The Stickiness of Your Soul Story – and How to Unstick Yourself



I sometimes like to think of we individual human beings as bits of consciousness, embedded within greater fields of consciousness. Each of us is poterntially evolving in awareness and understanding. Yet many of us remain stagnant, stuck in the world of the mind and it's stories and beliefs.

This is very important to understand, because right now the human species is in a vastly accelerated transition phase of physical and consciousness evolution. This present time represents an incredibly rare opportunity for personal growth for the soul. To be unaware of this – and instead remain stubbornly locked in a rigid and inflexible story – is tragically wasteful.

The physical aspect of this evolutionary expansion has emerged via the technology which now allows us to manipulate genetic codes. This, combined with a massive and exponential capacity to store and process information via computers, means that evolution is no longer merely in the hands of the “gods.” We all have incredible power in our hands, a power that our ancestors could never have dreamed of.

The question then becomes: can we match this incredible physical evolution with a corresponding mental and spiritual evolution? This is of vital importance. If we do not balance these two domains of evolution, then there is a strong possibility that we will abuse the power that we are being given. We are already abusing it in so many ways, as we all know from reading the daily news feed. How then, can we correct this imbalance?

Our education systems must make curriculum time for psycho-spiritual development. This must include not only conscious-mental reflection, but must help the young practice mindfulness and meditative presence. Without the capacity for meditative presence there is no chance for a person to be able to develop the capacity to witness the mind. And without the ability to witness mind, one remains imprisoned in whatever story the mind puts forward. And in turn that story will almost certainly be the one that reflects the trauma contained within our personal and karmic history.

When we fall for the delusion that we are the mind, we become stuck in the stories of the mind, in the pain of the past. And stories are very, very sticky.

From a grand cosmic perspective, you as an individual being trapped in a self-limiting story for a lifetime or a hundred lifetimes is a mere twinkling of starlight. Cosmic time dwarfs human mind-time. This is important to grasp, as there is no emergency from a grand perspective. And that means your getting stuck in the evolutionary mud is perfectly permissible in the greater scheme of things.


The truth is that most of our stories are a bit nasty, rather unpleasant and with more than a little suffering. There's something wrong with me. I messed up. I'm not good enough. Basically, I suck and I got to try like hell to unsuck!

We also carry a story about the the world, and the themes tend to be repetitive.

People can't be trusted. They are mean and stupid, and are trying to oppress me. I'm a victim… My people are being subjegated, so I must remain enraged till that is fixed – or somebody pays for it… The world is cruel, and we have to fight for survival… What is the point of trying anyway, when we all die?

Victim consciousness – the insistence that someone or something “out there” is against me – is at an all time high within our species. This story is perhaps epitomised by conspiracy theory culture, which has taken the victim narrative to its ultimate form. The result is not only a sense of hopelessness and helplessness, but a state of perpetual, infantile rage against the world. This is the archetypal two-year-old's tantrum against paternal control writ large upon humanity. The story is self-limiting and self-perpetuating, as it places one's locus of control in the hands of an invisible other, and also prevents the introspection required to heal that inner two-year old.

At the base of all victim stories is unmitigated rage against God, an anger that we human beings must fully acknowledge and heal if we are to transcend our current collective impasse. This anger exists even amongst atheists, as God is an archetype within the human psyche, regardless of whether an individual believes in God, or even whether “he” exists “out there” or not. In cinema, this rage against the creator is aptly  depicted in the movie Bladerunner, when the replicant (robot) Roy Batty literally meets his maker, the genius Tyrell – then kills him with his bare hands when Batty learns that his “God” cannot prevent the robot from dying.

The great news is that in perfect presence our stories dissolve, and along with them the suffering and fear that emerges from remembered pasts and fearful futures. So it is that our most empowered expression as individual humans arises in the present moment. The present moment permits a resplendent intelligence to emerge, a wisdom that simply cannot flower when we are stuck in the mind. In a seeming irony, perfect presence permits a far greater sense of the unfolding future. This is why wisdom is a natural expression of presence. We have a potential to make far smarter choices while in presence.

Most of us remain fixed in the world of story, and this is primarily because we are not present. We are not really in the world when we reject presence. We are living in an imaginary world of illusion, painting the world with such thick, dark colours that it's natural light cannot be seen.


The mere acknowledgement that you are operating in the world of story is enough to dissolve the story, if only for a short time. The great news, as spiritual teacher Leonard Jacobson often says, is that presence never leaves us. It is we who leave presence. Yet the mere realisation that we are not present is an invitation to presence. With just a little understanding of what is required, we can return to presence whenever we wish. It truly is simple. Just be present with the body, the breath, or whomever or whatever you are with.

The one caveat is that presence also invites us to be present with our pain. That pain will spontaneously rise within you as you surrender to the present moment. It is often that pain that drives our story.

But that is another article.

Once we are free of the story, we may begin to consciously construct a new, more desirable story, if that is what we wish. We can then play in the world of time and space again, only with greater awareness, joy and wisdom.

What story will you choose? And why?

Marcus Anthony


Marcus T Anthony, PhD is the author of ten books about human awakening, including Discover Your Soul Template. He is also a life coach and teacher of profound intuition. His web site is




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  1. We truly love anything that helps to expand our awareness. Thanks for everything you offer

  2. I know exactly what it feels like to be severely stressed and depressed trust me. At one point I tried to kill myself a few times. I am actually doing a lot better now thankfully. Honestly the best things you can do to deal with stress and anxiety is yoga,meditation and support. I would especially suggest meditation because it was a godsend for me. If you want to learn how to meditate I would suggest reading this short story. It was very helpful when I was going through a tough time

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