The Keys to Ascension – Michael Roads (Interviewed by Lilou Mace)

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Michael Roads provides the keys to ascension in this wonderful interview with Lilou Mace.

Transcending the Illusion of Light Versus Dark

By Jeff | Divine Cosmos

A belief that seems to be prevalent in many spiritual circles is that the ascension of humanity involves some sort of battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness — a battle between good and evil.  Associated with this belief is the idea that we (the so-called awakened and enlightened ones) must defeat those of the darkness to successfully co-create new earth.  If you haven’t been drawn into this us-against-them mindset congratulations, you are probably better off without it (at least that’s my contention).  For those that have been drawn into this belief, I humbly offer my perspective on this subject for your consideration.

From a superficial standpoint, there is certainly some truth to this belief — there certainly is an ongoing struggle between light and dark on our world.  But when explored more deeply, you’ll find that this idea contains a great fallacy.  And worse yet, holding this belief might actually block one from ascending and contributing to co-creating the new Earth.

When immersed in a separation reality like our own, it is so easy to fall into the trap of believing that we are in a battle between good and evil, that those of the light is here to defeat those of the darkness and save the world.  Of course, this belief can only arise within a consciousness that is still in the grip of the illusion of separation.  And ironically, holding this belief can only sustain the disharmonious and fearful conditions that we have thus far co-created in our reality.  To understand and transcend the fallacy of light versus dark, you must first understand the illusion of separation that our reality was designed to produce, and why we chose to create an experience such a reality.  But before I explore all of that, let’s briefly examine the state of our world.

The Darkness in Our World

There’s no denying that there’s more than a little darkness in our world.  Fear, conflict, and suffering have been running rampant for as long as we can remember.  It certainly appears that evil is alive and well.  At least that’s the impression one might get from watching the mainstream news — whose primary purpose seems to be to sow fear.

But certainly, there is no shortage of souls that have been playing in the dark, to varying degrees, in many of their lives within the Earth Game.  Some of the most notorious of these dark ones are those involved in the so-called Cabal/Illuminati.  But there are many others, in a wide variety of positions in our society — and this includes many (but certainly by no means all) corporate, governmental, military, and even religious leaders.  These extremely self-serving people seem to measure their self-worth by how much wealth they can accumulate and how much power over others they can have, and they are typically obsessed with their own achievement and power and have little regard for the welfare of others.

The most dedicated of these people have been ruthlessly consolidating their power and wealth via their command of the international banking and financial system, by creating trans-national corporate empires, and infiltrating our governments with their minions.  Encouraging division amongst us is one of their most potent tools that facilitates their self-serving agendas.  They keep us divided by encouraging fear, competition, and conflict amongst us.

The Great Awakening

If you are reading this article, then you’re probably aware that there is a great awakening spreading throughout Humanity. More and more people are awakening to their true spiritual nature, the greater spiritual reality, and the metaphysical nature of existence.  It is this awakening that will inevitably lead to a great transformation of ourselves and our world.

As a part of this awakening process, more and more people are becoming acutely aware that humanity has been under the thumb of some very negative and self-serving people bent on their own self-aggrandizement and world domination.  Many awakening souls are more than a little shocked when they realize the truth of this — when they realize that we’ve allowed ourselves to be unwittingly manipulated and subjugated by these dark ones.  Some are so appalled by the unsettling revelations of lies, greed, manipulation, and control that they get drawn into judgment, blame, and condemnation of those seen as responsible (some even get stuck obsessively focusing on the injustice of it, a very unproductive state of mind that I call awakening shock syndrome).

With the shock of this realization, it’s no wonder that many people buy into the belief that a part of our ascension process involves a battle between good and evil and the defeat of the dark ones.  But I didn’t write this article to complain about the state of the world or to encourage people to feel like victims or to fuel resentment, judgment, blame, and condemnation.  I wrote this article to point out that the supposedly spiritual idea of “light versus dark,” and the “us against them” mentality that it represents, is a subtle yet insidious trap.  A trap that is critical to becoming aware of because it can potentially stop us from ascending and co-creating a new and better Earth.

The Metaphor of Light and Dark

It’s important to understand that the terms “light” and “dark” are simply metaphors for the degree of connectivity and alignment that one has with their higher-self.  When one is well-connected and aligned with the higher levels of their consciousness (their soul, over-soul, and beyond), they increasingly express a way of being that reflects the state of being of their higher-self.  This way of being is characterized by unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, allowance, fearlessness, positivity, and service-to-others — to name just a few.  The more you express these qualities, the more it could be said that you are “shining the light” of your higher-self into this world.

In the same vein, the term “dark” or “darkness” is simply a metaphor for the lack of connection and alignment with ones higher-self.  When one is poorly connected and misaligned with one’s higher-self, one’s way of being will veer off in the direction of negativity, fear, self-reservedness, and perhaps even lust for power-over-others.  How far one will go in this direction just depends on one’s degree of misalignment with their higher-self and their unique set of experiences.  The more one expresses this way of being, the more it could be said that one is in “darkness” or “playing in the dark” — or if we want to get over-dramatic “gone to the dark side.”

There is No Force of Darkness

It’s important to understand that there is no force of darkness. Darkness doesn’t exist on its own, it is not a thing unto itself, darkness is simply the lack of light. All that really exists is the “light” of your higher-self.  If you block a light source, you create a shadow — an area where the light is much dimmer.  When you block the “light” of your higher-self, you create darkness.  Metaphorically speaking that is, because remember what we are really talking about is the degree of connection and alignment with your higher self or the lack thereof, and the way of being you express in this world.

So, there is no “force” of darkness, no force of evil.  There is nothing pushing us to become negative and self-serving other than our own unconsciousness (our own disconnection from our higher-selves).  We are creating our own darkness by unwittingly blocking the love and light and wisdom of our higher-self — our darkness and the darkness in our world is self-created! Ultimately there is nothing other than the “illusion of separation” that causes one to follow the negative path or turn to the dark side.  More about the illusion of separation coming shortly.

Eckhart Tolle eloquently echoes my point about the origin of darkness, in his book A New Earth, when he said There is only one perpetrator of evil on the planet: human unconsciousness. With this realization, your victim identity dissolves, and your true power emerges. Instead of blaming the darkness, you bring in the light.

Our true selves, our higher-selves, are the love and light we seek — we are already that if we allow it.  But we ourselves are blocking the love and light of our higher-selves and creating the darkness in ourselves and our world.  This idea was eloquently expressed by Rumi, the beloved 13th-century Persian poet, and Sufi mystic when he said:

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

And the two most significant barriers to expressing the love and light of our higher-selves are undoubtedly our fear and ego.  These are the significant barriers that I think Rumi might have been eluding to, but of course, there is a multitude of variations.  But let’s not demonize fear and ego, because they are just natural consequences of diving into the experience of a separation reality construct like our own.  And as I alluded to earlier, to understand the fallacy of the “light versus dark” idea one has to understand the illusion of separation our reality provides us.

The Illusion of Separation

We specifically created our reality construct to have a separation experience, and it indeed produces a very powerful illusion of separation.  And of course, this was not a mistake, we (higher aspects of ourselves — our oversouls and beyond) intentionally designed this reality as the ultimate experience of individuality, separation, and limitation.  So, we understood full well what we were getting into when we chose to dive into the separation game.

We wanted to experience something dramatically different than our native state as formless and non-physical threads of Source Consciousness — eternal limitless creator beings!  We wanted to explore the possibilities and experiences that such a separation reality would provide us.  We wanted to explore the states of consciousness, and ways of being that would emerge within it and all their ramifications.  We wanted to see what that would be like and what it could teach us.

Playing the Separation Game

We’ve all been playing the separation game for quite some time now — we have all played many many rounds in this game. Each time we enter the game (incarnate) the Veil of Forgetting and Unknowing takes effect, and we forget everything prior to starting the game — we forget choosing to play, we forget our reasons for playing, we forget our learning and growth objectives for playing the current round, and we forget everything about the wider reality and the true nature of ourselves.

With the in-your-face highly convincing experience of separation that our reality presents our consciousness, it’s not surprising that we quickly get sucked into the drama of the game.  Because we don’t remember that we are eternal consciousness (non-physical and formless), we quickly become strongly identified with our bodies as who and what we are.  And since we can’t remember anything about the wider reality, the bigger picture, we quickly come to believe that the world that we perceive with our physical senses is all that there is.  And step-by-step we get drawn ever-deeper into the drama of the game, and ever-deeper into Separation Consciousness, and we become utterly lost within the game.

The Emergence of Egoic and Victim Consciousness

And once immersed in, and mesmerized by, the drama of the game we quickly lose our connection to our higher self and our consciousness, essentially, devolves.  But not really so much devolve as to attain a state unlike anything possible in any other context of experience.  A state of consciousness only possible within a separation reality like our own — an interesting and unique state that we might call Separation Consciousness.  And this state of consciousness has two major aspects; namely Egoic Consciousness and Victim Consciousness.

Egoic Consciousness is a state characterized by a very strong sense of identity and individuality — one which often expresses as self-centeredness, self-reservedness, greediness, defensiveness, and so on.  Victim Consciousness is a state characterized by the belief that one is largely at the mercy of circumstances beyond their control, and often expresses as fear, hopelessness, disempowerment, etc.  And because the state of our world is simply a reflection of our collective state of consciousness, our world is characterized by plenty of fear, greed, competition, and conflict.

Note that the common denominator here is FEAR.  Of course, fear is not an unreasonable reaction to what our reality sometimes presents us.  After all, there is plenty of apparent danger and limitation to worry about if we so choose.  Because fear naturally arises within a separation reality like our own, we don’t need to demonize it, all we need to do is to understand it.

Fear is the Root of Darkness

And here’s one of the most important things to understand about fear — it’s the number one thing blocking us from expressing the love and compassion of our higher selves.  Ultimately much of the hurtful negative self-serving things people do is driven by their fear — fear that they aren’t good enough or worthy, fear that they won’t have enough, fear that they are not safe, fear for their survival, etc.

And as the beloved Yoda character from the Star Wars stories so aptly pointed out — Fear is the path to the dark side.

Quote by Yoda: Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

The root of all the darkness in our world is FEAR.  Until we deeply understand this, we will find it difficult to unconditionally forgive and love those still playing in the dark. And until we do that we will be trapped in judgment and condemnation and be unwittingly perpetuating the world as we know it — a world of conflict and pain and suffering.  Only unconditional love can heal our world.

A recent message from one of my favorite non-physical teachers, Seth (via one of my favorite channelers, Story Waters) really hammers home this point.

Darkness is an illusion. Darkness is the absence of light and that absence of light comes through unconsciousness. And that unconsciousness is experienced as FEAR. Fear is that which hides the light. All are light.

The battle is not against ignorance (or evil) or those that are called ignorant (or evil); the battle is against FEAR… See those that appear ignorant clearly by seeing their fear. For when you see their fear you will not see them as other, you will not see them as separate and ignorant, you will see them as beings in fear.

And, when you understand they are in fear, and that they are not being driven by some nefarious force of darkness, then you will see that they are just loving beings in fear and you will be able to love them — then you will discover the compassion, the compassion of the awakened one, the compassion of the open heart that sees that all the ills in the world come from fear.

— Seth (via Story Waters, an excerpt from the Shards of Light Series)

When you understand that fear is at the root of every ill in our world, you are at the doorstep of transcending it and all that it leads too.  And transcending fear and shifting to love is one of the greatest challenges that the separation game has to offer.  Something that all the souls in the game right now we’re hoping they could achieve as a part of the great awakening and transformation game plan (more about that game plan later in this article).


A Glossary of Higher Consciousness

Many teachers exist to lead us in a light filled journey of love and compassion for all.  Kyron/Lee Carroll’s message has remained consistent for 30 years.  I discovered his teachings a few years ago when I picked up one of his early books at the used book library sale. Find a partial glossary of terms used by Kryon below, familiar terms in some circles and maybe some new ones for you.

Kryon says that what we “describe as Human consciousness doesn’t really belong to Humans. Rather it is just consciousness. It only belongs to the Human Being because Humans see it that way. Humans generate an energy of consciousness, so it is called Human consciousness…”

Who is Kryon?

Kryon is often described as a loving entity, but in actual fact, Kryon is a group or entourage that is neither masculine or feminine. Kryon gives messages of peace and empowerment for humanity, channelled through Humans. There are several Humans all over the planet who channel Kryon. However, Lee Carroll is the original Kryon channel and has been delivering Kryon’s messages since 1989. Note: Kryon has been around way before 1989, because the entourage has no beginning or end (smile).

Kryon Grid Group

In 1989, the Kryon “grid group” arrived and began teaching about a new energy and consciousness on the planet. Many believe that’s when Kryon first came, but Kryon has been here since the beginning of time. This is because Kryon is an energy with no beginning and no end and, therefore, always is, just like the Human soul. Kryon said that the magnetic grid of the planet would be moved, and it did. This was to allow the Human DNA to shift with the new energy of Earth past 2012. The grid work was settled in 2002, and that’s when the grid group left. However, it is also when the real Kryon work began, which is giving instructions to humanity after the shift. Some confused Kryon’s description of the Grid Group leaving in 2002, with Kryon’s leaving.

The glossary printed below is incomplete.  The full one can be accessed by this link, Kryon GLOSSARY.

If you’d like a great starting place to learn more about the message of Kyron, click here: Lightworker’s Handbook

I wish you well on this journey my friend.  May your days be filled with awe, wonder and always seasoned with love.  Julia


3D represents a shorthand form of the word “three-dimensional,” including the dimensions of length, width, and height.


4D represents a shorthand form of the word “four-dimensional,” including the dimensions of length, width, height, and time.


5D represents a shorthand form of the word “five-dimensional,” including the dimensions of length, width, height, time, and a new dimension available to Humans in the new energy developing since December 21, 2012 (See the Shfit).


Seeing repeating numbers on digital clocks (such as 11:11, 3:33, 4:44, etc.) has increased dramatically in Humans awakening to their enhanced spirituality in the new energy of the Shift. Such visuals can be seen as a benevolent “wink from Spirit.” The numbers also have meanings in numerology. Pay attention to what you are thinking, saying, or doing when you see these repeating numbers. Also, 11:11 refers to the Harmonic Convergence. (See Harmonic Convergence, Numerology, The Shift, and Spirit.)


The Human Akash can be defined as that which represents all the energy of your past expressions (past lives) on Earth. It is often referred to as “The Akashic Record” (see below). Your personal Akash is stored in several places, the most important place being your own DNA. (Also see Cave of Creation.) It is a profound energy that is generated with each Human lifetime and contains the details of every unique life expression you have had (past lives). The Akash also represents the future – the potentials of everything that can be – your unrealized future potential expressions on the planet (future lives).

Akashic Acuity

This is referring to specific Akashic remembrances of what is held and stored within your Akash. It is more about the accuracy of Akashic remembrance now happening in the new energy.

Akashic Inheritance

Akashic Inheritance refers to what you inherit from your Akash (past life experiences). Specifically, it is about that which carries over into your current life (such as, fears or talents).

Akashic Record

The Akashic Record is an archive of everything you have ever done or experienced throughout all your lifetimes. It also applies to your future potentials because time is in a circle, not linear. The past, future, and present are all occurring in now time.

Ascended Masters

Kryon refers to Ascended Masters as those who have previously been on Earth as Humans, who, channelled through current Humans on the planet give instruction-sets and information that is practical for humanity to know. Some of these Masters might include Jesus, John the Baptist, King Solomon, King Arthur, Mohammad, Elijah, Buddha, some Pharaohs, and those who have sat in high places of great wisdom. Names like El Morya, Sananda, Mahatma, and Kuthumi, among others, have also been mentioned as Ascended Masters.


In the past, the word ascension has meant “someone who passes on and raises into heaven,” but it now means something totally different. It is an enlightenment vibrational measurement where the biological Human is able to hold the entire vibration and energy of his/her entity – while staying on the planet.

Chemical Inheritance

Chemical Inheritance refers to what you inherit from your biological parents and ancestors – your genealogy.


Co-creation is a word that describes your consciousness working with the energy around you to create a specific reality. It works within the system of everyone with you and it requires you to pay attention to synchronicity. It involves others only to the extent that it works in a synchronous way with what they do in free choice. There is a system that sees your need long before you have it. It provides a potential and an answer that can help you if you need it (not before). It provides a system where all things are known about your potentials. It provides something that is against all odds and out of 3D. Your co-creation will manifest when everyone in the system is ready. To many, this looks like a coincidence or an accident. But you have co-created the synchronistic experience.

Consciousness (physics)

Humanity defines consciousness as a concept, and describes it as the self-aware state of a Human. However, Kryon states that consciousness is actually part of physics and that there are rules of consciousness, which are also part of quantum physics. There are rules, postulates, mathematics, formulas, and new inventions coming from it. There are beautiful attributes, as yet unknown, of the physics of consciousness. When you start to see this, it will begin to explain the way of the future.

Cosmic Lattice

The Cosmic Lattice is the name for a system that encompasses the entire Universe and more. It is present everywhere. It is what you could call the consciousness of God and yet, it is physics. The energy of the lattice contains conscious love. While it is not a grid, it does have symmetry. The Cosmic Lattice is what allows the mechanics for co-creation, for synchronicity, love, and miracles on the planet. It responds to physics and it responds to consciousness. It was first seen and described by the teacher Peggy Phoenix Dubro.

Creative Source

Kryon uses the term Creative Source as synonymous with God, the Creator, and Spirit.


Kryon uses the term Creator as synonymous with God, the Creative Source and Spirit.

Crystalline Grid

The Crystalline Grid is an esoteric (spiritual) grid that lays over the planet’s surface that remembers everything that Humans do and where they do it. The energy of humanity is affecting the vibrational level of the planet in actual time. The Crystalline Grid responds to Human consciousness, but it goes both ways: it receives and gives. So it really does two things: (1) it is an esoteric grid that works with the vibration of Human consciousness, both in retaining and transmitting back to the Human DNA, and (2) it talks to Gaia, and the Gaia part talks to anything crystalline within the Earth’s crust. The Crystalline Grid is quantumly aligned with the Cave of Creation.

Crystalline Sheath

Kryon tells us that our DNA, a system of 12 multidimensional strands, has a “sheath” that is crystalline. Although somewhat metaphoric (since the full explanation is a combination of science and Spirit), there are parts of this metaphor that are physically accurate. Kryon describes the Crystalline Sheath in the following simple way: This is the memory that “talks” to the instructions sets, and it talks to them about predispositions, contracts, and karmic overlay. It talks to them about the divinity that they contain. It also tells the instruction sets how to work – and Kryon says scientists won’t find it. It’s a core memory, and it is literally at the center of the spiritual information transferred to your cells about what you came to Earth for. The Crystalline Sheath around the DNA contains all the memory of a perfect genetic code. It is the sheath, therefore, that controls Human evolution spiritually. Note: Kryon has also referred to the perfect genetic code as the Youth Template (See Core Memory.)

Dark Entities

Dark entities are seemingly able to interfere with Humans, creating great fear, and sometimes, even physical harm. Kryon’s definition of dark is the absence of light. The significance of this definition is that darkness does not exist; it is simply what is left when there is no light. Light is active and darkness is not. Kryon says there is no such thing as evil spirits from another place. Instead, the greatest evil power on Earth is found in the minds and intentions of Humans. Humans are very capable of manifesting darkness, just like they hold the power to manifest light. With total free choice, the creation of evil is not only possible, but it is done all the time, but through the power of the Humans – not outside forces. Therefore, “dark entities” are Human.


Duality refers to the struggle in Human consciousness represented by choices of light and dark. It is also represented in the traditional drama masks of the theater.


Elementals are esoteric entities known by names such as devas, fairies, elves, pixies, gnomes, sprites, brownies, leprechauns, Earth angels, and nature spirits. Regardless of the name, all of these beings are multidimensional energies that are helpers for the planet Earth (Gaia), and they are in service to humanity.


Engrams are thoughts that remain in your memory as energy (memory traces). These engrams are more than just idle visualizations. Engrams are sacred energy thought-groups.


Entanglement is a form of reality that is multidimensional and not regularly seen or understood by 3D physics. It represents a quantum physics phenomenon in which objects interact as if they are connected, even though they are separated by vast distances. (Note: Quantum entanglement is a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more objects have to be described with reference to each other, even though the individual objects may be spatially separated.)


Esoteric refers to metaphysical beliefs.


Gaia is the sentient consciousness of planet Earth. The core of the consciousness was created by the Pleiadians. Gaia is also known as Mother Earth or Mother Nature. In South America, Gaia is referred to as Pachamama.


Every Human has guides. Kryon tells us that your guides are personal vessels that contain the by-product of energy that is generated by your intent. It is part of the alchemy of energy, which is connected to the Cosmic Lattice. Therefore, your guides are also responsible for co-creation. Many Humans have a perception that we have three guides. This is a metaphor where the numerological value of “three” represents the catalytic energy created when using your intuition and communicating with your guides.

Harmonic Concordance

Kryon arrived within Lee Carroll in 1989 (two years after the Harmonic Convergence – also called the 11:11 by many). Many began to feel enlightenment taking place during that time. November 8 and 9 of 2003 was the Harmonic Concordance, the next step after the Harmonic Convergence. Another poll was taken by Spirit and the question was asked, “Do you give permission to have your DNA changed? Do you give permission, humanity, with free choice, to have the tools available for its spiritual alteration?” And the answer was “Yes.” This allowed for the DNA layer called Layer Three (Ascension and Activation) to be activated. It began a cooperation with the Earth that is new, and it also began a meld of masculine and feminine energies. During the Harmonic Concordance, the crystalline energies within the Cave of Creation were changed. Only two or three times in the spiritual history of Earth has the Cave of Creation and the Akashic Record been altered. It is part of a system that rewrites and realigns the Crystalline Grid and your Akash. It’s a system that has to be updated as Humans get closer to containing their entire “soul group” in their awareness and comprehension.


The true definition is dependent on how you are considering it. Kryon considers the Higher-Self as the core source of your divinity. It is also the identity of your soul, and, therefore, it is the same one each time you incarnate.

Human Consciousness

Kryon says that what we describe as Human consciousness doesn’t really belong to Humans. Rather it is just consciousness. It only belongs to the Human Being because Humans see it that way. Humans generate an energy of consciousness, so it is called Human consciousness, but it’s almost identical to the consciousness that the other planets and their inhabitants have gone through.

Illuminated Human

One who has awakened to a higher consciousness.

Indigo Children

This very popular term refers to “Children of new consciousness” on the planet. The term indigo was coined by Nancy Tappe, who saw colors around Humans as a direct result of her synesthesia (a brain disorder). In the early 1990s, Nancy began seeing the indigo color around young children – a color that she had never seen before around Humans. Nancy was involved in a system of coordinating these colors she saw around Humans, with personality attributes. Jan Tober and Lee Carroll introduced this term and Nancy Tappe’s work to the planet in the book, The Indigo Children published by Hay House. WARNING: Wikipedia, the self-appointed authority of the planet, has this definition completely incorrect and biased. Wikipedia has been asked repeatedly by Lee Carroll (the publisher of the term) to correct it to make it accurate, and for over ten years Wikipedia has not changed it. Do not trust Wikipedia for anything.


Innate is the consciousness of the body’s intelligence. It is the smart body and it “knows” information that the brain does not. Innate works in a system with the Human brain, consciousness, and DNA. Innate is very elusive because it is beyond our 3D understanding. Innate lives in a multidimensional space and responds to multidimensional instructions. Some of the ways to communicate with Innate includes energy work, homeopathy, acupuncture, tapping, kinesiology, and affirmations.


Karma is about situations with other Humans, unfinished business, feelings to be completed and a system in interactions with the past. Karma is an old energy driving system that did its job well with a lower vibration of humanity, but it is no longer needed in the planet’s new energy. With free choice, karma may be dropped through simple intent to release any controlling energies. Dropping your karma disengages the karmic energies that “push” humans to places to do certain things and meet certain people. This brings a new level of responsibility where a person is able to put themselves exactly where they are able to be most effective and have the greatest impact and spiritual growth.


Kryon is often described as a loving entity, but in actual fact, Kryon is a group or entourage that is neither masculine or feminine. Kryon gives messages of peace and empowerment for humanity, channelled through Humans. There are several Humans all over the planet who channel Kryon. However, Lee Carroll is the original Kryon channel and has been delivering Kryon’s messages since 1989. Note: Kryon has been around way before 1989, because the entourage has no beginning or end (smile).

Kryon Grid Group

In 1989, the Kryon “grid group” arrived and began teaching about a new energy and consciousness on the planet. Many believe that’s when Kryon first came, but Kryon has been here since the beginning of time. This is because Kryon is an energy with no beginning and no end and, therefore, always is, just like the Human soul. Kryon said that the magnetic grid of the planet would be moved, and it did. This was to allow the Human DNA to shift with the new energy of Earth past 2012. The grid work was settled in 2002, and that’s when the grid group left. However, it is also when the real Kryon work began, which is giving instructions to humanity after the shift. Some confused Kryon’s description of the Grid Group leaving in 2002, with Kryon’s leaving.

Life Lessons

Life lessons are totally personal lessons connected to unique and individual Human Beings. They may be related to karmic energy, but they stay with you, even when you void your karma. So they are more profound than karma and belong to your individual core soul, instead of a group. Life lessons are carried from every expression of life, just like karma, but in a different way. Each Human has more than one life lesson, and each Human comes in with this overlay. When you solve each of your life lessons, the solution is carried over to the next life and never has to be learned again.

Lifting the Veil

For many, lifting the veil means the reduction (lessening) of the barrier between humanity and Spirit – in other words, a reduction of the “duality” energy. For eons, it has meant a closer walk with Spirit. But now, Kryon says there is more than this. The new linear definition means “turning on the light.” It’s about illumination for the planet.


Kryon’s definition of light is an energy created as a result of high consciousness, the metaphor of which is illumination.


A Human who does spiritual work of any kind.

Linear Time

Humans perceive time as linear and constant, with only two dimensions, forward and back. It’s often referenced to a railroad track. Constant “reliable” time is an Earth concept based in 3D linearity.


When applied to spirituality, mastery is about the person being balanced and having compassion. The many Masters that have been on the planet were all compassionate, peaceful, and balanced. They were slow to anger and quick to love. Humanity is slowly evolving to a place where most Humans will eventually demonstrate mastery in their everyday lives. This will be the beginning of peace on Earth, where Humans show love and compassion to each other.


The Merkabah is an esoteric field of the Human Being, which Kryon says is filled with quantum physics and amazing information. This field is filled with sacred geometry, within a base-12 system. It is eight meters wide (twenty-six feet) and surrounds a soul, even when not on Earth. Kryon says it has a glorious look, with colors, vibrations, sounds, and fractals, all intertwined. Because it has multidimensional attributes, it will someday be partially revealed with Human inventions to come.


Metaphysics means beyond physics. The New Age is a metaphysical belief.


Multidimensional is a term for a reality that features multiple dimensions that are beyond our perceived four dimensions: height, width, depth, and time. (See Interdimensional.)

New Energy

New energy is a description of a higher consciousness on the planet, but specifically since “The Shift” of 2012.

Newbie (New Soul)

A soul that has been on the planet for very few lifetimes – perhaps even their first. They do not have an Akash that is rich with many experiences like an Old Soul does. They are often seen as clueless, and easily tricked.

NOW (Time)

Kryon describes Humans as being in “linear time,” and the Universe being in “now” time. A simple and brief analogy to explain this concept was given by Kryon. Imagine a train track that is constructed in a very large circle. There is a small train on it that represents you. It is always in motion, traveling approximately the same speed. The track is your linear time motion, always moving forward from where you were to where you will be. The universal entities, including Kryon, stand toward the center of the circle watching you traverse your linear time. Since the Universe built the track, and the tracks around it of other linear time events, the Universe knows exactly where the train is going, and what events will eventually come along to, possibly, break your circle and cause your train to jump to a new track (a new timeline, changing the course of the rest of your life) as a result of your reaction to the event. At any time we wish, we can look backward and forward, observing not only what was, but the potential places where your train will be in the future. This is how we can be in the static “now” while you are in motion. Free choice of the Human Being is what happens in reaction to an event on the circle, and is unknown to Spirit.


Numerology is the science of the energy of numbers, and there are many different forms of numerology on the planet today. Some of these include the Kabbalah (developed from the Hebrew alphabet), Chaldean Numerology (developed in Ancient Babylon), and Pythagorean (created by Greek Philosopher Pythagoras). These examples demonstrate that numerology is ancient. The science of numerology is essentially all about the energy of numbers. How can a number have energy?

The term energy, as used in this definition, refers to something we can sense or feel around anything. It doesn’t have to be physical, either. It can simply be the energy around a situation, such as drama, love, sorrow, or grief. There is energy around Human situations and compassion, and we are “tuned to it” and react. Those who are more sensitive to energy than others are more likely to be open to the concept that numbers have energetic messages. There are many who don’t believe such a thing could ever be possible, and they are right for their own truth. That is the free choice that each of us has to believe in whatever we wish.

The simplest numerology to describe a system of defining numbers has been given by Kryon in Kryon Book Twelve, The Twelve Layers of DNA, based on Tibetan Numerology.

Old Soul

Being an old soul has nothing to do with your chronological age. Instead, it has everything to do with your Akashic age, which refers to the number of lives you’ve lived on the planet. As a result, most Old Souls carry a deep wisdom because they have the most experience.

Physics of Consciousness

Humanity defines consciousness as a concept and describes it as the self-aware state of a Human Being. However, Kryon states that consciousness is physics and that there are rules of consciousness, just like those in physics. There are rules, postulates, mathematics, patterns, and solutions. Kryon tells us, “There are beautiful attributes as yet unknown of the physics of consciousness. When you start to see this, it will begin to explain the way of the future.”


A portal is a place on the Earth that has a profound concentrated energy. A portal is a kind of node. Nodes can be a portal, vortal or vortex. Portals, like ley lines, can be moved or changed with Human consciousness. (See Vortal and Vortex).


Predestination is a concept in theology and a doctrine in certain Christian denominations which states that all events have been willed by God, and that every individual soul has a predestined and eventual fate. Kryon says there is no such thing as predestination. Instead, there are potentials and predispositions. Humanity has free choice of the future itself.


Predisposition refers to a tendency to do something. However, when Kryon refers to predisposition, it is in relation to the individual Human Akash. For example, if, lifetime after lifetime, a soul incarnates as a healer, then there is a predisposition for the next incarnation also to be a healer.


Kryon uses the word “quantum” incorrectly from a scientific viewpoint. When Kryon says quantum, it means multidimensional. Science identifies quantum as a discrete amount of energy or matter, explaining the nature and behavior of energy or matter at an atomic or subatomic level (such as the specific attributes of an atomic particle or photon).


Reincarnation is defined as the rebirth of a Soul into a new body. This phenomenon has been believed by most ancient cultures and religions, and exists to this day in religions such as Hinduism. Evidence of reincarnation is being borne out currently by verifiable memories that children are having of past lives. Kryon teaches that Souls incarnating as Human Beings have no beginning and no end. We keep coming back to Earth as reincarnated Human Beings to continue the grand adventure of evolving as Human Beings, thereby affecting positively all of Creation.


The generic definition of a soul is the spiritual essence of a Human Being. However, Kryon defines the Soul as everywhere and nowhere! Kryon tells us that the Soul splits into many pieces and parts at birth and exists in many places and time frames simultaneously. As Humans, we think we have one soul, totally individual and separate, and that everyone else has their one soul. This is based on our linear perception. Kryon tells us that when we die, we go home and that we return to the family. This is because our Soul is an eternal, multidimensional soul soup of all that is, and is part of the Creator.

Still, Kryon also says we only have “one name.” So this is quantum energy at its best, where things can be in two places at once, and still be singular. It’s tough to understand, but very honoring of our Soul.

Soul Mate

A soul mate might be a partnership that is good for just this lifelife, but it may not result in anything else. Soul mates exist together for joy and life extension. That’s it! Twin flames, however, exist together to accomplish something that neither could do alone. Here’s the fun part: soul mates can also be twin flames and when that happens, it’s really obvious. Brothers, sisters, partners, and even seeming strangers, can turn out to be soul mates (See Twin Flames.)


Kryon uses the term Spirit as synonymous with God, the Creator, and the Creative Source.


Synchronicity is defined by events that happen that are odd or unusual at unexpected times, which seem to strangely co-ordinate together. They are seeming coincidences that aren’t, that will often surprise you. The occurrences you think will have the least promise, or the avenues you might have traveled down once that have brought no results, will often suddenly bring the most profound results.

The Field

What Kryon calls The Field is that physical and esoteric space around you that can resonate with another source. God has created this in a way that is biased in your favor. This attitude of resonance is tuned to togetherness and harmony, and you are starting to be asked to resound to The Field. It also is referenced strongly to the term coherence.

The Shift

The Shift refers to passing the 2012 marker (precession of the equinox) and the subsequent birth of new energies on the planet – a combination of a rise in Human consciousness, increased vibration of Gaia, and a recalibration of ALL the consciousness grids.

The Third Language

The Third Language is a nonlinear language that is sensed. Sometimes during channelling, people sense information that is not being spoken. This is “The Third Language.” It is named after the number three (3) in Tibetan numerology, which is defined as a “catalyst” for change.

The Triad

The Triad refers to the trilogy of survival and is represented by three parts of Human consciousness. These are the brain, the pineal gland, and the heart. Coherence among the triad of Human consciousness is the beginning of the realization of mastery.

Twin Flames

The energy of a twin flame is one that’s your mirror-image energy. A twin flame is one who finds the “other half” of what it is seeking in purpose. Twin-flame energy isn’t necessarily a partnership issue like a soul mate is. It’s more about coming together to fulfill a wholeness that’s missing in potential or purpose. Sometimes, twin flames are also together in love, but even if they are, that’s convenient for the bigger picture – something to be accomplished together. Many kinds of partnerships can be twin flames. (See Soul Mates.)


The term Universe can describe the physical universe studied by astrophysicists, but also is used, metaphysically, to describe the totality of all the spiritual energies and entities in Creation. The Universe is a benevolent consciousness, biased in love toward humanity and the rest of Creation.


A vortex is a kind of node. The attributes of a vortex are where energies collide, and the energy is constantly moving or circulating. To some, it feels good for a while, but it’s hard to live in a true vortex. (See Nodes and Nulls.)

Wisdom Barrier

The wisdom barrier is not a wall or obstruction, but a barrier of energy that is waiting to be reached, like the sound barrier, for example. When the wisdom barrier is reached, it breaks an old paradigm of consciousness, and nothing can be what it was. For example, passing the wisdom barrier is when no Human would ever dream of killing another Human, period!

Youth Template

The Youth Template exists in many molecules, including DNA. The template itself represents everything biological in your body, and the original information of your embryonic stage of development.

Julia Parsell

Julia Rae Parsell

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