Popular Resistance: 4 Ways to Plug In

PopularResistance.org | Feb 28 2014

There is something for everyone to do in this movement for social, economic and environmental justice. Here are four opportunities. We hope that if you are not already plugged in, that you may find ideas here. This movement needs everyone and that includes you.

covered activist arts on Popular Resistance, but with CreativeResistance.org the many artists involved in the movement have a place to share work, find each other and inspire everyone.

Art can be transformative in ways other tools can’t.  As Tatiana Makovkin, one of the people responsible for CreativeResistance.org says, “The nonverbal emotional messages embedded in symbols, color, melody and rhythm, are intuitively received. Creativity is outside of control and ‘dangerous.’ The act of creating is subversive.”


People’s Puppets of Occupy Wall Street and so many others have done.

And, as Tatiana says “Art breeds more art, and cross-pollination erupts in a volcano of inspiration.” We’d love to see a growing positive spiral of art in the movement for social and economic justice because we know it will increase the impact of our actions.

monthly Art Builds in Seattle organized by our colleagues at the Backbone Campaign and others. Communities come together to make art that shows the vision of the future they want – a clean energy environment, everyone with access to healthcare, an end to war and poverty.  When people make art together – neighbor to neighbor, parent with child – it creates community bonding and deep commitment to our work. Imagine community art builds across the country.

Please get involved, let people in your community know about Creative Resistance and urge artists to submit art. The site includes music, visual art, poetry, performance art, animation, puppets and protest signs.


Economic democracy is sweeping the nation with increasing worker and consumer cooperatives, land trusts being put in place to provide affordable housing, new forms of money as people rethink how money is created and used and new decentralized sustainable energy systems as the country breaks the choke-hold of the carbon-nuclear economy.

ItsOurEconomy.US helps all of us to understand the potential for an economy that serves all of us and what economic democracy will look like.

facing felony assault charges and a potential 7 year prison sentence, even though she was the one who was assaulted.

you can do so here.  I hope you will share this page with everyone you know so we can continue to flood the DA with messages of support for Cecily. He needs to know people are watching how he pursues this prosecution.

There was some potential good news in Cecily’s case this week.  Her lawyer, Martin Stolar who has handled many cases involving protests in New York City, filed a motion for the personnel file of the police officer involved. This is a motion that is usually routinely denied, but this week we learned that Cecily’s case has been postponed and instead there will be a hearing on this motion on March 19. The motion in this case is more serious because we already know about some unethical and abusive behavior by the police officer that undermines his credibility.  His credibility is important because he is the sole witness to what occurred, of course, he is a witness because he is the one who abusively grabbed Cecily’s breast from behind.

We want to urge people to take action to help Cecily and get these unjust charges dismissed.  Here’s what you can do:

 Tell NY District Attorney To Drop The Charges Against Cecily

Justice for Cecily campaign website

Avaaz petition

https://www.popularresistance.org/drop-the-charges-against-cecily/ and urge them to join you in taking action for justice.

Finally, today is the one year mark for John Kiriakou’s 30 month term in prison.  John is the only person in government to go to prison for the illegal U.S. torture program.  He was imprisoned because he was the first to acknowledge the use of waterboarding by U.S. officials in illegal torture interrogations.

Prison officials have been mistreating him, punishing him for talking to the media and reneging on a deal to send him to a halfway house.  When he talks to the media he comes back to find his cell has been torn apart by guards. His cellmate’s areas are also turned into a mess, and one cellmate suspects they are trying to turn the inmates against John with these actions. Now there are threats of “diesel therapy,” that is when an inmate is moved from prison to prison so no-one can contact him or provide support.

On this page we provide you with a model letter to send to the Bureau of Prisons protesting John’s mistreatment.  And, we also provide John’s address so you can write to him.

We so appreciate the whistleblowers that risk their lives and freedom to get the truth out.  

Continue reading about whistleblowers and Popular Resistance opportunities