Only 2% Of All People Can Hear This Mysterious Sound… And Nobody Knows Why



For years, there have been reported incidents around the world of people hearing a strange “humming” sound of unknown origin. At best, this sound is annoying, and at its worst, it can be downright maddening. But there is one strange thing about this horrible noise: most people can’t hear it.

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“The Hum” has taken on many names according to the regions where it can be heard, including the Bristol Hum (South England) and the Taos Hum (New Mexico). But no matter where you are, if you are part of the 2% of the population who can hear it, The Hum just won’t leave you alone.

The Hum is usually heard indoors, and it’s more audible at night. Humming reports are uncommon in urban areas, likely because crowded cities tend to have consistent background noise that would drown out The Hum.

According to a 2003 study by acoustical consultant Geoff Leventhall, of the roughly two percent of people that can hear the sound, most of them are between the ages of 55 and 70.

Some people hear The Hum throughout the day, while others only hear it occasionally. Similarly, some people hear it more strongly than others. It can be so annoying that it can interfere with one’s day-to-day life, and has even been blamed for at least one suicide.

Headaches, nausea, dizziness, nosebleeds, and sleep disturbances have all been reported by those suffering from The Hum.

Some physicians say the hum could be a sign of tinnitus, which means that those people hear sounds that do not exist. However, this seems unlikely when considering that The Hum is only heard in certain geographical locations.

Another medical explanation is that The Hum could be otoacoustic emissions, sounds that are generated by one’s own inner ear.

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There still hasn’t been a definitive, satisfying explanation for this phenomenon, and the closest thing we have to a “cure” is drowning out the sound with music. Right now, your best bet is to just put on some headphones and drown it out… or risk going mad ( via ).


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  1.' Tiffany Carrillo says:

    Roman Carrillo

  2.' Paula Figueroa de Ruiz says:

    Francisco Menocal C no esta loco

  3.' Danea Scates says:

    Aliens calling me home

  4.' Francisco Menocal C says:

    Los locos son los del 98%

  5.' Rikk Desrochers says:

    Its the frequency of the earths core. I believe tesla stated that.

  6.' Robert Peter says:

    I hear ommmm.

  7.' Julie McLean says:

    I hear a persistent, non-stop, electrical hum in my left ear. I have had this condition, going on 7 years now. Doctors and specialists have no clue what it is, after numerous different tests.

  8.' Irina Toumanova says:

    I never heard anything mysterious. I don’t think I have good ears:)

  9.' Cristie Lees Porter says:

    I hear in the right ear like a higher pitched whistle and left ear a lower sound but not a whistle. .. can’t explain it…

  10.' Christina Steyn says:

    yes been hearing it for past 7 years here in Pretoria, South Africa.
    And also on my visit to the USA in MA

  11.' Stephen Charles Forshaw says:

    I was lying in bed this morning with a hum in my left ear this morning. It got me up and I was wondering what it was. Now I’ve just seen this article….. weird.

  12.' Sonya Beverley Hilton says:

    I hear it 🙂 the energy frequency of the planet if increasing ❤️

  13.' Terrie LaSpesa says:

    I have been hearing the Hum since I was a teenager. I first discovered it in Wyoming on a camping trip, out in the wilderness. It was very distinct within the silence of the forest. The more I focused on it, the louder it became and eventually it enveloped me. It felt as if I were disintegrating into the hum. I think it is OM. The sound the universe makes.

  14.' Starseed Alicia says:

    Yep. I hear the high pitch frequency ringing of the ears and for the first time a few weeks ago heard “the hum”. It was driving me insane! It sounded like someone running a vacuum cleaner outside. I live in the country so obviously it wasn’t a neighbor and it was 1am.
    The appliances don’t make those sounds and no matter what I did it was still there. Kept me up for hrs. I live in AR USA. I wonder if anyone else around here hears it.

  15.' Starseed Alicia says:

    I’ve read some articles say it has something to do with the ocean but I’m not so sure I believe that. I’m thousands of miles away from the ocean r sea. How would it explain that in my case?
    I believe it’s energy upgrades. I just do my best to let it happen and pass in its own and try not to freak out when it happens

  16.' Jacqui Bonnel says:

    It’s annoying

  17.' Andrew Zernicke says:

    They know exactly what it is but they don’t want to know. There is just too much noise in New York City, the ambulances are so loud that I temporarily freeze when one passes felling like my head is about to explode and that’s just the ambulance, fire trucks, police, garbage trucks, your American truck with two huge exhaust which make it louder, helicopters circling over you, taxis honking, people screaming, ever since I came to New York I have such a permanent buzz, it’s louder than music over headphones, and have it since 10 years. I managed to get through going crazy and handle it ok now, there is only one thing that helps me, total silence for doing times. Wearing earplugs like you do on airports works for me. Good luck to all suffering from this too

  18.' Vincent Tan says:

    Sound Of INRI… Knock, Knock, Knock…

  19.' Tamara de Andrade says:

    Michaela Andrade, marca o seu pai aqui. ?

  20.' Alicia Johnson says:

    I hear a high-pitched ringing sort of sound. All my life. I’ve lived in 4 US states and been to many others. I’ve learned to tune it out most of the time. I sleep with a fan on. Absolute silence is deafening to me because I can hear it so loudly then. I would love to know what it is!

  21.' Asheva Asheva says:

    Am glad that others have this too, particularly those who spend time in nature, proves it’s not manmade. I can put my attention on it, and it can be annoying if I do that. Has anyone heard it while in a floatation tank? It seems to be a background frequency.

  22.' Asheva Asheva says:

    I haven’t spent a lot of time with music playing loudly, through earphones, plugs, or at concerts, so I don’t think it’s damage.

  23.' Tanna Tran says:

    Only 2% of people hear it? I didn’t know it was that rare. I’ve been hearing it throughout my life. Sometimes it’s stronger and louder and sometimes I don’t seem to hear it. The article doesn’t state what it is. I’ve just attributed it to hearing different frequencies. Now, this has got me to thinking WHO actually hears this?

  24.' Bob Skrzynski says:


  25.' Erin Denise Solomon says:

    Sounds sort of like the sound of an old TV set shutting down’? first it is very loud, then slows to silence!

  26.' Kathy Hershey says:

    I equate the high pitched kind of ringing with my connection to the “ether” or collective energy consciousness. I use it to mediate by focusing on it and it does not take very long for me to ‘lose my body’ so to speak. I used to see it as an annoyance and tried to drown it out. Now I seek to hear it when I need to get grounded in chaotic situations. It is the noise of your energy self, at least that is how I see it. 🙂

  27.' Shaun Sorrentino says:

    Michelle Sorrentino

  28.' 李寶童 says:

    Mysterious sound

  29.' Nicole Christianson says:

    I always hear the hum of electrical currents. In buildings, near phone lines.

  30.' Ashley Whitcomb says:

    Mark Vecchitto

  31.' Narelle Schwartz says:

    It drives me crazy

  32.' Priscilla Dhillon says:

    I use to hear a humming noise. Also my right ear would have this ringing noise that kinda sounded like a fax machine except much cooler, it’s like it would play a tune. I got annoyed with it though, especially at night so I willed it to go away.. took a while but it worked. I guess the aliens have given up trying to contact me. haha.

  33.' Renée Jayne Morton says:

    I have been disgnosed with tinnitus but mine is a hum rhythmic to my heart beat ( pulsatile tinnitus) I am going deaf with it but I believe that it’s part and parcel of my spiritual gift being that I am clairaudient.. I’ve researched and people with extra sensory perceptive gifts such as clairaudience to have tinnitus ..

  34.' Merri Pickard says:


  35.' Lisa Wolfendale says:

    The human condition!

  36.' Megan Toth says:

    Steve Kundert

  37.' Annette Malaska says:

    I hear it all the time. I have learned to except it

  38.' Ryan derek says:

    It’s crazy some of you say this I’ve heard it too first was humming like an underground generator then I heard fax machine I saw lights seen a creature then gathered footprints

  39.' Ryan derek says:

    Most likely a message if you believe that

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