Healing the Healer: When Plants and Animals Speak

Almost everybody talks to their pets, but it takes a special person to hear what their pets say in return.

Animal Communicator Maiccu Kostiainen

Maiccu Kostiainen lives in Finland and is an animal communicator and medium. That means  that she intuitively communicates with animals, living and past, by understanding their thoughts, emotions, and energy. Maiccu’s unique gifts allow her to reach beyond the veil of human awareness, into the realm of animal consciousness. It’s a dimension of presence, love, and acceptance, one that, according to Maiccu, animals enjoy on a nearly-constant constant basis.

As an animal communicator, Maiccu helps bridge the gap of understanding between animals and humans and help people to understand the needs of their pets as well as hear the messages that the animals have to say.

Maiccu is also a best-selling author and lecturer who teaches 

along with her partner and fellow healer, Ingela Nicklas. Ingela is a Reiki Grand Master, someone who channels energy into clients to activate the body’s natural healing abilities. Together, Maiccu and Ingela use energy healing and animal communication to heal animals and the people related to them.

In an interview with me, Maiccu describes how she discovered her own intuitive gifts, the life-changing events that her gifts have opened up for her, and how discovering sacred plant medicine helped her to hone her talents as a healer and heal the healer within her.

Animal Communicator

Throughout most of her adult life, Maiccu was very satisfied in her high-paying career as an airplane mechanic for Finnish National Airline. But a peculiar and undenliable experience changed her life’s focus from mechanical to spiritual.

In the year 2000, Maiccu’s dog passed, incidentally on his 5th birthday, and almost simultaneously she began to unexplainably sense his thoughts and feelings. This had never happened before, and the phenomenon both touched and surprised her and she began to read voraciously about animal communication and mediumship. Maiccu soon realized that she had a gift for animal communication and the more she learned and practiced, the more her talents grew.

Eventually, Maiccu began receiving messages from her beloved and long-since deceased horse, Leyla. Over time, the messages from Leyla became more and more clear and one day Leyla informed Maiccu, “We are going to write a book together.” Leyla’s message surprised Maiccu but was soon confirmed by at least three other mediums, none of whom had prior knowledge of Maiccu’s conversation with Leyla. And so, despite it’s unorthodoxy, Maiccu began to co-write a book with the spirit of her deceased horse.

Maiccu and Leyla Write a Book

Maiccu and her horse Leyla

Maiccu said that Leyla’s words found a voice through her fingers as she typed their book. Titled, The Power of Silent Wisdom, the book is Leyla’s advice to humans about love, sorrow, fear, and giving up control to a higher purpose. In the book, Leyla also explains that animals are in a constant state of presence, usually in a state of oneness, and that this state is programmed into in their DNA.

Leyla’s most important message to humans is to simply do less and learn to just be. Leyla pointed out that often, when humans experience difficult emotions or encounter something they don’t understand, they create a name or disorder for it and try to remedy it with a pill. Leyla, counseled humans to stop feeling as if something is wrong all the time.

The Power of Silent Wisdom was published in 2011 and became the highest selling spiritual book in Finland in 2012. With the success of her book, it became clear to Maiccu that her calling in life was to share her gifts as an intuitive animal communicator so quit her great paying job as an airplane mechanic to devote herself full-time to this calling of animal communication.


Maiccu Kostiainen, Ingela Nicklas, and Gerry Powell (Founder of Rythmia)

Discovering Sacred Plant Medicine

As the result of her unique gifts, Maiccu has had many rare opportunities, not only to travel to teach and heal, but also to discover other pathways of healing and new modes to connect with animals. One of these discoveries was the world of sacred plant medicine. Little did she know how important sacred plants would be to refine her talents as a healer and animal communicator.

In 2017, Maiccu and Ingela discovered a documentary called The Reality of Truth, a documentary that explores the healing power of sacred plant medicine. As healers themselves, Maiccu and Ingela were fascinated by this ancient mode of healing because it seemed to provide a glimpse into a different realm, similar to the one they knew through Reiki and animal communication. Maiccu and Ingela began to research Rythmia, a life-advancement center in Costa Rica which was featured in the film, and which offers sacred plant medicine ceremonies with shamans, as well as nutrition, massage, colonic hydrotherapy, and lectures for personal transformation.

Intrigued by the testimonies about the healing power of sacred plant medicine, Maiccu used her talents as a medium to ask some of the wisest people she knew, her deceased mother and horse, whether or not going to Rhythmia to explore sacred plant medicine would be a good idea. The flurry of events that soon transpired over the next several months felt like a direct response to her inquiry, and soon Maiccu and Ingela found that not only were they bound for Rythmia, but they were even invited to attend as a presenters to teach about their gifts of healing and animal communication.


Plant Medicine Opens Maiccu’s Eyes as an Animal Communicator

To date, Maiccu has attended 9 plant medicine ceremonies, each healing and profound. One of her most profound experiences during one particular ceremony helped to hone her skill as an intuitive, medium, and animal communicator. Maiccu said that after taking the sacred plant medicine, she felt herself turn into several different animals and experienced first-hand their state of mind and their feeling of oneness with all things. She said that she felt herself morph into a panther, whale, dolphin, snake, mouse, and even a cockroach, and was able to experience for herself what it was like to be, think, and feel the way animals do. As an animal communicator, she said that this experience was the best gift that the Universe could have ever given her.

Maiccu was given another rare opportunity to view the world through the through the eyes of an animal when Rythmia’s mascot, the owner’s gentle dog named Kayla, moved through the ceremony and acted as a guide to Maiccu by showing her the world from a dog’s point of view. From Kayla’s perspective, Maiccu saw how everything in the world is connected. Kayla told Maiccu that as a dog, she always sees the world with such connectedness, a state that humans are struggling to arrive at. Maiccu said that as she morphed into a dog, she could smell the world and see its colors, just like a dog does. This rare experience directly influenced her ability to sense into animals’ thoughts, needs, and desires.

One of the ways Maiccu says that ceremonial plant medicine helps people become hyper-present like animals is that it helps them to learn to give up control and put themselves into the hands of a sacred and healing spirit. She says that often, the ego which is anathema to this healing spirit, tries to stay in control. The struggle between the ego and the healing spirit causes dissonance. Further, she proffers that the healing qualities from the medicine only come when people yield and allow themselves to be healed by it, even if that means traveling through a momentary darkness in order to heal those wounded parts to arrive at the places lasting of inner-light.

Learning to yield to the plant medicine ultimately gave Maiccu the gift of communing with and morphing into animals, and has massively improved her already honed sensitivity as an intuitive, healer, and animal communicator. Much to her surprise, plant medicine has also improved her mediumship with humans. As someone who always heals others, Maiccu was awestruck that thanks to these medicinal gifts, she would be the one healed


The Healer Receives Healing through Plant Medicine

In addition to giving her a profound connection with animals, Maiccu says that the sacred plant medicine also healed her of some chronic problems, including a life-long scourge of crippling anxiety and an addiction to beer.

Before using sacred plant medicine, Maiccu used beer to cope with her anxiety and stress. Drinking beer was also her most common way to unwind at the end of a long day. And, like many people in Finland, Maiccu loves to sauna and beer is often a part of that cultural ritual. For all these reasons, Maiccu had developed a strong dependance on beer. Yet, there’s a saying in Finland that says, “Problems swim in alcohol,” and Maiccu certainly understood how her addiction to beer contributed to her anxiety. Plus, Maiccu felt that her regular use of beer was dulling her senses as an animal communicator.

A common phrase at Rythmia is, “You must purge before you merge with the Divine.” And certainly Maiccu needed to purge old ways of relating to the world that were causing static in her transmissions as an animal communicator.

Maiccu wasn’t sure what to expect as she went into her very first ceremony at Rythmia and she was hoping that her nervousness about the unknown wouldn’t escalate into a panic attack. Yet, to her dismay the first three hours of her journey with sacred plant medicine sent her reeling into a severe panic attack, causing her to sweat profusely, racking her with worry, and leaving her solar plexus aching for days.

But after 3 hours of one of the most severe panic attacks she’s ever experienced, Maiccu said that something magical happened. She said that the plant medicine taught her to open up, taught her to breathe again, and ultimately taught her to let go of control and yield something higher. At the very moment she handed her will over to the medicine, her anxiety vanished and she was left with a profound and enduring peace. Since that moment, her lifetime of anxiety has been practically eradicated. She couldn’t believe how the plant medicine had purged her of anxiety in the moment and how it seemed to be healed for good. With her panic attacks gone, Maiccu she says that she can now focus much better and is more effective as an animal communicator. She feels as though the medicine purposefully led her through this severe panic attack so she could heal from it permanently.

Unlike medicating with beer, plant medicine isn’t addictive and seems to have a very different effect on problems. In fact, Bill Wilson, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, became sober and started his world-famous organization after having a spiritual experience as the result of plant medicine. Maiccu says that sacred plant medicine is different than other drugs because it tends facilitate healing by offering astounding clarity and understanding of their divine worth rather than dulling the mind or distracting them from their problems.

Since experiencing plant medicine ceremonies, Maiccu says that she no longer feels the imperative to drink. She says that whatever she was trying to medicate with alcohol seems to have been made whole. Now, she only occasionally drinks socially, perhaps one or two times a month and never to excess. Maiccu says that she now enjoys greater clarity and and connection in her work because she’s no longer remedying her anxiety with alcohol. She says she’s more receptive to the animal world with this added clarity.


Maiccu Kostiainen has led an unpredictable and fascinating life as she has discovered and followed her gifts as an animal communicator, intuitive, and medium. Her gifts have led her to meet new people, connect to the spirits of animals, and have given her the chance to offer an important spiritual message to the world. Her intuition and gifts also led her to explore sacred plant medicine which healed the healer in her enabled her to offer her gifts with greater clarity and focus.

Maiccu’s enduring message to the world is to spend time with animals and allow them to teach you to be present. She also says that for anyone who is interested in using sacred plant medicine, to spend the time to prepare for it with clean eating, meditation, and of course spending time with animals.

To date, Maiccu and Ingela have now been to Rythmia twice to present and participate in ceremony and will return in March of 2019. You can visit Maiccu’s website here.


Scott Moore is a senior teacher of yoga and mindfulness and lives in Southern France. When he’s not teaching or conducting retreats, he writes for Conscious Life News, Elephant Journal, Mantra Magazine, Medium, and his own blog at scottmooreyoga.com. Scott also loves to run, play the saxophone, and travel with his wife and son. Check out his yoga retreats to places like Hawaii and Amalfi Coast , his online Yoga Nidra Course and his Yoga Teacher Mentor Program

AMAZING Video: Animal Communicator Telepathically Communicates with Panther

Editor’s Note: This is one of our most popular posts ever and one of my very favorite videos. I’m reposting it for those who haven’t yet had a chance to watch this amazing video. And, for those who have, I think you’ll like watching it again. Enjoy!

Watch with awe as Animal Communicator, Anna Breytenbach telepathically communicates with an abused and aggressive black panther named Diablo (Devil).

You’ll be convinced of the authenticity of Anna’s work when you see her share communication from Diablo that only his new caretakers could know.

You’ll also be amazed by Diablo’s rapid transformation — from snarling and defensive to relaxed and open right — before your eyes.

One sweet moment is when Anna shares Diablo’s request that his name be changed to something less dark and ominous. His wish was granted, and his caretakers changed his name to Spirit.

It’s an amazing and emotional video, and it makes you wonder. Perhaps animals are talking to us all the time, and we just need to learn to listen the way Anna does.

Animal Communicators Prove It’s Possible to Hear an Animal’s Thoughts


By Makia Freeman | Wake Up World

Animal communicators are people who can fully communicate with an animal just as they would with a normal human person. The communication is telepathic and 2-way; the animal communicators can both “speak” (by sending thought out towards the animal) and “hear” (by receiving thought in from the animal).

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Animal communicators have most likely existed for a long time, probably in every single culture in the world. It is only in our modern Western materialistic culture, which has been influenced by mainstream institutions of religion and science based on perceiving a reality of separateness, that such a possibility seems so outlandish. However, as the following examples show, animal communication, also known as interspecies communication, is a very real phenomenon. These animal communicators are able to access knowledge from and about these animals that they could not possibly have otherwise known.

Animal Communicator Anna Breytenbach

Anna Breytenbach is a professional animal communicator who has displayed a jaw-dropping ability to communicate with animals. As seen in this video, embedded below, Anna was summoned in the case of the black leopard who had been moved to a South African wild cat park. He was given the name Diabolo (similar to the Spanish word for devil) and was clearly an unhappy cat. He mostly snarled at anyone who went near. The owners of the park (Jurg and Karen Olsen, the Jukani Predator Park in South Africa) were afraid of approaching him. They summoned an animal communicator (Anna) for help. After communicating with the leopard, she learnt that one of the reasons for him being upset was that he thought something was expected of him. The other reason was that he was worried about what had happened to 2 young cubs at the last place he was being kept.

When Anna relayed this to the park owner Jurg (who had professed on camera that he did not believe in animal communicators), Jurg broke down and cried. He confirmed that they were indeed 2 young cubs at the previous place. He told Anna to reassure the black leopard that nothing would be expected of him here – and that the 2 young cubs were safe. This relieved the leopard to the point where he opened up and became friendly. His name was subsequently changed to something more fitting – Spirit.

Animal Communicators Prove It’s Possible to Hear an Animal’s Thoughts - Anna Breytenbach and a Leopard

There is no way Anna could possibly have known this information beforehand. She learnt it telepathically. She was told this by an animal!

In this video, Anna talks of her communication with sharks at Byron Bay in Australia. She explains how she telepathically contacted a “Great White Shark consciousness” which allowed here to understand how sharks act – and why they occasionally “attack” humans. Anna reveals that the normal food for sharks has been overfished and reduced. Additionally, fishing nets have hemmed them in. Thus, there are more sharks in a smaller area looking for a smaller amount of food than before, which creates a competitive environment. Sharks are very sensitive creatures, and when they encounter humans doing competitive water sports (e.g. water skiing or surfing where a rider catches a wave [predator language]), they are drawn to those humans because of a frequency match. However, Anna stresses that since sharks “test” with their mouths, when they bite a human or approach with their mouths open, they are usually not trying to eat us. They are overall not interested in eating human flesh, which they find unpalatable.

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Animal Communicator Kevin Richardson

Kevin Richardson, or the Lion Whisperer as he is known, is an incredible example of how humans can co-mingle with lions, tigers, hyenas and other traditionally fierce predators. Kevin has a very close relationship with many wild animals. In this video, he explains how he became a valued family member of both a hyena and lion pride. He also explains the invisible (to most humans) dynamics of how hyenas and lions arrange themselves in societal structures. For instance, hyenas are matriarchal; the lowest-ranking female is higher than the highest ranking male. Kevin has fully immersed himself in the life of these animals to learn these nuances.


Dr. Linda Bender on Our Connection to Animals

Source: Anjula Ram

Anjula Ram converses with Dr. Linda Bender, on Our Connection to Animals
In this beautiful dialogue Dr. Linda Bender discusses our connection to animals and her book ‘Animal Wisdom: Learning from the Spiritual Lives of Animals’. She graciously covers the human superior-inferior complex with animals, the treatment and consumption of animals today, and the importance of grounding spirituality and developing resilience.
Linda Bender, DVM spent 14 years living in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, devoted to her veterinary work which included the rescue, rehabilitation, and protection of wildlife. Her interest in spirituality and healing led her to found the Mind the Gap Wellness Center, as well as, one of the first pet-therapy program in Cincinnati. She is a co-founder of the nonprofit organization From the Heart.  As an educator and author, Dr. Bender is dedicated to advocating for animals around the globe.  She is author of Animal Wisdom: Learning from the Spiritual Lives of Animals which has been endorsed by Dr. Jane Goodall, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Larry Dossey and more.
For more info: www.lindabender.org

Learning From and Communicating With Animals

Article Source: Openhand

How does animal medicine work?
I am frequently overwhelmed by the sheer beauty, perfection and awesome simplicity of animals. They were surely put here as our teachers revealing in us how our beingness can wonderfully manifest itself when not constrained through distorted thinking and perceived limitations. How is it that the ‘right’ animal, be it the real thing or just an image, can miraculously appears just at the right time when we need guidance most?

Animals are our Teachers

My own re-acquaintance with such ‘animal medicine’ here in this realm came whilst exploring the living habits of termites (of all creatures!). To many, termites are considered pests particularly in the US where they destroy many homes. Paradoxically, it is the way they build their own homes which reveals the deepest truth – coincidence or synchronicity?

Termites build complex nests sometimes forming huge over-ground structures. However, it’s what is underground that is so fascinating. Interweaving webs of chamber systems are constructed incorporating intricate networks of tunnels and air conduits designed to channel air flow for the perfect management of internal air quality, temperature and moisture levels ensuring optimum environments for their offspring to grow.

So perfectly do these nests serve their function, I have heard it said that even the best human architects using the most sophisticated computer programs could not reproduce a design to rival them. In fact termites nests are now being studied to create our own environmentally friendly and self-sufficient housing – it seems some are indeed prepared to consider them our teachers rather than pests!

How is it that a creature with such a small brain capacity manages to design something of such profound beauty? How, with no language, can they coordinate their actions perfectly and harmoniously?

Collective Consciousness

To me the answer lies in having ONE guiding consciousness for their species. In other words, they are one being but separated in form. This one being is highly evolved – much more so than ourselves. The guiding consciousness – a ‘deva’ of unfathomable proportions – can project her consciousness through zillions of tiny creatures.

As this consciousness descends through the density of our plane of existence, it forms ‘elementals’ – super intelligent building blocks – containing all the ‘code’ required for ‘right action’. These building blocks form together to create individual termites.

So the termite does not have to think what to do next, knowing is inherent in every cell of its being. It simply knows the best solution – in fact it is being the best solution.

Communicating with Animals

So talking to animals is not nearly as difficult as it may seem. We are certainly not speaking to a ‘poor dumb creature’. Through the individual animal, we are speaking with a highly evolved being far in advance of ourselves.

That’s why if we really want an answer to a particular question in life, one of the best solutions is to ask an animal. Because they have no ego, no individual thought “this is what ‘I’ want to do now”, the guiding Deva can coordinate synchronicity through animals to bring us answer we need.

A multidimensional consciousness landscape is built for us to explore.

In fact the Deva already knows both the question and the answer before they arise in us. That’s because she is not constrained by linear time. She’s flowing from the place of all-knowing. That’s why synchronicity involving animals is so omnipresent – they are here to be our teachers.

What is that creature saying to you today?

PS: I felt to share this awe inspiring video of an animal communicator literally speaking to various creatures. I guarantee it will melt your heart. A must see…What of animals could talk to you?

Anjula Ram Converses with Gail Thackray on Spiritual Healing, Finding Your Soul Purpose, and Animal Communication

In this lovely discussion, spiritual educator and medium Gail Thackray talks to Anjula Ram about her trips to Brazil to visit John of God, working with spirit guides and animals, and finding your soul purpose. Also some fascinating dialogue about working with our triggers, healing across the world, and dissolving blocks to manifesting abundance.

Gail Thackray was raised in Yorkshire, England and prides herself on having kept her English down-to-earth sensibility. Her life changed at age forty when she discovered she was a medium and able to talk to spirits on the other side. Helping others connect to Source and to develop their own natural psychic abilities is her passion. Gail lectures at events worldwide, doing live appearances as a healer, medium, animal communicator, and educator. When at home in Los Angeles, she writes, lectures, and teaches about mediumship, healing, animal communication, manifesting, and other aspects of spirituality.

Gail also leads tours to Brazil to meet John of God, and crop circle tours in the UK. Her next crop circle tour begins on July 22. It’s not too late to sign up. For details, visit Gail’s website: GailThackray.com.