Quantum Time Travel –“Can We Receive Messages from the Future?”

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Source: The Daily Galaxy

Around ten years ago researcher Dave Bacon, now at Google, showed that a time-travelling quantum computer could quickly solve a group of problems, known as NP-complete, which mathematicians have lumped together as being hard. The problem was, Bacon's quantum computer was travelling around ‘closed timelike curves‘. These are paths through the fabric of spacetime that loop back on themselves. General relativity allows such paths to exist through contortions in spacetime known as wormholes.

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Why send a message back in time, but lock it so that no one can ever read the contents? Because it may be the key to solving currently intractable problems. That's the claim of an international collaboration.

It turns out that an unopened message can be exceedingly useful. This is true if the experimenter entangles the message with some other system in the laboratory before sending it. Entanglement, a strange effect only possible in the realm of quantum physics, creates correlations between the time-travelling message and the laboratory system. These correlations can fuel a quantum computation.

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Physicists argue something must stop such opportunities arising because it would threaten ‘causality' — in the classic example, someone could travel back in time and kill their grandfather, negating their own existence.

And it's not only family ties that are threatened. Breaking the causal flow of time has consequences for quantum physics too. Over the past two decades, researchers have shown that foundational principles of quantum physics break in the presence of closed timelike curves: you can beat the uncertainty principle, an inherent fuzziness of quantum properties, and the no-cloning theorem, which says quantum states can't be copied.

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54 Reader Comments

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  1. 1007857402614025@facebook.com' Sir'Andy Hlatshwayo says:

    Its a good thing if used wisely that is, we could see what would end up of our lives as a human race if we continued living as we live today. And if not a space time machine would be able to show us if what we are doing to this earth is good for it or not

    • 111938435827705@facebook.com' Jase Thompson says:

      I think history shows us already what we as a species are doing Sir’Andy, it’s just that those in power down to the apathetic among us continue to repeat the mistakes of our history on this planet. I don’t know that we need a message from the future for that knowledge.

  2. 10207002131965657@facebook.com' Les Cottle says:

    The “greedy ” would use it to control….as they do with everything else

  3. 1527048464277447@facebook.com' Dan Simpson says:

    Time travel……will only ever exist in our minds……..

    & unfortunatly at the moment Mankind is to hell bent on destroying himself & this wonderful planet……& will succeed ……..long before we find all answers….!!

    Love, light & happiness…

  4. 972625236123454@facebook.com' Erik Albert says:

    There is no such thing as good and/or bad in the cosmos.

  5. 10154287233989409@facebook.com' David Fried says:

    No. We can only move forward in time.

  6. 10153423536034118@facebook.com' Dawn Skipp says:


  7. 699721590163668@facebook.com' Shannon Wills says:

    Mark Martin

  8. 10153237573168763@facebook.com' Benjamin Jason LaMora says:

    Ok so where are these time travelers coming back to change/help/alter Things??? NO as well to “if we should use it” history has shown anything with power man will bend to profit… Just because human math works out… Doesn’t make it real

  9. 624872764317211@facebook.com' Angelie Agot Lopez Villamor says:

    i wish i can travel or go back in the past…

  10. 10153161758527257@facebook.com' Paul Hills says:

    Sean Lanting

  11. 1035864493113299@facebook.com' Agustin Valdovinos says:

    If possible then existentialism is wrong, because only through divine for thought can we be in the exact place to receive the message over time.

  12. 1083230825034880@facebook.com' Cheri Deline says:

    If we take the bent time theory we are receiving messages and also sending backward messages.

  13. 627669377375119@facebook.com' Juvair Alicaway Labodon says:

    Just like the fantastic four and terminator genisys

  14. 1657983237823567@facebook.com' Jen Judkins says:


  15. 1657983237823567@facebook.com' Jen Judkins says:

    Missing with time would be bad

  16. 1481035618876924@facebook.com' Christie Gil says:

    Of course we can. Some of us do!

  17. 752266824878190@facebook.com' Ramon Rivera says:

    wish i understood it enough to understand it

  18. 752266824878190@facebook.com' Ramon Rivera says:

    if it were possible wouldn’t someone have done it? at some point in the future?

  19. 1112762652068123@facebook.com' Ivan Foto says:


  20. 1640411692913547@facebook.com' Karen Fraser says:

    If it happens, it happens, there is no good or bad. It just is.

  21. 1671847653058199@facebook.com' Ivan Mon Panes says:

    Great milestone only starts the time we uncondition and unlimit ourselves from great possibilities.

  22. 1095248567161942@facebook.com' Rene Hinson says:

    Time travel is not possible

  23. 1674506489495759@facebook.com' Sara Fetter says:

    Dan Fridge

  24. 10207986658852445@facebook.com' Dave Fletcher says:

    It’s already been done, all you need is a car, flux capicitar and a run up to achieve 88MPH…… God it’s not rocket science,

  25. 672478022888407@facebook.com' Asrat Mengesha says:

    Message from the future, Message from non existence. Future does not exist in that form for real. Future is just idea. Right?

  26. 862230707231340@facebook.com' Brian Eddington says:

    If time travel ever would exist, then it will have immediately have existed for all time, and all time will be simultaneous.

  27. 521485251361908@facebook.com' Silviu Costinescu says:

    it´s fiction

  28. 1043525312366802@facebook.com' Jason Rooney says:

    If you’re open minded about travelling back and forth in time. We get visits all the time from u.f.os apparently. There may not be different species of aliens but us from the future disguised as different entities, to throw mankind of the scent. All cultures on the planet have there own religious beliefs, gods and methods of doing things. If we were all the same we’d all be dead as man would kill off man. We are from the future and we’ve being given the chance to evolve, not to destruct our planet but to save it.in other words , stop taking natural sources out of the ground and chopping down rain forests or the earth will collapse.
    Why can’t we be happy with what we’ve got? I believe a lot more than time travel theories.

  29. 1086263688072720@facebook.com' John Davis says:

    Time travel is neither good or bad, it just is. Check out “Omniverse” by Alfred L. Webre. An exhaustive exploration into the interrelationship of the interior and exterior characteristics of our experience as citizens of this vast and yet ever-so close Kosmos.

  30. 905484942870935@facebook.com' Willy Watson says:

    My meeshun, iz to prohtect you.. Who sent you?… You deed

  31. 174779869537337@facebook.com' Jack Marsh says:

    Would not make any difference. who would believe the messages anyway.

  32. 176314452721497@facebook.com' Raul Hernandez says:

    Some are ready… not all will be. Be it for better or for worst.
    Only time will tell.

  33. 10105929192327863@facebook.com' Ben Dahlstrom says:

    Immeasurable Dark Matter sent to the brain or simply bizarre coincidence? Doug, Ev

  34. 1153951007950163@facebook.com' Dawn Cioci says:

    Don’t doubt it one damn bit!!

  35. 1627774680805314@facebook.com' Vish Nath says:

    Depends Upon the Things , It’s Really Useful for You, It is a Good Trip

  36. 10205405021347451@facebook.com' Patrick Kyle Lesko says:

    Yes you can 🙂

  37. 548011655345899@facebook.com' Will G Tankersley says:

    Humm maybe you could apply the concept of the infinity of God which could also have immortality implications! I don’t believe we were created to be finite beings!

  38. 1019649354724021@facebook.com' Phil Brownlow says:

    apparently we can or so I told myself tomorrow.

  39. 1642730039309479@facebook.com' Murray Scott says:

    i hope i send myself the winning lottery numbers

  40. 132823023741944@facebook.com' Tony Godwin Jr. says:

    We are time traveling conscious beings. We move. We shape. We are all in all. Future? Yes, it’s thoughts in which you seek action after.

  41. 10208563036862184@facebook.com' Emmanuel K. Baldonado says:

    It exists already im sure…were just some surpressed ass mofos

  42. 1646912602259572@facebook.com' Bobby Bronson says:

    TRICKY,,,Bobby BronsonARTIST,,,I COULD TALK AND DRAW,,,FOEVER ON THIS SUBJECT,,,BUT I REALY THINK YOU CAN FOREWARD.ONLY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  43. 580871405397934@facebook.com' Raghbir Bajwa says:


  44. 10153529539407261@facebook.com' Nunyo Bidnizz says:

    Maybe that’s what your intuition is! Messages from your future self….. think about it!

  45. 10153801801563620@facebook.com' Warren Wegener says:

    It’s fantastic, I have been doing it for years.

  46. 10104450507603931@facebook.com' Cherie Nicole Secord says:

    Renee Curiale

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