Power of Being Present to Release the Pain of the Past and Heal Tomorrow

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By: Celina Pizarro, CHLC, CMBF, FNC. RHIA


The power of being present is in releasing the pain of the past and healing tomorrow. This means really being present and mindful of today, being right in the now and being conscious that now is the only moment in time happening. It is said that about 50% of our waking hours are spent thinking about something other than right now.  So basically this tells us that half of our life is lost, and is not right here; and it’s not happening now. It is happening some time in the past or in the future that we cannot control it, and little do we know that all this mind wandering and lack of presence comes at an emotional and physical cost.

Based on a study that was done, 4.6% of person’s happiness is felt in the present moment. So, if the average person is awake for 16 hours a day, that 4.6% is about 44 minutes spent being happy in the present moment, which means majority of the time are spent being unhappy and it is all due to our lack of being present. This is very sad realizing that we spend 95% of our waking hours being unhappy because our mind is wandering and not living in the present. It has to stop and we need to change so we can really take back the control of our time.

One of the complaints women have today is not having enough time, and because 47% of the average person’s time is spent somewhere else and not in the present, then one cannot control almost half of their day and half of what’s going on.  These mindful exercises and techniques are initiated in order for us to discover and find time so we can actually take back the control and by doing so, control how we use our time.


Being present has been said to increase happiness and experiencing the present moment helps release the past. A lot of us has a painful past. Talking about a past experience is allowing them to understand that you’ve been through that same situation where they are right now but you don’t live in the past nor hold onto it because you are not interested about it. It is much better to live in the present moment because right now is the only time that we actually have, and the past moments are actually just a memory of the edited version of what actually happened.

Knowing this then you understand that our mind is a liar and is actually hindering us from achieving the future because the mind wants to protect us and stay where it’s comfortable and often times it can it can  only accomplish by keeping you as a prisoner in the past because that is known. The mind avoid things that are difficult or uncomfortable. Releasing the past is something that we all need to know is possible and we can change our thinking about it is very simply. I want to share an AA recovery slogan that talks about this:


“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change

and the courage to change the things that I can.

And the wisdom to know the difference.”

Basically it is understanding what you can’t change and releasing it and taking control of what you can change and the power to realize the difference between the two. The only thing we have control of is what is here right now. What has happened, has already happened so give yourself permission to release it and accept that your memory of it, is not real- and if you don’t like it you can change it and rewrite that memory!  It is a warped version of what really happened anyway.

Releasing the past is a long process and I’m not suggesting that it can be easily done. But if you start to understand now that the past is a story of something that your mind just made up in memories and it is not actually a reality, it might help you get on the path to releasing and start your healing from the past.


It takes time to heal so when I say heal tomorrow, it does not mean expediting the process of healing. This simply means letting go of the fact of what we don’t have control of, which means tomorrow because we do not know what’s gonna happen even in the next moment.  No one is a fortune teller, and no one can see into the future or time travel yet. But why is it that we worry a lot about the future? The answer is due to focusing on the lack of what we have now. It is the worry of the future because we do not know what’s gonna happen, and that fear can cause severe anxiety. Anxiety is fear of the unknown and to a certain degree that is a good thing. And to a certain extent, this is how we evolve and we’ve been able to become human species in the planet which is having the ability to take change in direction when there is a fear of something.

Meanwhile, the chronic fear anxiety or the focus on that is what can actually harm your body physically, mentally and emotionally. So when we are asked to heal tomorrow, this means that we need to let go of the things we cannot control while taking action on the things that you can, and not focusing on the  things you cannot change.

On the other hand, chronic stress anxiety is a killer. It can change your PH level. It changes your metabolic function. It can actually stop your digestive process and cause inflammation. It can kill your gut floral. Now these are all things that can really make you sick. Remember that 90% of the diseases that people die from can be linked to systemic inflammation. Inflammation is our body’s response to toxic things or events. It is how our body reacts from abnormal or unfamiliar factors and then choosing to either heal it or kill it. Now those are our body’s normal response, however when there is chronic stress along with  chronic inflammation plus fear and worry, then it could bring these things on and this can make us sick.

It is unnecessary for someone to go  down the road of chronic disease. 9 out of 10 of these chronic diseases, 90% are things within our control. We need to learn how to manage our stress because some stress is good for the body like exercise, that’s good form of stress, but it’s the chronic worry and anxiety and fear of these things in the past or the future that we cannot control that is slowly killing us from the inside out.

The other thing about anxiety is that it leads to avoidance and then that brings on more anxiety because we avoid the things that we know we need to do, the things we can take action on and for a moment it gives us like a false sense of relief that we did the right thing. We get stuck in this loop because once that false sense of security goes away then we freak out again because we avoided what we should have done in the first place and then go back in the loop of stress and anxiety.


Have a plan. This is always the first step and having a plan for mindfulness is actually a lot easier than it might sound. Mindfulness is actually living in the moment and enjoying what we have right now. It is separating yourself from the thoughts and feelings that might run through our head without judgements. Just be present and maybe throw in a little sprinkle of gratitude from the present moment to raise your vibration so we can be at our highest self.

The benefits of mindfulness and the mindfulness technique:

  • It increases your focus. One of the way  to release that anxiety and fear of the future is to focus on the present moment.
  • It improves relationships. Try to start and end your day with being mindful and sprinkle a little bit of gratitude in the form of gratitude journal. Go ahead and right down the top 3 things that you have gratitude on for today and do that using your five senses.
  • Improves kindness to yourself and others. This is knowing the interruptions and allowing yourself to be yourself, to have a room to be human and know that no one of this is perfect.

Stop multitasking. Multitasking is the number one energy vampire. It will suck your energy and you will end getting next to nothing actually done.

Based on my observations made from my years in the hospital, the people that were most productive were the ones that started a task and finished a task before moving onto to the next task.   In comparison to the people who were always running around and doing like ten things at once, they seemed busy but never actually got anything done plus they were always complaining before the end of the day that they were tired.

Most mothers tend to multitask and I think if we try to start doing the simplest task from start to finish, it will become easier for us to stop multitasking. This means we should try to complete one task before moving on to the next like folding and putting away laundry or washing, drying and putting away the dinner plates after dinner. Learning to focus one task at a time is simple. But we aren’t taught how to do this growing up, we are simply told to focus. We can be more focused if we start with concentrating our focus on those simple things and being present while completing them. Multitasking makes having focus very difficult.

There is nothing wrong in having a list of things to do if this will allow you to focus doing things from start to finish. But in my humble opinion, multitasking is an energy vampire and a total time sucker.

Make it a rule and everyone else will follow. Create a rule that applies to the household. You start and follow these non negotiable standards and set example for others to follow. Here’s an example of a rule that you can implement with family and friends

“Put down the phone at dinner time and family time.

Make that time about having more time together.

(Social media updates and emails can wait.)”

Stop wishing. There’s nothing wrong with having dreams and imaginating grandiose thoughts for the future. In fact, you can use these dreams to motivate you and your subconscious by creating a vision board, or as a reminder by placing it on a sticky note. What’s important here is to write them down, and  let them go.

Our goal is to focus on the present, and if we hold on to dreams of what might be we are focusing on the lack, what we don’t have, what we wish we had.  Doing that is going to get you stuck and it’s gonna suck you out of the present moment. So beware of that when you focus on dreams, wishes and goals that you put them in their place and don’t allow them to take over the present moment.  Be mindful and don’t allow them to take over the present moment.

Cultivate relationships with your loved ones and friends in person.

We have lost our personal touch because of social media and the overuse of the internet for communication. The next time you gather around the table to have a meal, talk to your family. Talk to the person that you’re sitting across from at work. Put down the phone, and be present with them. Cultivate that relationship in person.

Meditate with a mindful technique. Mindful Breathing or Pranayama is the most obvious technique for mindfulness. This is a form of meditation done by taking mindful breaths, focusing on the breath.  Doing this deep breathing 10x an hour is said to release your stress by 40%. This can be done either seated or lying down while following below steps to do it:

  1. Sit comfortably on a chair or lying on the floor.
  2. Keep your feet flat on the floor, if you are sitting.
  3. You can choose to either close your eyes or keep a soft gaze.
  4. Breathe in through your nose into your chest and belly.
  5. You can put your hands to your body as you breathe so you can feel your diaphragm and belly expand with every breath.
  6. Taking a full breath in through your nose for a count of four, holding your breath for four to eight counts, then exhale for four counts.

This technique will help you feel calm, have a clear mind and feel more present. It works instantly in reducing the stress. All you need to do is to allow your thoughts to float by like the clouds, don’t attach to any of them, and don’t judge yourself for having them or judge your thoughts.

All these things we help in your relationships, with managing stress and  reducing anxiety and ultimately it will help with your overall health. The strategies of mindfulness puts you in the present moment and it allows you to be one with your spirit, your soul and your body. You will actually start to ‘hear’ the signals that your body is telling you.  Your body is designed to heal and your body will tell you and give you signs when things are a little array or homeostasis is off. Once you become present and mindful, you can start to listen to all of the cues and signs that our body is telling us. You become quite adapt to what your body needs and start feeding it what it is asking for.

In the end, let us be reminded of how amazing it is to be alive in this very body and soul that we exist as. There is only today; you are where you are right here and right now is the only place that you should be; there is only one you, your are incredibly unique. You are one with the universe and this planet. Isn’t that an awesome thing? Isn’t that something to smile and be grateful for? I challenge you to ponder that for a moment- that right now is the only place in time and you are the only you on this planet so be thankful for that and I am thankful for you.

Celina Pizarro is a former Competitive BodyBuilder and Behavioral Health Hospital Director turned Transformation Coach and Motivational Mindset Mentor, Author and Speaker. She is on a mission to help women who are overwhelmed and overweight reclaim control and create the body and life they desire and deserve. She believes all women can ‘Live Well’ free of Rx. medications. Signup at www.cpfitpro.com to receive her newsletter full of health, wellness and fitness tips. Contact her at Celina@cpfitpro.com

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