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Passenger Afraid to Sit Beside Muslim Woman on a Flight, Muslim Woman Responded by Striking Up Brilliant Friendship

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By Amando Flavio | We Are Anonymous

When some observers say Islamophobia is gradually creeping into Western society, it is not a joke. It is a serious issue. The mainstream media, together with right-wing politicians, are making the majority of the Western public believe that every Muslim is a potential terrorist or bad person.

In this story, a Muslim woman who was on-board a plane from Glasgow to the Spanish city of Malaga, has given a chilling account of what she experienced during the three-hour flight.

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Jiva Akbor said in a Facebook post on July 17 that when she entered the plane, a fellow passenger called Beverley was sitting next to her seat. After she [Jiva] took her seat, she decided to check on her friends on social media. Jiva continued, saying as she was scrolled through her messages, she realized that thieves had broken into the car of some of her friends and stolen some items. Upon realizing that, Jiva said she decided to send a message of condolence to her friends. She then wrote in Arabic : “Hasbi Allahu la ilaaha illaahu alayhi tawakaltu,” which translates in English as “may Allah make the day easy for you all.”

Because Beverley was keeping a close eye on Jiva, she saw the message she had written. Seeing the word ‘Allah’ in the message written by Jiva, Beverley became instantly frightened and uncomfortable.

According to Jiva, Beverley got up from her seat and started acting strangely. Jiva said she became concerned about the strange behavior of her fellow passenger.

Beverley moved back and forth, to the dismay of Jiva. Beverley reportedly called an air hostess to come and change her seat for her. Two air hostesses approached her, demanding to know why she wanted her seat changed.

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Jiva explained the chilling answer Beverley gave to the two hostesses: “I looked at her face and she was in sheer panic, clearly flustered and didn’t get into the seat immediately. Then I heard one of the air hostesses say, “You can take your seat ma’am,” to her. But she stood there, with a look of fright on her face. I was confused. For a split second I thought she had some health issue or something and was about to have a panic attack. At that moment she looked at me and said, “I saw you write a text message and you wrote Allah on it.””

Beverley had seen the word ‘Allah’ in Jiva’s message. And that was why she was wanting to change her seat. She will not sit beside somebody who has written the Arabic word ‘Allah,’ which translates in English to ‘God.’

However, despite this offensive behavior, Jiva kept calm and started interacting with Beverley. Jiva explained to her the meaning of the words she had seen her write, and why she was sending the message. Jiva told Beverley that she would like them to become good friends.

Thereafter, Beverley started feeling remorse for her actions toward Jiva. Jive wrote: “Before too long I could see remorse in her tone, I think she was shocked at her own reaction and the realization of what she had thought of me was setting in.”

Jiva also revealed that Beverley openly told her that her actions were a result of the media. Jiva said she told her not to believe what the media says about Islam. She explained to her that Islam advocates for peaceful co-existence, abhors violence and embraces all that is good.

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According to Jiva, Beverley immediately became sober and attracted to the words she was telling her. Jiva described Beverley as a “true inspiration.” The two became best friends during the short journey. They exchanged contacts, and regularly message each other to keep their friendship going.

Jiva described her experience with Beverley as something she cannot forget. “I made a friend called Beverley who made a mistake and acknowledged it. I met a lady who is deep down inside a wonderful, wonderful human and showed me that the fear-mongering purposely and strategically carried out in this world by the powers-that-be today are very, very real and can make an ordinary person have the most shocking of reactions. But if we’re blessed enough ALLAH can easily turn them into the most amazing of life’s moments,” Jive described.

Since Jiva shared her story on her Facebook page, it has gone viral. Her post has been liked and shares many times. Many people have commended her for her patience; striking that brilliant friendship with somebody who initially thought she was a bad person. Some said it was God who brought her in contact with Beverley, so that she will change her bad perception about Islam and its people. Almost all of the messages under the post are expressing support for Jiva. Below, the full post of Jiva telling her encounter with Beverley can be viewed.

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113 Reader Comments

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  1. Chris Miller Chris Miller says:

    Islamaphobia really ? Shut up with the bullshit

  2. Cindy Howard Cindy Howard says:

    Seriously, I do have a question, why would a Muslim want to be a friend with a non Muslim?

    • Because Islam tells muslims to always treat well non muslim and other religens

    • Why not? People are quite beautiful minded

    • Cindy Howard Cindy Howard says:

      so the ones that dont follow the Karan are allowed to be our friends?

    • Kath Moss Kath Moss says:

      Cindy I don’t know if you have a religion or not and actually I don’t need to know. However, are you only friends with your faith / non faith???

      Its about people’s behaviour not their beliefs!

    • Cindy karan teaches humanity and good attitude for human, i am witness by passing the days the numbers of new comers to Islam is in rising speacially in uroup.

    • Chris Miller Chris Miller says:

      Exactly .. I judge individual idiots based on their individual actions .. Not put them all into the same category .. I’ve known very cool intelligent Muslims .. And I’ve known moronic Christians .. It’s all based on the person not a collective …

    • Chris Taylor Chris Taylor says:

      Cindy Howard how old are we??? That’s the dumbest shit ive heard this week.. were all fucking humans and all brothers and sisters. Ohh why would they want to be friends when they have different beliefs..?? Fuck outta here! Every religion is made up stories from idiots just like you throughout time.

    • Chris Taylor Chris Taylor says:

      People make me sick to my stomach

    • Jon Morgan Jon Morgan says:

      For the same reason a christian would befriend a non christian. Because they want to be friends.

    • Jarema Jay A Jarema Jay A says:

      I’m a non muslim and I have muslim friends. What’s your point exactly?

    • Qur’an 3:28 – doesn’t this verse say not to?

    • Surah 4:144
      Surah 3:28
      Surah 3:118
      Surah 5:51
      Here is a few more, so I’m seriously confused !! & very interested at the same time.
      Who is actually right today’s Muslims or Muhammad ?
      Please don’t think I’m having a go either …
      I know that in most religions it advises believers to fellowship with people who are not like minded.

    • Faruk Kasum Faruk Kasum says:

      Im muslim and i have very much non muslim friends.

    • I hope u dont kill them someday… muslims love to spill human blood like kilode!

    • Ishaq Khan Ishaq Khan says:

      Be positive extending the hand of friendship means never that the muslims have convert malicious intentions, being Muslim I better know how to respect Human beings even I respect ignorant opposition, things become messiest when we start talking about things being ignorant or suffered schism, it is all about the intentions of those Muslim who want to be friends with their fellow beings, I like to be friends with non Muslim not to teach but to convey the message that stereotypes on both sides messing the great religion of humanity so let us launch a fight against them by sharing knowledge

    • Cindy Howard Cindy Howard says:

      I would love to hear Muslims be a loud positive voice in America , show us that you dont want to kill those that are not Muslim. I see a Muslim doctor & highly respect him, he has a lovely family, we are open to all in America, so Muslims please feel free to educate us

    • Ishaq Khan Ishaq Khan says:

      I am a Muslim i believe in social ethics, I am trained in real of home Islam so its very hard to teach you via fb you can approach to nearby Muslim missionary school they will help you to understand the real face of Islam

    • Ishaq Khan Ishaq Khan says:

      you can follow my posts i think you get something better,

    • Ishaq Khan Ishaq Khan says:

      Cindy May God helps you in your this holy attempt, you want to gain knowledge only to understand Islam that is really great

    • Cindy Howard Cindy Howard says:

      Thank You, May God help us all! We do need to be educated in the Quran and what is says about the infidels and the differences in American Muslim beliefs and others.

    • Faruk Kasum Faruk Kasum says:

      Abbey Emmanuella Priye i hope you get better soon. You are sick. Get well abbey.

    • Ishaq Khan Ishaq Khan says:

      Cindy Its very agreeable, your positive attitude is utterly praiseworthy, the tragedy with people is that often swarm of people start doing connotations or interpretations of theological terms in their own to efface the reality or to show their verbosity, so neither they are believable nor trustworthy, because their intentions are not positive to learn something new,, they only want to spread evil thorough harassing comments, so consult with any Muslim scholar he or she will help you nicely because, ask Muslim scholars about infidelity they will define to you in Islamic context,,, what does an infidel mean? I think infidel is only the person who deny the existence of God, one who disbelieve His oneness or manothism, One who denounce his Supreme Divinity, One who associate partners with Him in His Dominion

    • Zahida Bi Zahida Bi says:

      It’s people like Abbey Emmanuella Priye who spread hate amongst people. You are not a Muslim so what is your excuse for slating Muslims? Your words are very unkind and hurtful. You don’t need to be a Muslim or Christian to show kindness and get along with each other. Regardless of our religion and culture we all bleed and everyone’s blood is red. We all belong on this earth to get along and live together

    •' the dave says:

      Read a book already and grow up. Your racism is very ugly…

  3. This is the biggest showmanship or propaganda aginst ISLAM to denunce peacful religen of the world, but actuly people who have study from Islam never accept this.

  4. Is no Beauty in Islam . Period

  5. Zahida Bi Zahida Bi says:

    So Cindy Howard you are only friends with people of the same religion as you? I seriously can’t believe you just asked that question!

    • Cindy Howard Cindy Howard says:

      actually I have friends of most faiths, however I have read the Karan, have you? I do believe we can be a light to any faith that is in the dark so I can befriend anyone, my question was are “they” allowed to be our friend based on what the Karan says…

    • Zahida Bi Zahida Bi says:

      Yes of course I have read the quran and yes I do believe we can all be friends regardless of race or religion. We just need to see a person for who they are and not what their religion is. I too have many good friends of all different cultures and religions. It’s what makes life so interesting

    • Chris Taylor Chris Taylor says:

      No you said i quote ” why would a muslim WANT to be friends with a non muslim” as if you had a personal belief against it… that has nothing to do with you saying are they allowed.

    • Ishaq Khan Ishaq Khan says:

      Be positive extending the hand of friendship means never that the muslims have convert malicious intentions, being Muslim I better know how to respect Human beings even I respect ignorant opposition, things become messiest when we start talking about things being ignorant or suffered from schism, it is all about the intentions of those Muslim who want to be friend with their fellow beings, I like to be friend with non Muslim not to teach but to convey the message that stereotypes on both sides messing the great religion of humanity so let us to launch fight against them by sharing knowledge, but one thing that I would like to say that ignorance brings irremediable ailments and conflicts to human society so please you all need a spiritual doctor to treat this stupid disease of ignorance,,,,, you fight against this lethal ignorance it set our planet on fire

    • Bharat Shah Bharat Shah says:

      Very peaceful indeed. Funny names for killing human and animals inscribed in their book from heaven namely;
      Jehad= Holy War to kill people;
      Halal= killing of animals.

      Don’t try to make an exception, a rule. Spend some time in Saudi Arabia.

  6. Humans have a nature to be afraid of unknown. Same is with Islam. In the age of information, ignorance is a choice. Seriously! how many people really know the ethics of Islam. Even up till now I was wrong in many places, which seemed to be right earlier.

    • Robert Folks Robert Folks says:

      To think wrong of the unknown??? All the mass shootings, beheadings, being burned alive in the name of the false prophet Allah is hardly a unknown, rather a full knowledge of what Islam makes people do to others in the name of their false prophet Allah.

  7. Gent Juv Gent Juv says:

    I would NOT trust them…Evil people.

  8. If they believe in the Quran well go figure

  9. Maia Helen Maia Helen says:

    What’s bad about Islam? Really?!

  10. Josie Hewing Josie Hewing says:

    No not true. No one can make you do something you don’t want to do

  11. Kathy Doroja Kathy Doroja says:

    I have LOTS, of Muslim friends they are genuine accomodating and friendly , what’s the problem being different religion we have same souls.

  12. Raha Halal Raha Halal says:

    Lol some people already had hit the bottom !!!!

  13. Islam rocks idiots shocked ?

  14. Are the right wing politicians causing the problem? OR could it be the Very frequent MURDERS at the hands of Islamic extremists.

  15. sorry, there is no such thing as ISLAMOPHOBIA…only an idiot would use that term… and for the record, the muslim faith is fucked up and if you read the The Quran, it contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule;

    • Jim Spurlock Jim Spurlock says:

      Well Rev, don’t forget about the inquisition now. Christians hands are just as bloody.

    • “Words are things. You must be careful, careful about calling people out of their names, using racial pejoratives and sexual pejoratives and all that ignorance. Don’t do that. Some day we’ll be able to measure the power of words. I think they are things. They get on the walls. They get in your wallpaper. They get in your rugs, in your upholstery, and your clothes, and finally in to you.”
      ― Dr. Maya Angelou

    • Jim Spurlock please don’t be one of those people who are so quick to throw out a comparison with Christianity old or new testament, we don’t exactly execute people anymore or amputate arms an legs for Petty theft, I think the operative words that you didn’t use are, used to. We don’t live by the book anymore. Go an read some testimonies from Muslim Apostates. You want to know some truths about Islam these people will tell you the truth an it’s scary shit doesn’t take long for your stomach to turn.

  16. Terrorist in disguise…. I dont blame the other passenger oh;

  17. Emily Rojas Emily Rojas says:

    i will sit next to anyone and its even better when they are friendly and engaging…I don’t care what race or religion you believe in, in fact , that just makes you more interesting to talk to!!! Sense of humor is a plus!!!!! Peace!

  18. Muslims are terrorists .beware!?!!

  19. Robert Folks Robert Folks says:

    An American standing next to an anti-American muslim.

  20. People are not that silly not to distinguish! It is sort of exaggeration for media or social show up

    • I agree. Christianity is disgusting, Islam is disgusting, judaism is disgusting, Induism is disgusting, Mormonism is disgsting, Jehova’s Witnesses stink, Buddhism is dirty, all are false and disgusting.

  21. Is phobia is an irrational fear?????because there is a daaech ideology that may transform any Muslim into terrorist.

  22. Mark Stead Mark Stead says:

    Certainly, most Muslims are probably peaceful law abiding people, but unfortunately they have a radical element in their midst that seems to be growing and responsible for virtually all terrorism in the world today.

    • Ishaq Khan Ishaq Khan says:

      Mard stead have you clearly studied about the origin of terrorism, when the word terrorism started touching your mind, i think you are ignorant about the origin of terrorism so please once study about it,some so called media is affiliating terrorism with Islam only to glistens their world life,,,,,, according to our faith it is extremely necessary to respect human beings rather they are Muslims or non Muslims, the first lesson which is taught to us in our religious school is humanity, our scholars say that only good human being will be good Muslim so how it is possible to affix terrorism with Islam,,,,

    • Jim Spurlock Jim Spurlock says:

      I would be a little “radical” too if my country was invaded and my culture being blamed for the U.S’s false flag of 9/11 by a radical ass country bent on power, greed, and one world domination.

    • Ishaq Khan Ishaq Khan says:

      #Jim you are absolutely right it is a war of power, so media mis reprents this issue only to up its rating, so some power hungry people are getting full advantage of this scenario, I don’t think so that it is a war between Islam and Christianity, it is just abdang fight amid different state politicians, we all should discourage these kind of politics, I couldn’t blame anyone without proper knowledge but some people blindly believes in whatever is broadcasted on tellies so we should be cautious of evil which sneaks in to our minds now and then

  23. Maz Den Maz Den says:

    Love is the only religion

  24. Ishaq Khan Ishaq Khan says:

    guys train your minds to behave positively, being muslim i don’t like to comment or talk about anything without having full access to their background, our religion islam believes in power of contemplation so i would like to invite all of you to read and study Quran in unbiased manner,,,,,you will get nothing then good May Allah guides stereotypes on both side rather they are Muslims or non Muslims, by the way why peace on our planet is suffered it is because of our ignorant approach, we start commenting on religious issues without having full range knowledge so please stop talk things without knowledge,

  25. I am confused, what is the meaning of terrorist?

  26. Ria Lewis Ria Lewis says:

    Have never heard any one saying Every Muslim “. So….

  27. ISLAMOPHOBIA.. a word designed to silence the truth about a deadly religion that enslaves and destroys…

  28. Mention you are a Christian and watch that friendly demeanor disappear… lol..

  29. Ely Mohre Ely Mohre says:

    To spread da msg o God its gudrelation to other humanbeings so theres nothin like branding Muslim respectfull religion to those bad n dangerous thoughts !!We hav to come together as da World is one n ee live once!Amen

  30. Susie Woosie Susie Woosie says:

    Unfortunately the innocent Muslim will suffer! For me I have to believe everyone is a potential threat in order to keep myself and family safe from being bombed in a shopping centre ect Due to the type of clothing that is worn as just one example .I should not have to be made to feel dubious in my own bloody country I have every right to feel this way after seeing the atrocities of late.

  31. Val Langley Val Langley says:

    I am not afraid to sit near a muslim. I just don’t want to as they do not want to sit next to an infidil, which is what they call us.

  32. Saud Bayaua Saud Bayaua says:

    They really look like a suicide bomber

  33. Mish Lizz Mish Lizz says:

    When there are 5 people per 100 who are extreme Muslims (the actual estimate is 15 – 25%) every single Muslim has the potential to kill in the name of their religion. What people now need to start working on is what turns a moderate to an insane radical killer? Not trying to tell the rest of us that it’s a peace filled religion – we know it’s not.

  34. Actualy Islam says respect is matual, if you atitude well with a person indeed he will, contrary if u do not respect, you will not be respected.

  35. islam mean peace.
    such propaganda never can defame the true religion.

  36. Ignorant. I wouldnt have struck up sh*@ with this woman. The amount of intolerance due to ignorance is ridiculous.

    • Whose intolerance? Theirs or yours? Whose ignorance? Theirs or yours?
      I ask because your comment shows ignorance and intolerance.

    • Because Beverley was keeping a close eye on Jiva, she saw the message she had written. Seeing the word ‘Allah’ in the message written by Jiva, Beverley became instantly frightened and uncomfortable.

      According to Jiva, Beverley got up from her seat and started acting strangely. Jiva said she became concerned about the strange behavior of her fellow passenger.

      Really? Let me tell you something. It is no one’s responsibility to educate anyone about their faith whatever it may be. Kudos to the woman who did so however clearly- the other woman being frightened of her based on a perception that is clearly fueled by the media is IGNORANT. The absence of “knowing”. This is the WORLD. Educate yourself. Now you may proceed to tell me how my comment shows ignorance without even knowing my stance.

  37. Pretty pathetic ‘story.’

  38. Actually it’s the left who are screaming racist everytime someone isn’t completely agreeing them. Why am i expected to accept an ideaology that is also discriminatory.

  39. Jim Spurlock Jim Spurlock says:

    Everybody that hates muslims fit into three catagories. 1) They are “radical” Christians that believe we will all go to Hell if we too aren’t Christians. 2. They are simple minded and can not think for themselves which is why they were easily fooled by their own governments to believe muslims are terriorists. Or 3. They are just racist whiney little bitches that cower behind a computer screen or in groups to feel tough and harass someone else!

  40. Bollocks left wing fucking idiots traitors an scum have spent decades covering up Muslim crimes up an down the country, vilified indigenous brits for speaking the truth on said matters. So no islamiphobia is justified until Muslims start doing more to prove that they’re with us an not secretly plotting to breed us out of our own land.

  41. I have read the first 3 chapters of the Quran. I read a few disturbing things, and boy am I glad that there are muslims who don’t follow the Quran 100% of the way. Those are the ones who are peaceful.

    • Ishaq Khan Ishaq Khan says:

      it shows your mental inconsistency, after reading few verses of Quran you started discussing Islam is very amazing? if you read that verses where Allah avoids to discuss things without having authentic knowledge so ensure complete reading by the I am am sure you didn’t try to study the exegesis of read verses, so only reading can’t help you to understand Quranic verses, you have go through its complete interpretation, self oriented or distorted interpretation will make you frustrate so please consult with genuine source e.g scholars( keep in mind scholars are also categorized) so it is not good to comment being ignorant about Quran

  42.' Human being says:

    Beverly was lucky that she wasn’t brainwashed.. hahahaha…
    Read the next sentence carefully. Which are three words (a phrase) often said (shouted) by terrorists when they kill innocent people ??
    Explain… Peace, love, humanity..

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