Here’s Proof That the U.S. Government Wanted ISIS To Emerge In Syria

Posted by on November 21, 2015 in Government, Military, Politics, Spying and Surveillance with 43 Comments


Source: Ben Swann

There is so much debate over how the U.S. and other nations will stop ISIS but can these leaders be trusted? Ben Swann exposes secret DOD documents that prove the U.S. wanted ISIS to emerge in Syria.


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43 Reader Comments

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  1.' Damon Case says:

    We cant trust them to do shit. Its all fake. You watch it on tv and its a obvious plan with fake speaches, fake candidates for the next rigged election. They spy on us but cant find these guys. Bullshit. The government knows things about us that are impossible to know which I have seen for a fact with my own eyes. Yet they cant find these guys and key figures when they need to? Yeah right. I love what America is suppose to be and the people but seriously , government is the real traitors. We don’t need anarchy but we could use the end of societies running our shit.

  2.' Nina Ware says:

    I trust Anonymous! lol They are declaring war on ISIS online shutting down communication & recruitment digitally etc.! I <3 These Digital Hackers For Justice!

  3.' Mark Mitchell says:

    ISIS = CIA.

  4.' Ray Swanton-Baxter says:

    None of the government can be trusted in anything if they can kill anybody they want or lock who ever they like up or put who ever they like in the media an say they are responsible for murder and so on an on an on an on an on an on
    It’s bullshit the lot of it, let’s take down every government there is and start with some real life not for the few but for us all !!!!

  5.' Jac Brighton says:


  6.' Ian Cremin says:

    It’s so bloody obvious what’s going on, unless you have your head in the sand.

  7.' Tony Godwin Jr. says:

    The US wanted to bomb syria.. nobody else wanted too.. so this is how they got other countries to do so.. it’s all a fucking game to these people.. wake up.

  8.' Dan Walper says:

    Great opportunity for the world to work as one.

  9.' Greg McPhee says:

    This is interesting that Ben Swann is on CBS saying this? They let him say this on the air?

  10.' Volkan Yazar says:

    Accurate news.. Say something we don’t know

  11.' Erik Albert says:

    All these motherfuckers you vote for have created conflicts and wars on a daily basis, since WWII. Are you fucking insane? Get rid of them. All of them.

  12.' Bryan Weaver says:

    I believe that the U.S. created this problem; Assad said as much. Our interventionist foreign policies go too far and America has been short-sighted. Some nations are dictatorships (fascist and socialist). It is none of our business. The U.S. is a capitalistic and democratic republic. If other nations wish to emulate us, fine; but it is not for us to intervene in the affairs of other nation states. We have some blame to take and some explaining to do but–even still–we must defend ourselves and our nation for our nation seeks to protect us. Laissez faire.

  13.' Jacqueline Lawrence says:

    Wow, and finally one source is slightly talking what foreign news have been saying all along. Media in the US stinks, nothing but talking heads, all thanks to revoking the “Fairness Doctrine” in 1987.

  14.' Ronald Pye says:

    Seems the only person we can trust is putin

  15.' Cory Berg says:

    They censoring, won’t let me play it

  16.' Russ Ridlington says:

    Anyone who trusts our government is a fool. looks like we got a lot of fools in this here country

  17.' David Laui says:

    It’s all a game of money and power.its the same game with a different name. Gulf War, war on terror etc blablabla and so forth. Rothschild, federal reserve, presidents, corporations, c.i.a, israel, america, media they’re all in on it. So if you can’t beat’em, join’en not a bad idea considering nothing has improved , but only getting worse.

  18.' Ahmad Hussain says:

    STOP THE WAR. Stop the hate.

    Are you afraid of ISIS? You should be.
    How did you feel after 9/11 and Paris? Bad, I’m sure. The 9/11 attacks have cause a lot of pain that hasn’t gone away after all this time. Now multiply the pain of 9/11 by about 6,000 and imagine an attack on US soil every day for 15 years. That is how long the US and its allies have been bombing the Middle East. When we go there, we call it war and it is entertainment on CNN and Fox News. When they come here, we call it terrorism. And yet, what we have done is so much worse than what they ever can do to us.

    Do you really expect when we bomb a country for 4 years, that there would be no reaction? It’s called resistance. During WW2, we considered resistance fighters heroes. Now that we are the aggressors, we call them terrorists. The US is doing in the Middle East what Hitler did first in Poland and later in the rest of Europe: unjustified brutal invasion, occupation, massive destruction of life and property, in other words, a reign of terror. Just like Nazi Germany, the majority of the population seems to be OK with that. The only difference with Hitler is that the US does it over and over again on a vastly greater scale and always against much weaker enemies. What heroes we are.

    Yes the threat of ISIS is severe. Have no doubt. The people who do this think their actions are so just that they are willing to die for their cause, just like the French Maquis was willing to free their country from their oppressor.

    Yes we are at war, a war we have started and continued for greed. Make no mistake, this is an unjust war where we are the greedy invaders and vile oppressors and they are the heroic resistance. We reap what we have sown: violence.

    And still the only answer we can think of is more war. More war is not the answer. Our unjust war is the cause. Violence begets violence, and more violence will only beget more violence. And because America insists on destabilizing countries all over the world, the resistance is spreading as well.

    Why is it so easy for ISIS to recruit people all over the world, even within the USA? Because our war is an unjust war of greed and oppression and oppression creates resistance. Please don’t bother speaking to me about ‘protecting human rights’ as the justification for those wars, when the US has dark prisons all over the world where people get tortured for years; when the US imprisons whistle blowers who report widespread violations of law by our own government; when the US invades and occupies foreign countries and US assassins have boots on the ground in 147 countries; or when our greatest allies Saudi Arabia and Israel commit wholesale genocide with active military support from the US.

    I ask you: Look at what we are doing in the world, and compare it to Nazi Germany. We invade, occupy and oppress for greed. Their oil does not belong to us. Their government is not our place to intervene in.

    How would you feel if another country invaded and destroyed US? Would you not tell yourself that resistance is justified? Or would you collaborate with the invader and call the resistance fighters terrorists?

    I understand resistance against oppression. However, more importantly, I understand that WE have created ISIS and its resistance against our oppression. I do not agree with the methods ISIS uses, but I also do not agree with the US (and allies) invasion, destruction and oppression of foreign countries for greed and political gain.

    Stop the unjust war.

  19.' Rosanna Barbaro Caruso says:

    Yeah I knew it. I wrote something a week before the attacks in France. No one was backing Obama in America to go after Syria. So suddenly he gets an excuse?. Hey im scared they will kill me if i state how i feel, thats what the CIA have done to others who spoke out. Lucky i don’t know much, but we are not fools. The US is going broke, maybe they need the land?, or something else?. Who knows with these people. People on U-tube have made alot of accussations that make sense. One being that Bush was the cause of 9/11 and that the CIA funded ISIS with weapons?. They are all part of the conspiracy theory connected to the Rothmans Child project and illumanatti clan, who want one power to rule the world. To become a socialist world where we all have no rights. Yeah i think they are all evil and can’t be trusted.

    •' Stacy Ann says:

      There was something on CNN tonite that was talking abt how the US founded the ISis… And if u YouTube jessy venture conspiracy theory on illuminati u will c how the US are getting ready for the new world order.. You are rite they can’t be trusted..

    •' Rosanna Barbaro Caruso says:

      Thank you. I will definately watch it.

    •' Tony Godwin Jr. says:

      These are the days of our lives. The more thought we feed the beast.. the more massive it becomes. Choose words and your time here wisely. Do something to benefit.

    •' Rosanna Barbaro Caruso says:

      Hey T G jr., i hate to break it to you, but whether i use my time on here wisely or not, really has nothing to do with feeding a beast. World war three is in motion and exposing culprets may or may not stop this bloody war?” we all want answers cause it affects all of our lives. So if i choose to air my feelings, thats my choice as we have children growing up in this world and its not nice to see that this world maybe going to shit. Thanks for ur mssge.

    •' Rosanna Barbaro Caruso says:

      At least we will know who to blame in the end, instead of blaming the wrong people. Actually, the way I see it, is you asking us to turn a blind eye to whats going on, maybe seen as suspicious or that u need to to go spend ur time wisely instead of firing me up, which causes negative energy and doesn’t make us feel good about being real on here. We need to be realistic rather than have people on here dictate to us, what we should be doing with our time. How much time will we have left?, if someone decides to use deadly nuclear bombs?. Of course people should speak out, maybe those high up will realize they have been caught out and need to stop these vicious attacks on countries. U fed the beast tonight, so deal with it.

  20.' Don Weir says:

    trust our leaders??

  21.' Jasmine Leigh says:

    The Muslim brotherhood was exiled out of Syria by former president Hafez al-Assad. The Muslim Brotherhood wants current Syrian president Bashar al-Assad out of Syria just like they wanted Muammar Gaddafi out of Libya (the latter being a success for them with Obama’s help). Why do you think our government was smuggling weapons into Libya and why do you think Benghazi happened the way it did? Barack Obama is doing the bidding of the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama’s link to the Muslim Brotherhood is known and documented (albeit not discussed in most western and certainly not American media) and his half-brother Malik Obama’s position in it is also not hard to look up. Obama has their marching orders and was doing decently well until Putin stepped in. Below is just one random article I picked but everyone should be doing research on this, certainly if you are American. The more you read, the more you realize that everything we are doing and all of the infighting is interconnected, right down to these poor refugees that are being used as pawns by terrorists, economic migrants, and politicians alike. Do a little reading and you’ll find you why our president has done the things he has done and is acting in a way that baffles most when it comes to ISIS, Syria, and Iraq. Now you can stop asking yourself why Obama is upset that Putin is involved in Syria when we should be thanking Putin for taking on ISIS. So despite the fact that we have deployed so much money to the middle east to build up their economies and build infrastructure that the $8 billion initial cost + $4 billion a year Obama wants to spend to bring a couple thousand refugees to the US is a drop in the bucket, building infrastructure for these people near Syria or in Assad’s territory is off the table. Why? We are heavily involved in building infrastructure in the middle east and could easily do it but governments insist on dispersing these poor people around the world. These refugees could have new housing, new schools, new mosques, new hospitals, and more and the building of these things would bring much needed jobs to the area and they wouldn’t need to be shipped around the world at all. This is all heart-strings pulling propaganda and these poor refugees are pawns, here to make you feel like a horrible human for not engaging your western arrogance to think that we can just fix the world by making westerners out of everyone.

  22.' Thomas Chenhall says:

    The US government / CIA dictatorship created ISIS for the same reasons Hitler created the alien androids.

    They wanted to make a boogeyman.

  23.' Laurie Sutcliffe says:

    Isis was created by the US Government ffs!!! Why are they still pretending we don’t know??!

  24.' Andrea Blum says:

    It all lost! We are puppet! We can only enjoy the show .. That ‘s how powerful we are !!

  25.' Robert James Rawlings says:

    The powers that be want Syria to have a centralized bank… Class dismissed

  26.' Howard H. Waller Jr. says:


    We hear all the time from self-proclaimed moderates that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam, and terrorists are simply misunderstanding the Quran. However, to undeniably clear up confusion once and for all, one must simply look at what the Islamic Prophet Muhammad did during his lifetime to see exactly how Muslims are meant to behave.

    No one, not “moderate” Muslims, liberal apologists, or even imams have the right to define what it means to be a “good” Muslim. Good is in the eye of the beholder, and the beholder is Allah, as regurgitated by Muhammad.

    In the Quran, Allah indisputably defines that a Muslim is one who “fights with their wealth and lives against the unbelievers.” He adds that those who peacefully “sit at home” and do not fight are not equal to his jihadists, and they will receive no reward in the afterlife.

    But what does it mean? Are the mujahideen of ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Boko Haram practicing true Islam, or are the seemingly violent verses meant to be taken metaphorically? To find out, we must look at how Muhammad, the only being Allah commanded followers to emulate, walked out is faith.

    If anyone has any doubt of these claims, links with references are provided in each section.

    There are countless verses in the Quran that justify the rape not only of Muslims own wives, but of captive women who were already married, as well as children of non-Muslims. Looking at Muhammad, we see this practice in full effect.

    According to the Hadith, 57-year-old Muhammad ordered the death of 17-year-old Saffiya’s husband, father, and brother, before taking her to his tent where he raped her. She was considered the “booty of war” Allah promised.

    Another passage tells of Muhammad’s rape of Rayhana, a married Jewess of the Banu Qurayza tribe. After slaughtering all the men and some of the children, Muhammad saw how beautiful Rayhana was, and ordered his jihadists to bring her to his tent. Immediately after beheading her husband and family, he raped her.


    Muhammad violated a peace treaty he had with the Jewish Banu Qurayza tribe. After ambushing the peaceful Jews, Muhammad ordered the beheading of all the men, young boys, and at least one woman. Muhammad is said to have personally participated, beheading some of the 500-900 men and children in a large trench by his own sword. The women and living children were taken as sex slaves for Muhammad and his men.

    Although Rayhana and Saffiya were taken by force as Muhammad’s sex slaves, the perverted prophet had many others who he traded and presented as gifts. When his men approached him with guilt about getting their captives pregnant, Muhammad answered, “It doesn’t matter if you do it or not, for every soul that is to be born will be born.”

    The Quran also reminds Muslim men that sex slavery is justified:

    “The believers must win through, those who humble themselves in their prayers; who avoid vain talk; who are active in deeds of charity; who abstain from sex, except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or those whom their right hands possess, for they are free from blame.” (Qur’an 23:1-6)

    Aside from sex slaves, Muhammad owned and traded a number of his slaves, including black Africans, whom he insulted with racial slurs. Even though he had the power to be a powerful abolitionist, his words and actions justify the world’s largest religious slave market today.

    To this day, over 14 million blacks remain slaves to Muslim masters emulating their prophet. Ironically, they are also the largest ethnic group converting to Islam.


    Without any proof, Muhammad claimed that Allah had given Aisha, the 6-year-old daughter of his companion, to him for marriage in a dream. After coercing the father, Muhammad married the little girl, but because she was very ill, he waited until she was 9 to have sex with her. Still, this didn’t stop him from molesting her before her 9th birthday. From her own words, the “mother of the believers” confirms her own rape:

    “Narrated Aisha that the prophet wrote the marriage contract with her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old. Hisham said: ‘I have been informed that Aisha remained with the prophet for nine years (i.e. till his death).’” (Bukhari 7.65)

    Even though Muhammad waited three years until Aisha was 9 to consummate his marriage, she was still a little girl when the 53-year-old prophet raped her.

    The Hadith reveals prophet hated homosexuals, and made it known that they should die in gruesome ways. Just as ISIS has modeled, Muhammad ordered homosexuals to be stoned to death, and both the “doer and receiver” are to be killed.

    Muhammad’s successor, Abu Bakr, ordered that gays should be burned to death. Muhammad’s first cousin, Ibn Abbas, preferred that “the sodomite should be thrown from the highest building in the town and then stoned.” We now see that ISIS didn’t come up with these ideas on its own, but took them directly from the prophet and his companions.


    Muhammad had a short temper, especially when it came to those insulting him. The tyrannical prophet ordered men, women, and even children to death for making fun of him, disrespecting him, and protesting against his reign of terror.

    He had an affinity for poets in particular, ordering the deaths of 13 poets and song writers, which included at least 7 women and children, among countless others.

    The peaceful Muslims who shriek about ISIS violating Islam are actually the hypocrites who Allah warned would enter hell for being friends with Christians and Jews. They are considered by Allah and Muhammad to be the real extremists and radicals, misunderstanding jihad and refusing to make war with infidels.

  27.' Darren Walshe says:

    If the us had left the Muslim States alone in the first place this would not be happening but greed is an awful thing

  28.' Suzan Clark says:

    This is only proof of not being able to read documents

  29.' Jessica Cherry says:

    John Pedrick

  30.' Mark Justien says:

    For evil lesser israhell

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