Scientist Photographs The Soul Leaving the Body at Death

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The timing of astral disembodiment in which the spirit leaves the body has been captured by Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov, who photographed a person at the moment of his death with a bioelectrographic camera.

The image taken using the gas discharge visualization method, an advanced technique of Kirlian photography, shows in blue the life force of the person leaving the body gradually.

According to Korotkov, navel and head are the parties who first lose their life force (which would be the soul) and the groin and the heart are the last areas where the spirit before surfing the phantasmagoria of the infinite.

In other cases, according to Korotkov, the “the soul” of people who suffer a violent and unexpected death usually manifests a state of confusion in your power settings and return to the body in the days following death. This could be due to a surplus of unused energy.

The technique developed by Korotkov, who is director of the Research Institute of Physical Culture, St. Petersburg, is endorsed as a medical technology by the Ministry of Health of Russia and is used by more than 300 doctors in the world for stress and monitoring progress of patients treated for diseases such as cancer. Korotkov says his energy imaging technique could be used to watch all kinds of imbalances biophysical and diagnose in real time and also to show if a person does have psychic powers or is a fraud.

This technique, which measures real-time and stimulated radiation is amplified by the electromagnetic field is a more advanced version of the technology developed for measuring Semyon Kirlian aura.

Read the rest of the article at Russian scientist photographs the soul leaving the body at death

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CLN Editor Note: We believe that the above image is from the article mentioned in the 2nd paragraph here: Russian camera can see human soul. But, we have thus far been unable to locate the original article to confirm.  What makes us believe that the above image from was originally from is the file name of the image: deathmomentpicliferu473321134.jpg. Would appreciate help in locating the original article and images on

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160 Reader Comments

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  1.' BobSmith says:

    Well, this is a giant load of crap. Not one shred of scientific evidence is presented for any of the claims made. Kirlian photography is interesting, but it is an image showing electrical energy, not “souls”. No one has ever demonstrated that a soul even exists, let alone photographed one leaving the body.

    •' Localexpert says:

      Prove its a load of crap.

      •' BobSmith says:

        I don’t need to. The burden of proof is on the person making the completely ridiculous, outlandish claim. No evidence is presented in favor of anyone photographing “souls”, so there’s no rational reason to believe it happened. The only reason left is an irrational one.

        •' Tim Collins says:

          The burdon of proof is on everyone including you.

          •' BobSmith says:

            No, it’s on the person making the claim. You need to learn what the phrase actually means. I don’t need to prove anything, here, as the article is making the claim. It’s not up to me to prove it wrong, it’s up to the person making the claim to prove it correct.

        •' Elaine Morris says:

          I was in the library at U.T. SW Medical in Dallas, TX researching for a paper that was due. Quite by accident, I DID run across two photo(s). One was a photo of a woman who just died. There WAS a visible form rising up out of her body.

          I also saw a photo a an energy form sinking into the body of an infant as he/she was being born.

      •' BobSmith says:

        While I don’t have to prove this is a load of crap, I have just stumbled across proof that it is. This image has nothing to do with any researchers. It was stolen from an article about infrared saunas, located here:

        You lose, thank you and good night.

    •' Henry says:

      Science is still trying to get a handle on simple things, evidence is an educated guess which is “proven” by guessing a result for an outcome. Most scientific minded people upon seeing a soul would believe there a fault in their equipment, but the fault is in narrow thinking and limiting reality.

      •' BobSmith says:

        No, that isn’t what evidence is. Please take a remedial science class. And yes, an equipment fault *would* be more likely than a soul being photographed. However, there is no fault in the machines, in this case, as they did not detect any souls. There is not one shred of evidence presented to show that they did.

    •' Mr Smith says:

      You might be right and this may be a load crap as you put it. I am sure many people such as yourself also agreed the world was flat and that sea captains would fall off the edge of the Earth if they sailed too far. The discovery is in its infancy, perhaps in a few 100 years they will have actual proof or even maybe sooner. I guess my point is, instead of just calling something crap, perhaps we need to spend time and research it more. Of course, if you want to find out sooner, you can always go jump off a bridge and see what happens.

      •' BobSmith says:

        No, sorry, this doesn’t wash. People knew the Earth was round since the age of the Greeks. Do you know why? Because people used knowledge and science to show that it was. Here we have someone not using science, and misrepresenting the knowledge being used to make the photographs to try to claim something. This is NOT the same thing as someone making a scientific claim backed by evidence and having people not believe them.

        In most cases, by the way, the scientist making the claim that isn’t being believed is being opposed by religious people who believe in souls, because the claim contradicts their deeply held religious beliefs. Anything that shakes that belief is shunned, and anything that reinforces it (like this garbage article) is taken in as proof.

        You started with the answer you wanted, and looked for anything that supports it. This isn’t how science works. You’re the one calling the Earth flat, here.

        •' Randomrandomrandom says:

          First off the Greeks didn’t believe the earth was round they believed it was flat. Hense the layered underworld, earth, heaven’s and atlas holding up everything directly underneath. You act like a know it all but in the end you’re just another person too butt hurt to admit you’re wrong. The Greeks never believed it was round until centuries later. Homer even thought it was flat, the same with Hesiod and Archimedes. Seriously stop spatting out random things as if you know what you’re talking about. You are 100% wrong about the Greeks. Pythagoras was one of the only Greeks who believed it was round the majority of the Greek scholars around 6 the century b.c. believed it was flat so you’re homework before you start sputtering out things you have no idea what you are talking about

          •' BobSmith says:

            I said people had known it was spherical since the time of the ancient Greeks, which you just confirmed. At no point did I say “the majority of Greeks”. So, I continue to be correct.

            Regardless, this is an image stolen from a fucking sauna ad, you absolute tit.

      •' BobSmith says:

        It is a load of crap. The image was stolen from a website about infrared saunas:

        But go on and tell me how *I’m* the one denying science, when you just believed some completely invented bullshit.

    •' someone says:

      Bobsmith, people like you are so closed minded that even if you witness it in front of you in person, you’ll still call bullshit on it . . nothing can get through that air-tight head of yours, please, just please, stop claiming to be some science buff because you’re obviously not, people in the scientific field has a requirement and that’s to be “open-minded” . . just more than a century ago, noone believed some crazy nonsense some guys are saying about very tiny organisms we can’t see living around us causing disease and such, or insane talks of unseen forms of energy such as electricity . .

      if scientists were like you through history, we’d still be riding horse-drawn carts around, deprived of any forms of sanitation, and are killed off almost everyday with common cold . .

      •' Mark says:

        It is equally closed minded to not examine alternate explanations by dismissing realistic solutions to any given claim.

      •' BobSmith says:

        Sorry, but no. I’m not “closed minded” because I don’t automatically accept whatever evidence-free fairytail horseshit that appeals to you at the moment. If you want to believe in unevidenced nonsense, that’s you prerogative, but it’s also you rejecting out of hand every plausible explanation in favor of spirits and magic. Rejecting everything that’s likely in favor of an answer you want, THAT is being closed-minded.

        You’re taking a question that isn’t answered and going “Well, I don’t have an explanation for this, so it’s supernatural.” Which is, to further summarize, “I don’t have an explanation, therefore I have an explanation”, which is flatly absurd and absolutely, dirbblingly stupid.

      •' BobSmith says:

        By the way, the image was stolen from a website about infrared saunas, and this article is an absolute lie:

        But yes, I’m an “evidence denier” because I wasn’t gullible enough to believe something that was in fact a COMPLETE LIE. Or, you know, maybe skepticism is warranted when people are making claims without evidence.

      •' Randomrandomrandom says:

        There was actually a theory proposed by Homer or Archimedes I can’t remember which that we all were composed of tiny unseeable matter which he called Atomos. From what I remember he theorized we were all composed of “atomos” which were essentially atoms made of the 4 elements of nature. It’s rather fascinating actually.

    •' Upaces8 says:

      I was going to U.T. SW Medical/Dallas, TX in 1997. I was in the library researching for something totally unrelated and ran across an article with photo(s) of the very same thing. The had one photo showing the Soul leaving he body t the time of death. HOWEVER, they also had a photo of “the Soul ENTERING the body at the time of a baby’s birth.
      I was shocked and overjoyed!

    •' Upacesii says:

      Actually, it is not “crap.” 1997- I was working on my first degree at U.T.SW Medical/ Dallas, Texas. I was in the library doing research for my Mid-Term.

      I was shocked. There they were! They had photographs of a Soul Entering the body at birth as well as the Soul Leaving the Body during Death.

      It was the wonderful to have my spiritual beliefs backed up by hard science.

    •' upaces88 says:

      Years ago, I was going to U.T. SW Medical for a Degree in Community Counseling. I was in the library, and quite by accident, I came across a very small book. I’ll be darned… During an serious operation on a woman, there was a an image of her floating out of her body caught on film. Why film? Interns were in training to become doctors. They would be able to see the film and learn by heir errors and/or successes.

      There was also a photo of a baby being born…I am trying to find the right words to explain it…As the baby took the first breath, there was a golden type light that entered the baby’s body.

      It was the most incredible proof for me that we all have “souls”; and this was the Scientific Proof that I never dreamed of seeing.

      •' BobSmith says:

        What book? Who wrote it? What medical journal did they publish what would have been an astonishing find in?

        You make this claim, but where’s the evidence?

        •' upaces88U says:

          Since I was in the library researching something totally different, I didn’t exactly write down the name, photographer and/or the doctors. It was a Blessing for Me. I didn’t realize that proof of the existence of the Soul would be in question; OR, I would have kept the article.

          You can read this if you want to. Personally? I believe it. Your belief system is up to you..not me.

          Understanding Brain, Mind and Soul: Contributions from Neurology and Neurosurgery

          •' BobSmith says:

            You presented this supposed “book” as evidence, so yes, it’s your job to provide an actual citation. What you did post uses the word “soul” in a purely figurative sense, and does not postulate the actual existence of a soul, and does not provide evidence for it.

            I sincerely doubt that this book, if it exists, provides any convincing evidence for souls or an afterlife. If you want to contradict that, you need to give me an actual citation. If not, please stop claiming some book that may or may not exist as evidence that this article has any merit or truth-value.

    •' Reneé says:

      Poor BobSmith,
      If you need “proof”
      that bodies “contain”souls
      Maybe yours does not
      & Scientists should study You?!?

      I believe that the study was much longer
      Than this article allows.

      I think this article was simply a teaser.

      I would like to see the expanded version myself, Bob!

      •' BobSmith says:

        There was no study. It was an image stolen from an infrared sauna ad. The article is an absolute and blatant fraud.

    •' Drake says:

      Good job BobSmith. This is indeed a giant load of crap. A lot of people here believe what their religion teaches them regardless of any actual evidence to prove it. I only hope more people would be like you, stopping bullshit right on it’s track. People who are indoctrinated tends to forget what reality is and what’s fantasy.

    •' Theo says:

      Scientists are defined by applying scientific method. If you insinuate that something that cannot be proven by applying scientific method at this point of time, then are you saying that physics or aviation are also crap? The ancient Greeks were the first people to discover electricity, but at the time they did not have the technology to scientifically prove it’s existence, were they wrong? No Edison proved it with the lightbulb. People who were common, and scientists who could not think beyond the educational structure they were trained in, thought the wright brothers were insane. People thought talking about physics was heretical until Newton. Were these pioneers wrong?
      What you fail to realize is that a pioneer and a scientist are two different things, a pioneer is Platoan, in the sense that he adopts intuition and reason as his method, a scientist obviously does not. You can be both, but it is rare. Physics was not a subject at college or school before Newton, and so on. Pioneers can determine reality without having to draw themselves a picture, as is the case with common people of lower intelligence and scientists. A pioneer is the guy that tells you that on the other side of the river there is a grove of trees not charted on the map, the scientist is the guy that builds a bridge to get to the other side just to realize that the pioneer was right. You’re not intelligent for not believing in anything you cannot understand if somebody doesn’t show you some pretty pictures, in fact that only proves how common and unintelligent you are.
      At this moment in time we simply do not have the bridge or technology to prove this pioneer’s theory, however there is an article in recent times where a quantum physicist documented that there is proof of afterlife which is connected to particles leaving the body after death, which seems very similar to what this guy is saying. Use google and I hope they have some pretty pictures for you.

      •' bobtheaxolotl says:

        Yeah, I didn’t ask for “pretty pictures”. I asked for scientific evidence. Apparently you’ve got the reading comprehension of a slime mold. Believing in things without evidence is what idiots do. If you do this, you are an idiot. I am rather impressed you managed to post a reply at all, given your staggering mental disabilities. Good luck with all your endeavors, but please don’t breed or become a teacher.

    •' Suckatash says:

      Some celestial bodies can only be seen via infrared cameras
      CERN says they discovered dark matter
      Some say ballistic footprints are recorded every time a shot is fire
      Some say wireless fidelity (wifi) will never happen

  2.' Blue Chick says:

    Has anyone ever proved that a soul DOESN’T exist then?

    •' BobSmith says:

      Why would anyone need to? It’s up to the person making the positive claim (ie, that souls exist) that needs to prove that claim. Just because you spout some ridiculous thing and claim it as true, doesn’t mean I need to disprove it. Let’s say you insisted invisible magical gnomes lived in your underpants. Would I need to disprove this? Of course not. It’s up to the person claiming magical thinking is true to demonstrate their case.

      •' jen says:

        Well I suppose you are the ‘smart’ one then. Your belief is your choice. Why the need to announce “this is a giant load of crap” just because YOU are not convinced? Honestly, I think you kept commenting on this article just to show a form of very narrow-minded, black & white thinking. I am not entirely convinced. But that does not mean I need to dispute or argue about it. I appreciate the time & effort it took for this information to reach me. That’s a form of positive thinking, in case you didn’t recognize it. Peace 🙂

        •' BobSmith says:

          It’s not “narrow minded” to require evidence before believing something. If you let in anything, your head quickly fills with garbage. In fact, by believing the supernatural explanation to begin with, one is automatically ruling out all rational explanations in favor of one for which none has been presented. This way of thinking is the very definition of narrow-minedness.

          When I said “this is crap”, it’s because this is making an absolutely outrageous claim, for which it is presenting absolutely no evidence whatsoever. I can’t think of much that would be a bigger load of crap than that. I think it’s absolutely fucking fair.

          •' Theo says:

            Bob scroll up to get educated by my previous comment. Also realize that in the modern world less intelligent people such as yourself only come across as hillbillies. If you are so educated, explain to me consciousness, since not a single Neuroscientist or any form of Physicist has been able to prove it’s existence scientifically, and yet it is known to exist in a non-physical sense because it has been determined that the ‘mind’ is not a product of the brain, and consciousness is a product of the mind, neither mind or consciousness can be proven scientifically yet, look it up. Are you perhaps implying you are not conscious? Are you going to imply the scientists who are involved in these studies, who are the top of their fields, are incorrect in realizing the limitations of scientific method? Poor commoner, your name is bob, what did we expect, wouldn’t be surprised if you push boulders up hills.

          •' Michael says:

            BobSmith … I’ll call you “bob” for short… You are saying that it is not up to you to prove that a soul “doesn’t ” exist , and that the claimant must provide evidence it does . However you seem intent by repeatedly discounting that soul doesn’t exist …. Which is it “bob”?. You believe visual proof is needed. You can’t see oxygen , but it’s there or we couldn’t breathe , you can’t see electricity , but we see its affects , same with natural gas and its affect. Spirit and souls exist because we see the affects of them thru humans that expose them thru their actions , good or bad …So stop telling us you don’t need to prove your point , even tho you keep trying .

          •' bobtheaxolotl says:

            Theo: A lack of an explanation isn’t an explanation. This is an argument from ignorance fallacy. The fact that I’m not a credulous moron who believes in magic without evidence doesn’t make me a hillbilly. It just makes you stupid.

            Michael: I haven’t made a claim. You claim souls exist. You being the one making the claim, it’s your job to prove it. This is known, to people who aren’t ignorant dipshits, as the “burden of proof”. If I don’t make a positive claim, I don’t have anything I need to prove.

            “Visual” proof isn’t what I asked to see, by the way. You can know oxygen exists because you can create compounds with it, because our bodies burn it for energy, and because it we can generate it from splitting water molecules, among many, many other things. The same is true for natural gas and electricity. They are directly observable in a wide number of ways, just not always with the naked eye. By the way, have you never seen a lightning bolt, or a static discharge? What the hemorrhaging fuck are you talking about not being able to see electricity?

            Souls, on the other hand, have never been shown to exist. We cannot detect them with any machine, or any of our senses, and we cannot harness their power as we can very easily do with all three of the things you previously mentioned. No one, in the history of the world, has been able to show that a soul exists in any way whatsoever. Comparing it so two items we can’t see with the naked eye (and one we absolutely can), but can observe in many other ways, and can directly harness and use, isn’t comparable in the slightest.

        •' BobSmith says:

          A it turns out, this article was an absolute fraud, and I was completely justified in my skepticism, but sure, whatever, I have a “closed mind” for not swallowing a load of horseshit like you did.

          The image was stolen from this website about infrared saunas:

          •' ez says:

            Yuh. We all know that fraud exists. But, there has to be something real that also exists in order that it be susceptible to fraud.

          •' BobSmith says:

            Sorry, but no. People can just make shit up. There doesn’t have to be any basis in reality. “This is bullshit so there has to be some truth to it” is a stupid argument, and a completely nonsensical non-sequitur.

          •' ez says:

            By golly, I think you’re right. You are a perfect example of
            bullshit with no basis in realtiy !

            August 28, 2015 at 9:37 AM
            Sorry, but no. People can just make shit up. There doesn’t have to be any basis in reality. “This is bullshit so there has to be some truth to it” is a stupid argument, and a completely nonsensical non-sequitur.

          •' BobSmith says:

            I like how you made no substantial argument, instead choosing to insult me, instead of addressing the argument. This is called an ad hominem attack, and it’s why you’ve lost the argument.

            Oh, and before you claim that I did the same, I didn’t. I said your argument was stupid. If I had said that *you* were stupid instead of making an argument, that would have been an ad hominem. The fact that you happen to be a drooling imbecile is incidental, in this case.

            Thank you and good night.

      •' brian says:

        Why don’t u do a little research on NDE and also children remembering their past lives? Maybe it will help pry open that close minded head of yours.

        •' BobSmith says:

          I have. There’s no evidence of anything supernatural occurring in either case.

          By the way, requiring evidence before believing something is not “close-minded”. Believing the supernatural explanation someone gives you means you reject, out of hand, all other possible explanations in favor of one with no evidence supporting it. This is astonishingly closed-minded.

          Requiring evidence is how one remains open-minded, in fact, and also how one arrives at correct conclusions.

          If you can prove any of this, by the way, using actual science, I’ll change my position. That’s how open-mindedness works. You’re confusing gullibility with it.

      •' Upaces88U says:

        At that time I was at U.T. SW Medical…There WERE NOT COMPUTERS… just the books. Since I had no idea that some idiot without ever having an excperience they coluldn’t explain; OR running across information that I never knew exiasted… No, I didn’t get the name of the book and the author because I never thought I’d HAVE TO PROVE the existence of the soul. I feel very sorry for you. Yes, I sincerely do.

        What’s more? I made errors in typing. I hate it that we can’t go back and edit LOL.

    •' Austen Hult says:

      You’re argument, ‘Blue Chick’, is this: “No one can prove it’s true, but no one can prove it’s false.” That’s like saying, “I can’t prove God exists, but I can’t prove that he doesn’t either.” So basically you’re saying that even though there has never been any solid evidence proving the existence of a soul, you choose to believe they exist anyways. That’s called faith. And faith is believing something without a shred of evidence to support it.

      •' Upaces88U says:

        When something like this happens….the experience changes your belief system forever.

      •' Theo says:

        Schrödinger’s cat is a thought experiment, sometimes described as a paradox, devised by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935. It illustrates what he saw as the problem of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics applied to everyday objects.

        For a guy trying to appear intelligent you sure are out of touch with the education and science you are relying upon to support your ignorant statement. Was electricity not in existence when the ancient Greeks discovered it because they did not have the ability to prove it due to technology? Did it only come in to existence when the light-bulb was invented? Were ancient people wrong when they spoke of the Laws of Nature, and did it not exist, and thus did it only come into existence once their beliefs were scientifically proven by Newton? I have a hard time believing that before Newton people were not subject to things such as gravity. There is a case to be made for faith, however ignorance is a mental disorder which you have clearly been plagued with.

  3.' steve says:

    Lol, burden of proof. If I said that there was a giant invisible worm underground and then told you ‘prove me wrong’ would you?

  4. If there is not a way to photograph the soul as it leaves the body now, there will be a way soon enough. It is possible for aura’s to be seen, and should be even more possible for those particular people who are mentally intuitive or astute enough, to also see the separation of the soul from the body, if they are present at the time of a death. I can believe that a high-tech, ‘special’ camera could pick up these vibrations. Although, from this article without the proof of the actual picture there cannot be genuine claims here. However, if there were a picture or video of the soul leaving the body, would anyone believe that to be genuine? I think not. There is far too much deceit and lies from everyone, that it is hard to believe anything we are told now.

    It seems some people cannot accept the term ‘soul.’ For want of a better word, (which there is not one really). The soul can be thought of as the ‘spark’ which is life which keeps all the visual records and essence of who we were previously and through the bonding of soul and flesh, makes the flesh and blood body come alive. So, what do the ‘non-believers of souls’ consider is alive in us, makes us tick, which disappears with the death of the physical body?

    Many of us believe our souls have done the rounds before, and some of us have even experienced what we have been told is astral travel. I did it by accident, one afternoon, twice, and sadly, never managed again. But, for those who cannot believe in a ‘soul’ you must feel very alone. To think it is the end, that you END, just because the physical vessel dies….

    There are many unnatural encounters which some of us experience, so what sort of proof would you have us give? To phone or collect you and bring you to the place of the event? Anything previously there would have gone by then and why should they even want to hang around waiting so disbelievers, especially, those who have never yet had an unusual experience, can get their ‘personal’ proof? No photograph, video, or audio recording will do as proof if a person does not want to believe.

    So what proof would be acceptable to the doubters? If a mind is closed to the possibility of anything other than ONLY the physical being a reality, this is humanly limiting. Those people will never believe their own ‘eyes’ anyway, let alone anyone else’s!

    •' Upaces88U says:

      Beautiful, beautiful explanation! I appreciate you very much.

    •' Elaine Morris says:

      The Soul IS energy vs. physical like a bone. It is the Energy (“Soul”) that is us. The physical body is the “housing” for the Soul.
      The body can die due to various reasons. The Soul Lives On.

  5.' UMMNOT says:

    It appears to me that the ‘soul’ is still wearing underpants.

  6.' Bob says:

    To be fair, I could photoshop this in better quality in half an hour.. Not taking sides, just saying these things are way too easy to fake and there are a lot of fakes about.

    •' Upaces88U says:

      LOL…I am sure you could. However, in 1990, there was no such thing as “Photoshop.”

      •' BobSmith says:

        Photoshop was created in 1988, in fact. But, what fucking book? You can’t even name it. You have no book. As far as anyone knows, you made it up.

  7.' chris says:

    The fact that people believe that this makes me cry

  8.' chris says:

    Also I’m pretty sure that’s just a picture taken with a super long exposure time and an extremely small aperture. I’ve taken pictures that look like that for fun

  9.' SteverDude says:

    Just watch the 50 minute interview. You can hear it from the guy himself. It may not be directly about souls, but the theories and the science makes sense.

  10. A few people on here think the photo above is the one supposedly catching the soul leaving the body.

    Obviously, the notice I post below, was not seen, although it is at the end of the article.

    (This is the excerpt, which you can find above)
    CLN Editor Note: The photo at the top of the post that appeared on Before It’s News is NOT a Kirlian photography photo of the soul leaving the body. Note also that RT first reported on this topic in July 2009: Russian camera can see human soul.

  11.' Pam says:

    The Bible says we have a soul, that’s all the proof that I need. And I hope you find yourself in a relationship with God ASAP, or you’ll be meeting the devil when your soul departs your earthly body.

    •' BobSmith says:

      Then you have a very low standard of evidence. The bible also says the world is a flat square that rests on pillars, that the entire world flooded and killed everything but two of each species, and that giants and dragons and unicorns existed.

      The bible is factually incorrect on numerous, numerous things.

      •' Upaces88U says:

        During the Council of Nicea, many, many books of the original Bible were left out. Why? There was soooo much more information. So much so, that IF all of the books were included in the Bible, it would look more like the many, many Volumes of the Encylopedia Britannica. It would have been huge.

        Personally? I think they should have left all of the books of the Bible intact.
        Did you ever order or hear about “The Dead Sea Scrolls” that were found many, many years ago? Some have been published that weren’t included in the Bible. Many, many great stories of Jesus and his diciples. Amazon has many of them.

  12. Belief in the Bible which to me is only the word of man, is not necessary to know we have a soul. Experiences in life show us there are many levels of soul elevation. Some souls appear to be base, and others have higher degrees of conscienceness. The latter are people we all like to be around.

    I just wonder why it has never been possible until perhaps now, for the soul to be seen coming out of a body. I trained as a nurse as a first career. Although I knew about spirituality, I never saw a soul or even a mist leave a body when it died. But, I have not been able to see auras either, so if that had been possible for me, I might have seen a soul on its outward journey.

    I hope we will hear more about this soul photography. I loved what was talked about on the videos. To me, this is spiritual, and it has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with knowledge of what we are capable of if we allow ourselves to open up, meditate a bit at least, and accept we are far more than just a physical vessel.

    •' Michael says:

      Donni I think your approach of keeping an open mind and the pursuit of the unproven is what separates us from lower life forms, it is not seen often enough.

    •' Upaces88U says:

      You, my Friend are very wise.

    •' Upaces88U says:

      YOU are very blessed to have seen the aura(s).
      Not many people have the abiity to do that. I was doing an internship at U.T. SW Medical/Dallas. There was this very kind, sweet young lady that asked to talk to me quietly. She could see the “aura(s)’ and could tell what someone was like. That is why her family put her in the ICU psych ward. I had to be VERY careful how I approached her. Counseling and Psychology leave no room for the mysterious, faith, etc. So? I was straight with her. “I believe You…and I am sooo sorry to have to tell you this. You can’t tell everyone you have the ability to do this. They just won’t undertand. I spent many hours with her and worked to help her to understand that she must be “in the here and the now” vs. tyring to make everyone believe the same as you do. When It is time, they will have their own experiences. It takes a very long time for some people…and others NEVER.

  13.' ian kerry says:

    Astral projection can be proven to oneself but not for anyone else.

  14.' Donni De-Ville says:

    @Ian Mostly I would agree with that statement, but on one occasion, I was told by a friend of sorts who had come over to our house, that he would prove he could astral travel. He also told me if I was intuitive enough, he could more or less appear to me in this astral form.

    A few days went by and on bumping into this friend in town, was told he had astrally entered my home where I lived with my fiancee. He described the items which were on top of a wardrobe in our bedroom. This meant nothing until we arrived back home and checked to find the friend had been correct. We were surprised at finding items we had previously been looking for with no luck.

    At this stage, some people can say our friend must have gone through the room to find this ‘out of the way’ place, deliberately so he could name what had been placed up there. I would have said that was possible, but there was no way to see the top of the wardrobe, not even by standing on the bed. And, there was nothing in the room tall enough to stand on, to be able to reach up there and separate the placed items. Also, the friend had not been out of our sight since entering the home, he never used our toilet and he was not with us that long either, before leaving.

    We had no choice but to give him the benefit of the doubt. We would have loved to prove him wrong and taken the smug look off his face, especially as he turned out not to be a nice person. We found this out when he achieved his astral travelling without permission, again back into our bedroom in a way which caused me a terrible fright. I spoke to another ‘spiritual’ person of this incident and was told that the ‘friend’ broke a spiritual law of respect.

    I assume you Ian, know a bit about astral travelling?

  15.' gueydan verret says:

    why would the SOUL look like the dead person?

  16.' leonie says:

    Many years ago, an experiment at a major London hospital with sensitive weighing machines showed their was a definable loss of weight at death excluding precipitation, loss of oxygen etc. I think most would be surprised how the military industrial sciences view this and technology that addresses this science. The real world is stranger than the perception of the narrow minded. Science is only one perception of reality, if we relied on that and only that to believe in things, well? The concept of the soul has come from ancient times when maths, science and philosophy etc. were conceived. So ingrained is the soul in our belief structure, the movie avatar was conceived. The science came later? Science doesn’t explain everything that occurs in our lives.
    I think the soul is an embodiment of an individuals perception of consciousness that grows intelligence and awareness. And that’s why we are all, not microbes. Where we’ve come from and where we are going may be stranger than fiction. But, I’m not waiting for science to tell me where I am going or how. There is enough knowledge and wisdom for me to perceive my journey and its intent and I don’t stop going because science hasn’t explained it all to me. Kirlain knew there was a life force and it may consist of light, as the ancients told us. To quickly discount this technology when it does have workable applications shows there is a definable science to it. There is such overwhelming evidence a life force or soul exists, it would be stupid to discount this technology at the whim of the narrow minded because science that they know of, can’t confirm it.
    The concept of the ‘soul’ was created long before the bible existed, by many cultures and civilizations around the world. It is one of the oldest universal beliefs that has been written about in depth from ancient times in many cultures.

    •' BobSmith says:

      Just one note, here. There were claims that that’s what the weighing experiments showed. They didn’t actually, though, did they? Read a bit more into that story before claiming it’s evidence of a soul.

      And science explains an awful lot of things in our lives. It’s allowed us to double the human lifespan, to cure a great many diseases, to understand the purposes of various organs in the body, and parts of the brain. It’s allowed us to look back in time and see how the universe was born, and how our species came to exist. In fact, nothing else has given us as much information about our lives, and about our universe, as science. I can’t really think of a time when someone has been more wrong than you are.

      There isn’t any evidence of a soul that I’ve ever seen, and you haven’t provided any in your wordy rant. As far as I can tell, this belief in a soul, in an afterlife, or reincarnation, is founded in fear. People fear death. They fear ending, so they make up a rosier version of things where they don’t have to.

      •' Upaces88U says:

        I apologize…I resplnded to the wrong person. My heart feels for you that have such a narrow view of life, the Soul and the possibilities.

    •' Upaces88U says:

      You are extremely wise. I highly respect your comment.
      Thank you for sharing.

      •' ez says:

        This thread or forum has some of the most infantile, contensious, idiotic, opinionated tripe filled sewage I’ve ever read. Grow up ! Both sides !

  17.' Mike says:

    There is not even a grand theory of everything yet figured out by science. Newtonian Physics doesn’t explain Atoms and sub atomic particles, Quantum Physics doesn’t explain Gravity, and yet you have people saying that they need scientific proof. How can you prove something scientifically, when the very science needed to prove it, is not yet fully understood. String Theory mathematics suggest that there are multiple dimensions, yet we should not consider this theory because there is no scientific proof…mmm ok! Einstein didn’t believe in non-locality even though it was theoretically proposed by the Quantum Physics community in the 1920s, which was then later experimentally proven by JS Bell in the 1960s; therefore non-locality didn’t exist before the 60’s but only after it was proven… yeah that makes sense!! We need to start finding our proofs in different ways because there in a limitation of science to prove such things like life after death, which drugs such as DMT will show you, and past life regression hypnosis, in-between-life hypnotic sessions have demonstrated, including near death experiences, also interviewing children under the age of 5 of their memories of past lives, channelling and mediums, physics and clairvoyants, ancient religious texts all saying that there is life after death and a soul etc. etc. Well there is your evidence but we should just write this all off because there is no scientific proof. Many of us have displayed times of intuition, like when you know your phone is about to ring and then it does. I myself have had moments of intuition when watching Cricket, when I just know a Wicket is going to fall and then it does. But hey intuition doesn’t exist because we can’t prove it scientifically. Now that is a load of crap!!!

  18.' mkiki says:

    I do not not read every comments but in my opinion Soul can only be seen by the spiritual eye or third eye not with a camera.

  19.' Ashok says:

    So…people encounter information that does not sit well with their belief system and then proceed to attack it and everyone that agrees with it through the anonymity of the internet? This is incredible…and it hardly ever happens, right?

    Let’s get something right. Einstein, Tesla, and a few other revolutionary scientists believed in a ‘field’ that we cannot see or feel but are intricately connected to. This quasi-science you use to claim that the soul and afterlife don’t exist is usually no more than a PARTIAL understanding of science that you use as a shield to protect your ignorance grow up. Leave your hole, contemplate other perspectives. Do we have all the answers? No will we ever. No. The universe and expanse of existence is so large that we are given the ability to constantly evolve in our knowledge and depth. Sure a lot of people are confused, but that doesn’t mean you get to comment and berate them because of YOUR ignorance. You can object and not revert to personal attack, which no matter what anyone says is hurtful on some level.

    Even if you’re right, you’ll get way more out of being generous and questioning than hurting others. You ARE adding to the negativity that is out there and hurting the world in ways that may not be immediately relevant to you. Believe more than your eyes can tell you. Believe in your breath, the invisible phenomenon which allows for each of us to have this conversation, in the interconnectedness of all beings, on the fractal existence of the universe (each smaller piece exactly mirrors the much larger piece), the Pythagorean theorem which to a tee predicts the sequence of branches in a tree, or how the planets spin around the sun, and probably larger things that we can’t even relate to at this moment. The universe is large, start doing something, exercise regularly and stop harming others in thought and deed. Maybe this is lost on most, maybe its some person randomly contributing their views on he internet, but if you see it and like it, post it and similar sentiments where you go, do it anonymously if you want.

    Words will win, so preach mean and nasty ones, that’s what you’ll get, but preach good ones that respect one another and nature, and little by little, you change the world.

    •' BobSmith says:

      I have never heard Einstein express any such belief. Tesla may have, but he also believed he had built an earthquake machine, and fell in love with a pigeon, and gave up on his life’s work once it died. Tesla made some brilliant breakthroughs, but he was wearing his crazy-pants pretty often.

      Also, the reason I am personally attacking this article is that it’s absolute rubbish being passed off as science. You claiming that people attack it because “it doesn’t sit well with their belief system” is downright disingenuous. This is you making things up about people to avoid having to address their arguments, also known as an ad hominem attack.

      Things like this need to be attacked, not just because they’re stupid, and we disagree with them. Misrepresentations of reality damage our ability to perceive and understand what’s going on around us. While it might not seem so pernicious, misinformation leads us to making poor choices with the one life we have. The sooner the moment comes when people grow up, and realize what’s actually going on in the world, the sooner they can make use of the short an precious time they have available to them. Lies and nonsense being preached as reality fritter away this time, and lead us to think that it doesn’t matter, because we’re just going to live again.

    •' BobSmith says:

      A more up to date response: What actually happened is that someone stole a photo from an infrared sauna ad and invented a fake story to go with it. The article isn’t just unevidenced, it’s also an outright fraud.

  20.' saz says:

    the photo in title is photo shopped. Im sure everyone has guessed that and in the first video is the apparent Real photo of he spirit leaving the body… its the three stage photo that looks like thermo imaging.. the blue is apparntly the soul…
    now does anyone see anything on the website link above that looks familiar!!!

    I do believe everyone has a soul and everyone has their own right to believe what makes them happy. But this article is fake.
    unless you consider overheating in a sauna as a way of your soul leaving you! Lol

    interesting read though

    Besides that id it was real it would have made worldwide headline news??! Or is that just me thinkin that!

  21.' Michael Roll says:

    It’s exactly 140 years ago that Sir William Crookes published the results of his experiments in The Quarterly Journal of Science (1874) proving that we all possess a soul that separates from the dead physical body. This great scientist was later made president of The Royal Society, knighted and given The Order of Merit. In 1933 Sir Oliver Lodge, the first person to send a radio signal in 1894, gave a cosmological location for the so-called spiritual part of the universe. The missing 95% of the universe that scientists keep talking about – “The Mode of Future Existence”. John Logie Baird in his memoirs tells how a scientific friend of his took the finger prints of a “dead” person who materialised at one of his experiments. These prints were identical to those on the dead physical body. Crookes, Lodge and Baird were the pioneers of radio and television. They understood about subatomic forces that we can’t normally see and sense. The full story is on the website of The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom:

  22.' John Burns says:

    Would people live there lives differently if there was actual proof of this, there are many unnatural encounters which some of us experience that have changed our lives.

  23.' Michael Roll says:

    Yes John Burns I feel this would be a much better planet to live on if people realised that it was a scientific fact that we all survive the death of our physical body and are immediately reunited with their loved ones who have passed over before us. I have taken part in an experiment with a materialisation medium where I physically met my “dead” father. I watch my step very carefully because when I pass over I want to be mixing with nice people in the so-called next world. This proof of survival brings into play. “As you sow, then so you will reap.” There has to be perfect justice in the universe. Our conscience tells us when we are doing something wrong. I try and listen to my conscience and always leave happiness in my wake.

  24.' philip says:

    people are misunderstand something, those saying “I don’t believe you” is not the same as saying “you are wrong”
    if you say someone is wrong that’s mean you must have evidence to conclude he’s wrong instead of you don’t know. or you were being told by your authorities it is so.
    if you say I don’t believe you, that means he is either being wrong or right, he just need more evidence to convince me.

  25.' Jonathan says:

    WTF? This is a big lie, Kirlian photography just detects the electricity in the body, it looks pretty but it is useless . This guy only detected that electricity changed when that person died, and nothing more. This guy isn’t a real scientist, just a scam. By the way, it’s ok if you believe that the soul exist, but it’s a big mistake to believe that this experiment proves its existence.

  26.' Upaces88 says:

    I was at the U.T. Southwestern Medical Library in 1995 researching for something that had to do with my term paper. I ran across something that surprised me…

    It was a photograph of the Soul Entering the body at the Time of Birth.

  27.' Upaces88 says:

    I was going to school at University of Texas SW Medical to get my Bachelors Degree. I went to the library to work on a research paper. This was 1995.

    By accident, I ran across a photo taken in the operating room. It was a photo of the Soul entering the body right before the birth of a child.

  28.' jamie says:

    What an ignorant statement, the burden of proof lies with those who purport a claim, not on those who don’t believe in the claim. That like me saying there are unicorns, and u say no there isn’t, then I tell you to prove there is no such thing… Pretty stupid thing to say really

    •' Upaces88 says:

      What sparks life in the body is when the soul enters the body.
      So? You don’t believe in the Soul?
      You might want to contact U.T. SW Medical/Dallas. I saw the photo much like this one when I was in the library researching for a paper due during the semester. I ran across one like this quite by accident.

  29.' drinnocuoud says:

    Some of you obviously don’t unerstand science. This is an obvious example of bernards teapot. Bernard said he saw a teapot circling saturn, everyone said it was a load of shit and he said prove it. No one could. This is a situation just like god, no scientist, no matter how much they believe or don’t, can prove or disprove souls or god exist with modern technology or evidence. finally I would like to say that this article is bullshit, where’s the evidence that the “soul” left, all It shows is that bioelectricity left the body; that doesn’t even suprise me, it died after all.

  30.' drinnocuoud says:

    Russells teapot*

  31.' jamie says:

    Lol, the bible.

    Well, following your logic… I hope hell is hot because I hate the cold!

  32.' jamie says:

    I am God… If you don’t believe me, prove that I am not.

  33.' GeorgeF says:

    How did you know I had a mule on top of me right now? That is weird man.

  34.' jamie says:

    Wow… Reading these responses to Bob Smith reminds me of the movie idiocracy. Human are certainly getting more and more ignorant to the point that they do not even realize how illogical and foolish they sound. You people refuting Bob Smiths comment really need to learn some critical thinking skills.

    •' Iden says:

      I think it goes both ways! Sit on the fence and open minded while research evidence on both sides are studied! Simples

  35.' jamie says:

    No replies? I am so disappointed….

  36.' jamie says:

    Lmfao… You should either (a) stop dropping acid or (b) check yourself into a mental health clinic. Oh and, how are you leaving comments if your physical body has died (as u claim in your post)?

  37.' Creole4life says:

    Watch this video and you will believe.

  38.' George says:

    Saying something is crap doesn’t qualify as a “realistic resolution to a claim”, if that is what you were suggesting.

  39.' George says:

    By your own admission, this article did not prove (or disprove) the claim made in the article.

  40.' Ram Mohan says:

    A great experiment, one of things in spirituality is to understand the existence of soul & once understood I think everyone would admit Gods existence. We also want to know if pain or happiness is connected to soul or body?

  41.' Monty singh says:

    I dont think so , god creat nature , and have have a full of rights to take soul from the body anywhere and any time……….. its is not a argument issue………. soul is like a flower smell it ……… love god or leave earth

  42.' Steve Runciman says:

    You all need to get back to work & stop this fairy tale nonsense.

  43.' EL Vroegh says:

    And you need to grow up.

    Making vacuous comments on a subject you have not researched and know absolutely nothing about, is right there at the height of ignorance.

  44.' Joey says:

    Such arrogance is to be expected from someone who follows the rigid structure of the scientific dogma. It’s principles are god-gifted in the sense of understanding our reality as we see it, how it interacts with itself and following all conclusions with the aforementioned rigid structure. However, what is beyond this universe? Where did the creation come from and how did it come about? How does a concept explored by all walks of intelligent human civilizations be considered mere ‘imagination’ simply because your ‘perspective’ cannot ‘prove’ it.

    We are small humans living in a vast cosmos where anything is possible, if our foreseeable universe is so complex then why not the so-called macrocosm of existence at large? Who are we to declare, in an arrogant tone of outright certainty that something isn’t real or something doesn’t exist simply because it doesn’t fit our perspective.

    Take for example, within the scientific consensus the propulsion system that Roger Shaywer has designed. It was considered impossible by a majority of scientist and he was outright criticised and lambasted out of his country. He took his design to China and got this so-called impossible-to-do machine to work and exist. Clearly your model isn’t perfect and therefore your perspective, while the most rigorous, is not the simple, absolute existential view

    Scepticism is healthy when questioned by truth and lies but becoming rigid and borderline cynical creates a different kind of poison. Best open your mind to possibilities before taking the next step of your evolution.

  45.' acidjoe says:

    stupid, stupid bob

  46.' Randyll says:

    “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
    Arthur Schopenhauer

  47.' Love says:

    “Soul” is just another name for electromagnetic energy. We are photonic light, fractals of the Whole. “Jesus” said to shine your Light. He said he is the Light…and that Light is within each of us. You shine your light by living UNconditional LOVE, forgiveness & NON-judgment. The Latin word for “Lucifer” is “Lightbearer”…US. We are here to overcome the world, not to be conditioned by it. Shine your own light!

  48.' gana says:

    souls are nothing but a invissible gas which scientific technology cant detect it , im n ttelling its any gost or any thing but we cant detect it like others gases like CO2 o2 n2o etc

  49.' Alok Jain says:

    We can-not see the soul even with any camera

  50.' Evelyn says:

    Petty point. Don’t know if the photograph accompanying this article (above) were intended to be seen as those mentioned (soul leaving…), but the article says he photographed a man’s body. The shown x-rays(?) are of a woman.

  51.' Olivia says:

    The bible was written by Human Beings. Threats and ultimatums don’t help. Prove there is a god. Prove there is devil. We don’t have souls – we ARE souls .

  52.' craig says:

    yes the bible was written by humans.. just as we write books today.. difference is ,,, God was The Editor of His Book, you big dummy

    •' upaces88U says:

      Human beings edited the Bible. Not ALL chapters were published in the Bible because it would appear more like the Encyclopedia Britannica.
      Google: The Council of Nicea.
      This was a group of Priests who decided what would and would not be included in the Bible.

      We are all Souls who enter the body at the time we take our first breath. That is why it is referred to as “The Breath of life” was breathed into the nostrils.
      Yes, the Soul enters and leaves the Body during birth and death. We do have a “glorified body” of spirit when we stop breathing.

  53.' Ratan Das says:

    can soul take a new body between 4 days after dead ??? plz tell me the actual answer !!! (Ratan)

  54.' Mattan says:

    Bob smith your arguement does not hold water. When you say science or scientists have not proved existence of soul then you get me worried. The writer of this article is a researcher plus a reknowned scientists. The instutition they work in is world reknown and so much has been gained from their works. What you need to define is your definition of a scientists?? Meanwhile 40 yrs ago the same was said about the Higgs Boson otherwise known The God particle was denied and criticised by people like you. Lets accept the facts presented lest your thoughts, denials and theories get thrashed. A soul exists and the simplest proof is the Animation of the human body when active OR the inaction of the same body when asleep or simply when DEAD!!!



  56.' Laura says:

    I can’t imagine the soul leaving the body because I am a christian, and at the moment of death, a persons soul is supposed to be asleep, and “the dead know nothing” until christ returns. So, the soul remains where the person was laid to rest, or goes back to the dust where it was created til the end times.

    •' Ellen Zaslaw says:

      Spoken by a true follower of the flat earth society, these fundamentalist wackos will cling forevermore to their second coming and hell-fire theories, regardless of the plethora of evidence and information out there to the contrary.

      Add to this the pedantic, self-righteous and arrogant mindset of the second comers and you have a recipe for a blockbuster comedy.

  57.' Laura says:

    Ellen, religious people who are arrogant think they know more, and are superior to others. It is not arrogant to believe a certain religion is true, and to talk about your belief to others.
    I am no idiot. I am ivy-educated, and researched a lot before making a decesion about christianity.
    I have learned to go directly to the experts, and not be influenced by some dubious web- page rant from a theologically ignorant person who think they are smarter than the religious scholars, based on their shallow opinions that are erroneous and distorted.

    •' Elaine says:

      I went to the University of SW Medical in Dallas for my first Degree.
      I was in the library looking for information to write my paper. Quite by accident, I ran across an article accompanied with a [photo of a baby being born and a man in the stage of giving up his last breath. Both of the photo(s) a visible, and well formed red-colored image caught on camera quite for accident.

      It hurts no one to NOT believe. To those of us who DO believe we are a Soul living in a human body, it simply solidifies our beliefs that the Soul does exist…it is a confirmation that Life never dies.

    •' ez says:

      Ah huh…

  58.' Iden says:

    I think it goes both ways! Sit on the fence and open minded while research evidence on both sides are studied! Simples

  59.' Dee says:

    Interesting article/subject, but how could a soul remain in cremated remains? If I pour the cremated ashes into two containers, would both contain the soul? The idea that the soul remains in the body after death is clearly nonsense. The God of Heaven has said that the body returns to dust and the spirit returns to Him. What He does with it is His business. If you don’t believe the Holy Bible, so be it. Also, anyone professing to be “Christian” is clueless. All religion is evil.

  60.' Mmkkpro says:

    It must be sad living in a world of no faith , the human body is animated by pure energy call it what you will , energy can not be destroyed it only changes forms , while I don’t know if this camera can detect human life force , it’s intresting , in the nag hammadi the gnostics described god as pure energy , a columb of light , a human is completely incapable of comprehending the emicenity , as humans we all have a concience ,the little guy on your shoulder telling you what’s right and wrong , as the moral decay of society accelerates and it is , in due time we will have to answer for our actions on this earth . I do not believe in evolution ,if we came from monkeys why didn’t all monkeys evolve , the universe is to massive and complex to just have happened by a so called big bang , what caused the big bang? Where is the missing link ? What about every ancient cultures explaination and writings of star people visiting earth clear back to ancient sumaria , anything so called scientists can’t explain they conviently call it myth , science is funded by the PTB , as such they must tow the party line , I guess it matters not what any of us think ,when the grim reaper comes calling we will finally see , that being the case I choose to believe in a vastly superior being creating all things and giving all the breath of life.

    •' BobSmith says:

      You don’t believe in evolution, but you think evolution says we evolved from monkeys, and you think there’s a “missing link”. We didn’t evolve from monkeys, or any other existing animal. We share a common ancestry with apes, and further back, with monkeys, and at various other distances back with all other life that exists, and that has gone extinct.

      A similar question might be “If we bred dogs from wolves, why are there still wolves?”. The thing is, new species don’t generally replace existing species. Generally they branch off, due to being separated, and evolving independently without access to the established gene pool. Some members cross over to a river, or cross a mountain range, or drift to an island on a log, or whatever the case may be. Older species continue to evolve as well, but larger populations tend to evolve at slower rates, as it takes longer for genes to propagate. Quick (relatively speaking) evolutionary change happens to smaller groups.

      As to the big bang, that is a cosmological theory that has nothing to do with biological evolution. Biological evolution is the observation that species change over time, which is supported by the theory of natural selection (which has *nothing* to do with “survival of the fittest”, by the way). Shifts in allele frequencies are observed, which result in shifts in phenotype (which are also observed). Speciation events have also been observed countless time.

      Evolution also has nothing to do with the origin of life, just the change that has been observed to occur in life. It accounts for diversity, not origins.

      There aren’t any major gaps in observed phenotypical form that would constitute a “missing link”. We have countless transitional fossils of all manner of species. Evolution is supported by the fossil record, by genetics, by observation of contemporary species, and by our own activities in controlling selection pressures via breeding animals. Literally every observed piece of biological data supports evolution.

      As far as it being controlled by the “powers that be” (what I assume PTB to stand for), that’s nonsense. Thousands of scientists, all notoriously competitive, working for companies and agencies both public and private, ready for any chance at all to disprove and overturn the works of others, all confirm these outcomes. There is no worldwide conspiracy among scientists. Trying to get the majority of scientists to agree on something that isn’t supported by evidence would be like trying to get religious people to start being logically introspective.

      As to your comments about ancient aliens… no ancient culture posits that alien beings exited. This is a massive and frankly moronic misinterpretation by people who want to believe in aliens visiting Earth, who have decided to assign their own meanings to paintings, carvings, and assorted other artworks and writings, rather than observing them in the context of the culture and its beliefs. Inventing your own meanings for these things isn’t investigation, it’s inventing colorful fiction. Appropriate perhaps for a (poorly informed) novel, but not for gaining useful and truthful knowledge about ancient cultures.

  61.' Amir says:

    The fact that russians are among the most religious people….and this scientist.
    Souls dont exist, there are no scientific proofs for it.

    • clnKimberlay says:

      There are no scientific proofs for many things we experience, know and feel. Thanks for your comment, Amir.

    •' Arun Pun says:

      But I have an experience that I have seen the soul. However, I am not sure that is what actually. It is because I did not see any image like the human in its part. Though there is not scientific proof on how it appears but I could claim it has to be the appearance of the soul.

  62.' Shem says:

    What else? What’s life then? What’s its purpose? Will it end just like that? How simple, for us all to just come to earth from nnwhere and live 60-90years of age atleast and no more, end of the story.

  63.' Arun Pun says:

    I am very confuse at one thing. I had seen the soul. I am very sure that must have to be the soul. It is because its appearance was very strange, in fact. It appeared for about 13 seconds. I believed that my visual sensation was not false. After I made a clear consciousness then I wanted to take a scientific help from my friends and neighbors but could not possible. But I am very happy that this site would help me to know “why and how” it appears in the nature. Please could anybody help me to know about this fact.

    •' BLoyola says:

      Hi there,
      Was the soul appearance after a death? Or was it like a ghost?

      •' Arun Pun says:

        In fact that was not appeared from any dead body of a person. Naturally, it was appeared and disappeared itself in the nature with very surprisingly. My visual sensation did not perceive it was as like a ghost. It is because if it was like a ghost I would determine its existing physical body properly in a different form. Just I have a knowledge that its body was like a curtain in a white color and like in the shape of a human body approximately.

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