8 Earth-Friendly And Healthy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Image Credit: Oak Bottle

By Lisa Beres | Earth911

It’s hard to believe Father’s Day is here. If you’re like me, you struggle to find that perfect gift for the pops in your life. I suppose it’s because most men don’t require much, leaving us with few ideas to really knock their gold toe socks off. But, who says you have to get Dad another power tool or grilling gadget this Father’s Day?

I, personally, have learned through the years that the best Father’s Day gift (not just for dad, but anyone), is a gift that keeps on giving. Gifts of health are my personal favorite, but a present that eases it’s toll on the planet – or better yet, reduces it – is also a winner. Why not try something different? Don’t stress over being creative, staying on budget or doing your part to give back.

Father’s Day Finds

I’ve got you covered with eight Father’s Day ideas that will have dad gleaming with pride. This year, think impact. Think future. Think health. Think and go…green!

1.) One-of-a-kind gifts that give back

This is so uber cool. Your dad will be bragging at the office water cooler while also feeling good that your gift helped someone in need. Meet IfOnly! IfOnly is a marketplace for experiences led by national or locally renowned talent and celebrities that benefit select charitable causes. Send dad on an unforgettable adventure. Or, howz ‘bout Harrison Ford’s Han Solo jacket or wine tasting in Napa? Perhaps signed sports memorabilia or the ability to fly with fighter pilots? They’ve got everything for the sporty, active, foodie, adventurous and yes – even geeky – dad in your life.

2.) Front door smoothie delivery

Father's Day Gift Ideas: Daily Harvest Smoothies

This Fathers’ Day, treat your pops to ready-to-blend smoothies delivered right to his front doorstep from daily harvest. Image Credit: DAILY HARVEST (Instagram)

There’s no need to sugar coat it (literally). Why not give dad nature’s perfect treat? Order him a week (or more) of whole food, ready-to-blend smoothies from Daily Harvest delivered right to his front doorstep. Choose from fourteen uh-ma-zing flavors developed by a nutritionist and made delish by a chef. They are power-packed with organic ingredients and superfoods and stored in freezer-ready cups. Choose from greens, fruits – even coffee beans or raw cacao – to get going in the morning. You’ll help dad save time, money and oh, yeah…that little thing called his health! He can continue on his own or skip a week anytime. Smoothies start at $6.99 and include free shipping.

3.) Men’s natural skincare

Yes, we know men age gracefully and look great with grey hair (blah, blah), but don’t worry gals, they, too, show signs of aging on their face. Meet TAUN. This small batch men’s skincare line was created a couple of guys approaching their 30’s who wanted to know how to improve their skin as they aged. The TAUN skin repair formula feels and looks masculine while offering scientifically proven ingredients to fight all signs of aging like crow’s feet, frown lines, under-eye bags, uneven skin tone, dark spots, and restores firmness and elasticity. What’s really cool is TAUN is vegan-friendly and made in the U.S.  If pops doesn’t love it, he can get a full refund in 30 days (or, mom can steal it).

Father's Day Gift Ideas - TAUN Skincare

What’s really cool is Taun is vegan-friendly, made in the U.S. and makes a great Fathers’ Day gift. Image Credit: TAUN (Facebook)

4.)  Natural scents for men

Help hardworking dad relax and unwind by enjoying the transformative power of pure and natural essential oils with the GuruNanda Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser Kit. Don’t let dad pollute his man cave with toxic air fresheners. This diffuser can transform any room from blah to spa in moments. The diffuser includes an ultrasonic diffuser with an energy efficient LED color changing light. The kit comes with Relaxation – a luxuriously soothing blend of lavender, grapefruit, basil and eucalyptus oils. This gift is a steal at under $20.00.

5.) Lift Dad’s spirits (literally)!

Float your finely crafted cocktails! No, really. This is beyond cool, sophisticated and cutting edge. The Levitating Cup from Oak Bottle will be the most impressive and intriguing gift that dad will receive this Father’s Day. Using quantum locking, the gravity defying cup floats and rotates gracefully above its base, holding 10.5 fluid ounces of one’s favorite wine or cocktail. The four LED’s indicate the cup is in position. Dad can watch his cup float and rotate in mid-air like magic. It’s a splurge at $159.95, but dad will be the talk of the town (or, at least the block party).

Father's Day Gift Ideas: Levitating Cup by Oak Bottle

The Oak Bottle Levitating Cup, each by Oak Bottle, are two great and unique Fathers’ Day gifts ideas. Image Credit – OAK BOTTLE

6.) The Oak Bottle

Transforming cheap or average spirits to palate pleasing levels in no time, the Oak Bottle (image above) will change the way dad drinks wine, spirits and beer. Made from the best American white oak, this small vessel works as an oak aging accelerator, adding subtle caramel notes, smoothness, and other oak traits to the liquid it holds in a matter of minutes to hours. The sleek bottles’ conveniently portable size, reusability and #1 DAD customization option make it the perfect gift for dad. Retail price ranges from $39.95-79.95