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Predictable and Deplorable: Over Half of US Governors Vow to Slam Door on Refugees

Posted by on November 18, 2015 in Government, Policies, Politics with 227 Comments
A Syrian woman holds her baby after their arrival on a small boat from the Turkish coast on the northeastern Greek island of Lesbos Monday, Nov. 16, 2015. (Photo: AP/Santi Palacios)

A Syrian woman holds her baby after their arrival on a small boat from the Turkish coast on the northeastern Greek island of Lesbos Monday, Nov. 16, 2015. (Photo: AP/Santi Palacios)

By Lauren McCauley | Common Dreams


As of Tuesday morning, governors from more than half of the U.S. states said they oppose the resettlement of Syrian refugees within their borders. The 27 states are: Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Arizona, Florida, Ohio, Maine, Mississippi, Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, and Michigan.

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In what appears to be a textbook case of xenophobia and political fearmongering in the wake of a tragedy, more than a dozen U.S. governors have declared their states off-limits to Syrian refugees in the days following Friday's terror attacks in Paris.

The leaders of Wisconsin, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Arizona, Florida, Ohio, Maine, Mississippi, Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Texas, and Arkansas on Monday all pledged to stop or oppose any additional Syrian refugees from resettling in their states, following announcements made by the governors of Alabama and Michigan on Sunday.

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan was the first Democratic governor to join her Republican counterparts.

In a statement Monday, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the country's largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization, decried the rolling announcements as “un-American,” saying those who reject refugees are allowing fear to overrun national ideals.

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“This un-American rejection of refugees, who will face significant security checks prior to entry, sends entirely the wrong message,” CAIR said. “Governors who reject those fleeing war and persecution abandon our ideals and instead project our fears to the world.”

Responding to news that Michigan Governor Dan Snyder would rescind his previous commitment to accept Syrian refugees into his state, Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan declared: “This type of behavior is the exact cowardice and capitulation that the terrorists seek to force out of our elected leaders. Instead of stoking the fear that drives his party to a frenzy, Gov. Snyder should do the right thing and show Michiganders that we’re a state that will accept responsibility as global citizens to do our part to help people in crisis and that we can do that in a way that is both safe and responsible.”

Similarly, the ACLU of Florida issued a statement denouncing Governor Rick Scott for “blaming Syrian refugees for the very violence they are escaping.”

“We mourn those lost in the horrific attacks in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad, and wish to express our condolences, grief and condemnation,” the ACLU continued. “However, we must also warn against what we have often seen since 9/11: the impulse in the wake of a terrorist attack to overreact and curtail the freedoms that make our country great.”

In response to the prospects of a similar backlash in Europe, the UK-based refugee councilsaid on Monday, “The world was moved by the response of Parisians who rallied round to help each other—opening their doors to people fleeing the murderous attacks. We should follow this example by offering safety to others who need it. We cannot leave refugees fleeing to Europe from these very same terrorists without safe haven.”

“We cannot use these deplorable events as an excuse to turn our backs on vulnerable refugees; compromising our most cherished values in the face of terror,” the statement continued. “We cannot let them divide us. We cannot let hatred and fear win.”

The windfall of anti-refugee sentiment came as U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday announced that the recent terror attacks would not change his plan to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees.

“The people who are fleeing Syria are the most harmed by terrorism; they are the most vulnerable as a consequence of civil war and strife,” Obama declared at the close of the G20 summit in Turkey. “We do not close our hearts to these victims of such violence and somehow start equating the issue of refugees with the issue of terrorism.”

“We don’t have religious tests to our compassion,” he added.

In a letter sent to Obama on Tuesday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott specifically urged him to abandon this plan. “Neither you nor any federal official can guarantee that Syrian refugees will not be part of any terroristic activity,” Abbott stated. “As such, opening our door to them irresponsibly exposes our fellow Americans to unacceptable peril.”

Predictably, the move to close U.S. borders is being championed by Republican presidential candidates, including Ben Carson, Ohio Governor John Kasich, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who on Sunday said U.S. resettlement efforts should focus on Christian refugees.

Not to be outdone, Senator Rand Paul on Monday said he would introduce a bill to put an immediate moratorium on U.S. visas for refugees “as well as others from obtaining visas to immigrate, visit, or study in the U.S. from about 30 countries that have significant jihadist movements.” Paul told reporters in a press call that the legislation would be paid for “with a special tax on arms sales to any of these countries.”

Despite the political bombast, legal experts are questioning whether such restrictions can even be made by state officials. According to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the case ofHines v. Davidowitz, “the supremacy of the national power in the general field of foreign affairs, including power over immigration, naturalization and deportation, is made clear by the Constitution.”

Or as Jen Smyers, associate director for immigration and refugee policy at the Church World Service, told Mother Jones, “There are really clear discrimination protections against saying someone can't be in your state depending on where you're from.”

However, as journalist Glenn Greenwald noted in this tongue-in-cheek Biblical reference, elected officials claim to take their directions from a higher moral authority.

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  1.' Sue Glessing McDiarmid says:


  2.' Mary St Onge Cope says:

    So terribly wrong.

  3.' Joseph Torres says:

    your cat’s face is disgusting

  4.' Ylonda Weddle Mooty says:

    It’s justified because the residents of those states have demanded it based on what they were instructed to do by social media AND the state of the economy at present.

  5.' Mark Mitchell says:

    MORONS !

  6.' Allison Latronica Minugh says:

    It is if the refugees cannot be vetted.

    •' Kristina Cahill says:

      They actually cannot. There is no database to compare information to. None. So the “vetting” is just asking questions…which they don’t have to tell the truth on. They can even create a new name.

  7.' Jane Elizabeth Flanders says:

    Fear is a powerful force.

  8.' Kyle R Johnson says:

    Bring them into the country and have them start walking near major roadways. People will get the picture.

  9.' Steven Devlin says:

    Typical Fish tanks.. Travel around the world bombing raping and pillaging democracy into every country they can, then wonder why then, the same people want to go see this great democracy for themselves….

    Mohammed wept.

  10.' Brent Austin says:

    False acusation is a powerful force also, refuges dont include women an children ,it is an invading force

  11.' Julianne Zimmerman says:

    Yes, the state of the economy is what concerns me. Aren’t we a trillion and a half in debt during O’s reign?

  12.' Maurice Wendo says:

    “TERRORISM” should not be imported by the americans by all means!

  13.' Judy Haberek says:

    Good, about time!

  14.' Lexie Peterson Ulubiyo says:

    Absolutely. Without a system our freedoms and way of life are at stake and that should not be takem lightly.

  15.' Denise Baker says:

    The “process” takes time like “everything” regarding gov. Learn for yourself:

  16.' Robin Aldridge says:

    Why don’t peaceful Muslims take them into there home??
    Doesn’t have to pay for them.

  17.' Katherine Clay Gibson says:

    Typical..blaming & punishing the victims..the terrorists are winning when we are making choices that go against everything this country stands for & start living in fear..this “war” will be won with courage & strength of character & spirit, not conventional weapons..more hate & violence will not stop hate & violence..only love & peace can do that!-)♡

    •' Damon Case says:

      Sounds nice but when your enemy is a insane barbarian they have to be dealt with with force. I like peace and love too, but not at the cost of being foolish. Would you beg a killer to spare you while you have a gun in your hand? He is gonna kill you, he does not care about peace or loving everyone. He does not care and those types you have to eliminate.

    •' Katherine Clay Gibson says:

      I am not talking about being foolish..OF COURSE there are precautions that make sense to was war that created these people..& it is that war that has killed more innocent people than they have..there is more than enough evidence at this point that war is not the solution to this you point out, there is no rationalizing with a crazy person..but sinking to their level & mimicking their behavior by responding with hatred & violence is not the answer either..this type of black or white thinking is a big part of the problem..there is A LOT of grey area we are completely ignoring because we are reacting out of fear & habit..doing what we have always done will create what has already & always been created..if we want a different result, we must do differently..& that starts by thinking, belief, desire & intention that is based in love & peace..not hate & violence..regarding begging a killer to spare me if I had a gun in my hand? There are many more options than “begging to spare my life” & killing..I believe it’s time we started exploring those options rather than allowing emotion to lead us, once again, to take the same actions that got us here in the first place..there is no benefit in cutting off your nose to spite your face..especially when you have done it so many times, your face is gone!-)♡

    •' Tan H Huynh says:

      Very well said of a few who actually understood the root of the issues instead of blaming and generalizing

    •' Phoenix Boaz says:

      Typical media BS guilt trip! Predictable and deplorable? GOOD! I hope all of the Governors slam the doors. Our cities are slowly turning into 3rd world sh*tholes and we are supposed to be responsible for more people? I would like to know is Lauren McCauley and any of YOU at Conscious Life News taking them in and letting them stay at your office/homes?

    •' Katherine Clay Gibson says:

      Funny you should say that!-) I am currently in the process of figuring out if/how I can sponsor a family..I will GLADLY welcome them into my home & do whatever I can to help them get on their feet..without any hesitation!-) ♡

    •' Paul Mason says:

      So who’s staying at your house? Who do you love?

    •' Katherine Clay Gibson says:

      Don’t know yet..still in process of figuring out logistics, legalities, immigration processes, etc..luckily I know several legal professionals willing to help..want to make sure I follow the letter of the law..I am a woman of action with for who I is unconditional!-)♡

  18.' Amber Anspach Yost says:

    It is justified. How much common sense does it take to look at this situation. ISIS wants to take over then one day all those ‘refugees’ want to go else where for a better life? Really? I’m not convinced that they aren’t lying just to get over here and then say ‘haha screw you’ and start a war in out own country.

  19.' Stuart Kai says:

    Why do we have to flood our broken country with immigrants? Why is it America’s responsibility to help the world? We can’t even help ourselves…. ridiculous… there’s a homeless problem in the US and they want to bring more homeless in. The people running our country are either idiots or deliberately trying to destroy it.

    •' Steven Bate says:

      Its americas responsability coz its there fuckin fault the world is in this situation meanwhile europe takes the brunt of it ,it fuckin stinks .

    •' Stuart Kai says:

      Thanks fara for the history lesson. We are the owners of this country now, so we don’t have to let someone walk on us like the white men did to the natives.

    •' Fara Ali says:

      Your Pension funds get invested in Weapons that bring Violence death misery around the world and bring both refugees and terrorists to your door! Know anything thing about America’s wars around the world? Any idea about Vietnam Cambodia? It’s not just this government which is responsible for your ‘Broken ‘ country!

      This is what you should be stopping!

    •' Julie Long March says:

      I vote for deliberately destroying it from the inside.

    •' Stuart Kai says:

      Ok fara, these facts are obvious to me and have been for a long time. You’re just spouting facts that people should know. But you’re not actually providing a solution for that problem. Plus if you want change, work towards it instead of getting on social media and commenting on my opinion. I’m entitled to my opinion and so are you. I agree that things are messed up with America, but taking on new homeless people when we have our own problem is not the solution to the real problem. The problem is us and our do nothing congress and our over powered executive powers status of our president. Not to mention the money from special interest that runs everything.

    •' Stuart Kai says:

      And I’m not interested in stopping anything. I personally don’t have the power to do anything. I’m focused on my own life. And it’s my opinion that we shouldn’t have more homeless. And it’s your opinion that we should.

    •' Todd Speed says:

      Stuart Kai if you are focusing solely on your own life…..why are you concerned about refugees?

    •' Fara Ali says:

      You’ve said it! I make a difference! I’m an activist and my job is making people aware of situations which make them think broadly and help in bringing about a change!

    •' Todd Speed says:

      And the fact is if you like it or not? You do have the ability to change things!

    •' Todd Speed says:

      Steven Bate to a point I agree and to a point I disagree the American people are no different to anybody else in the world, we all just want that happiness. Unfortunately the people in power would prefer something different. Nobody in this world wants to bury soldier child, nobody wants to be displaced from their home and become a refugee in a foreign land…..far far away from the life before? Or maybe I’m wrong? Please tell me if I am

    •' Stuart Kai says:

      So how are we to change things? Do tell….

    •' Fara Ali says:

      People Power! Lobby your government your state politicians to stop Wars abroad and change their foreign policy. Arm yourself with knowledge! Read up! How was Slavery abolished?

    •' Stuart Kai says:

      Yes knowledge is power…. But you’re still thinking we live in a democratic country…. this country is an oligarchy. Our votes really don’t matter. Each person elected to office, receives campaign money from special interest…. those businesses you showed in your video. They run things. It’s their vote that matters. Our presidents are chosen, not elected…. and to put faith into one person like the president, to change things for us, gives way to dictatorship. Our republic is no more. Our news is tainted. People are more concerned with the Kardashian family than real issues. People need to correct their own lives before they can help others. It’s ludicrous to give when you have nothing…. We must invest in our own lives and our families. Take measures to ensure we have everything we need when things start going wrong.

  20.' Mary Brock says:

    I do NOT want them here

    •' Damon Case says:

      That is in our own country. These people are not from here. Also in the inner city the guns are everywhere and they are not registered or in any system. Definition of a criminal is they brake laws. Criminals Will always get guns, always. Citizens need to protect themselves. Don’t see your point. Situations are clearly different. Those countries would not except us if roles were reversed, guarantee it.

  21.' Stephen Gorak says:

    I find it intresting that,when a bunch of local leaders want to justify disobeying what they feel to be an unjust law,the media screams holy hell,everybody respect his constitutional rights.but when an average citizen disobeys for the same reason,their laughed at,incarcerated,beaten or killed by local law enforcement,judges&even your court apointed attny.i say fire&jail every one of them&call their past pay an overpayment&make them pay it all back freezing their bank accounts,siezing all their assets etc.

  22.' Inez Rekon says:

    I don’t care who judges me. I say stop ALL refugees until our people (our vets..our children!) are taken care of!
    You know…when you get on a plane, and they tell you to get your oxygen first so you can help others?
    Judge away.
    Don’t care one bit.

  23.' Bridget Roosen says:

    Understandable. We gotta protect ourselves.

  24.' Khanh Vu says:

    The best way to catch something is let it come to you…

  25.' Tom Gerencir says:

    Great job governors, keep your states safe all these bleeding hart states can take them and support them.

  26.' Trisha Harley McCarthy says:

    Export these governors!

  27.' Michael P McCafferty says:

    If you examine the flood of “refugees” into the EU, you’ll find the majority are male, of a specific age range. I find that curious and suspicious. If that makes me cautious and xenophobic, it’s with very good reason.

    •' Melissa Ann says:

      That’s what i have been saying. If the EU reports,photos,and vidoes are correct, then it is too scary to allow a flood of young male refugees in. I would say the same regardless of their religion. For me, its more about verifying those reports first, and taking a good look at where are the women,children, and elderly that need help

    •' Todd Speed says:

      Holy fuck! what news do you get in America? We’ve had babies getting washed up on beaches…whole families. ..women children men…you inhumane bastards

    •' Todd Speed says:

      Melissa Ann your a cunt

    •' Michael P McCafferty says:

      If you’re in the EU Todd, open wide the doors of your home, you boring A-hole.

    •' Yvonne Morgan says:

      Todd you are shameful in your abusive language – you are also naive but I don’t feel the need to verbally abuse you for that.

    •' Fransisca Ferlin says:

      Todd Speed; I share your opinions (the ones I’ve read/encountered here so far), but please try to control yourself when you talk/write; the verbal abuse is a bit embarrassing. If you’re an adult.

      As for the subject in question; I live in Europe and we have children coming alone in masses, broken up families, and that means of course men coming alone, women coming alone …

      It is a crisis, and we can’t solve it by shutting our doors, nor by acting on our first basic emotional reactions. We need to dig deep and find solidarity and empathy. And from that point, find the apropriate action.

  28.' Ann Celeste Bourg says:

    So many are quick to say that America is not and should not be the world police. That being said, America cannot have an open door policy of “come one, come all.” Our country is broken in more ways than one. Terrorism is becoming more and more of an issue. I support my Governors decision to deny access. How can we accurately track these people? Where did they come from? Who are they? No, really. WHO. ARE. THEY? I read that one of the Paris bombers was a refugee that came in on a refugee boat through Greece. If in fact that is true, then the idea terrorists posing as refugees should scare the world. Not just my state. Diligence is key. Right now the checks and balances system for America is just so broken.

    •' Ann Celeste Bourg says:

      People are scared of what they do not know. This is true. I do not need your link to tell me that, Fara. People all across the world experience this. Not just America. Not just Louisiana. I am afraid. My fear has nothing to do with the fact that they are Syrian, or Muslim…my fear comes in with my country/state being able to protect its people. Not all Syrians are terrorists. Not all Muslims are extremists. Bottom line is we need a checks and balances system to protect us. Especially with the daily threats.

    •' Fara Ali says:

      Well then tell your government to stop selling arms to the Middle East and anyone else that will give them a Dollar!

    •' Ann Celeste Bourg says:

      And more thing, do you remember 911? I know you are in London, so you really were not affected the way we were. We have every right to be fearful, as well as every right to protect our country and its people. Thousands died that day. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when the news broke. I watched LIVE as the plane hit the 2nd tower. I cried, fearful of what would happen next. My brother, then in the military, unable to even let us know he was ok. Yes. We are diligent. We need to be proactive in protecting ourselves. But not all of America is filled with hatred. I think that is a mighty bold statement to make, as well as a little racist and judgmental…don’t you think?

    •' Ann Celeste Bourg says:

      Hey. I’m not making any excuses for my government. I didn’t vote to put this joker in place. But you cannot judge America as a whole based upon that. It’s kind of closed minded.

    •' Ann Celeste Bourg says:

      And lastly. This article and my statement in response has NOTHING to do with who the US government sells arms too. Just saying. This has to do with opening our borders for a free for all potential terrorist party. But you wouldn’t be concerned about that as you are not American.

    •' Fara Ali says:

      Do you even know your History! Vietnam Cambodia Iraq Afghanistan Funding Iran Contras funding Nicaragua Contras causing death violence misery around the world! Slavery! One can go on! And oh your pension funds get invested in the Weapons that kill and bring the terrorists to you door!

    •' Karen Kolatac Conlon says:

      Ann, you say not to judge America based upon one man, yet you are judging all the refugees/victims based on the actions of a few. How very hypocritical and closed minded of you.

    •' Karen Kolatac Conlon says:

      And, as an American, I do remember 9/11. Perhaps you should take a moment to reflect on how you felt that day. What if it had been our whole country that was blown to pieces and we had nowhere to go? Nowhere to keep our children safe? Would you still feel this way? And, it’s absurd to think that everyone that is already in this country is being “tracked” as you put it. Do you know everyone in this country personally? Their intentions? Their backgrounds? Maybe you should humble yourself and realize “There but for the Grace of God, go I”

    •' Ron Sarocky says:

      Well played Karen, well played!

    •' Karl Wolf says:

      please…stop watching Fox “news”

    •' Todd Speed says:

      Ann I was there before and after 9/11 it’s bullshit, there is no way that so little damage could be done to NYC without it being controlled. As for terrorist with a refugee passport already proven to be bullshit. Let’s look at facts ISIS or whatever people call them are driving around in USA military tanks and using USA military equipment….trained by the USA…They export 2 million dollars worth of oil each day to the western world and you are telling me that their terrorists have to endure thousands of miles of cold seas in a rubber dinghy or walk thousands of miles to get to Paris to kill people. Fucking wake up girl and take that flag off your face all is does is demean the innocent people in the world because each day your fuck wit government prefers death and money over making this world better.

    •' Crystal Hasley says:

      NWO is on the rise, bringing down the global economy to bring about a one world economy

    •' Mima Petrovic says:

      They were Muslims but they were not refugees, in order to be EU citizen it takes years and a lot of requirement to become one. So either there were born in EU, married for more than 5 years with EU citizen, or they had more than 10 years of legal status in EU. But all this scenario was planed to close borders for refugees!!! Btw, how do you call KKK , Christians? Peace makers? People of change? Or white bustards terrorist? No Christian who commit massacre was called terrorist. How many students were killed in USA schools by American? Did they ever label him as American terrorist, or just bloody murder? So basically your government is closing borders for Syrian refugees which your government made them refugees in first place?? How ironic!!!!! Your government like every other government are just puppet of ISIS. Nothing more nor less!!

  29.' Mandy Christensen says:

    some of these terrorists are probably already here. I don’t think it’s such a good idea to give them a blanket to hide under, and bring more over. I’m sure not all are terrorists, of course not. they are fleeing from a really bad war. if we could find a place we could protect near their country, that would be preferable. bringing terrorists disguised as refugees over here is a real thing people. These people aren’t into love and peace. they want to make their mark. you don’t think they would use this opportunity? and we don’t have a way to vet them… IS isn’t going to give up and lay over. Attack will happen on our homeland again. our people will starve, and loose their homes. Please, wake up and see what the future is becoming!!! I’m a very positive and peaceful person. I don’t watch the news because of the negativity, but I do see posts on Facebook. If it looks like I need to research, then I do all over the place. not just my beliefs, but search for unbiased opinions. I am worried for all of us.

  30.' Tammy James says:

    If you are upset about stopping refugees from entering this country but are ok with human trafficing, child abuse and hunger, and homeless vets with high rates of suicide, you are part of the problem. Clean house BEFORE you have company!

  31.' Padraigin Eagle says:

    The only thing predictable and deplorable is this typical lame stream media psyop of a Lauren McCauley faux bleeding heart so-called article, disinformation by the shovel full, those so-called “”refugees” are the agent provocateurs of the Agent Provocateurs, almost all well-fed men encouraged to go and take over the rapidly crumbling Obummer and mates Amerika, as they have done in the now in tatters Europe, unconsciouslife news more like it.

    And Sweden says thanks for the memories, The Cabal as usual in its “leading” role to global hegemony, or so they think.

  32.' Jeanne Celiberti says:

    I am so proud of Governor Markell who has not joined this group of bigots. Creating more hate in the world is not how to solve this problem.

  33.' Sharon Tenney says:

    When they stat house and feeding our vets and poor , then and only then can can we start taking in more ! Our vets that came home deserve more then we are giving others at this point !

  34.' Sharon Tenney says:

    I heard someone on TV say this and I agree . The young men wanting to come should go back and fight for there country. They would not let our young men in . They do not want us there !

    •' Todd Speed says:

      Have you seen video footage of what USA drones have done to Syria?? Seriously if you were married and with children fleeing in absolute fear….would you tell your husband “oh baby I think you should stay here and fight and die ..oh and don’t worry about me, your wife or your children ” really???? You would think different??

    •' Sharon Tenney says:

      Did you see what Isis is teaching children in Raqqa and how women have to live ? If they can’t defend themselves what do we owe them ? They smuggled film out to show the world. Even their own say it’s their fight also.

    •' Sharon Tenney says:

      Look at Paris today . The neighborhood were the women blew herself up they say has Isis sympathizer . Very sad . This is terrible for all. But our men and women should not die for a people not willing to fight to defend themselves.

  35.' Jerry Stevens says:


  36.' Perrine Jah says:

    we could be running from war too, don’t forget that. There should have been and should be border check with fingerprinting and passport, etc. and it seems as though none of that has been done, flooding the borders without checking identification is just insanely stupid . This was certainly known before the immigration began, yet none of the western countries have put the proper controls in place. Open your arms, the person you help could be the one who helps you. Syrians want to be in Syria, they just can’t right now.

  37.' Shannon McCall Pendergrass says:

    We can NOT afford to have open doors or borders now. Our children are at risk so we can not take the chance.
    We can send aid to where ever they are now and leave them there. The sovereignty of these United States depends on it.
    We can NOT aid others if we do not first take care of ourselves.

  38.' The Messenger says:

    Governments are no longer representing the people period. If they were listening to the people we wouldn’t have the current problems we now face. We wouldn’t be bombing these other countries or financially funding & orchestrating civil wars. These countries have resources governments want to exploit. Make no mistake they are not warring to stop mass genocide or human rights violations. It’s for money and control. People are made to have compassion for human suffering regardless of location gender or religion we are all human.. Governments throughout history have been used to divide you & create gaps in the human condition so that you do not see common ground… Governments, politics, money & religions are the tools they use to divide you & they are excelling. They become richer and more powerful while the natural world & the human masses fight, suffer & die… As long as you continue to fight each other instead of the rulers you will lose and these governments will succeed. This planet will be here regardless if humans survive. This wont be the 1st time in earths history human civilization did itself in & had to start from the stone age again. You have mastered the art of killing now lets master the art of living.

  39.' Ken Cannon says:

    Time to delete this stupid page. Good riddance.

  40.' Danielle Skodak says:

    Trick question …state governors have zero authority to allow or not allow refugees in.

  41.' Pamela Dunlap Sikes says:

    LOOK at what’s already happening in the European countries who have welcomed scores of these refugees. LOOK. They will never get their countries back, EVER. The world will never be the same. They are all going to become mostly muslim countries. TAKE HEED WORLD, AND EGRESS WARILY.

    •' Carole Ross says:

      Go back a few hundred years ago and remember how white men came over. I’m sure natives thought the same thing and they were right.

    •' Pamela Dunlap Sikes says:

      Carole, I am not sure whether your words are agreeing with my comment or not…but what you say is true. So we know what’s coming – don’t invite it in for the love of god! (or will that be allah soon?)

  42.' Damon Case says:

    If america needed these peoples help, would they help? No. You all know its true. They would not help. They will Come here,take food stamps,make money,get hook ups Americans cant get for their benefit. That’s fact. A few will also do us harm and that’s guaranteed

  43.' Erica Ross says:

    wtf. they don’t have a book full of jesus bashing like the jews. like yeah the crazy terrorist ones get rid of them. but just as christians not all of us want to bomb abortion clinics like the radical christians. and even once that used to get better sometimes.

  44.' Derrick C Daily says:

    I do understand what isis is doing by creating the fear that innocents are terrorists it will prevent the innocents from being turn they will build resentment which may or may not allow them to choose to go to isis.when this happens it is our fault for not seeing this system as a whole.who will you make feel welcome. if the man who wants to kill you becomes awakened he no longer can. And the only way for that to happen is is to trust in love

  45.' Erica Ross says:

    and not all christians want to kill gays, same with arabs I am sure……….

  46.' Derrick C Daily says:

    As cheesy as that sounds

  47.' Salvador Nonog says:

    I tend to side with the governors..
    safe guarding thier state is thier first priority not the refugee…

    why are the refugee running towards EU and US?!!..

    Don’t they hate us and call us infedels?!..

    why fon’t they run towards ME countries?!..
    Saudi Arabia. United Arab Emmirates.. Iran.. Iraq,.. and all other ME countries they have the same belief and religion…

    Then thier should be no problem at all!..

    •' Todd Speed says:

      Do research! There are millions of refugees spreading in all directions towards Iraq..towards Russia..towards Iran ..towards europe…towards Africa. ..These are just normal people who wanted to live life and be happy until Western governments destroyed their country.

  48.' Ron Sarocky says:

    Tell me again how you stand with France?

  49.' Robin Stark says:

    32 States now that’s over half of the whole united states. Congress pay attention

  50.' Cinda Struble says:

    We have more than enough people to take care in the US and I do not want to be frighted in my own county> In my heart I understand but cannot and do not want them here!

  51.' Melissa Hirschl says:

    Good for them!! They want to keep us safe.

  52.' Lynn Mcmillen says:

    They want us to see the children and mothers, but these people don’t think twice about putting a bomb on one of them!

    •' Todd Speed says:

      What people? ??? Babies have been washed up here on the beach in Europe because of American lust for oil and war…what children…what women …as your government’s foreign policy destroys the life’s of millions. ..

  53.' Iris Figueroa says:

    I can’t stand it.

    You have 10,000 pieces of candy in a bowl. You’re told that 10 are poisoned but not which ones. Would you take your chances and eat from that bowl? And lay out that bowl for guests to pick from? Seriously.

  54.' Gilbert Maines says:

    No one suggests that we turn our backs on asylum seekers nor refugees. I recommend that we provide them the medicinal, food and shelter which they will need. However, in good conscience, we must limit their movements until we are certain that they pose no biological nor other threat to our Country. Certainly, we can all agree that it is in keeping with our Country’s philosophy to provide aid as needed, while protecting our own well being.

  55.' Dani Clifton says:

    What is it that it says, in bronze, on the Statue of Liberty…”“Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” I suppose this is to be expected. “Judge not lest ye be judged” is a big saying in these parts too, but it’s not practiced either.

  56.' Karl Wolf says:

    America in 2015 more than half politicians and citizen uneducated, uninformed, xenophobic, arrogant, war mongers….

  57.' Derrick Reinsmith says:

    Let’s kick them out

  58.' Jean Chard says:

    So if a white guy commits a crime I, as a white person, am now guilty by association?

  59.' Marybell Ramos says:

    It’s simple… How many in this post will bring in a perfect stranger into your home, your family, your kids? You will be financially responsible for them and their actions. Unfortunately I’m sure they are people in desperate need and you have some with good intentions and some maybe not…. But you don’t know. Are you going to welcome them in your home?

    •' Todd Speed says:

      Y tu pais de origin? Or tu padres? Que no Tienes corazon? No Tienes abuelos?

    •' Marybell Ramos says:

      Silly comment on your part as this is a country of immigrants…. That’s not the point , maybe you should answer the question posed, would you take in a perfect stranger? That’s it! In your home without knowing anything about the at all! Stranger. I’m entitled to my opinion just like you are that doesn’t mean I have no heart you don’t know me so don’t make this a personal attack

  60.' Randy Hiatt says:

    they can’t do that

  61.' Nathan Dunning says:

    Piss off! Its not islama phobia is a phobia of being beheaded or blown up.You treat each attack like its the first time.Its no coincidence that the recent murdering scum were Syrian refugees.Theres no way of vetting them to know if 6mths ago hey were raping and murdering christians.I wish my government was so responsible

  62.' Olivia Burrage says:


  63.' Karen A. Dubois says:

    We could surely support some. Especially if they were guided and even supervised in following our law and required to learn English. I would presume many are already bilingual.

  64.' Todd Speed says:

    You fucking c**ts you made this, you supported the imbecile Bush Jnr to make war in the world. You pay taxes that fund ISIS! They drive around in USA tanks, firing USA bombs and guns. Your own government has made this happen with your tax money! The only reason their is war in Syria is because the Saudi and US government wants a pipe line go through it. Research it yourselves! Same as Afghanistan. ..and you bitch and moan …think before you support your government destroying the lives of millions of people in other countries and then guess what?????? There wouldn’t be any refugees

  65.' Linda Collier Lefebvre says:

    Governor finally find some balls?

  66.' Maureen Gardiner says:

    3 million air conditioned empty tents in Saudi Arabia, keep them in their own region and culture, closer to other family members. The ideology of islam is completly antithetical to the tenants of the U.S. Constitution, they would be perpetually offended by our liberties. God help the LBGT community, people think they’re oppressed now, just look what islamists are doing to gays in the middle east!

  67.' Kathy Southall says:

    Good choice

  68.' Salvador Nonog says:

    To Todd Speed..
    i don’t usually answer replies to my comment since it’s just my opinion, but for your case, i’ll make an exception…

    You blatantly bkame us, yet you want to come to our place..

    Does that make sense?!!

    Did we somehow sent somebody to bomb a place in your city full of people and kids that are just having fun?!!
    Did we bomb a sky craper full of people working for thier family?!!

    Did we bomb any of your Embassy?!!

    frankly I don’t even trust you at all!!
    I don’t trust people that use pseudo name in thier web page!!..

    So shove it!!..

  69.' Rob Kibblewhite says:

    Honestly can you balme them????????

  70.' Joshuahn Jackstonburg says:

    Until they are offered some palm-lacers for them.

  71.' Rachel Lisette says:

    The governors know not to trust their own government…

  72.' Steve Paterson says:

    Fucken country full of fuckhead rednecks

  73.' Jasmine Leigh says:

    Do people understand what Obama wants to give these people? Try over $2,000/m, per person, tax free for LIFE + a car + a house. That’s right… A family will get around $60k/yr in benefits for life, tax free if Obama gets his way It’s estimated that it will cost the American taxpayers $4 billion per year FOREVER to take care of these people here and over double that in initial costs to bring them here and set them up. For that kind of money, we could pick a few dozen acres of the sandpit in any country around there or in Assad’s strongholds and build cities for them which would not only house them but also provide much needed jobs to the area. It certainly is not these people’s fault that they are in this situation nor is it their fault that economic migrants and terrorists are taking advantage of the situation. But allowing the free movement of people has allowed this terrorism to spread. You cannot defeat this if you cannot identify and isolate it. This terrorism is not cancer, as some have suggested. This is rabies. To eradicate rabies you put the infected animals down, you don’t put them in population with others and watch it spread or hug the rabies out of animals. I am fine with helping these people and I certainly don’t think most of them are terrorists nor do I think that most muslims are bad people. My state took about 8,000 refugees last year and the US as a whole has tons of refugees as well as migrants who have moved here from areas affected by war or poverty. We have several million muslims living in the US and most are good people and they fit in just fine with the rest of our melting pot society. But right now we have a deadly game being played and we have to isolate this problem. Free movement is part of the plan for terrorists and as long as well allow it, we are enabling terrorism not just at home or now but in wherever these people intend to finally go and in the future. If we (US) are going to spend $8+ billion now and $4+ billion every year to help refugees, we can do it in a way that will not allow terrorism and dangerous ideologies to spread and gain momentum across the world and into the US. We can limit blowback as well. My government admits that we have thousands of terrorists here now on watch lists. We have veterans living on the street. We have street gangs preying on impoverished areas and recruiting teens and young adults right out of their own backyards. We are having an issue with our girls being kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery in Mexico which the US government and media ignore b/c they don’t want to close our borders for political reasons. Mexican cartels are out of control and the violence has come up through the US which again, the media wants to ignore b/c it doesn’t help their liberal agenda. We have so much work to do at here at home. We can provide resources, safety, and shelter not far from Syria and my president and governments around the world insist on dispersing these people around the world. Why? We can literally build complete cities near Syria for these people for the money we are spending. So, collectively, we have to ask why this is being done and why it is being allowed. And why my president won’t show up on time for a moment of silence on time, won’t show up at all for a march against terrorism in Paris earlier this year, went golfing while ISIS chopped off our citizen’s head, and pulled our of Iraq knowing what was going to happen. And now we have a US general stating that we have had ISIS targets with bombers flying over and the warplanes were called off before striking on many occasions. Why? If people think for a second that this is not a conspiracy, they are very naive. If people think for a second that this crisis only concerns Christians, they are again naive. Most of our muslims here in the US are moderate. This is not just an attack on Christianity, this is an attack on the decent muslims around the world that reject archaic and dangerous ideologies. And it appears that we have people heading our governments that are not on the side of the good people around the world.

    •' Todd Speed says:

      Research Agenda 21 by the United Nations, it’s a plan to relocate the human race into sustainable areas and definite no go areas for humans. The map of your country America is pretty scary within its self!

  74.' Sam Ross says:

    Fuxake !!!!

  75.' Kerry Begin says:

    Bite me! No room. Go away, the two Boston bombers were refugees also, remember life news? Idiots..

  76.' Tatjana Austin says:

    We need to help our own people 1st. President can fund it from his own salary and help taxpayers. Other 5 Arab countries that took very little amount of refugees can take them. We can risk terrorist attacks in our own country and we are setting ourselves up for it. Don’t forget 9/11 and Boston marathon bombing – and who did those attacks?

  77.' Algonquin J Calhoun says:

    Muslims. Garbage.

  78.' Algonquin J Calhoun says:

    Up yours. Keep this murderous garbage out of our country.

  79.' Alethia Hines says:


  80.' Sarabella Gignac says:

    sorry but we have a lot of veterans in the tune of millions and millions who need help and 2 million people in the United States sleep on the street… Is Lanik G hotties are on their way in Trojan horse style… Those doors need to be shut you don’t like it leave

  81.' Toni Fennelly Holland says:

    Yeah, til one shows up at your house with a bomb and blows you & your family up into a million pieces!!

  82.' Toni Fennelly Holland says:

    Besides, we have homeless of our own that we can not support including veterans. What do you say to them? “Oh we can afford to give them homes and money to live on, we just can’t afford to do it for you” “So what if you gave your arm, or leg, or both to fight for our country. You should have come from Syria!!!~”

  83.' Chuck Leung says:

    people generally accept that periods of extreme trauma are not moments to make decisions, whether rational or irrational, like a knee jerk. even with veting, many refugees can enter with either truths or lies, there being no one to vouchsafe them, hence neutralize them or keep them permanently out. the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) decries the rolling announcements as “un-American,” saying those who reject refugees are allowing fear to overrun national ideals. let the people speak: shouldn’t prudence be allowed to override feared threats to their national ideals?

  84.' Jason C McLaughlin says:

    Send them to south Chicago or Detroit. There use to violence and murders it would be like there at home.

  85.' Ellie Keller says:

    here is a different take on the refugee crisis….winter is coming in Europe. “Millions of desperate people are on the march,” Walter Russell Mead recently wrote in the Wall Street Journal. “Sunni refugees driven out by the barbarity of the Assad regime in Syria, Christians and Yazidis fleeing the pornographic violence of Islamic State, millions more of all faiths and no faith fleeing poverty and oppression without end.”Where are they heading? Mostly not into neighboring Arab countries, most of which have yanked their welcome mats. Instead, if they’re not staying in Turkey, they’re going north to Europe – into the path the extremely cold “Siberian Express” has increasingly taken. Germany alone could face the challenge of feeding and sheltering 800,000 to 1,000,000 freezing refugees this winter.If a blast of frigid Siberian air should hit, temperatures in parts of eastern and northern Europe and the western Former Soviet Union could become 70 degrees F (39C) colder than cold spells in much of the Middle East. During the coldest Siberian outbreaks, it gets as lethally cold as -40F (-40C).”

  86.' Roxane Vasilia Christopoulos says:


  87.' T. Beckett Townley says:

    Nice picture. Same as the ” Save the children ” commercials. You buy it?

  88.' Michael Brown says:

    Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free;
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
    Send these, the homeless,
    Tempest-tossed to me
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

    Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
    With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
    Here at our sea-washed sunset gates shall stand
    A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame is the imprisoned lightning,
    And her name, Mother of Exiles.
    From her beacon-hand glows world-wide welcome;
    Her mild eyes command the air-bridged harbor
    That twin cities frame.
    “Keep, Ancient Lands, your storied pomp!”
    Cries she with silent lips.

    Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free;
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
    Send these, the homeless,
    Tempest-tossed to me
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

  89.' Cheryl Bandalan says:

    Sa KSA kaya sila pumunta?

  90.' Mikayla Droz says:

    Don’t let fear control you. That is what the terrorist want you to do. Stand up and be brave and use your compassion in a time where it is so tempting to be hateful

  91.' Stephanie Nuzzolo says:

    I think it is a good idea.

  92.' Vilma Picapiedras says:

    They have 5 or more children per couple to be majority and destroy the world!

  93.' Sunny Nonyas says:

    I lock my doors not because I hate everyone outside, but because I love the people inside and want them safe.

  94.' Veronica Abarca says:

    They only care the petroleum otherwise they will not invest on the war easy pessy..

  95.' David Meredith Nicholls says:

    great news send them all to germany

  96.' Thelma Harvey says:

    When was the last time you were allowed entry into a foreign country without identification?!, especially after bombings occurred? Sure these people have been through wars but that doesn’t mean the floodgates must be thrown open, look at .german and the rest of

  97.' Tania Fellows says:

    Lies. unfollow

  98.' Antonia Vance says:

    How do we even know what they are bringing into this country we are over populated already

  99.' Lo Amelia B says:

    Good. States close your doors and tell Obama to f* off! He’s absolutely insane for not seeing ththe big picture that’s happening in Europe.

  100.' Chris Arnold says:

    Personally.. I say destroy ISIS. Then they’ll have a home to go back to.

  101.' Paul James Kelly says:

    excuse for white prejudice. Irrational ignorance-uneducated dudes those Americans

  102.' Heidi Smith says:

    It would be very easy for isis members to pose as refugees so I do support my Governors choice not to let them in. This is just my own personal opinion

  103.' Sharon Wright says:

    Given the number of violent crimes in the USA of late, and a Republican party pushing for open carry, my only thought on the matter is why would you bring children there?

  104.' Lucille Roberts says:

    They. Don’t hold that power the federal government give these states aide they won’t turn that down!

  105.' Lotte Aagaard says:

    there are so many poor and homeless already in the USA take care of them

  106.' Cindy Campbell says:

    If America didn’t go sticking there fkn nose in everyone elses business like they have been doing through the generations maybe they wouldn’t be so hated all over the world if American didn’t go medaling with plps lifes and turning there country to rumble for self profit and there own agenda maybe you wouldnt have so many threats or so called terrist attacks. How about America pull there troops out of these country’s and leave them to do what they have been doing for thousands of years. How about Americans stop selling and arming these countries with weapons oh theres a idea. Wars make big money think its time you stop pointing fingers and started looking at yourselfs your nation has alot of blood on its hands but no one talks about that your blinded by your flag your government and stand behind the lyes and bullshit your country feeds you. Wake up think for yourself the truth is no secret. It still amazes me how so many of you are so brain washed by your own country dumbed down even you cant see the truth and reason for all these things. These countries all have one thing in common…. assets which America want to utilize make profit keep your country afloat what better way to do it than to create an unstable government provoke conflict and hate in these countries by tearing them appart & these so called terrist attacks arms them with the right to declare war on these countries so the can go in and wipe them out take what the want. Its just that simple!! You guys are the fkn reason theres so many refugees least you can do is clean up yah mess

  107.' Debbie Larson says:

    We cannot continue to have an open door policy of “Come one, come all”. Our melting pot IS FULL. I do want to see the legitimate refugees find the help they need, but NOT on our soil. It’s too great a risk we cannot afford to take. “Allowing more refugees into the U.S IS a Trojan horse”.

  108.' Manuel Bacallao says:

    Close all of our boarders to them. We need to take care of our own first.

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