Puzzling Out Fibromyalgia and the Epstein-Barr Virus


Puzzling Out Fibromyalgia and the Epstein-Barr Virus, Barbara Sinclair Holistic Health & Healing

Detail from “Ache” by Barbara Sinclair


Two years ago I finally sat down and wrote a lengthy article about my healing journey from fibromyalgia. It had been over a decade since that morning when I woke up with “pain all over” and about four years since the pain had subsided. I guess I needed time to ruminate about it. It seems that puzzling out fibromyalgia is something millions of people are doing these days and I hope that I can help put some of the pieces together.

If you or someone you love is suffering from this painful condition, please take a moment  to read my former article. I’m not going to repeat what’s in it here – I just wanted to add a few important thoughts.

The main reason I wanted to check in again on this subject is an article that was passed along to me recently.

This article is perhaps the single most enlightening article I’ve read concerning fibromyalgia.

The Medical Medium—and What’s Potentially at the Root of Medical Mysteries, is on the website Goop and is about the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) and the role it plays in not only fibromyalgia but a host of other conditions.

The article contains a chapter from the book Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal (Hay House; November 10, 2015) by Anthony William.

“It’s the mystery illness of mystery illnesses.” — Anthony William

As I mentioned in my previous article, the way fibromyalgia appeared in my own life was waking up one morning with pain throughout my body. I thought I had the flu, but all flu-like symptoms (except for the pain) had subsided after 24 hours.

When I finally visited my doctor, his only guess was that perhaps a virus had settled in my muscles and I would just have to wait it out.

After multiple visits to Western MDs, I finally, in frustration, typed in the words “pain all over” on the computer, where hundreds of articles about fibromyalgia appeared. Back then, some of the doctors I visited had never heard the word fibromyalgia. I remember one doctor looking it up in a book as I sat in her office.

There were no Lyrica commercials to bombard us with this strange term.

When you have debilitating pain, chronic insomnia, extreme sensitivity to stimuli, overwhelming fatigue, etc. etc., it comes as a blow when all doctors offer are anti-depressants, sleep drugs and anti-seizure medication (Lyrica).

When I visited an infectious disease specialist and tested positive for EBV, I distinctly remember thinking that it was a huge piece of the puzzle.

But the doctor immediately burst my bubble by saying it was meaningless – that many people test positive for EBV. No kidding.

“The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) has created a secret epidemic. Out of the roughly 320 million people in the U.S., over 225 million Americans have some form of EBV.” — Anthony Williams

Fortunately for me, this is when I made the decision to seek more natural, holistic methods.

It took me almost eight years before the pain completely left my body. All during this period, the thought of EBV would come to mind.

My intuition kept telling me that it was a part of the mystery.

I admit to feeling somewhat vindicated reading Anthony William’s article. Of course, some people will say, “He’s not an MD or a scientist.” But very little has been figured out by Western medicine about fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, etc. and I have learned time and time again over the years how powerful mind/body/spirit medicine is.

My body recovered with help from some gifted healers, by following an Ayurvedic lifestyle, eating clean whole foods, and nurturing myself as much as possible. My immune system slowly repaired itself.

After reading the EBV article, I can look back and puzzle some more things out. I don’t remember having mono but I constantly had sore throats and ear infections as a young child.

I remember crying for want of sleep. Raising young children was very depleting for me but I just chalked it up to motherhood.

Fibromyalgia struck at age 48 when I was perimenopausal and on the heels of the end of my 30-year marriage, in a state of extreme anxiety and stress.

Years later when I finally found my way to an Ayurvedic practitioner and he took my pulse, he said, “Your Vata is off-the-chart deranged” (an Ayurvedic way of saying “seriously unbalanced”).

In my own experience and in consultation with clients who have fibromyalgia, I see a propensity for Vata-type people (especially women) to be afflicted with this condition.

Because Vata is the dosha of depletion, any kind of physical, mental or emotional trauma can easily do harm to the immune system and lay open the door for a virus like EB to do harm.

Even if Vata is not the predominant dosha in your constitution, it is the dosha which becomes unbalanced the easiest, and we live in a very Vata-deranged world. Therefore, anyone who wears down their immune system and becomes depleted can unleash the EBV to wreak havoc.

“For example, if you physically exhaust yourself for weeks and give yourself no chance to fully recover, or allow your body to become deprived of essential nutrients such as zinc or vitamin B12, or undergo a traumatic emotional experience such as a breakup or the death of a loved one, the virus will detect your stress-related hormones and choose that time to take advantage.” — Anthony William

I feel no need to run and have a blood test to find out if the EBV is still present in my body. I'm guessing it might still be lurking somewhere like many viruses do. My personal approach is to try my best to follow a healthy daily routine that will keep my immune system thriving.

Ayurveda was a big part of my healing journey. And one of its principles is maintaining a healthy gut, where 80%+ of our immunity lies.

I'm healthier now than I was a great deal of my life. I haven’t taken a prescription or over-the-counter drug in years – and I used to eat Motrin like candy.

I’m not perfect, and I fall off the healthy lifestyle wagon just as much as anyone else. But when you experience a debilitating condition like I did and live to see the body repair itself holistically, well, you never forget it.

I’m actually grateful that it happened because it changed my life in so many wonderful ways.

I hope that by sharing Anthony William’s article, it will shed some light for you. I receive many letters from people who are trying to puzzle out fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, etc. that has plagued them for sometimes decades.

Never give up hope. It often takes years for these conditions to manifest in the body and sometimes years for it to come back into balance.

Be patient. Stay positive. Watch funny movies. Eat healthy whole foods. Sleep. Receive.

“Now things are different for you. If you have EBV, you now have a mind-body understanding of what’s causing your health problems. From this alone, your immune system will strengthen and the virus will naturally weaken. So when it comes to fighting EBV, in a very real sense, knowledge is power.” — Anthony William

Much love,

P.S. Feel free to contact me if I can help support you on your healing journey.

A good resource from herbalist Rosalee de la Foret: https://www.herbalremediesadvice.org/fibromyalgia-natural-treatment.html

Barbara Sinclair is a visual artist and holistic health practitioner with a passion for Ayurveda, the ancient mind/body system of healing and longevity. Barbara was able to heal herself from years of fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition, by adopting an Ayurvedic lifestyle. She is now pain-free and joyfully shares these methods with her readers and clients. Barbara received her Ayurveda training from Wise Earth Ayurveda, the first school of Ayurveda teachings in the US. She is also a certified holistic health counselor (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and certified energy healer (Deborah King Center).You can contact Barbara HERE for an Ayurvedic consultation or energy healing session. To receive her monthly newsletters as well as weekly practical Ayurvedic tips click HERE.

Barbara’s Website: https://www.barbarasinclair.com
Barbara on  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BarbaraSinclairHolisticHealth
Barbara on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BSinclairNYC

Barbara posts a new article on CLN every Wednesday.  To view her articles, click HERE.

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  1. 10153952907003729@facebook.com' Nick BigNickel Wilson says:

    Whitney Millikin

    • 731701917584@facebook.com' Whitney Millikin says:

      🙂 thanks! It’s a good read! I actually don’t think they consider me to have fibro at all anymore now. 40% of people with fibro are misdiagnosed and have my even more rare (and annoyingly hard to find, as you know lol) incurable disease, Small Fiber Neuropathy. Still though, same principles!! Karin Valentine might like this read as well!! 🙂

    • 731701917584@facebook.com' Whitney Millikin says:

      And it was super hard back then when doctors had no idea what it was, but to this day a lot of doctors don’t even believe it’s even real! Just awful. I’ve done all the dieting stuff for years to no avail, but it has helped a lot of people at least improve!! 🙂

  2. 10153779608862593@facebook.com' Rose Ann says:

    Thanks for this. Just what I needed to read. 🙂

  3. 10153558544057521@facebook.com' Candace Benson says:

    Amanda Lawrence

  4. 10208664247946573@facebook.com' Jonathan Skomsky says:

    Mich Ellesky

    • 10153702386050485@facebook.com' Mich Ellesky says:

      I tried reading it but I got fatigued hahahaha made it to the dosha part at the end and found myself having to reread the beginning since I’d totally forgotten it. That right there is the life of living w. Fibro fibrofog

  5. 1552842101703420@facebook.com' Mary Eagen says:

    Miranda Merly, maybe this is something useful for you?

  6. 174491926240496@facebook.com' Pamela Lalor says:

    Karen McHugh Byrne

  7. 171868719838276@facebook.com' Cheryl Mahaffey says:

    If someone you love has Fibromyalgia this is a good article to give them.

  8. 1257113344315774@facebook.com' Elisabeth Hallstein says:

    I found when I let go of my guilt, stopped blaming others and started living true to my beliefs in all aspects of my life my pain subsided a great deal. I am now almost 100% off of medications!!

  9. 472967969570715@facebook.com' Yvonne Martin says:

    Janice Kennedy hope you don’t mind me tagging you. I notice you post a lot of fibro related things and thought maybe someone you know has it and might be helpful. Me and my mum have it though I have EDS too but I’ve found clean diet really helps. X

    • 1071272339584119@facebook.com' Janice Kennedy says:

      Thanks Yvonne, I have an appointment at Rheumatology in Hairmyres to see if I have fibro but I have most if not all of the symptoms ?

    • 472967969570715@facebook.com' Yvonne Martin says:

      Good luck. It’s so frustrating having pain and fatigue constantly and not knowing why. If I can help with recipes/ pacing plans or anything just let me know x

    • 1071272339584119@facebook.com' Janice Kennedy says:

      Thanks x

  10. 10153948771973352@facebook.com' John Hartley says:

    Sylvia Martin

  11. 218911321777312@facebook.com' Nicola Dowdall says:

    Pamela Bollard this could b worth a read xx

  12. 1648677302050770@facebook.com' Thanh Mai Vu Xuan says:
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    Gwen Turner

  14. 10208387397430894@facebook.com' Robbin Doberman Venzi says:

    Ann Marie Lance…thought of you

  15. 138760529804431@facebook.com' Leanne Kirkham says:

    Kathy Gouldener Kirkham ?

  16. 10204967193724972@facebook.com' Steve Parker says:

    Been from Fibro to ME and now due to a rash developing on my neck it is looking like Lupus. So I would say it is all immune system related.

  17. 10208580093485905@facebook.com' Tracey Dundas Dean says:

    What I suspect most of you have is Lyme Disease and related co-infections.
    Visit www,ILADS.org to find a Dr who can properly diagnose you. Even if you’ve been tested before, the tests are wrong 50% of the time. It’s a clinical diagnosis. I know. I’ve been down this road for 28 years! 26 years of misdiagnosis.

  18. 10153169200711493@facebook.com' Miranda Lynn says:

    Crystal Lynn Vannatter this article referred me to the one I pmd you 🙂

  19. 470185079819312@facebook.com' David Middlemiss says:

    We Are Thankful As We Are Care Takers Of These Wonderful Treasures
    Let Care Open Our Hearts To The Beauty Of Each Jewel,
    Yet We Covet Not, Or As A Snowflake It May Melt,
    Although The Beauty Will Not End
    But More Vibrant It Becomes When Greeted And Passed Forward, Heart To Heart With Ultimate Grace, Gratitude,
    That All Now Shine And In, And Through The Light Do Thrive/Grow
    Empowerfully Glorified The Innocence Of All In Complete FREE LOVE

    We In This Moment Dissolve, Transform And Overwrite All Prior Unhealthy, Unfair Agreements, Associations, Interactions,
    That All May Create As, To, For Through, Ultimate GOOD Progression For All and Everything
    We In This Moment Dissolve, Transform And Overwrite, All Unhealthy Co Dependent Agreements, Relationships We FREE All Beings To Play And Interplay AsUnlimited Ultimate Good
    This Creation Is Protected To Be FREE Eternally In The Wish Of FREEing All, Thank You Thank You Thank You

    Ubuntu Or Super Symbiosis
    The Honest Non Judgemental Ascertainment And Celebration Of All GOOD, ALL Organisms, All Consciousness And The FREE Sharing Of All GOOD For True, Honest, GOOD Progression, Healing FREE Unity, Healed Unified Freeing Of All Good Potentials To Play And Interplay, Heal, Creation, Heal Healers And Create/Co Create All Empowerfully, Selflessly Perpetuating, Selflessly Sufficient, Multidimensionally, Energetically Enhancing All And Everything With Limitless Multi Frequency Gratitudinous Familial Grace, Love, Respect, Fun Reverence
    Happy New Present Moment

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