Stop Sun Damage Before it Happens

You probably have lots of memories surrounding sunscreen. The smell is reminiscent of pool days, days out at the beach, summer camps from our school-age years, maybe outdoor sports games. You may have grown up being warned about the hazards of what too much sun can do to your skin. But maybe you’ve never really thought about why it’s such a big concern.

So, what harm could the sun really do to your skin? Here are a few things you can avoid with some preventative care, and how to keep your skin as healthy as it can be.

What’s the Worst that Can Happen?

Well, actually, a lot. You might have heard of the general “leathery skin” that sun damage may give you as you age, or even skin cancer. While both of those are very serious and very real problems that are a direct result of overexposure to the sun, there are also other skin problems that we often overlook.

The ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun are what does the real damage to your dermis. What starts off as a bad, itchy sunburn can cause permanent stretching to your blood vessels. This means splotchy red patches on your skin long after that burn is gone.

Aside from redness, sun damage can age you a lot. Around 80% of aging is actually caused by sun exposure. Too many UV rays over time can cause dark spots, wrinkles, and other problems. So yeah, a lot goes wrong.

How to Prevent Sun Damage

It’s always easier to get ahead of the problem and stop sun damage before it even starts. But how can you do that effectively? Here are a few ways to keep the sun from doing serious damage to your skin.


Okay, this one seems obvious. But you may only put on sunscreen if you’re going to the beach or pool. The truth is, you should be wearing sunscreen every. Single. Day.

So find a moisturizer with SPF. Find a lightweight sunscreen to put on your body. The sun can do damage even when we least expect it, so you have to be prepared to defend your skin against the harsh rays no matter how long you’re going to be outside today.

Lip Balm

Yes, you need sunscreen in your lip balm, too. Your lips are extremely sensitive to the sun because the skin on them is so much more delicate on them. You can easily incorporate a little extra sun protection into your routine by picking out a lip balm that has some SPF in it.


This is a great excuse to wear that wide-brim, fabulous straw hat (not that you needed one). A big hat can provide some shade for your most sensitive areas, your face, and neck. You should use hats in combination with sunscreen, however, to make sure you’re all covered.

What to Do If It’s Too Late

First off, it’s never too late to start doing more to protect your sun from further damage. Today is the day to incorporate some better protection into your skincare routine. Even if some damage has been done, you can prevent further harm to your skin by starting to use sunscreen every day.

But if you already got a little too much sun, you can still do some recon for your skin. Get a specialty cream that’s formulated for sun-damaged or scarred skin to start restoring the health of your complexion.

Remember when you’re searching for an after-sun cream (or any skincare products, for that matter) look for something with all-natural ingredients to nourish your dermis.