Ron Paul: Vote All You Want, the Secret Government Won’t Change

Written by on September 12, 2016 in Agencies & Systems, Corruption, Government, Politics with 70 Comments

By Carey Wedler | Humans Are Free

Former congressman Ron Paul is outspoken. When he retired from Congress, he called lawmakers psychopathic authoritarians to their faces.

He’s also called Donald Trump an authoritarian and asserted Hillary Clinton could have run as a Republican. And just last week, Paul took aim at the foundational structure of American ‘democracy.’

In a recent episode of his web show, the Liberty Report, Ron Paul discussed the Department of Homeland Security’s decision last month to take a more active role in U.S. elections.

Secretary Jeh Johnson said he was “considering whether elections should be classified as ‘critical infrastructure,’ affording them the same kinds of enhanced protections that the banking system and the electrical grid receive,” POLITICO reported.

The potential move came on the heels of the notorious DNC leak in July, which exposed intentions within the Democratic Party to manipulate the primary race against Senator Bernie Sanders.

Politicians and the media quickly blamed the hack on Russia, failing to cite conclusive proof of their allegations yet spawning the narrative that the Kremlin and other foreign threats could compromise U.S. elections.

On his show, Paul took issue with the notion that the Department of Homeland Security, an agency riddled with incompetence and failed objectives — case in point, the TSA — is capable of securing U.S. elections.

Speaking on DHS’s decision to become more involved in the process following the DNC hack, Ron Paul offered a scathing indictment of the federal organization, arguing it will capitalize on troubling events to seize power:

“They may have false flags and they may do a lot of things, but no matter how an emergency comes up, they’re going to make use of it. And the use of it isn’t to say ‘Hey, how are we going to protect the American people?’

Are they worrying, when they talk about doing something about rigged elections, [that] the votes are counted? No, they’re making sure that the votes aren’t counted and they’re irrelevant and the government has all this power.”

Ron Paul speaks about rigged elections from personal experience. In 2012, when he ran for president within the Republican Party, he was silenced by the media and the political establishment.

Primaries and caucuses in Maine and other states showed irregularities, and at more than one caucus event, the lights were simply turned off when Paul supporters stood up to Republican leadership. At another caucus, police assaulted and arrested them.

“The elections don’t matter. This is a ritual that we go through,” Paul observed last week. Instead, he referenced a seemingly omnipotent power much more influential than the ‘will of the people.’

“My belief is that the control is the Deep State, and people have to realize that,” he said.

Michael Lofgren, a former Republican congressional aide, has written extensively on the Deep State and describes it as “a hybrid entity of public and private institutions ruling the country according to consistent patterns in season and out, connected to, but only intermittently controlled by, the visible state whose leaders we choose.”

Lofgren continues:

“The Deep State does not consist of the entire government. It is a hybrid of national security and law enforcement agencies: the Department of Defense, the Department of State, the Department of Homeland Security, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Justice Department.”

Lofgren notes the financial system is also under the influence of the Deep State and that certain areas of the judicial system, namely, the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, are manipulated by the opaque, shadowy apparatus.

As Ron Paul observed:

“Those powers are already there and I think those individuals who are behind the scenes who really find out what the policies are going to be, regardless of who’s in office, know exactly what we argue: that this place, our country, and our financial system and foreign policy is very precarious and something terrible is going to happen.”

One of those things, he argued, is the continued usurpation of civil liberties:

“This is where the real enemy is right now. Sure, we have to have a national defense. But I don’t agitate and read and study and try to change people’s minds because I think somebody is going to invade us. I want to change foreign policy so we are less in danger.

“But really, the greatest danger since 9/11 has been the taking away of our liberties. Our civil liberties have been undermined. This will only add fuel to the problems we have already.”

Read the rest of the article here.

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70 Reader Comments

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  1. “They” will appoint who serves them best.??. ☮❤️?

  2. then we will change it

  3. Voting is for our benefit to make us believe we have a choice. The Gore/ Bush election proved how little we matter. I spoke with a guy the other day who believes the same will happen to Trump. This election cycle is so insane it has to be staged for our benefit. Neither one is qualified yet this is what we get.

  4.' 4LifeSuccess says:

    I always love anything like this

  5. it certainly appears to be rigged for the post of view of this 60 year Canadian who is a life long student of political history….your constitution was not at all a guarantor of freedom and democracy although it had the potential to be amended into becoming one…..It was written by rich white male slavemasters who did not want to pay taxes…( Washington was openly disdainful of his enlisted men whom he regarded as peasants)…..and took control by violent means….the ensuing institutions that they created were designed to maintain this structure….your great ?? constitution has evolved as has has your form of slavery….Ron Paul is on the ball….but you seem to prefer psychotics like Billary and Donald….:)

  6.' Marc Green says:

    Voting makes people feel like participants in the decision.The ones who make the decision get the opinion poll to gauge what kind of fuqry will most easily be accepted so they can get their biggest harvest.Who ever is the spokesperson that gets the biggest reaction gets to wear the title and take the fall when things go sour.They are usually out of legal reach and rarely face punishment anyway.

  7. Ron Paul—the head conspiracy theorist. Next to Jesse Ventura.

    •' Darren Hamel says:

      Except they are both right so many ways so it’s not theory

    • I have better things to do than chase conspiracy theories.

    • You are entitled to your opinion just like everyone else is. However, turning the other way makes one part of he problem. Keep looking the other way, nothing will change then. If you haven’t concluded this year that the elections are rigged, what will it take? You have better things to do than to look into the “backbone” of our country, our way of life? That’s the problem with people, and that is why they label truths as conspiracy theories. They are too consumed with watching reality tv. I’m not saying that is you, but that is a majority of America and why we will fall.

  8.' Kerry Bindon says:

    we will see if Trump succeeds a secret govt no longer secret the dawn of a new age is here a secret govt cant work if its not secret any more

    • If Trump wins they will kill him just like J.F.K.

    • If Trump wins, that is because that is what was intended. He is related to the Clintons, he is related to the queen of England. This false hope is making us look the other way. We need to except that we’ve been lied to and move on. Your anger with me after hearing this will subside when it sets in. Remember, we are all in this together. Peace.

  9. No chance what he needs to do as soon as that rat Obama has been removed, behind closed doors is issue arrest warrants, liquidation orders. Then start cleaning up all them silly corrupt judges an other old hacks. Once they are all rounded up, do not pass go do not collect $200 go straight to jail an await trials, for every crime against humanity they’ve all committed.

  10. Shannon Nelson-Deighan Seems Ron and I agree on one thing….

  11.' Beth Wujek says:

    I have to say, after 2000 (Bush/Gore), I now agree. Bush did not win the common vote… so who’s to say our vote really matters?

  12. Rubbish, the change is cominv now!!!!

  13. It’s all rigged. People of America need to wake up before it is to late.

  14. This problem is not only present in America

  15. I think we know by now we as people have little influence but there’s HOPE

  16.' Kerry Bindon says:

    No Frank this is not 63 we are no longer fooled by real and fake murders like sharon tate ……they cant do it if everyone is watching and awake…….they are terrified of being exposed……..people will know who did it… it wont happen god bless

  17.' Timmy Farris says:

    No faith in our politicians.. none..

  18.' T.j. Dillon says:

    its not the secret government thats the problem, your obedience is the problem. obedience creates power. and why does the burden of debt fall on our shoulders if theyre profiting from the war? another thing i dont understand… instead of turning your backs on them, you all keep on obeying. we dont need a cure for cancer, we need to eliminate everything that causes cancer.

  19. why does anyone listen to people that advocate murder?

  20.' Van Man says:

    Didn’t Jordan Maxwell, explain USA’s police, judicial, banking, media & political systems are under British-Israeli control anyway.. so dunno why Americans bother voting which version of their occupation they want to vote for. They tend to vote in the same prison guards every few years anyway.

  21. More for manipulation than fixed. It makes it more difficult to overcome for those less privileged.

  22.' Jim Chambers says:

    “If voting really mattered, they wouldn’t let us do it.” — Mark Twain

  23.' Sean Wagers says:

    Pretty much true. Get rid of the eloctoral college, establish term limits, make all politicians live by the rules/laws they levy on citizens, make all debates open to all candidates.

  24. I have no faith in ‘the system’, but I do believe we are in a new era, a new energy, & I have faith in the benevolence of this era & in life.
    Old, corrupt systems will firstly be exposed & if they do not change, they will crumble.
    Hillary Clinton is the perfect example of this. Corrupt to core, she is being exposed & her health is failing & she will crumble.
    Integrity counts nowadays!
    If the system was so impenetrable, its ills would remain secret. This is no longer the case. If, as a corporation, or an individual, you are harming others, well you’re in for some hard times!!
    Chin up humanity, we’ve got this!

  25.' Reni Buhr says:

    Been rigged for decades

  26.' Jay Jonz says:

    Trump already won?????

  27. China wants their gold back.

  28. been a scam for years and years

  29. Looking at some of the comments here – it seems many Americans still believe it is the office of the President that runs America – what Paul is referring too is the shadow government – not only that they rig who gets in – but effectively that person is just a figurehead anyway. Whether it is Trump or Clinton or someone else – that does not change the shadow government that controls the US government.

  30. It’s true that Bernie Sanders’ campaign woke a lot of American citizens up to the Neoliberal/Neocon policies of the last 40 years which have affected the globe. The US is now an oligarchy and I think a lot of people now know this. The IMF’s policies have helped spread this government based on money but now the rhetoric is as naked as the Emperor’s clothes. Truth to the people and stand united in solidarity. Our world will die otherwise.

  31. I don’t like him, but this is true’ wake up people. I mean Realy!

  32. The Last bush proof that it’s rigged

  33. Does it matter? People don’t care. Watch the interview done in the 80s with a Russian KGB agent. He speaks about the time we are in now. He says that pretty soon, you can come out and tell people the truth, but they won’t care. You can tell people aliens exist, but they won’t care. You could kill off half the population, but they won’t care. That is part of the program. The KGB agent said that they spend 15-20 years desensitizing people so that when the truth is exposed, they won’t care. Cognitive dissonance is strong in America.

  34. If Trump wins… It’s rigged… He shouldn’t even be in the race. No politican could say what he has said and still be in the race. The pow comment from July 2015 should have axed him right there and then…

    • And yet there is no indication that he won the primary by rigging. How would he get this far if his supporters didn’t vote for him. However, if you look at the DNC there is plenty of proof that they rigged the election….hmmmm. (Disclosure. I am neither a DJT or HRC supporter)

    •' Shay Brown says:

      Oh, but by all means lets allow a lying deceitful scandalous self serving money grubbing Shit Storm like Killary be able to run for the presidency…. Hillary didn’t even win the primary and she is continued to be allowed to run… Guess her and ole Bubba Bill have dirt on too many senators and congressmen… the DNC is Scandalous and dirty and have made a complete mockery of these United States….. I bet JFK is ass up in his grave over this BS

  35. I would be inyeresting to see what happens if there were an upset on election day.

  36. They control both sides. As Marc Green says below, “voting makes the people feel like participants in the decision.

  37. And you wonder what exactly they spend all the “donations” are spent on..example face book just donated a large amount to .”get people to vote” your not making a donation.
    Your making a return investment .

  38.' Geoff Heard says:

    The “secret” government, or the Rothschild owned Federal Reserve is done for. And so is Hillary, she won’t be President. Americans have China and Russia to thank for that. The mainstream media is lagging a long way behind developments as usual.

  39.' Eddie Paton says:

    It is all rigged. Watch Hillary will win.

  40.' Vincent Tan says:

    ¿Está Satanás… Incluido En… Su Palabra… Al Hablar… Tu Enemigo… En Amar… En Su… Mandamiento En… Su Gracia… De Su… Vecino/a Chileno/a…?

  41.' Chris Mate says:

    Well if one see it this way money was created-expanded on the principle of divisions, you like blue, I like red, why not make blue, red green and gellow, then you sure to sell nearly all stock. Same with politics cover all, but if you look far enough, or deep enogh behind it, you find ONE person surrounded by a small group controlling silently in the background.

  42.' Susan Harlan says:

    I will not vote for Clinton or Trump so you better add Johnson and Klein to the debate!

  43. Its rigged for sho, always has been and until we break this cycle it will continue to be

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