career, can be transformed into a new plateau of learning, self-discovery, healing, or crux of renewal. Often the personal triumphs accumulated in the process influence or open the door for another person to become more, or simply become part of “the Whole” again, which exists within their eternal selves. If we can guide at least one more soul back to the God and the Divine living with them by way of our individual transformation, then somehow our presence here becomes a force of Grace instead of a force that works against Gaia and the natural evolutionary flow. We’re called to serve in whatever way we can with whatever means we have at our disposal, and of course with whatever talents or skills we can bring to the table. We’re not all great scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, or movers and shakers wielding great powers of influence. Instead, we’re just average people who’ve woken up to a new truth, a new potential for our shared and co-created realities, or at the very least a means of evolving beyond the constraints and restrictions of prescribed reality as we see and experience it day to day.

Whether or not we are prepared, we are called to pick up the proverbial torch and shed light on the path for another. The Underground Railroad comes to mind, as does every subversive movement on behalf of gaining independence, freedom, knowledge, strength, empowerment, and liberation for the awakened soul and opened heart. At some point, we have all discovered a loophole, a gap, a secret passageway, a wormhole, or an offramp that led us to a new perception, a greater understanding and awareness of ourselves and each other, or an acceptance of our responsibility in looking after Creation, this planet, the animals, other human beings, and the God-force within our own being. We become reverent, humble, grateful for the least significant but most valuable things we have going for us in our lives. Whatever blessings are already in place, whatever nourishment provides a foundation for higher learning and the continued pursuit of our soul’s salvation and transformation, is something to be thankful for every single day. It allows us to discover the underground without the added burden of mechanical survival tactics in a competitive, Capitalistic society devoid of virtue and Dharma.

It’s not clear where or when or how the transition and great shift will come about collectively, or if it will all at once. It has been happening gradually in stages so as not to shatter the world by rocketing the planet’s collective vibration all at once. If it’s happening more frequently at the individual level, then it will inevitably take shape at the global and macrocosmic levels of consciousness. The best of what we are and all that we are capable of achieving as evolving spiritual beings is yet to come. There is a path, a secret passageway, a hidden tunnel, a loophole, and a gap that each of us maintains within our own awakened being. We shed a light on that path for ourselves, not realizing that perhaps one or two others, as a result, might have a chance of following a more fortuitous song line back home to the Heartland, to the Divine, or to the sacred places in this world and the infinite parallel worlds of which we are all a part. We are all hazy-wave-potentials which become observable particles by way of a perceivable matrix, but as the perceptions and consciousness that create the matrix naturally change, we become instead Eternal Dancers: swirling, vibrating, illuminating gusts of atoms and sacred dust that compose us as infinite, multidimensional sources of energy. At that point, we enter the Sacred Void with humbled reverence, proper gratitude, and acceptance of the fact that we, once again, know nothing. With no particular knowledge, no authority over anything or anyone, and no need to defend a Truth that needs no defense, we just ride, float, dream, or dance…

“There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.” –Max Planck, quantum theorist

All this may take on our part is for us to shed a little light on the unbeaten path for a brave soul like ourselves, and beyond that, a shared celebration of a journey that delivers us into realms of freedom, bliss, liberation, joy, happiness, resolution, forgiveness, understanding, and magnanimous compassion beyond our wildest dreams and imaginations in this realm or any other. Those worlds are inches from us at any given moment, and they are sustained by our focused thought, sharpened instincts, heartened intent, and determination to deliver ourselves safely into those Heartlands and their unending celebrations of life’s sacred nature. With each day that passes, more and more individuals are waking up without any care or need for conflict, without any desire to combat corrupt, tyrannical systems that are bound to collapse in on themselves, and without any concern as to the world’s condition. We know and trust that She will renew herself. We trust that God, Creator, Maitreya, Kuan Yin, Jesus Christ, Krishna, and all other avatars of God-source Energy are sovereigns of this renewed Earth, both before, during, and after Her great transformation.

If each and every one of us suddenly decided to believe in and support a different matrix when we woke up tomorrow, the world would change overnight. If we chose freedom instead of fear, courage instead of cowardice, strength instead of weakness, love and compassion instead of anger and misunderstandings, or forgiveness and mercy instead of holding grudges, then we’d be gracefully gliding through some kind of utopia instantaneously. There would be nothing to sustain the previous matrix grid of collective shame, fear, anger, deceit, betrayal, lies, and illusions. The energy and vibration of our collective souls would suddenly cast off all lower-vibrating tendencies and dark masses to exchange them for warmth, tenderness, love, generosity, humor, hospitality, compassion, respect, dignity, honor, cleanliness, purity, graciousness, honesty, integrity, virtue, truth, and all things Godly and righteous. We’d be living in a kind of Heaven on Earth.

“And what we’ve discovered at the core basis of the universe, the foundation of the universe, is a single unified field of intelligence; a field that unites gravity with electromagnetism, light with radioactivity, with the nuclear force. So that all the forces of nature and all the so-called particles of nature – quarks, leptons, protons, neutrons – are now understood to be one. They’re all just different ripples on a single ocean of existence that is the unified field… And that field is a non-material field. It is ultimately a field of consciousness and everything in the universe is nothing but that. Planets, trees, people, animals – we’re all just waves of vibration of this underlying, unified, superstring field…” –John Hagelin, particle physicist

The seed of those heavens and celestial realms where that bliss exists lies in waiting to sprout and be cultivated in every awakened mind. It’s not difficult to imagine a world where these gifts and that measure of Grace can be achieved and sustained; the only difficulty is in trusting that we can collectively produce that shift en masses, all at once. It is possible, but it’s challenged every day by those who fear change, those who fear love and want to hold onto their anger, or those who simply don’t understand what it means to be free, to be liberated, and to be Divine. The Hopi adequately described the catastrophic destruction that such beings would encounter by trying to rigidly hold on during this time of transformation. Naturally, anything asymmetrical, impure, inorganic and not “of God,” would be eradicated or fall away in the case of a Great Cleanse. And nature would be restored to its most simple, pure, and rare state. A matrix of peace, an era of chivalry, and an age of enlightenment would disintegrate the old matrix and meticulously weave a new grid of liberation and creativity in its place. It’s possible. That shift is nigh in every awakened mind and heart, and our mind is the matrix of matter.

About the Author

Julie Henderson is a native to the San Francisco Bay Area whose journey and writing has appeared in anthologies, literary magazines, and online journals including In5d.com. In addition to writing, she is a 3-D installation artist, photographer, singer/songwriter, metalsmith, and urban Taoist. Find her on the web here, https://www.myspace.com/juliehendersonmusic, and here, https://www.shewrites.com/profile/juliehenderson.

Balancing The Polarities: How The Darkness Helps Us Evolve

Sam Welsby | in5d.com

Hands-up, who really likes themselves?

It’s one of those questions that makes people squirm. If we say ‘yes’ we might be labeled as arrogant, if we say ‘no’ people might catch on that we have low self-esteem, so most people will play it safe and say ‘sometimes’. That covers all bases, we’re not full of ourselves or under confident, we like our good points but not our bad. And herein lies the problem. It’s difficult to have lasting self-esteem if we place conditions on attaining it. If we believeour self-esteem will improve when we’re thinner, richer or kinder we’re standing on shaky ground, and while we may like ourselves when we reach our goals the feeling often doesn’t last for long. The dissatisfaction and critical inner voice returns telling us we need to do or be something different before we can feel good.

For many of us self-esteem is, ironically, related to how other people and society perceives us. We are taught from a young age that in order to have high self-esteem we need a job we love, or one that pays well, a happy relationship, a home of our own, a healthy bank account, fashionable clothes, a fit body that’s desirable to others, defined goals that usually involve moving up some kind of progressional ladder and a myriad of other external factors. More people are becoming aware of the importance of looking within to find happiness and self-acceptance, an idea present in many religious and philosophical traditions that are gaining popularity today, but we then encounter a set of mental, emotional and for some, spiritual requirements that also need to be met before we can truly like ourselves.

It’s important to understand that we are all made up of different parts that can be equated the to different roles we play in our lives; parent, friend, employee, partner. Some of these parts are more archetypal such as the joker, the child, the saboteur or the victim. Like the disparate and seemly disconnected ingredients of a soup they come together to form our personality. Some parts we like more than others, just as we may like carrots more than we like cabbage, and some parts we leave out of the mix within our consciousness because we don’t like them at all.

Balance vs. transcendence

Reconciling all our parts, with their different motivations, beliefs and emotional baggage can be difficult as they are often at odds with each other. Our parental part may think saving money for the future is a great idea but our teenage part may sabotage that behavior in favor of present moment gratification. We all deal with these polarities within ourselves, but we often don’t realize that the aspects of our personalities we judge to be ‘bad’ often have something important to show us. If we allow ourselves to accept these parts and really feel the associated emotions we often find the hidden gems that spur us on to evolve. Often the more palatable option is to suppress the ‘bad’ and focus only on the ‘good’, but if we ignore what we don’t like it increases in strength;; we become more angry, more depressed or more deluded. By understanding we are all a complex mix of conflicting beliefs, thoughts and feelings, that make most of us hypocrites some of the time, we can start to feel better about ourselves right now.

That isn’t to say that we stop trying to improve ourselves. Accepting the status quo can often hinder our personal growth as we can fall into the transcendence trap that tells us to rise above all that is ugly within ourselves as opposed to balancing the polarities within. Spiritual practices, such as meditation and yoga, provide a refuge from the constant chatter of our minds and are important if we are to gain peace and clarity, but they can also become a form of escapism that keeps us stuck in denial about who we are. Acknowledgment and acceptance of our polarities not only leads to a more authentic sense of self, but gives us the courage to take positive action on both a personal and global level.

As within, so without

While we may feel discomfort when we look at the darker sides of our personalities, this provides the catalyst we need to make changes. We can see this happening on a global scale as we face an increase in social, economical, political and ecological unrest that is prompting, what some are calling, a paradigm shift. A collective apathy has been present in our culture for many years which has allowed the darker side of humanity to proceed unhindered, and while this is difficult for some to accept, for others it is the wake up call they needed to start taking action towards positive change.

This awakening of humankind is akin to an activation of global self-esteem that helps us speak out against injustice. Our collective gut instinct, that tells us things aren’t quite right, has kicked into gear bringing clarity and discernment to what we choose to believe. This level of discernment is one of the most important features of global or personal self-esteem. It allows each of us to navigate through the depths of ourselves and the plethora of revelatory news stories to decide what is truth and what is distraction.

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Waking Up Love

Adam Lanka | Waking Times

We live in a universe where humanity is slowly waking from a deep slumber. A faction of elites exist in our world with the sole intent of control, to harness and direct our energy in the direction that they please. For too long, the agents of decay have cast a spell of mass hypnosis upon our people that has effectively enslaved us within our own egos.

Their tactics are ingenious. How do you put chains upon an infinite being? The answer is to convince them to put them on themselves. We have been convinced to choose to believe that we are not infinite, and to create limits upon our being. Through the control of information and economics, capitalism with a focus upon the ego and materialism, much of humanity is bewitched. Many are blind to the fact that they are complicit with a completely unsustainable living system that is leading us onward to our own imminent destruction.

Our reality is a product of our own malaise, through our choices of buying into the idea of status quo, comfort and complacency. The qualities of life are growth and decay, and together this forms an endless, infinite dynamic equilibrium of life that we like to call the universe. If we are not consciously choosing to express our energy, follow our joy, bliss, and excitement, then we are not growing and are not in a sense ‘living’. If this is the case, the reality of the situation is that we are slowly decaying.

Yet, hope is not lost. The healing and change is happening as we speak. We are awakening from the illusion of separateness to once again remember that we as humans are not the center of the universe. We share it with an infinite number of beings, we inhabit a planet with an astounding degree of variation of life. We are a part of the whole. We are not alone; we are all-one.

The cause of the situation and the answer is, and has always been, one and the same. Choice. Everything that we experience in our reality we have taken a part in creating through the choices that we have and have not made. The world is in its current state not solely because of the malicious intent of a select few, but because of what we as a species have allowed to take place. To change our world, we must once again exert our will-power, and choose.

This is the responsibility of each and every single one of us, as humans, as fellow planetary travelers, as cosmic voyagers, and as divine, spiritual beings. We begin with ourselves, with the choices that we make, with the energy that we express, and what we allow to happen in every single moment. We change the world by changing ourselves, by embracing our power and the responsibility that comes with it. We heal the world by healing ourselves, by shining light into the dark places of our soul to free ourselves from the judgment and blame that we create.

Collectively, we are clearing the cobwebs from our vessels. We are realizing that we are not machines, and that this is what we become when we act only from the mind and the ego. We are remembering to feel, remembering that the center of our being-ness is our hearts. We are embracing our power, we are becoming informed, and with this awareness we are once again beginning to choose and use the gifts that we have been given in this physical reality.

In every single moment, we have the opportunity to choose love. This choice is superconductive, is incredibly effective, is contagious, and feels amazing. Choosing love sets into motion more love, alters the momentum of the universe and magnifies itself exponentially. While it may be difficult at times, and while many forces may be present that attempt to influence our decisions in the opposite direction, we are still free to choose.

Being the change means making choices, different choices than the ones that perhaps we currently have a tendency to do. When in doubt, remember to choose love.

About the Author

Adam Lanka, originally from North Carolina, is a traveling philosopher, energetic arts healer, and physicist. His passion and interest are in bridging the gaps in the dominant paradigm, uniting science and spirituality into one journey of consciousness, and elevating the vibration of humanity. To learn more about Adam, please visit his personal blog, The Wanderlust. Find him on Facebook at Gateway Explorations.

This article appeared at Waking Times.