Create. Create. Create. Do You Feel It?

First let me share how I developed this post. This weekend I traveled to Michigan with my youngest daughter and eldest grandson. We took this long journey to join with Bob’s family to celebrate his life. Lots of hugging, laughter, memories and a few tears were shared. The bottom line for me is what I feel: gratitude and joy. 

You may wonder, how can I feel joy when I have recently lost the physical closeness of my soulmate and love of my life? It’s a bit hard to explain and I’ll try. Yes, I have grieved, still grieve and have shed a lot of tears. Yet, in the midst of it all, I feel peaceful. I believe this is because I have deliberately practiced to raise my frequency and to cultivate significant relationships. These two items (high frequency & good relations) are in my tool chest. Assets that can help us all in these chaotic days.

As a result I feel empowered and my underlying desire is to create, create, create.  I want to create not only art, but beauty everywhere I go. I want to smile more, laugh more, sing more, dance more. I feel incredibly light.  Now….do I stay constant in this state of bliss? No. However, I remain more often in a blissful state than a heavy one.

This was a note from my journal a few years ago. Never did I think I would look back on it, in the midst of upheaval and think, yes this is exactly it! 

Expanded perspective = internal peace. Jump to the transcendent. JRP 8/22/17

Within this journal note is a clue on how to raise one’s frequency. It is all about intention and perspective. The relationship with creative energies and nature determines your experiences. It is the ultimate example of reaping and sowing. Carry your water bucket, plant your corn, wait and reap the harvest. Effort is necessary. How hard it feels depends on the amount of resistance. It doesn’t have to be a game of tug of war with yourself. Lighten up and love, love, love yourself and others.

How can one achieve a high frequency and feel peaceful, grateful and joyous? 

Draw water from the well of inspired thought. One habit that always serves me is to read or listen to the words of others that resonate truth. As I do this I make notes in my journal.

Next, spread some seeds. This could be through a meaningful interaction with another, as in eating, playing, walking, helping, etc. I don’t set an intention to tell them what’s going on with me, I simply gather with them to enjoy the experience or give aid in some practical way.  Interact with strangers by smiling, let someone go ahead of  you in line or be a super courteous driver for example.

Wait for the harvest. Alone time is essential. This is where the seeds take root and grow. 

This is how I carry water and plant the corn. Go about daily life, doing the necessary and at the same time build community. We need one another. Honestly my family and dear friends have been my silver lining in the midst of my turmoil.

The harvest is the peace, the joy. This too can be yours my friend. Live your life well and reap the harvest, even in the turmoil of life. Much love, Julia

Julia Parsell is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor with an emphasis on the intersection of science and the sacred.  She writes from experiences and transformative understandings that have led her to an authentic and peaceful life. She goes by these names: mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, and friend. As home educator of her three children, she also developed/ran cafes, and maintained various leadership roles within her community.  Her greatest desire is to encourage others to live life fully.  Her passions are family, art creation, writing, and trail blazing. She loves her life in Western North Carolina.