The (W)hole of Science: Exploring the Nature of Consciousness – [VIDEO]

Source: scienceandnonduality

We are seeing the fundamentals of science; mass, time, space and energy make way for Consciousness in terms of creation, force, movement, design, and probability. With the integration of Consciousness into the scientific world, many new breakthroughs have recently been made in relatively new branches of science including Quantum Mechanics and Epigenetics. In Quantum Mechanics, scientists have recently proven entanglement via a single particle and have simultaneously violated Einstein’s Steering inequality, proving that quantum “steering” is in fact possible. In Epigenetics, scientists have proven that we are not victims of our genes as DNA cannot turn itself on or off; it does so only by means of being told to do so by sensors within the cell which react on factors from its environment.

When I was a kid and looked up at the stars at night, it invoked a sense of connection within me so deep, vast and grand that although I may have been too young to understand it back then, I knew that there was a hidden language there, an unspoken understanding and communication going on between myself and the vastness upon which I would gaze so intently. Something silently speaking in the stars…and yet I heard it loud and clear. What it was saying then sounds just as beautiful to me now.

I’ve always been equally drawn to the worlds of science and spirituality for as long as I can remember and one thing I could never figure out is why they stood at opposite ends of one another pointing fingers and putting each other down. Now, I’m not speaking from a religious standpoint here. I do not follow religious dogmas as I feel they are control based. What I’m speaking of is personal, yet collective and beyond someone else’s ideas of how things came to be. It’s more expansive than sets of rules to follow to make the designer of this grand creation “happy” and let you be part of the club. The connection I speak of is not “out there” found in books or in churches or mosques; it can only be found within each and every one of us. To me, that is the ultimate religious experience if I must use the word.

The more I’ve taken the time to go within myself, the more the “outside” world seems to make sense to me because I realize that even the perception of it being separate from myself in anyway is an illusion. I began to see mathematical patterns and shapes in nature and realized just HOW deeply science and the wonders of creation truly are intertwined. The Phi spirals of the Fibonacci sequence are a perfect example of this; nautilus shells, hurricanes, the intricate pattern of plant growth, and even the human anatomy contains this fundamental ratio of life.

I firmly believe the more that science softens its doors and lets more of the world of consciousness gently flow in, the more riddles of the Universe we will continue to solve and only at a much faster rate than either could’ve done on their own. To me they’ve always each held the keys to understanding the All of creation, of our sole origin and when merged, working together they create the perfect guide and map to self-realization I’ve ever known.

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