August 2021 Energy Update | Lee Harris

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The August Energy Update has arrived! One thing that came to me very strongly when I started bringing the themes through is that this is very much a year of two halves. June began the new energy for 2021, and we’ll be entering into it in a deeper way in August.

A few of the headlines for this month are:

  • We are Becoming New at an All New Speed
  • Planetary Sustainability is coming into Sharper Focus now, and in the months to come.
  • Surprises, Creation, and Instant Transformations will be the bright spots energetically in the month of August and beyond.

Watch the full Energy Update for a deeper look at these themes and more…

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April 2021 Energy Update: Creating is Healing, Fast Energies, Brightest Month | Lee harris

Video Source: LeeHarrisEnergy

Lee Harris’ April Energy Update is here! A few of the themes coming up for us as a collective this month are:

– April will be the BRIGHTEST AND LIGHTEST month energetically that we have seen so far in 2021. (Good for those of you ready to create the new, or an accelerator for healing if you’ve felt low or stuck.)

– The energies will be FAST and OPPORTUNITIES will show up in faster ways. This can be great energy for building the new in life, but can feel chaotic if you don’t stay grounded – so remember to slow yourself and your energy down when it feels too much.

– Why CREATING is HEALING and how creating anything is actually setting us on a healing path.

We’ll also look at Ancestral Healing, Electrical Energy Upgrades, Connection Energy, and the Energies of Love and Magic. So check out the full Energy Update for more and I hope you all have a great month ahead.

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ENERGY UPDATE: Transforming Within the Fire | Lorie Ladd

Video Source: Lorie Ladd

Lorie Ladd provides an energy update for March about how to stand in the fire of current world events and not get burned.


Hello, everyone. Happy Wednesday. I love you. And I’m sending you a big virtual hug wherever you are on the Earth plane. I’m laughing because I just can’t believe this month. Like it’s March 10th right now for me and my guides told me (and I told I think I did a video on this) that literally every single day in March was going to be an opportunity to completely shift into a new version of us. Every day!

That this month was going to be one of the most catalyst months that we’ve ever had. And I don’t know about you, but this has been a no-joke month and it’s only day 10. So I’m sharing this in case you are also feeling like it is really intense and overwhelming. It’s designed to be that way for us right now.

I’m coming on because I want to share a message that came in last night – a really powerful message. This is what it was and this is kind of wraps up or sums up March so far. It’s only 10 days. They think about where you were March 1st, where you are March 10th, and where you’re going to be March 31st.

Anyway, here’s the message. We are learning, you are learning how to stand in the fire and not get burned. That’s the message that came in last night. And it it really floored me. Think about this for a minute. You’re learning how to stand in the fire and not get burned. That’s a master.

Many of us have been programmed to run from the fire. We’ve been taught, controlled to fear the fire. Right? To fear the things that are uncomfortable – to conform outside of ourselves. To follow the herd, To do what we’re told.

So that we have this false sense of security that everything’s going to be okay, when really all we were doing was running from ourselves. We were running from the fire.

And the more we honor and are present with are now moments right now – feeling it all, speaking it all, being it all, doing it all – the more we realize that there is nowhere to go. There’s nowhere to run anymore. We have to stand right here in the fire and recognize that we have always been safe.

That every system out there that has told us that we can’t trust ourselves, that we can’t listen to our truths in our voices, that we need others to assist us in to help us, that others have our best interest at hand, and everything else that is external. But none of that is true.

And that the brighter the fire gets, the more intense the fire gets, the more we burn our light bright, the more we learn how sovereign we are. And the less we conform to what others want us to do, want us to say, want us to be.

Why do you think this is happening in the external right now? All of the control over us, the manipulation, the censorship. And why do you think we are coming deeper and deeper into ourselves and feeling the burn, feeling the fire?

Because we are coming home; because we are breaking free. Because we are realizing that it has always been an illusion. Because we are recognizing and remembering that we have always been here in this now, born into this human body to stand in the fire of this third dimensional matrix and world – all of it!

Devouring every piece of it – every emotion, every thought, every belief, every behavior, every contract, every relationship, every job, every heartache, every death – all of it. We devour it and we know that we have the ability, the strength, the courage, the sovereignty, the light to get through it all. Every Now moment is pushing you back into you, into your body, into your sovereignty, into the fire.

How deep can you go? How much can you feel? How safe do you know you are right now?

Conformity is comfortable – conforming to what the system’s want us to do is comfortable. Not listening to our truth, not speaking or truth is comfortable. Not anymore for many of us, but there’s a comfortableness to it. We don’t have to be stretched. We don’t have to be challenged. We don’t have to be ridiculed. We don’t have to be disliked. We don’t have to hurt people perhaps, because they aren’t ready for the truth that you hold.

Speaking truth, speaking your truth, holding firm boundaries. standing in the fire and feeling safe. That’s what that means. When you do that, you are going to disappoint people, you’re going to hurt people maybe. You’re going to anger and upset people – you’re going to trigger and rattle them.

But you are here to walk people into their fire and remind them that they are safe, and the only way that you can do that is by rattling them perhaps, triggering them perhaps, but staying true to who you are – staying true to your voice. It’s the only voice you have is yours. Your truth is the only truth you have – it’s yours.

It’s not a system’s. It’s not a political system’s. It’s not a media system. It’s not a religious system. It’s yours.

Feeling everything – the pain – the depth of everything you’re feeling. Feeling it allows you to literally burn, dissolve, not be afraid of anything anymore. Bring It on!

This is the strength and the power of our sovereignty and what we’re stepping into. Honoring ourselves, honoring our abilities to speak and to hold boundaries, honoring all of it. And honoring every other human that is learning, practicing, or not learning and not practicing how to get back into their fire. And to be safe in the midst of it. To be safe, to be sovereign, to be free.

Because whatever is coming in the next nows, and the next nows, and the next nows, it’s always bringing you back here [Lorie points to her heart], and the fire doesn’t go anywhere. Not right now.

You have to get comfortable with the fire. We have to breathe in the fire. We have to embrace the fire. Embrace it. It can’t hurt you. It can’t kill you. It can’t destroy you. It can only build you up. It can only bring you into more embodiment. It can only show you more of who you are. It can only free you even more.

Releasing the shackles of every other individual experience and system that ever held you down, that ever shackled you, that ever told you that your voice doesn’t matter, that you don’t matter. That you need to follow. That you need to do as they do, say as they say.

This is sovereignty. This is what you’re doing. Give yourself a break.

This is intense what we are in right now – intense! Feel it all. Every opportunity is to learn how to stand in the fire and know that you are safe. That you will not get burned. You will not get burned. You will only ignite brighter. You will only ignite brighter. I promise you.

So, in every now moment, breathe into the fact that you are literally learning how to stand in the fire and not get burned. Pay attention to all of the individuals, all of the system’s all the authority figures, all of the externals that are asking you to conform, that are asking you to do what they want you to do, to say what they want you to say, because everybody else is doing it and saying it.

Pay attention to people and systems and groups that are belittling you. Tearing you down when you stand in your strength and sovereignty, when you stand in the fire and not get burned.

What are individuals saying? Don’t do that? Don’t say that? Don’t speak that? You’re crazy? How dare you? No way?

Nope, Let the fire burn around you. Let the Fire Burn around you. Let them have their reactions, responses, triggers, traumas, whatever it is let them have it. You are learning to be the master in human form. You are learning, you are practicing.

And you are stepping deeper into the fire – recognizing, remembering, and realizing: holy cow, I’m not going to get burned. Bring It on!

It’s how we shift the human collective. It’s why you’re here. I love you.

March 2021 Energy Update: New levels of Purpose and Peace | Lee Harris

Video Source: LeeHarrisEnergy

Lee Harris delivers his energy update for March 2021.

A few of the major headlines are:

– New levels of PURPOSE and PEACE showing up in more of us at this point in time.

-There is a POWER RISE in people that are beginning to surface in evident ways; INNOVATION, CREATION, and feeling like you are through the shell-shock of this past year.

-How to MULTIPLY your HEART ENERGY in your life and on Earth. And last, but by no means least,

-HOW IS YOUR BODY DOING right now and the importance of keeping a check on that at times like this.

February 2021 Energy Update: Manifestation 8.0, Time line shifts, Emotional Release | Lee Harris

Video Source: LeeHarrisEnergy

Lee Harris delivers his energy update for February 2021.

A few of the themes that came through for this month are:

– Timeline Shifts, and how we are jumping through time at this moment.

– Intuition and Consciousness on the rise, but so is an emotional release.

– Young people will be more sensitive than ever as we go through this year because of what’s happening with the old generations; and last but not least.

– Manifestation 8.0 and what it might mean and look like for you.

January 2021 Energy Update: Major Birth/Gestation Period for New Energy | Lee Harris

Video Source: LeeHarrisEnergy

Lee Harris gives his energy update for January 2021, a time period for the birth of new energy on the planet.

Lee Harris: A few of the themes we’re going to look at for January and the New Year are:

– The beginning birthing period of the new energy that we are moving into as a world;

– How creative endeavors are going to be a huge theme for you and for all of us in the coming years;

– How the chaos that is going on in the outside world is adding to and creating this transformational shift that we are now witnessing

Lee Harris’ December Energy Update: Bright and Sharp Energy of Clarity, Creative Triggers, Activations, & More

Video Source: LeeHarrisEnergy 

Lee Harris provides his energy update for December. 2020: Bright and Sharp Energy of Clarity, Creative Triggers, Activations, & More.

Lee Harris:

The first message that I got for December is there is a Bright and Sharp Energy of Clarity and Support that will be moving in during this month.

Several other themes come up this month including, Creative Triggers and Activations, Topsy-Turvy Energy – meaning nothing is quite as it seems, and predictions are harder to make than they used to be for that reason. But in general, December is set to be a lighter, brighter month if you look at the picture overall.

Check out the full Energy Update for details on these themes and more.

Big love,


July 2020 Energy Update: The Fight Between Power, Control & Freedom; New Purpose Coming and More | Lee Harris

Video Source: LeeHarrisEnergy

Lee Harris delivers his energy update for July 2020. Among the many themes discussed, Lee delves into the following:

– Tiredness and exhaustion and how that’s showing up for so many in the collective.

– The triangle fight we are in between power, control, and freedom and how that’s showing up outside and also inside.

– New purpose coming online: how the reorganization internally of the last few months is going to show up as an action in the outside world in July.

Check out the full Energy Update here: https://bit.ly/july2020eu

June 2020 Energy Update – Major Change on the Horizon | Lee Harris

Video Source: LeeHarrisEnergy

Lee Harris delivers the June 2020 Energy Update.

Lee Harris:

The JUNE ENERGY UPDATE has arrived. Many different themes came in this month, as is the case in this peculiar time that we are in. But a couple of the undercurrents are:

+ MAJOR CHANGE ON THE HORIZON – you might need to proceed slowly and with caution through the month of June.

+ CHANGE MAKERS GOING INTO A YIN MODE in order to deepen your wisdom, deepen your actions in the world.

+ EMOTIONAL SPIKES in you and in the outside world. How are you dealing with your own? How are you dealing with those of others?

Check out the full Energy Update for much more and remember to look after yourselves – this month and always.

Mercury Moves into Cancer – Covid update…

Cancer, the planet which influences communication, travel, commerce, and technology moves into Cancer on 28th May at 7.10pm UCT where it will reside until the 4th August. So for over 10 weeks it transits one of its least positive locations. Why? Well, the logic of Mercury is diluted by the watery emotion of Cancer. This can lead to subjective decision making and confusion.

Initially with social distancing being eased, many families will happily meet, but it goes into Shadow from the 2nd of June and a Retrograde from 18th of June. This continues to July 12th before emerging from Shadow on 26th July.

There are big planetary clashes along the way not least it is in a tense Quincunx with strict Saturn at the outset, which can create a conflict between responding in a more emotional way to our needs, rather than with cool detachment.

To understand how this will impact on us all, but crucially on your Personal Zodiac sign Please CLICK or TAP on the Video below…

May 2020 Energy Forecast: Truth Surfacing & More | Lee Harris

Video Source: LeeHarrisEnergy

Lee Harris delivers his energy update for May 2020.

Themes for this month are:











April 2020 Energy Update with Lee Harris

Video Source: LeeHarrisEnergy

In this video, Lee Harris gives his energy update for April 2020. Here are Lee’s notes on this energy forecast:

As I was delivering the April Energy Update, the following themes and focus points for this extraordinary time emerged:

+MAJOR AWAKENING ENERGY – There is an expanded energy range right now between Fear and Love. Feeling Weird ‘at times’ is NORMAL.





+FEAR WILL CUT YOU OFF from your spirit and your soul – remember to stay PRESENT.



+SHAKING OFF old ways of being, feeling and DOING.


+RISE OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT – we will see a huge rise of the human spirit over the next 1-2 years that is being seeded and developed right now in this quarantine time.

+There is MORE TO ALL OF THIS than meets the eye – bigger than a virus, and we will learn that in time.

January 2020 Energy Update: Blinding Clarity, Drama Healing, Course Correction, Abundance & More | Lee Harris

Video Source: LeeHarrisEnergy

Lee Harris:

Welcome to the first Energy Update for 2020! This time of year always carries with it a ‘review and renewal’ energy for people that’s been a tradition for decades. We take stock of the past year and we start to think ahead, but it’s also interesting that this month also is the beginning of a new calendar decade. Certainly, in terms of spiritual, energetic, astrological terms, the 2020 to 2030 decade is going to be a huge one. So it adds some weight to the ‘review’ energy that many of us will be feeling.

There are five main themes coming up for January:






So as we enter 2020, thanks for tuning in and I hope you have a January full of grace, healing, and magic.

What You Should Know About The Winter SOLSTICE Gateway: 12/21 Energy Update

Video Source: Bridget Nielsen

When the sun wanes on Earth, the capacity to connect with spiritual beings is enhanced. One of the amazing ways that you can connect with the energy of this time is through candlelight. One of the things this gateway reflects us is the darkness. Everything in our external reality is quiet, silent and returns us to the place of the void and the unmanifest. With this silence and darkness, we can tune into our own divine soul light. As we do this in the womb of the unmanifest, it allows us to rebirth and resurrects certain parts of our consciousness in this time of reflection.

When is the winter solstice? December 21st, 2019 for this of you in the Northern Hemisphere. This video is for anyone desiring to connect with their higher selves on their spiritual awakening as a lightworker or starseed. Through the law of attraction and ascension energies available on this day, you will be channeling what is possible for the New Year and beyond.

We can call in the Christ light and call in the universal Christ consciousness energy that exists in us. Each of us has the capacity to tap into this divine energy signature. Take the time to call in the Christ light for that part to awaken.

How to Ride the Quickening and Manifest Your Highest Potential (Lee Harris Energy Update)


Video Source: LeeHarrisEnergy

In this video, Lee Harris provides another energy update in which he addresses the questions: where are we now as collective and what should we focus on? Below is a partial transcript:

Lee Harris:

Hi everyone welcome to this week’s energy update coming to you from metro-town Vancouver. I’ve managed to find a gorgeous spot here in an urban park here. So, it just goes to show you can find havens of peace wherever you are you are. You just have to look for them. And that’s one of the big themes for this coming week.

When I tuned in this morning and asked: “Where are we now as collective?” Obviously, there are so many things going on. Things are faster than ever before. Things are more over stimulating than ever before. And, in general, there is a quickening and that quickening can go either way.

It can pop you into greater joy, greater clarity. It can pop you into greater manifestation. It can also pop you into greater chaos, greater growth edges, and greater learnings. And that shows up a lot in human relationships right now. There are lots of conflict energies playing out in intimate relationships.

Now, for those of you who aren’t going through the conflict side, you’ll be in a fast time of acceleration around your purpose. Because one of the things that’s hitting us all right now is: how do you find your personal daily light, your personal daily balance.

As I’ve been doing these energy tune-up evenings and soul ignition workshops this past week. Whenever the Z’s have channeled they have spoken a lot about needing to maintain and find our daily light in times like this. And, that is what will charge us. But, we forget to do it.

We get upset at human density – we get upset at the dark or the suffering side of the world – without remembering that we’re all here creating it and influencing it with our vibration. So if you can identify the things that light you up or give you relief, and apply some of them every single day as either medicine to the part of you that’s struggling or support to the part of you that is here to go deeper with your purpose.

Because that is, if you like, an anthem this year for everybody on the planet whether their spiritual or not. There is a strong sense of everything is under review:

What is my purpose?

Why am I here?

What am I doing this for?

So, I think in the awakening process that’s an underlying theme for a lot of people anyways. You wake up. You get to a place of questioning and asking yourself what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

But at a planetary level those bigger questions are coming up in general this year.

So, are you maintaining your daily needs for light and for the presence of light, love, and joy in your life?

Are you also reviewing your purpose right now in which case I would say can you throw it over to the universe and let the details be decided – meaning, could you simply say I open to my highest potential?

If you’re worried about the details or worried about how you can create something, simply say I open to my highest potential.

Sometimes when we are manifesting we get very specific about what we think we want and that can be a great thing when that’s where your focus needs to be. But, if you recognize that you’re also a soul having an experienced on Earth, then throwing it over to your soul to bring your highest potential in can be a really powerful affirmation to make. That’s one way of keeping your light open at times like this.

So, finally this week, with the review in purpose for so many, connections will start to be very important for you in the coming weeks and months: people that you meet who are new connections. The quickening is happening at such a rate now that, if you like, telepathy is connecting people…

We all have a way of feeling each other before we even speak. You know, energetically our energy fields are readable. So more and more people now who are awake to their purpose, awake to the sense of well-being, they want to bring to the world (especially right now when the world is ailing in so many ways), those people are beginning to find each other.

So if you’re listening to this and feeling like you’re missing your tribe or you don’t have community to help support with what it is you’re doing in the world, or how you want to be or feel in the world also, then just throw out their sentence like: I open to finding my tribe. I welcome my tribe. And new tribe members can come in.

So I wish you all a great week this week….

Questions to ask yourself:

Are you maintaining your personal speed (sense of balance) in these faster times?

Are you creating your daily needs for light, love and joy in your life?

If you are reviewing your purpose, can you affirm ‘I Open to My Highest Potential’ and let the universe lead the details for that? (This may bring you more than you imagine, and show you a different path than you expected.)