Is Psychic Surgery Real? Watch These Unbelievable Videos

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By Michelle Walling |

Alternative healing is not new, as shamans across the globe have been healing people with spells, herbs, and psychic surgery way before our sprawling medical hospitals were built. Psychic surgery is a pseudoscientific procedure typically involving the alleged creation of an incision using only the bare hands, the removal of pathological matter, and the spontaneous healing of the incision.

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Psychic surgery has been found to exist in the Philippines, South America, the U.K., and Brazil, and probably many remote places without traditional hospitals that would not make it on the 5 o’clock news. The patients are fully awake and are in no pain whatsoever, and they seem to be in an overly relaxed state of being.

Seeing is believing

Everything is energy, and the knowledge of this opens the mind up to learning ways to manipulate your frequency and the frequency of everything around you. Psychic surgery uses the knowledge that the body is actually energy vibrating at a certain frequency, and the mind is the only barrier to manipulating its physiological form. In these surgeries, hands go inside the body and objects are pulled out and the incision is healed instantly after the surgery with no scars.

The mind has never seen these things in our lifetime. We should be able to put ourselves in a frequency that would be able to walk through walls, but unless we knowthat we can, it will never happen.

The videos

If you are sensitive to the sight of blood or seeing things being pulled out of people, you may not want to watch these!

The first video that got my attention was this one, which looks to be from the 80’s or so.

I decided to fond more examples of psychic surgery and found than interesting short documentary from Aaron Cisneros, who had a thyroid problem. He visited a psychic surgeon in Baguio in the Philippines.

“Brother Laurence Cacten” performed the psychic surgery, and he is a well known in the Philippines for his abilities.

This video is quite realistic as it shows an “incision” made in the abdomen, but then the surgeon goes straight for the heart to pull out some blocked material:

In this video, the “laying on of hands” and energy manipulation was also used after the small psychic surgeries on the abdomen and knees:

The prayer song was included at the end. Chanting, singing, music, and ohming always seem to be used in one way or another in these surgeries.

In this video, the onlookers ohm while the psychic surgeon uses what is termed “black magic” to meticulously pull what looks to me several feet of plastic out of a woman’s abdomen. You can clearly see one of his hands diving below the skin.

I noticed in the above video that the surgeon wore a beautiful white linen shirt, and the assistants were dressed in white too, probably as a part of the ceremonial attribute of purity. They did a good job of not making a mess with the blood!

Religious implications

In most of the videos, there are pictures of Jesus on the walls and the first video even pans directly to the Jesus picture for a few seconds as an implication that Jesus is doing the work through the psychic healer.

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Perhaps the true interpretation of the Jesus reference is that all of us have access to the Christ Consciousness and the abilities to manipulate the frequency of energy, including the ability to see and remove energy imbalances psychically in the body. One thing is very clear, the Source energy that does the magic does not care if you are highly religious or not. As long as you are able to tap into it and use it for the right reasons, it is always there and abundant.


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40 Reader Comments

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  1.' Giresh Thani says:

    Smh. I could perform the so called “psychic surgery” w/out even being on the same soil as You. So of course it’s possible? You want a lil’ pc.’a’surgery?

  2.' Giresh Thani says:

    Seems like psychotic psychic surgery tho! I don’t need to cut shit open! ‘S sick that shit that I glimpsed for a sec. Is Michelle Walling You?

  3.' Heavenly Deen says:

    is happening .

  4.' Mark David Harris says:


  5.' Frank Soutar says:


  6.' Maria Victoria Cabrera says:

    “You don’t see faith healers working in hospitals for the same reason you don’t see psychics winning the lottery”

  7.' Kachi Ojum says:

    It’s possible because man is not only flesh and blood but also a spirit.

  8.' Giresh Thani says:

    This’ not about showin’ off tho Michelle. I’ll perform a measure of surgery only because I can unperform the same for now. My reason for unperforming’d be simple, if even therein the name of love, You would start a war owing to what You learnt, I wouldn’t be the originating force of that. So probably You might wanna confirm that You’re willing to have a “space” “cleared” 1st, n’then experience the absence of the clearing again. It could also serve to inspire You thereafter to seek that clarity for Yourself however, which’d not be a bad thing My Dear. So kindly aware Me. I notice tho that You were unable to speak to Me directly, i.e. to be personal. I understand the meaning of that as well … & it is a mistaken meaning on Your part. ’tis rooted in fear, not love.

  9.' Giresh Thani says:

    Per chance You don’t fear those You associate w/. But surely You fear what You not know of. But the better safe than sorry vybe’s acceptable, n’understandable as well; however the truth’s that 1’s not always better safe than sorry, but You’d likely not understand @ this time.

  10.' Giresh Thani says:

    But actually Michelle, You already sum surgery everyday now tho, so gonna hold off fa’now. ‘S not psychic that daily tho, but … lettin’ it rest there fa’now.

  11.' Se Purcell says:

    This sit was debunked 40 years ago on the bbc

  12.' Isabel Van Kuijk says:


  13.' Lynne Whittaker says:

    Trish Buckmaster

  14.' Pedro Subero says:

    Pen and Teller will make millions doing this.

  15.' Anna Lloyd says:

    Yes,seen it, holistic,works

  16.' Drew Northcutt says:

    If you believe this is real then pm me …I have some magic beans for sale

  17.' Patricia Anne Morgan says:

    This stuff was proven fake ages ago. It’s why they hold their hands to obscure the “surgery” they’re supposedly doing.

  18.' Terri Strong says:

    It’s fraud.

  19.' Paul Ailincai says:

    I believe Wayne Dyer underwent a remote version of this about 6-7 years back treating his leukemia.

  20.' Leah Di says:

    Thats kinda scary

  21.' Sherri Burkett says:

    Didn’t work for Wayne dyer. Just sayin.

    •' Jed says:

      Actually the cancer Dyer had at the time went into remission following his work with John of God in Brazil – John of God is a real medium who does do some incisions for those who wish to see something tangible to believe, but mostly works with people energetically. I personally know people who have worked with John of God… I do energy healing myself but work in the aura, not the physical body. Wayne Dyer passed about 4 years after seeing John of God, from sudden heart failure, so one could say that the psychic healing may have helped give him a few more years with health and an active routine in this lifetime. Some of the psychic surgeons shown in videos may very well be fakes but the genuine phenomenon does exist.

  22.' Jarrett LaPointe says:

    Some of the stuff this page posts seems cool and legit, then it goes and does this shit.

  23.' Adam Wells says:

    Better off smoking a joint…just sayin…

  24.' Misty Ayla says:

    what if the poeple that proves this was fake, were the big corporations or big pharma not wanting people to believe this was real otherwise they would lose money.. just saying

  25.' Chloe Gray says:

    Rhianna Ramon

  26.' Heather Moore says:

    Jecobie Roberts I’d love to hear your opinion! I know the mind is powerful, but as a nurse for over 10 years science has me skeptic!

    •' Jecobie Roberts says:

      I’ve met a couple of women who were very intelligent down in Houston years ago that worked with him for a famous Psychic healer for years and swear by him. they say they saw him pull him pull out tumors etc. As I get older there is one thing I know to be true…..we really don’t know anything. LOL So of course there could be some of this thats real. Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    •' Heather Moore says:

      Jecobie Roberts thank you! I LOVE possibility! ?

    •' Jecobie Roberts says:

      Anything is possible. Folks that are so convinced they know whats real and whats not have a lot to learn. There are so many more possibilties to humanity and to the world. The only limitations we experience are self imposed and taught. The potential of all of us is way beyond our imagination.

  27.' Kerry Begin says:

    Stop already

  28.' Hassam Alvi says:

    it was real 3 members of my family had this operation in early 80’s

  29.' Mathuzilla Farmonacci says:

    Don’t be dumb.

  30.' Rachel Hubbard says:

    ?? Tara Scruse

  31.' Shawn Fessenden says:

    LOL no it’s fake. Anybody who believes one can pull something out of the body without making a hole is a complete retard.

  32.' Eric Williams says:

    It is an absurd sham.

  33.' John Meléndez says:

    There is an accounting of this in one of Carlos Castaneda’s colleague’s books, I forget which one it is. Basically there was a Healer in a room with many witnesses, one of them was the writer of the book, actually not Carlos Castaneda but perhaps one of his apprentices, and this person witnessed a healing whereby the shaman removed the person’s liver and washed it, and then replaced it. Thereafter, the person became much better afterwards.

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