Pope Asks Every European Parish to Host a Refugee Family

Posted by on September 10, 2015 in Activism, Conscious Living, Peace & Human Rights with 69 Comments

Pope FrancisBy  CSGlobe.com

Pope Francis has called on every European parish to host one refugee family each in a goodwill gesture that will begin in the Vatican state. It comes as Europe faces the worst refugee crisis since World War II.

“I appeal to the parishes, the religious communities, the monasteries and sanctuaries of all Europe to take in one family of refugees,” Pope Francis said after his Sunday address.

He added that it is not enough to say “have courage, hang in there” to the refugees making the dangerous journey into Europe.

The pontiff, whose comments were met with applause from the crowd in St. Peter’s Square, also said that two parishes in the Vatican will each take in a family of refugees in the coming days.

Francis said the call to action is a “concrete gesture” to prepare for the extraordinary Holy Year on the theme of mercy, which will begin on December 8.

The call goes out to tens of thousands of Catholic parishes in Europe. There are more than 25,000 parishes in Italy alone, and more than 12,000 in Germany, where many of the refugees are hoping to settle.

This is not the first time that Pope Francis has expressed compassion for those fleeing war-torn countries. In June, he said that the mistreatment of asylum seekers “makes one cry,” as they are merely “victims of injustice, of this throw-away economy” and war.

Earlier that month, the pontiff said that leaving migrants to die at sea is an “attack against life” comparable to abortion or euthanasia.

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Sunday’s comments come as Europe faces the worst refugee crisis since World War II. More than 350,000 refugees have crossed into the EU in 2015 alone, bound for Western Europe. Germany and Sweden are key destinations, after both countries threw open their borders to the new arrivals.


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69 Reader Comments

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  1. 10153618501859806@facebook.com' Hakki Korkar says:

    let the vatican also take some refugees ,, and i believe him ,,,religion feeds wars ,,,,

  2. 10207620550488746@facebook.com' Kathleen Ann French says:

    Build!!! Build up those Eco houses for refugees and their homeless —

  3. 10100739938799410@facebook.com' Heather Anne Talpa says:

    I will send all my love ????????????

  4. 10153117834328297@facebook.com' Terrie LaSpesa says:

    Why don’t the middle eastern countries that aren’t in a war take them?? Why aren’t the Saudi Arabians taking them? What is wrong with those people? They never help anyone! Stinking rich, greedy bastards! Or How about Mexico take some! What is wrong with those Drug dealing, human trafficing bastards!!?? For all the people they send to the US you would think they could take in some refugees?

    • 858873907501587@facebook.com' Tupu King Agafili says:

      If only the US stayed out of the middle east don’t you think? If they didn’t supply all those damn weapons

    • 1634999066789281@facebook.com' Deatra Cummings says:

      Please overstand this one fact: EVERYTHING these days are geared towards ushering in the New World Order. Our Government KNOW that we can’t afford to take in anymore refugees. Yet, they have agreed to do it anyway. Why? Because they KNOW that the World’s Economy is soon to CRASH BIG-TIME. The U.S. Dollar will be totally worthless. People are going to lose EVERYTHING – their stocks, bonds, 401ks, bank accounts, homes and businesses. Folks will not be able to buy or sell anything. And these same people who will lose EVERYTHING will take it to the streets in violent protests. So those who are in power MUST provide some form of reason (either a False-Flag attack or a Race War) so that Martial Law can be declared. That’s why they are accepting those refugees.

    • 1634999066789281@facebook.com' Deatra Cummings says:

      Our Government is now in the process of setting up Martial Law in the neighborhoods of America. Google up “JADE HELM.” Also, check it out on YouTube. “JADE HELM” is nothing more than a covert attempt to set Martial Law in place.

  5. 987316331333357@facebook.com' Geraldine Bastidas says:


  6. 426081437579265@facebook.com' Mrki Medo says:

    And who did create refugees? Nation which say “In god we trust”. The same God that Pope does.

    • 1634999066789281@facebook.com' Deatra Cummings says:

      You are absolutely correct because the Pope is over ALL of Christendom and Commerce on the planet. And we all KNOW that Religion is BIG Business. And WHO’S behind all of these Wars? It’s BIG Business.

    • 858873907501587@facebook.com' Tupu King Agafili says:

      Aw you two are just too ignorant to deal with already. Just because a person lives in a Nation that believes in God doesn’t mean that that person believes in god too. Just because Many Americans are Christians doesn’t mean their politicians and law makers are. The law makers and politicians are almost all evil assholes and don’t even beleive in God. Please. Be more educated on your argument before you throw it out there.

    • 426081437579265@facebook.com' Mrki Medo says:

      Politics and religion are one the same, they go hand in hand. They live on others people money, by manipulating them.

    • 1634999066789281@facebook.com' Deatra Cummings says:

      Tupu King Agafili, you are one DUMB, STUPID AND IGNORANT MAN. First of all, EVERYTHING that I said IS AN UNDENIABLE and UNDESPUTABLE FACT. You can Google it up. Second of all, I said absolutely NOTHING about the average Christian person here in America or anywhere else. I WAS REFERRING TO ORGANIZED RELIGION. ORGANIZED RELIGION HERE IN THE United States, whether you, I or anyone else like it or not, IS BIG BUSINESS. And 3rd of all, if there’s ANYONE who’s UNEDUCATED concerning this conversation, IT’S YOU. Now, the thing for YOU to do BEFORE you make anymore SIMPLE-MINDED responses is to see your way OUT of this conversation, go Google up what I told you and, oh yeah, learn how to spell because you spelled the word ‘believe’ wrong. LOL!

    • 942956592428584@facebook.com' Patricia Le Dieux says:

      the question was “What more do you think Europe could be doing right now in terms of being more compassionate to refugees?” do you have any well thought out answers. Did you happen to see the interview of a young woman and her husband who only wanted to get away from the bombing and live her life in peace? These refugees are being displaced from their homes. They are people who no longer want to live in their war torn country, so what can we as citizens of the world do to help them?

    • 426081437579265@facebook.com' Mrki Medo says:

      When you support your country through her terroistic acts, you are not a christian, you are a terrorist. And you get all information from google, which is controled by your country. And you learn some foreign language. George Carlin said : “Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity”. So listen what smart American people have to say.

    • Socal805ox@yahoo.com' Awakened says:

      Is the God they trust

  7. 948173371870792@facebook.com' Barry Flanagan says:

    We’ve already lost 100 thousand christians to these devils and you ask us to take them in? Who’s frickin side are with?

  8. 860210910753710@facebook.com' Dimitris Orestis says:

    The pope should simply ask for an end to destroying their countries first and foremost , WHY EVERY TIME THERE IS A HUMANITARIAN DISASTER , THE RICH ARAB COUNTRIES DON’T ACCEPT ANY REFUGEES?(BOSNIA, AFG, PALESTINE, SYRIA, IRAK, LIBYA, KOSOVOetc.

  9. 929476870427506@facebook.com' Lauren Tasker says:

    Hmmm dont know about this guy..

  10. 1484783375155856@facebook.com' Eric Brown says:

    Well that’s pretty nice to the Pope to be taken in all them people.

  11. 730408050435914@facebook.com' June Saunders says:

    The Arab world sees the big picture

  12. 827546130699514@facebook.com' Jossy Love says:

    When the vatican will only take in two……

  13. 10206859480759657@facebook.com' Joe Stubler says:

    How many will Vatican City host?

  14. 674264629340950@facebook.com' Gerardo Maldonado says:

    ill just say that the vatican makes $50+ billion a year. and their worth is almost at $80 billion. can’t they spare 10%?

    wait i forgot JE$U$ $AVES..

    • 858873907501587@facebook.com' Tupu King Agafili says:

      Net Worth includes all their assets. They are spread out of many many countries and their churches are valued aswell. The old nd art filled churches ate worth millions. ND all their annual gains are spread out all over hundreds of thousands of small churches world wide.

    • 674264629340950@facebook.com' Gerardo Maldonado says:

      if they all gave 10% like good Christians the problem could be solved, they dont pay taxes, all they pay is a meaningless rent.

  15. 10155992095650602@facebook.com' Danielle Reid-Melillo says:

    Why doesn’t he host some in the Vatican also? It’s huge! Oh no I forgot that’s for the sheep/slaves to do not his almighty!

  16. 880651478690840@facebook.com' Joyce Schneider says:

    The Vatican has enough money to help them all….Give it up!

  17. 10206469587436411@facebook.com' Brenda Nusbaum says:

    and how many has the vatican taken in? with thier enormous amount of wealth?

  18. 525149980995291@facebook.com' Ermelinda Mehaj says:

    Kaitlyn Mahoney yay pope

  19. 10206286899323565@facebook.com' Patti Pryor Roselli says:

    How about buying each one a ticket to Saudi Arabia where there awaits 200,000 Air-Conditioned Tents – empty. Gee, what do you think is going on there?

  20. 10152985507901851@facebook.com' Erica Barker says:

    False Profit!

  21. 10204994141477327@facebook.com' Algonquin J Calhoun says:

    Hey Pooper. Take a few thousand into the Vatican. You have the money.

  22. 10156056325925595@facebook.com' Steven Devlin says:

    Illuminati have spoken

  23. 819193098193945@facebook.com' Lo Amelia B says:

    The Vatican can’t take in muslims. The bad Muslims are killing Christians in the Middle East !! It’s like letting in a group who could potentially harm you. They can’t take any risks regarding that.

  24. 10153585035707139@facebook.com' Suman Chowdhury says:

    As per Saudi rules, since rest f the world don’t measure up,r just stupids, banana eaters monkeys, they r not expected to roam ,make things dirty n Riyadh, jeddha etc.So they refused to take any f the refugees.

  25. 860210910753710@facebook.com' Dimitris Orestis says:

    It’s about time , the pope, or any other religious leaders,realise, that the spirit of Jesus, or Bouhda, or Mohammad, or whatever.
    …It’s the same spirit. The spirit that embraces all humanity, because we are all one.

  26. 503272359838495@facebook.com' Jayson Karma Armstrong says:


  27. 10205333311989033@facebook.com' David Thrasher says:

    great idea…

  28. 1162377740444728@facebook.com' Arthur Medina says:

    The Vatican only took two refugees families. Let the holy church of Christ to take some more, maybe a couple thousand. They certainly have the money to help them, why the fuck not??? =D

  29. 10205100213893734@facebook.com' Hanna Lamanero says:

    Blah blah blah blah
    Only mere words no action!
    Hypocrites of all hypocrites!
    That U pope! Pweh

  30. 656866397747511@facebook.com' Sahan Nischal Amanna says:

    Send all to Vatican

  31. 911718478895101@facebook.com' David Bailey says:

    pope is the last pope as it will soon be run by muslims

  32. 451180171736987@facebook.com' Fiona Gilmour says:

    The Vatican has enough money to take them all, and feed all the third world country’s, just sell of half their riches ! There you go , question answered

  33. 1467558050240056@facebook.com' Sunny Nonyas says:

    Stop taking in Isis fighters. They’re not refugees.

  34. 548011655345899@facebook.com' Will G Tankersley says:

    The Equation Equation!
    Through Christ!
    In Christ!
    As Christ!
    By faith!
    Through grace.
    Living glory of divine equality!

    Holy Spirit:
    In Jesus name!
    Time stamped:
    Born again!
    Turn of the century Populous!

  35. 420382764713834@facebook.com' Sabat says:

    don’t hurry pope: they Muslims refugees like ARABS turk pakistan take your home and you must out from your house forever they need few years

  36. 1721113501451201@facebook.com' Estanislao Espita says:

    be like Jesus let the church pay for it. You wont take your gold and your dirty money with you to the other side.

  37. 1721113501451201@facebook.com' Estanislao Espita says:

    dear Pope why dont you finally say the truth who is destroying this planet and killing the population in endless wars? How come you shake hands with war criminals? Jesus threw out the money changers out of gods house. I ask you do the same. Tell the truth as it is. Tell all the people around the world who the satan worshipers in high politics are. If you do not dare or dont want it makes you the same satan worshiper as they are. Unless I hear the truth coming out of ypur mounth I wont recognize you as my pope.

  38. 10207730584449436@facebook.com' Jenni Hunter says:

    let the Mega rich Vatican City take them or spend some of their Mega millions helping these poor, your Christ was supposedly all for helping the poor, not fattening up cardinals and popes

  39. 1490066891317291@facebook.com' Vanessa Cronin says:

    I agree Jen how easy it is to preach but not so easy to practice what you preach!

  40. 893698940717013@facebook.com' Cliff Carter says:

    Problem is that most of the ‘refugees’ aren’t families (with whom one cannot but feel some sympathy) but young men of military age. There is an agenda at work and its not for the benefit of the common people, European or otherwise. Beware the Jesuit NWO world plan

  41. 1036835689682724@facebook.com' Peg Owens says:

    Let some Muslim countries take the refugees. Saudi Arabia? Oman? UAE? Where are they?

  42. 1032234666816245@facebook.com' Derek Turnbull says:

    Stop blaming them, they are just fleeing our bombs……

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