Oracle Girl: We Live in a NEW TIME [Super Empowering & Stunningly Beautiful Video]

Watch this super empowering and stunningly beautiful message from Oracle Girl about the NEW TIME that we are now living in:


Source: Oracle Girl – Media


We live in a new time, governed by frequency and nature’s principles.

You are a Divine being and your presence purifies. For so long, you have watched and seen how things should be different. And now that future is materializing before your very eyes.

You are transforming nature. You are disconnecting the old system. Everything which does harm within and without is being swept away.

Think of yourself like a sun, a great sun in whose ray’s everyone finds warmth and strength.

This time has always been appointed and now it has come. It’s an exciting time, a scary time – because we will lose everything which is not us.

We have grown accustomed to a dual existence where we accept and then bend ourselves to do so much that we know should not be. But now that time is over. You are the ones in charge. Not only can you purify but you dream new worlds into being.

The act of dreaming harnesses with the water in your cells and the waters of the planet. And you write the future just as you have brought this time now.

Realize your power and that nothing can take your freedom unless you give it away. You are free to soar like a bird, and break on the any beach – just like any wave.

Nothing can stop your purity unless you allow it. What you permit defines your existence. And this is one of nature’s principles.

Water is soft and it is hard. It is gentle and it rages. You are the same. And when you purify whatever distorts and downgrades can no longer have its way.

So see yourself as the rhythm of the oceans, the tides of knowing and the deep river’s of understanding that exist on this planet,

Live in Integrity. Support nothing which does harm. Align yourself with nature’s principles, And the rest will wash away.