RT Shames Mainstream News With Mindblowing Report on the Paris Terrorist Attacks

Written by on November 16, 2015 in Corporate Controlled Media, Media & Arts with 193 Comments

Video Source: RTQuestionMore

Watch Gearoid O’Colmain expose the truth on RT about the terrorist attacks in Paris, who created ISIS, the fake war on terror, who benefited from the attacks, and much more. Pay close attention to this mind-blowing, 10-minute report because you won’t ever hear this info on Corporate News.

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193 Reader Comments

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  1. 494807260700623@facebook.com' Lauren Donson says:

    The illuminate?

  2. 923189861097564@facebook.com' Rosslyn Tadd says:

    Yes I agree.

  3. 10153176939081973@facebook.com' Jacqui Brown says:

    John Hayward

  4. 887749651294854@facebook.com' Tony Vass says:

    The page is not available? That only happens if the message is true.

  5. 10153987696949156@facebook.com' Heidi Santos says:

    Not only I believe it’s true. I’m convinced that it was a circus! People involved are actors, those deaths never happen. Mediatic manipulation at its best!

    • 10153062762161895@facebook.com' Keiren David says:

      What about the band Heidi? Nobody is mentioning how an American band managed to escape without injury. Nobody has heard from them. Total fabrication!!

    • 517261708448883@facebook.com' Marcell Molcsan says:

      I am the first to acknowledge conspiracy theories if they have any merrit! But saying that no one actually died is being just as blind as you accuse other people of being!! Believe me, I had a friend on the scene and the deaths were very very real, look for some battaclan pictures and you’ll change your vieuw, it is the most horrific event that transpired since the II world war in France, and Belgium, where I am from, has a huge link with it aswell since after they executed 100 people in the bataclan, they fled to brussel where there logistical hideout was.
      Please inform yourself before believing everything is a conspiracy! (that’s like saying 9/11 had no deaths because it is a conspiracy, sure it probably is, but the death toll is nonetheless real and should be honored with respect and dignity, they deserve as much!!)

      • zubair@flexothene.co.za' ZUBAIR says:

        Marcel whilst i agree it was tragic. CORRECTION the most horrrific incidents are Iraq,Syria,Palestine and the list goes on.
        Please GOOGLE air attacks by FRance in retaliation on SYRIA. You will see INNOCENT CHILDREN MURDERED AND A SCHOOL BOMBED. How is this JUSTIFIED. Why cannot FRANCE send in ground troops to eradicate the ACTUAL TERRORISTS? GUESS WHAT THE WORLD IS SILENT!!!

    • 10153688866207731@facebook.com' Ingrid Marongiu says:
    • 10153688866207731@facebook.com' Ingrid Marongiu says:
    • 949624225091678@facebook.com' Graham Perrins says:

      Sorry but you are a very misguided soul. If you are living in a country without freedom of speech and with a censored media it is perhaps why you have fallen into this propaganda trap of the sort that Hitler used and now Putin uses.

  6. 10153987696949156@facebook.com' Heidi Santos says:

    Good observation Tony Vass!

  7. 1663344513881184@facebook.com' Daniel Gordon Ogdale says:

    Pretty much it

  8. 10153876976801019@facebook.com' D.j. Saunders says:

    People actually believe anything posted from the Russia Today Tabloid?

  9. 455723234628902@facebook.com' Coco Foster says:

    Share. Share. Share! ?✌?

  10. 523333984491620@facebook.com' Joseph Mark says:

    Sean Rigby

  11. 1012017712173137@facebook.com' Cali West says:

    Well Duh!

  12. 10205247768255594@facebook.com' Rachel Lisette says:

    Wow…that’s my take too…it’s almost obvious!

  13. 898501590198979@facebook.com' Sheryl Kelly says:


  14. 1640302876233512@facebook.com' Janice Locke says:

    Right…and 9/11 was a hoax,too!!
    *extreme sarcasm*
    You conspirious theorists are ridiculous!!!!
    Go watch some scifi on the boob tube!!

  15. 10207916178653232@facebook.com' Tolits Yonzon says:

    Anything is possible now

  16. 1660670217542493@facebook.com' Helen Edwards says:


  17. 10208201890432838@facebook.com' Jana Jankova Pevalova says:


  18. 10154274366160130@facebook.com' Heather Geimer says:

    Took me a while jump onto the 911 was an inside job. I’ll jump on this wagon much quicker.

  19. 1810338939192922@facebook.com' Jean Taylor says:

    I would not be surprised by anything , anymore hateful horrible people in this world , glad I’m on the way out and not on the way in .

  20. 933873353359093@facebook.com' Irene Mooy says:

    We have no way off knowing if this is true ! But its conveniant for the warwanting elite and bankers this happens, it titens the cripp on the masses.

  21. 10203793604999669@facebook.com' Adairani McCreesh says:

    Yes yes yes. ?

  22. Anonymous says:

    What part of the illusion are you being distracted by?…..

  23. 920093161411280@facebook.com' Amany AB says:

    I totally do

  24. 10153728640200789@facebook.com' Abi Booth says:

    I’m clearly missing something here? Why would anybody believe this to be fake?

  25. 10153843218960962@facebook.com' Nina Thomas says:

    The one Mexican girl Nohemi Gonzalez was confirmed alive after her family called from Mexico was later found inside the theatre dead.!!!!! Can someone explain it?????


  26. 10156158341415212@facebook.com' Emran Sarwar says:

    Rehan Allahwala

  27. 1511453612485398@facebook.com' Dima Doroftei says:

    This happen because there is no love no mercy no friends
    Only greed and ignorance
    We need to Unite Us in one heart one consciousness
    Don’t we see : we breath the same air share same destiny
    What we waiting for ?
    Get old and die in…
    $l@v£r¥ ?
    Wake up to LIFE Now !!!

  28. 955643677830293@facebook.com' Barry Mohn says:

    Off course … The Major news networks suck it’s like no other news but france … It’s like they’re trying to convince us of something we can verify …

  29. 1650793685193298@facebook.com' Kimberly Gleason-Courtney says:

    I hope the internet is flooded with the truth and it all comes tumbling down.

  30. 10206177500090891@facebook.com' Ka Kasia says:

    Now Belgium as well…
    The war on terror in fact is the war against the innocent people. And those who don’t see it, apparently, watch too much TV and believe in exactly everything that the media sell to them. Open your eyes and mind. Peace.

  31. 819193098193945@facebook.com' Lo Amelia B says:

    It’s like 9/11 all over again in a sense.

  32. 1043876488990006@facebook.com' Vicky Innes says:

    Katrina Watson

  33. 1118576641489224@facebook.com' Jason James Bickford says:


  34. 513915215439587@facebook.com' John Moran says:

    The article has been removed !

  35. 165359383816553@facebook.com' Kristīne Lunte says:

    404 Error … Page Not Found

    I’m sorry, but the page you’re seeking does not exist. Perhaps you can find what you’re looking for below.

  36. 10153200952792405@facebook.com' Nick Lowmiller says:

    They are just trying to feed the giant super computer of data. It’s got to become smart somehow.

  37. 10205604654264635@facebook.com' Robert Harris says:

    Monique Lackaff

  38. 10207998883671698@facebook.com' Tal La Bj says:

    could someone post a fresh link of this??? it has been removed for some strange reason… oh i wonder why 😉

  39. 10153876976801019@facebook.com' D.j. Saunders says:

    Russia Propaganda.

  40. 1684369098453556@facebook.com' Christian Douglas says:

    Why can i not view this???

  41. 1695860113977471@facebook.com' Johanna Lonsdale says:

    Must listen

  42. 10153776144865701@facebook.com' Ronnie Basha says:

    Nam Charada

  43. 1692267837677733@facebook.com' Ted Paal says:

    Maybe..gun companies like to sell guns…individuals have always profitted from war..however….
    A TERRORIST NEEDS TO MAKE A CONSCIOUS DECISION TO MURDER AN INNOCENT VICTIM…perhaps your time would be better spent convincing good Muslims to denounce terrorism.and take back their religion.for without it..none of your conspiracy theory works…

    • 494807260700623@facebook.com' Lauren Donson says:

      fucking fundamentalist, of all creeds pisses me off, for fuck sake, any normal fucking person listens, thinks things through then decide what you wanna do, from there on if you still do the thing that hurts another or yourself, than your insane… in totally agreement with you!

    • 518509311638753@facebook.com' Alan Evenson says:

      Muslims worldwide have condemned the attacks. The media just won’t report it. They need war too. It, like sports, sex, and political division, sells. Highly profitable.

  44. 1021538147887281@facebook.com' Carrie Griep says:

    TRUTH.BE.TOLD. Until more people understand it will keep getting worse!

  45. 10156233063100416@facebook.com' Danny Hughes says:

    Putin TV.

  46. 1645984505660958@facebook.com' Thomas MacDonald Sr. says:

    How sad and true.

  47. 10153156421166519@facebook.com' Trish Routley says:
  48. 10205092209129655@facebook.com' Paula Davis says:

    I don’t put anything past these greedy power hungry arses!

  49. 524066257759022@facebook.com' Kev Tha Hill says:

    Here we go

  50. 10201052643553838@facebook.com' Teresa Johnson Horowitz says:

    What is wrong with you people!?!?!?

  51. 10153651507096584@facebook.com' Karl Wolf says:

    Could be. 9-11 could have been Orchestrated by war machine…companies like Halliburton made BILLIONS…..

  52. 530687783758036@facebook.com' Ellie Andrews says:

    Andrew Talbot know you were looking for what people were going to come up with on the matter x

  53. 10154335647579348@facebook.com' Kiriana Burgess says:


  54. 10205803051376287@facebook.com' Nico Verfaillie says:

    Bullshit, I’m from Belgium and they just caught one of the terrorists in our capital.

  55. 10204991034271975@facebook.com' Jérémi Ryckman says:

    Raphael Ryckman

  56. 1142857942391687@facebook.com' Carima Fohrafellner says:

    Whoever is behind all of this, war is never the answer

  57. 10205279842977090@facebook.com' Tom Gerencir says:

    Dumb ass

  58. 10208387518112080@facebook.com' Mark S. Nelson says:

    Give me a break.

  59. 10153011860833239@facebook.com' Evelynne Ang says:

    Seriously??!!! WTF!!! ?

  60. 10153678750244803@facebook.com' Sandra Rose Fredriksson says:

    just like 9/11

  61. 908465532535952@facebook.com' Carla Mitchell says:

    Rob Mitch

  62. 652982141511560@facebook.com' John Elwood Jr. says:

    Of course it’s true. About time someone said it. It would not be a surprise if he is suicided or goes missing soon. He spoke some serious truth; and the Masters don’t like that.

  63. 988874007818012@facebook.com' Manuel Garcia says:

    Gary Lopez
    this that ahit i was trying to tell you at work watch this video

  64. 10208381012152904@facebook.com' Michelle Rubel Davis says:

    404 Error … Page Not Found
    I’m sorry, but the page you’re seeking does not exist.

  65. 10207954981223256@facebook.com' Dan Larson says:

    What a load of shite.

  66. 10206110106886088@facebook.com' Michelle Hills says:

    Janice actually 911 was an inside job by USA and Israel where have you been?

  67. 10154339318394829@facebook.com' Alison Latham says:

    Ben Ben Moss Jason Latham

  68. 937528592992965@facebook.com' Janet Docherty says:

    Its not a war ON terror but a war OF terror

  69. 1708104052751069@facebook.com' Robert Paulson says:

    How fucking dumb are you people?

  70. 777313235713106@facebook.com' Dion Katemauswa says:

    Mxxxmmm when they attack Africa u took no action. At least they attacked u now. I wish thy will keep attacking u until u wipe thm away. Good luck western world.

  71. 10207937601627611@facebook.com' Damjan Vajde says:

    Sincere condolences to all French people who lost dear family members. . . . . Let’s spread huge amount of love all around the world. Let the LOVE WIN ! Pray for Paris ! https://www.facebook.com/soulgreg.artist/videos/410737825800611/?pnref=story

  72. 10206855602642552@facebook.com' Jessica Morrison says:

    can someone repost this, when you click on it it is already been removed….. ofcourse

  73. 10206488823716970@facebook.com' Patty McGarr says:

    he tells it like it is

  74. 759690424156694@facebook.com' Walter Lucas says:

    why??? do the migrants all try to get into the common market stop letting them in send them east and south or into africa there’s plenty of room there i would like too know where they get the ordinance from someone is supling them

  75. 517261708448883@facebook.com' Marcell Molcsan says:

    I am the first to acknowledge conspiracy theories if they have any merrit! But saying that no one actually died is being just as blind as you accuse other people of being!! Believe me, I had a friend on the scene and the deaths were very very real, look for some battaclan pictures and you’ll change your vieuw, it is the most horrific event that transpired since the II world war in France, and Belgium, where I am from, has a huge link with it aswell since after they executed 100 people in the bataclan, they fled to brussel where there logistical hideout was.
    Please inform yourself before believing everything is a conspiracy! (that’s like saying 9/11 had no deaths because it is a conspiracy, sure it probably is, but the death toll is nonetheless real and should be honored with respect and dignity, they deserve as much!!)

  76. 10208307188623596@facebook.com' Anthony Mouton says:

    Page not found … ?

  77. 10203418394620226@facebook.com' Russ Ridlington says:

    Makes sense to me, easiest way to get the general population fired up to get boots on the ground, highest profit margin when our young men and women die in the name of their country.

  78. 10156457619475556@facebook.com' Nikki Gray says:

    I think there is a lot of truth to this.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Dah Of course! “Terrorist” are the elite banker wankers, fooled by the disguise of all their puppets doing the dirty work 4 them giving their whole race a bad name just for their own profit n control… FKN PATHETIC (its disgusting & a shame that a minority of the Muslims Arabs wateva”terrorist” (the only ones that get talked about anyway) outweigh & punish the actual mass majority of “Muslims” that are nice & loving ppl if any1 cared to not judge a book by its cover!)

  80. 739596012807769@facebook.com' Karen Lewis says:

    Johnny Wright

  81. 843412679106330@facebook.com' Robbie Barney says:

    Never heard so much pish in all my days brainwashed zombies

  82. 1279584135401241@facebook.com' Silvia Tirpe says:

    404 Error … Page Not Found?!

  83. 1513904585593941@facebook.com' Iliana Barbara Hakes-Martinez says:

    Article not available…error 404

  84. 10153087251640957@facebook.com' Roger Kagan says:

    We have no way of knowing the truth but follow the money…. Who is paying the terrorists? That will lead to the answer. I won’t believe anyone unless they can show the money trails.

  85. 1178595305488260@facebook.com' Lou Switzer says:

    Too many questions already not to be. Unfortunately we have had lots of practice on what to look for with false flags.

  86. 10206877643434976@facebook.com' Nancy Cammack says:


  87. 10153987696949156@facebook.com' Heidi Santos says:

    Well Marcell Molcsan, so you are telling really bad news! I thought no one died because all the images that we are receiving here in the other side don’t say nothing. And that fact that i believed it was all staged doesn’t mean that I dont care for real lives lost. Very sad! Like all the deaths that occur in the whole planet due to the greedy agenda of the big ones behind all governments!!

  88. 10153308371468108@facebook.com' Gert-jan Oepkes says:


  89. 853447154763477@facebook.com' Maxim Manolov says:


  90. 853447154763477@facebook.com' Maxim Manolov says:

    ordo de chaos!!

  91. 946872908699127@facebook.com' Dan Arca says:

    lmao. Uh…okay

  92. 10208080964610698@facebook.com' KaRl Os says:

    Truth or fiction? Shane Ross

  93. 972625236123454@facebook.com' Erik Albert says:

    Your planet lacks vision. You crawl along like headless chickens, wondering where to start and tackle shit once and for all. Hence today’s chaos. It’s all your own fault. The lack of proper leadership is very noticable.

  94. 916827661720171@facebook.com' Bubba Lamoureux says:


  95. 949624225091678@facebook.com' Graham Perrins says:

    RT is just a propaganda machine for Putins lies to deflect from his own corrupt lifestyle. He is a very dangerous man and sadly huge numbers of decent Russian people are misled into thinking that he is honest and only wants what is best for his Country. Many that have spoken out against him have either disappeared, lost their job, been threatened, imprisoned, tortured etc. etc. http://www.lightchannels.com

  96. 10153862812013189@facebook.com' Simon Martindale says:

    Tin foil hat time.

  97. 10156202516930570@facebook.com' Alfiya Abikenova says:

    Send this video to world. Its time to open eyes and use brein..

  98. 1218070898208846@facebook.com' Gary Purves says:

    bad link

  99. 10153463808804654@facebook.com' Tom Smith says:

    Page not found. There is a LOT of this going around…

  100. 1036692643042226@facebook.com' Teish Leander says:

    Gregory Z Arnold

  101. 10205755495379325@facebook.com' Jaysun Mi says:

    404 Error … Page Not Found

  102. 10153209912146200@facebook.com' Marian Grothey says:


  103. 10153770470892650@facebook.com' Sarah MacDonald says:

    Couldn’t open this link, but was able to watch it on YouTube. Interesting.

  104. Anonymous says:

    Ffs Simon you droid

  105. 875756739181790@facebook.com' The Messenger says:

    The links seem to disappear nonstop with anything remotely close to this post…. Everything is monitored… Link it to the site online.. https://www.rt.com/news/

  106. 628792103929319@facebook.com' Lourdes Metz says:


  107. Anonymous says:

    says page doesn’t exist.

  108. 837907679656846@facebook.com' Lois E Dolan says:

    page does not exist anymore but the headlines were my thoughts exactly……they are creating the reason to wage war……we must be smarter and rage peace and love.

  109. 1161469110547051@facebook.com' Tony Mulholland says:

    Unable to see video !!!

  110. 921896484569992@facebook.com' Joe Schultz says:

    Oh yea letr believe russias propaganda machine theyll tell the truth lmao

  111. 10156203237360291@facebook.com' Thomas Matthew Stevens says:

    This has been taken down on multiple sights. For now, it can still be watched from YouTube.

  112. 10153833296349175@facebook.com' Haroon Khan says:

    Video been removed 404 error

  113. 10153602110616672@facebook.com' Bob Wert says:

    That is the dumbest conspiracy theory I’ve ever heard!!!

    From the Left no doubt? Figures.

  114. 10200953044585541@facebook.com' Sudhir Gandotra says:

    I can believe this, for sure. they are capable of this and a lot more. The system of violence has been created and is being maintained by them.
    Look at the additional amount of money that will be burnt now in the form of “war against killers”.

    Finally, if this continues, let’s not forget the saying : “An eye for an eye will leave everyone blind”.

    There is no doubt that I condemn the violence which took place in Paris, but, let us not forget the fact that the current system is creating violence at all times, through discrimination across the world.

  115. 1664693380412292@facebook.com' Marites Delante Brobo-Mirambel says:

    Oh! God father! Help to many people in the paris, fewdays ago, and until this day they were crying with suppering,cause of terorist people attack to there place. Please god comport of their all people leave in whole paris! And why? Satan didnt stop to hastle of the whole world? Oh! Pleas i ask your fabore lord, to send the san michael archangel in to the paris and also the others country where the devil terorist peoples! will be able to attack again the onother countrs!! Thank you god! YourThe son jesus christ our lord amen, amen!! Aliluhya! Aliluhya! To the glory of the lord!! Amen!

  116. 1140433725974605@facebook.com' Candice Lashley says:

    Merlisha-Ann Moore you need to watch this…

  117. 10205289838427186@facebook.com' Doug Potter says:

    I believe that what’s stated in this video is true if you add all this up with the American government wanting to take our guns away it then can all be controlled by the elite, which means the billionaires and so forth, who then can step in and control all things without and confrontation from anyone. We as a country need to pay close attention before we no longer have the right to voice are opions .

  118. 1018588078193478@facebook.com' Karin Van den Bergh says:

    And again we are being fooled, blindfolded for what is truly happening behind the scenes. Massive propaganda media to spread fear and division. Under the pretext of responding to terrorism, Fortress Europe is becoming a police state..another reason to support and perpetuate military interventions as well as keeping the public/global citizens under control. Divide and Conquer.

  119. 10153724763453221@facebook.com' Tali Weiss says:

    Seriously! !! Not all Muslims are terrorists that’s for sure ! But all (99.9) are ! You have them at taking all over the world , different locations different cultures different times ! This is the most ridiculous conspiracy I have ever heard ! Wake up before it’s too late

  120. 10107362544718244@facebook.com' Kevin Mathes says:

    Marilyn Prentice Mathes Emily Jones

  121. 1130728300285612@facebook.com' Stix Stine says:

    LOL @ the comment, “Tin foil hat time.”

  122. 1067609509924202@facebook.com' Sandra McBay says:

    Pit Keterson

  123. 10206038805063963@facebook.com' Kristin Lee says:

    It’s important to note that France has been threatening to pull out of the TTIP deal as well.

  124. Anonymous says:

    Are you conspiracy people al taking the same stupidity pill OMG !!!!!!

  125. 10153248171684142@facebook.com' Dmytro Karataiev says:

    This is a Russian tv for Christ’s sake. Don’t believe in stupid propaganda.

  126. 567037703444977@facebook.com' Lalo Alatorre says:

    Anthony Cervera

  127. 1088464677854238@facebook.com' Gam Gam Matheson says:

    RT is just as biased as fox news just because it shows an alternative opinion to what most news outlets report people laud it as being bravely alternative but in reality its just a different flavour of the same bullshit

  128. 691822894285488@facebook.com' Desiree Doroski says:


  129. 10101361602829216@facebook.com' Stella Duplass says:

    I want to move. I don’t want to be associated with America.

  130. 1631627480420483@facebook.com' Tracy Farrugia says:

    Eddie Bowen

  131. 1631627480420483@facebook.com' Tracy Farrugia says:

    Lawrence Akers

    • 10153098718972063@facebook.com' Lawrence Akers says:

      You know I love a good ‘conspiracy’ and I tend to agree there is some merit to this. You know the Bush family funded both sides in WWII. War is profitable business.

  132. 1205024836175793@facebook.com' Mitchell Rae says:

    Inês De Castro

  133. 10153164720815667@facebook.com' Naomi Clarke says:

    Leeann Brady Kelly Ann Doran

  134. 10205069746048087@facebook.com' Ruth Ann Coleman says:

    What flat out hooey

  135. 1041804225870668@facebook.com' Alexander Gurgan says:

    “Page not found?”

  136. 970954486276079@facebook.com' Michelle Newman says:

    Dan Newman

  137. 1056373824395746@facebook.com' Jayme Dy says:


  138. 10205211733712720@facebook.com' Michael Q. Dela Cruz says:

    Jonard Carpio

  139. 10153366870438337@facebook.com' Gina Guerrero says:

    Charlene Marie Thorne Doug Thorne

  140. 1278863598806574@facebook.com' Sylv Dylawerski says:

    Dominik Domin

  141. 10153892725045312@facebook.com' Sharmar Preeyaa says:

    Rohin Bimal Sharma

  142. 10153818677247268@facebook.com' Steven Thomas says:

    I am a firm believer of the globalist agenda.

  143. 10207328593351596@facebook.com' Santosh Singh Sharma says:

    Believe what you want. The word on the street is way more truthful.

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