Be Bold, Raise Your Frequency and Change the World!

Frequency MandalaHow do we get there from here? Boldness, frequency upgrades and world changes? Follow me in my process.

A habit I have developed over the years, especially when I feel kinda “blank” as desire to write or where to place my thoughts, is to ask, “what do I need to know”. ‘Knowing’ in this manner is not necessarily intellectual, it is heart knowledge.

It’s so interesting because without a doubt thoughts arise that weren’t there in my ‘then’ conscious state. So it is this morning. I go about my morning ritual: start the coffee, light candles, start meditative music, sit/stand and appreciate….whatever, wherever my eyes light upon. Usually, it will be outside or when really cold, out the window. Nature always assures me with her constancy. 

As I open my journal, reach for my pen and press to the current page of one book I’m journaling through, A Course in Miracles handbook (just began my second year in this gem and still going), I wrote: L 153, “In my defenselessness my safety lies”. Safety is not an issue for me, I feel safe, however, the word defenselessness speaks volumes to me. It’s my shadow self emerging, the egoic me that wants to rise up. I will admit it has tamed over the years and I most always dismissed it with a myriad of reasons for, “why it’s ok for me to feel or be defensive”. As a sensitive soul, I always felt I needed to justify something, often not at home with my sensitivities. However, I now can see a distinction. Possibly sensitivities are a quality and defensiveness an action? Yes, both born from the egoic self and rendering themselves apparent when contrast and conflict ensue. I also recognize they appear when judgments are present. 

So this mornings lesson lights me up. It is a reminder that even though I haven’t experienced defensiveness in a while, it has been a part of my life’s journey; experiences that have served as teachers and friends helping me to know myself more. To me that has been an eternal quest, to understand, to know; beyond words or explanations. 

In this new year, 2022, I proclaim it My Year for Boldness!

I also affirm that in all things, I will remain in balance while continuing to reach for truth. When you do the right thing, you never have to look over your shoulder. I desire to…..

Do more of this……

To Muse

V. Consider, think over, reflect, examine, study……

To Ponder

V. Give thought to, think about something carefully 

To Create

V. Generate, bring about, establish, 

To Share

V. To enjoy something jointly with others

It’s not that I am not bold, I am. It’s not that I don’t muse, ponder, create or share; I do. Yet, my desire is to do so in different ways, reaching a bit beyond the comfortable. Isn’t that what boldness entails?

I also acknowledge each of us has a choice in the frequency we hold or experience. This is the “why” in viewing a seemingly chaotic world. I have a quote by Barbara Marciniak written in the back of my current journal:

“Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the Universe rather than an imprint from existence.”

So boldly will I go forth as a co-creator, along with you my friend, “dialing” into a frequency that helps take us all to a golden era that we long to experience. No one has to be left behind, we will all rise together. 

I will leave you with one final passage that encourages me. Some teachings from ascended masters regarding ‘planes’ of existence and our ability to use conscious creative power! I believe the planes mentioned here could also be termed frequency. 

“According to the Ascended Master Teachings, gaining “mastery over matter planes” means learning to consciously use 100% of one’s Creative Power of thought, feeling, and spoken word to create greater perfection, joy, and love in the world, as opposed to using thoughts, feelings, and words to create greater limitations, bondage, and chaos one’s own experience and in the world at large through carelessness and lack of awareness of the extent of one’s influence in the world.

‘Matter planes’ refer to the differentiations of atomic and molecular structure in which evolution takes place, the lower planes (dimensions / wavelength frequency resonance) sometimes correlated with physical solids, liquids, and gases; the higher subplanes of the Physical Octave are sometimes referred to as “etheric” and are not normally perceivable by the physical senses. The emotional and mental octaves are also made up of electrons and atoms of feeling and thought substance and differentiated into levels of density and vibratory rate.”

This takes me right back to grade school. I was so enamored with the thought  that NOTHING is solid or fixed!! Remember it is in the dynamic that life happens and change takes place. Here’s to the best of us all. Much love to you my friends, Julia

Julia ParsellJulia Parsell is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor with an emphasis on the intersection of science and the sacred.  She writes from experiences and transformative understandings that have led her to an authentic and peaceful life. She goes by these names: mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, and friend. As home educator of her three children, she also developed/ran cafes, and maintained various leadership roles within her community.  Her greatest desire is to encourage others to live life fully.  Her passions are family, art creation, writing, and trail blazing. She loves her life in Western North Carolina.