Proving Revolution Has Roots, Vast Majority of Dems Back Major Sanders Role

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At a press conference in Burlington, Vermont on Sunday, Sanders called for a "50-state strategy to revitalize American democracy at the local, state and federal level." (Screenshot)

At a press conference in Burlington, Vermont on Sunday, Sanders called for a “50-state strategy to revitalize American democracy at the local, state and federal level.” (Screenshot)

By Deirdre Fulton | Common Dreams

Reflecting widespread support for his progressive campaign proposals, more than three-quarters of Democrats say presidential candidate Bernie Sanders should have a “major role” in shaping the party’s positions, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll released Sunday.

The survey was conducted June 7-10—right after Hillary Clinton became the presumptive Democratic nominee—and also found a full two-thirds in support of Clinton picking Sanders as her vice-presidential running mate. Sanders himself dismissed that idea as “very unlikely” in an interview on Sunday.

“In primary after primary and state after state, we have received by significant margins the support of young people, which tells me that our vision is in fact that vision of the United States.”
—Bernie Sanders

Bolstered by millions of votes, record campaigncontributions, and the support of close to 1,900 delegates, Sanders has said he intends to push for a bold progressive agenda ahead of and during the Democratic National Convention in July.

On Sunday, after an “exciting and productive” meeting with a handful of his closest supporters, Sanders said, “We are taking this campaign and our ideas for a strong platform to transform the Democratic Party away from a party that spends far too much time raising money for wealthy people into a party which represents the grassroots of this country.”

He reminded reporters that “election days come and go but political revolutions are not dependent on election days,” and expressed pride that “in primary after primary and state after state, we have received by significant margins the support of young people, which tells me that our vision is in fact that vision of the United States.”

To that end, Sanders said, “What we need is a 50-state strategy, which engages people, young people, working people to stand up and run for school board, to run for city council, to run for state legislature, to revitalize American democracy at the local, state and federal level. Demand that government starts listening to ordinary people rather than campaign contributors.”

Watch his full remarks below:

Two-thirds of respondents to the Reuters/Ipsos poll also said Sanders should endorse Clinton.

The rival candidates are meeting in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday evening, after the district holds the final primary of the nominating season.

“We will be chatting about her campaign,” Sanders said Sunday on NBC‘s “Meet the Press.”

“I simply want to get a sense of what kind of platform she will be supporting, whether she will be vigorous in standing up for working families and the middle class, moving aggressively in climate change, healthcare for all, making public colleges and universities tuition-free,” he said. “And after we have that kind of discussion and after we can determine whether or not we are going to have a strong and progressive platform, I will be able to make other decisions.”

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23 Reader Comments

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  1. Andi Xhezo Andi Xhezo says:

    Caught between a rock and a hard place! What a fraud! At least Hillary doesn’t pretend that people like her.

  2. Senator Sanders you have my vote, my respect , my admiration and all my support in anything you do, but do not waste your energy and the support of so many people who voted for you not the Democratic party. It is true that after reading some of the progressive news I am convince that you have to stay in the Democratic Party all the way to the convention to state your claim of victory over Hilary, even though those democrats party people are behind the crooked Hilary, and she will get in indicted by the FBI . Hilary violated the law ,plain and simple. Hilary destroy evidence from the black berry phone and her server at home. You won the primary plain and simple. You won California but only your votes were not included by the racketeering evidence law suit. You won the election in Ca and NY. StY in the race until you win.

  3. Go away Sanders your done.

  4. No, I do not–he’s too old to handle this pressure!

  5. He will have a job–count on it! LIKE A. LINCOLN directed!!

  6. Do I think Sanders should have a major role in shaping the Democratic Party?
    A big and laud. NNNOOOOO
    Senator Sanders do not owe the Democratic Party anything. To the reverse the Democratic Party owe Senator Sanders a great deal .Senator Sanders brought more than 30 millions of new members and voters to the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party instead of appreciating a new fresh of breath of air coming to the democratic party by the presence of Senator Sanders .They just got full of envy to see an ocean of people listening Bernie speak , the Senator Bernie Sanders speeches attracted a minimum of 60,000 of people hearing Senator Sanders Speak, while the Hilary speeches amounts to less than a few hundred. The Democratic Party through all these years of the its existence the Democratic Party officials and politician had being so consumed in corruption that they forgot that people exist and had ignore our basic needs and that the government exist for the service of the people . Public servants is exactly who they are , but instead Hilary Clinton use government jobs for the benefit to laundry the money that she gets in the name of fund raising campaign money, And also the Hilary Clinton use the government jobs to make personal business deals, with the money contributors donating millions to the so call “Clinton foundation ” the people drop their millions on their foundation as a pay off to get government jobs, favors, business, jobs, like this guy that Hilary gave a job in the government and was force to resign so that Hillary and himself wouldn’t get into trouble , we know he got hired because he paid $5,millions to get that job because he had no experience for obtaining the job. And he had to resign because PBS News was investigating him and they were asking him questions and he got afraid and had to resign. I do not know if he was able to get his money back from Hilary or ,if the man made another deal with another job from Hilary ??? Later on when everything has quiet down. Hilary keeps on making money deals with the foreign treaties,she gets millions from Russia , China,etc etc etc. The real question is
    Why isn’t The FBI investigating all of this irregularities of abundance of money why is Hilary getting this river of money. Now ,we know people pay for their government jobs, but what about the foreign trade deals money? The big money coming from China Russia, business deals etc etc. The FBI should start an investigation against Hilary Clinton, Bill Clinton,her husband, their corrupted foundation, and suspicious big campaigns contributors and the money flow ???? It is time to truly investigate all of the Hilary’s crooked deals. What about the emails raised by Hilary and her obstruction of justice and the FBI investigation??? She is so stupid and Ignorant about technology that she thinks that by dr raising the messages she had scape from being prosecuted from committing a crime .
    Please Democratic Party save the country from embarrassment and remember what happen to President Nixon??? he got impeached , Hillary will get charge with the crime of obstruction of justice, and putting our national security in danger, and violating national security regulation plus any other crime that they will find in your emails. Why I wonder the democratic insist in supporting crooked Hilary and not a clean , honest, brilliant ,intelligent, with high moral integrity in business, profession, political,personal presidential candidate as Senator Bernie Sanders????????? The question better would be ,what are they afraid of ????? May be there is more corruptions that we are not aware of , and every body is involved including the president and bi president???!!!!????!?!! Something sinister is boiling around all of those people that they do not want the people to know. ?????? We know about the the DNC and vote racketeering law suit. So the Democratic Party and all the elected politicians has form a formidable amount of conspiracy to protect Hilary Clinton and at the same time they are protecting them selfs ?????? This is tangle up of sinister things around Hilary , truly there is a lot more that we do not know about and the FBI should investigate. What is behind all of those crooked people?????

  7. Carol Webb Carol Webb says:

    Hell no!! He’s as nasty as hilary and obumma!!! This country can not take any more idiots like him!!!!! Bringing in immigrants, illegals, muslims then expect us Law Abiding Citizens to give up our guns, our rights to defend ourselves, our families, our neighbors. Your “GUN FREE ZONES” are Proof you people are simply setting us up to DIE… WHILE YOU ALL HAVE ARMED BODY GAURDS…. FUK YOU!!!

  8. He the only choice there is no other unless you want to be a part of the crookedness .

  9. Duh! Of course, Sanders is our next President. Media, and corporate big business has planned this blackout from the jump.

  10. His experience and beliefs would be as asset.

  11. I think Trump just gave himself a big boost by the fals flag Orlando shootings….

  12. run as an Independent… them that the people control who is in the Oval Office !!!!

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