Some Researchers Believe that Humans Are Not From Earth

Written by on September 7, 2015 in Earth & Space, Nature, Sci-Tech, Science, Technology with 73 Comments

By Lilya La  Felore | *Zon News

Plankton-43730634_m-680x380-ModifiedEditor's Note: A couple of days ago, I saw a show on History Channel which mentioned that sea plankton were found growing & surviving outside the windows of the space station. Having confirmed that there was next to no way that these organisms were stowaways from Earth, the show explored the possibility that they had come from somewhere else in space. Then I saw this article. Most debates about life center around a primordial soup or the hand of God on Earth. What is unique about this story is that we are talking about outer space-based life coming to Earth when we don't even have absolute proof of life on other planets.

Many researchers have come to the conclusion that human beings are not from Earth. After a balloon came back from a high altitude flight, it was covered with microscopic life forms that originated from space fueling debate about whether life on earth began here or elsewhere in space.

Other scientists have argued that life originated on Mars due to a mineral found in Martian meteorites, a concept that is crucial for the genesis of life. Another experiment showed that amino acids could have arrived with comet impacts, suggesting life could be widespread in our solar system. A new book by American ecologist Dr. Ellis Silver – Humans are not from Earth looks at things differently. The author argues that humans may not be “natives” to Earth – and may have arrived separately from elsewhere. Silver provides arguments based on human physiology, suggesting that we have not evolved along with other life forms on Earth, but that we actually come from elsewhere in the universe, brought here by extraterrestrial beings tens of thousands of years ago.

Does this sound crazy or provocative? Does it go against your beliefs? It should actually. We have to start looking at things in a different way if we want to understand our purpose and origin, and that is exactly what Silver, an environmentalist who is currently working in an effort to clean plastic waste in the Pacific ocean, wants to achieve, provoking a discussion among scientists. Silver has argued that his book is based on scientific work approaching the difference between humans and other animals.

“The Earth approximately meets our needs as a species, but perhaps not as strongly as whoever brought us here initially thought,” Silver said in an interview with Yahoo news.

Silver believes that some of the chronic diseases that affect the human race – such as back pain, could be a very important sign that suggests that humans actually evolved in a world with less gravity. Silver also talks about their unique human traits, like the fact that the heads of babies are so great that women have difficulty giving birth, in the past, this was often fatal for the mother, child or both.

Silver argues that no other native species on earth has this issue, pointing to the 223 extra genes in humans, genes tat [sic] are not found in any other species.

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*Originally entitled: “Researchers believe that Humans are not from Earth; We originated from elsewhere in the Universe”

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73 Reader Comments

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  1.' Rebecca R. Rubin says:

    Well, that would explain why we are an invasive species.

  2.' Okechukwu Lawrence says:

    yes of course…. we re visitors here (earth), and will go back where we actually from (God).

  3.' Tyrub Keadumele says:

    you dont say!

  4.' Ronalyn A. Antonio says:

    I still believe God created Humans and everything…

  5.' Stephen Jeske says:

    It’s kinda obvious we are not from earth

  6.' Haslet Gamze Erler says:

    Which researchers?

  7.' JC de Ville says:

    what they smoking?

  8.' Robert Schippert says:

    Ya. those a similar to sea creatures..

  9.' David Feltham says:

    i think the human genome was created here by the sentience called mother earth. Our spirit and soul are infinite occupying these avartars in this grand experiment

  10.' Vinnie N Sherrie says:

    You do realise that WE ARE in space right? Our planet IS in space

    •' Carol King says:

      Hhahah…I didn’t realize someone else had already said that Vinnie..LOL…(well great minds and all-o-dat”) 🙂

  11.' Deborah N Jacob says:

    That’s great (yawn). Now tell us where we’re going.

  12.' Knud Sandbæk Nielsen says:

    The so called enigma of life is not the great wonder or enigma. Get on track: Quantum physics!

    The existence as such!

    Stop pretending live is a barrier.
    Defining life is controversial.

    But the very existence of our universe …

    Astronomers have found that the universe is so perfect, it can’t be a coincidence. So they came up with a theory of multiple universes, and this theory allowed the PREMISE of coincidence to go on untainted by anything that could give credit to any religion – understandably!

  13.' Shady Saleh says:

    Annunaki and planet Nabarou

  14.' Betty Bledsoe says:

    I am sorry but God created man and woman he made us from the dust of this earth he created Eve from Adam’s rib study the Word of God to show thyself approved write the whole word of God and you’ll know that God created us

    •' Carol King says:

      Betty..with all due respect…I think you might be in a thread(“conscious life”) which might have reasonable arguments of logic that oppose that view….but it’s all good…as long as you choose any addiction to be the addiction of Love and Intelligent Behavior. (wink)

    •' Betty Bledsoe says:

      Read the Word of God God is real and hell is real which one will you choose today heaven or hell the Devils real I’m praying that you will get your soul right with God before he comes back

  15.' Oswaldo Montoya says:

    we came from: Vega Star system or Pleiades

  16.' Carol King says:

    We ARE in Space………….” earth began here or elsewhere in space.”

  17.' Spencer James Smith says:

    That’s because it didn’t. Our race is offspring of God.

  18.' Leiah Rubin Bowden says:

    Well, duh…

  19.' Scott Gregg says:

    from the heavens, the intention of the father

  20.' Johnny Hitf Reinhardt says:

    Savannah Wall you knew it!

  21.' Angela A. ter Horst says:

    “God” is an illusion made by the stone-age people…wahhhhh…also like all these godnesses from the antique! :-p And from the maya, the inca and old egyptians…
    And?-Where are they now?! 😉 Nature is “god”,-and we are the atoms.

  22.' Tonie Monarres says:


  23.' Kizzmeeh Nowa says:

    Wow. This is beyond irreprehensible

  24.' Russ Ridlington says:

    Our type of entity has been here almost since the beginning.

  25.' William Russeth says:

    The atmoshere is part of the earth, a varnish thin coating. Not surprising life has found its way to the upper layers.

  26.' Algonquin J Calhoun says:

    Dam!! They found me!! I’m from Pluto. Been here five months and can’t get a job. Can I get on food stamps and welfare?? Please help me or I will go back to Pluto and complain!!!

  27.' Bebelyn Gonzaga says:

    We are the space

  28.' Tom says:

    I watched a recently new episode of Anchient Aliens concerning that perhaps we indeed are different highly advanced set apart from other species on this rock the host said ” Perhaps we are set apart from .” this really bothered me because as far as Im concerned rather than saying we are apart from I strongly believe ” We are a part of.” Seriously I don’t know any other way to express my feelings other than saying look around we shit, eat and have sex just like all the other millions of species on the rock HELLO !!!!! Male, female, vagina, penis, erection, breast, mouth, butts, testicles, eyes, poop, ears, nose, family, offspring, pain, suffering, shelter, pro creation, killing, perversion, sodomy, intercourse, starvation, survival, food I think you get my point . Furthermore I don’t want to anger anyone but I’ll say it I have seen and will continue to see African men who look exactly like apes and monkeys period this is a fact and even other non black men like Asians or whites that resemble and look exactly like monkeys . So my point is I am very intrigued and fascinated with the unknown but to suggest that the human creature came from another planet and is not related or connected to all other species on this rock because our brain is more advanced is just flat out nonsense and ridiculous it is my firm belief that we are ” A part of.”

  29.' Eduard Cepe says:

    We come from our father sperm we survive through sex intercourse, the reproductive organs of our mother, we born.

  30.' Jonny Cybong says:

    I’ve always felt this way. Explains our disdain for this planet.

  31.' Boni'ta Campbell says:

    Ancient knowledge reveals ETs actually manipulated the evolution of a new race after the last major disaster. They thought they could improve humans self distructive tendencies…fooled them!

  32.' Susan Haseltine says:

    Don’t tell Trump, he will go ballistic about more immigrants!

  33.' Daniel Young says:

    That’s ridiculous. Our DNA is almost identical to our ape cousins, are they from outer space, too?

  34.' Johnny Harris says:

    I’ve met a few of these.

  35.' Carter Lim says:

    Ivan Lee Erwin Go

  36.' Knud Sandbæk Nielsen says:

    Simple explanations are lies or hopes. We can onlu hope for a rope, or a few…

  37.' Oliver Sy says:

    We are all from the stars..neil degrasse stated we are all including everything around us are made from stardust

  38.' Rachel Mireles Santilli says:


  39.' Asrat Mengesha says:

    From where did they come, then? Yes, if they are atheists they say that they came from some where else called nothing four hand red thousand years ago, then entered the sea became fish then ape then hunan- funny.

  40.' David Bailey says:

    the are lots of earths in space which one will you be on next

  41.' Carrie Mitchell says:

    I love that science is catching up with reality and that it’s being drip fed into society… progress is slow but very definite

  42.' Mark W. Mitchell says:

    DNA very similar to monkeys. WTF researchers?

  43.' Mukesh Chauhan says:

    It is absolutely true we came from outer space. All human life emanated from Quantum Universe…in their 1st tier or form which I am revealing in solving the Mystery of Origin of Life-MC Theory

  44.' Em Wilcox says:

    Life probably is created in the hearts of supernovae, like the heavy atoms….we come from and are made of stars

  45.' Darren Arnold says:

    visit my hometown and see this theory proven true

  46.' Robert Smith says:

    of course not !!

  47.' Robert Smith says:

    we were colonized on earth !

  48.' Shana Robles says:

    Maya Maya Robles

  49.' Bay Bolden says:

    Ana Casbis

  50.' Betty Bledsoe says:

    Did not come from space we originated from the beginning of the world when God created the world he made Adam and Eve read the Word of God

  51.' Thata Maquiling says:

    That idea is a result of wondering mind that even the author do not know himself. Y don’t you try to fly high and let your body fell to the ground and turn into a tiny peace then we will see if from your broken body it produce human image with life. No need to use a balloon as an example.

  52.' Mark Kubiske says:

    Darwin demonstrated that species evolve to fill ecological niches. What he wrote about human evolution was speculation. Fossil “evidence” of human evolution (including several separate lines of now extinct humans, such as Neanderthal) came much later.

    As for cosmic origins, I think the idea is that amino acids were brought to earth by comets. I do not think they found actual “space bugs”. Yes, there are micro organisms in the upper atmosphere but I’ve never heard that they come from elsewhere in the cosmos. I think that’s unlikely.

  53.' Viktor Lind says:

    Edward Ybarra

  54.' Greg Idasz says:

    I’ve seen other insiders already talking about how much basic lifeforms are floating around out there. Not all requires oxygen like we believe.

  55.' Penny Christie says:

    We were probably kicked off another planet for messing up..!!!

  56.' Shaz Faizal says:

    if mankind evolved from the same african ancestor then everyone,s blood would be compatible,but it is not rhesus negative blood type appears suddenly 35,000 years ago in cro-magnon where did the rh negatives come from?why does the body of an rh negative mother carrying an rh positive child try to reject her own offspring?,humanity isn,t one race but a hybrid race! ::::::-Robert sepher

  57.' William Browatzke says:

    Haha Can you Duh!!

  58.' Kàtia Gouvêa says:

    Diogo Gouvêa Braga..olhai sua teoria…cientistas tbm acreditam nisso

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