How to Nuke Limiting Beliefs

“Doing a crowdfunding campaign (or anything that truly pushes you out of your comfort zone) is tantamount to doing a retreat with the Dalai Lama on the highest Himalayan mountaintop — the revelations are astounding!”

It’s Bucketing Checklists

  • I joined an original band in 2016 (after being 15 years out of the music game) — tick
  • We recorded an album during the last year — tick
  • We put out our first crowdfunding campaign tick
  • We hit a block — (begrudging) tick
  • We overcame said block — tick (and thank you, Universe, for showing us this EXTREMELY limiting belief)

I found myself stepping way out of my comfort zone this year. I’m not one who likes to ask for help (something you just can’t avoid doing with a crowdfunding campaign) and I’m not a very good marketer (again, something you need to learn very quickly with this kind of thing).

I thought we were doing really well when we hit 38% of our funding goal within the first week of our campaign. Sounds good, right?

Then we hit our first road block.

When the Going Gets Tough…

The ups and downs of this journey have been phenomenal. The things we’ve learnt — physically and spiritually — are bizarre. Doing a crowdfunding campaign is tantamount to doing a retreat with the Dalai Lama on the highest Himalayan mountaintop — the revelations are THAT astounding!

The major block we recently hit sent me into introspection (thanks Merc Retro! Read more about that here: The Do’s and Don’ts During Mercury Retrograde (April 9 – May 3)) and I uncovered my ULTIMATE limiting belief.

Life isn’t fair.

Simple, no? Don’t we all say this at some point? Is it true? WTF!!! I realized I had been running this silent (and sometimes not so silent) little program quietly in the background of my life. Sneaky bugger.

My a-ha moment came in when I became aware that — no — it isn’t true.

‘Life is fair’ also isn’t true. Life just is.

Life is Like a Tin of Paint (Forrest Gump Turns to Art)

Some philosophers speculate that life is impartial — just like the Law of Attraction. I’m beginning to come around to this idea. Life is neutral — the Switzerland of paradigms.

We tint it with our filters through past experience and emotion.

Think of a tin of paint before color is added — it’s neutral. Then we add a tint of this and a shade of that.

Say we get the colour RED. Some might associate this with war, bloodshed and horror while others associate it with passion, juicy sex and strawberries. Red is actually all and none of these things…red is just red. Life is just life.

You see? We taint everything through our own emotions and perceptions.

The Way of The Quantum World

Whatever lessons our soul needs to experience will be carried out through the Superconscious (read related article here: Do You Know the Difference Between Your Superconscious and Subconscious Mind?). It’s our job to GET those lessons and realize our inherent power in manipulating the field of pure potential to best suit where we want to be (ie. you get to add color to the story and give it meaning).

Read related article: Small in a Huge Way: How Quantum Mechanics Can Totally Empower Your Life

However, you’ve got to recognize the limitations within yourself before you can do this.

We are quantum waves of potentiality and yet we particle-ize ourselves into the straight and narrow way of being. Perhaps because its easy, perhaps because its familiar, perhaps we are addicted to the pay-off’s — only you can answer this.

Get real and get cooking!

Instant Turnaround

Since my revelation that life is neutral (and therefore I give it a pretty darn fair rating), our campaign featured top in its category and we got offered an album review in one of SA’s top holistic magazines. That was in the first 2 hours of my turnaround! New pledges started coming in the very next day 🙂 Zero-pointing the field and then giving it your meaning really works!!!

May you start to create the splendiforous life you came here to experience and mix all your colors to best suit your dreams!

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