A Policeman’s Tale


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I spoke with a Policeman yesterday in the City of London who told me to keep my eyes open and “report anything suspicious”. As I’m a dutiful citizen, I’m reporting this short tale to you.

While wandering around the City past the hodgepodge of buildings; the Walkie-Talkie, the Cheese Grater, the Gherkin, I was intrigued to see Police stopping some cars on London Bridge. The traffic was building up behind them but they were taking their sweet time interviewing, mainly Middle Eastern or Asian, men at the side of the road. I took a few photos and wandered on.

I then came across some other Policemen handing out flyers asking people to report any “suspicious activity” alongside posters advertising the same message. On the way back over London bridge I asked one of the Officers what was going on. He smiled proudly and said,

“This is all part of a crackdown on serious and organised crime in the City of London. These measures have been going on for two months. It’s been a very successful operation.” I looked at the two policemen on horseback, the three police vans and gridlocked traffic.

“Oh wow.” I said admiringly, “Who have you caught so far?” He looked like he was going to tell me something secret, but then said.”Well, I couldn’t tell you that. Just keep your eyes open and report anything suspicious.” I assured him I would.

What I could have pointed out was that if they wanted to “crack down on serious and organised crime”, maybe they should go into some of the City banks and look through their records. What kind of organised crime were they hoping to stop by searching a few transit vans as they crossed London Bridge? You’d be hard pushed to find a parking space for long enough to commit any crimes in the City, let alone organised ones. But I didn’t bother saying anything to this nice man. He was convinced that what they were doing was valuable and who am I to persuade him otherwise?

All I could think of was the many long hours I’ve spent standing in security lines at airports, while people take off their shoes, coats, belts and empty their belongings into trays, only to be scanned by a machine that can presumably see what’s in your coat pocket if it can see into your stomach. And we follow these procedures without complaint, because to do otherwise would be to incite the wrath of those who are supposed to protect us, yet they suspect us without reason instead.

It’s as unlikely that a ‘terrorist’ on a plane would be able to concoct a bomb using half a tube of toothpaste and a can of coke, as it is for the crackdown measures in the City to stop any organised crime whatsoever. If they want to find some criminals perhaps they should look to the HSBC Chief who has just awarded himself an 8 million pound bonus, flouting EU Law and getting away with it.

But the Policeman’s advice was sound. Keep your eyes open but take another look. It’s time for a change, don’t you think?

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