Should I Rent a Big House or a Small One?

When you’re deciding to move into a rental house, you have something crucial to consider: should you move into a big or small house?

Even if you’re just one person, it’s a good question to consider. Who knows what kind of space you’ll need, how your family will grow, and whether you’d like to entertain friends and family at some point?

When you do head online to look at houses for rent in San Antonio, you’ll have to keep an eye on the square footage of the place you’re considering, but you can use these hints as guides to know what direction you should head when that time comes.

Look at the Rent

The first thing you should look at before anything else is the rent of the house. No matter if you want a big or small rental, if you can’t afford it, you ain’t moving there.

It makes sense that a larger house will have a higher rent, and that’s to be expected. The landlord has to pay the property taxes on the house, and the more square footage it has, probably the more expensive it is to maintain.

So, consider your budget first. Then you can look at sizes.

What Will You Need?

Do you have a ton of stuff moving with you? A lot of storage? How big is your family? Two people? Five?

All of these things will factor into your decision to rent a big or small house. Many people would tell you that a bigger house is always better anyway so that you have the storage space if you need it, but we also know some people don’t like a lot of clutter.

You have to know yourself and your life situation here. But think it all the way through to know what size house you’ll really, truly need.

Who Will Be Coming Over?

Lastly, do you have a lot of friends and family whom you will want to invite over? How about holidays? Are you in charge of hosting a certain holiday? Because if you do have a lot of friends and do host a holiday, then you’re going to need space, and lots of it.

You’d be surprised at how quickly the space in even a big house disappears when there’s a lot of people in it. Don’t make people feel cramped. Go for the bigger house if you know you’ll need it.

A small house could be just right for you if you’re on your own and don’t entertain, but always think ahead to your future. Maybe a bigger one will suit you not now, but one day down the road. There are lots of things to think about here, but only you will know what’s best.