New “Tech Tattoos” Tied to Medical and Banking Information


Tech Tatts

By Nicholas West |Activist Post

Apparently a tech company called Chaotic Moon is looking to take advantage of the 20% of humans who already have a proclivity toward tattoos. For the rest? An appeal to safety and security, of course, and an assurance that a future offering could be a “Band-Aid-like package.”

Chaotic Moon’s dual-purpose tattoo is comprised of electro conductive ink embedded with sensors and microchips. Here is the reasoning why this product is so desirable according to one of the developers, Eric Schneider, who mentions the banking aspect to CBSNewYork:

“We carry wallets around and they are so vulnerable (more vulnerable than millions of people getting hacked at once? – N.W.). With the tech tattoo you can carry all your information on your skin and when you want your credit card information or your ID, you can pull that up automatically through the system,” he said.

And the medical:

“Rather than going to the doctor once a year for your physical, this tech tattoo can be something you put on your body once a year and it monitors everything that they would do in a physical and it sends that to your doctor, and if there’s an issue they can call you,” Schneider said. “So the tech tattoos can really tie in everything into one package. It can look at early signs of fever, your vital signs, heart rate, everything it needs to look at to notify you that you’re getting sick or your child is getting sick.”

We already have seen an uptick in new biometric security measures being rolled out for policing, travel and banking. Much of these measures – as well as what is being planned by Chaotic Moon – are tied to a smartphone, which we have learned ad nauseum is anything but secure.

At the heart of developments like this is the concept of predictive modeling and, more specifically, the move toward predictive healthcare – either through chip implants or through smartphone/app connections that can monitor vital signs as well as mental health and transfer warnings to medical professionals.  The tech tattoo, according to Chaotic Moon, is “total integration.” 

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For those who may doubt that this will ever become more than a novelty for tech-heads, Jon Rappoport has documented that Obamacare offers the framework to bring predictive medicine into a wider reality that very well could become a requirement.

Managed Care has published an article, “More Data in Health Care Will Enable Predictive Modeling Advances.”

Here are two key quotes:

“Predictive modeling (PM) has grown to be a linchpin of care management. Health plans, integrated delivery systems, and other health care organizations (HCOs) increasingly channel their patients to interventions based in part on what they deduce from predictive models that have traditionally been run against databases of administrative claims. In this arena, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) [Obamacare] is likely to exert a profound effect.”

“…a growing number of health care experts, including the Care Continuum Alliance, see predictive modeling as an opportunity to prevent [disease] complications, control [hospital] readmissions, generate more precise diagnoses and treatments, predict risk, and control costs for a more diverse array of population segments than previously attempted.”

It becomes an irresistible justification to cut costs and track enrollees in the new authoritarian healthcare system that is truly (micro)managed.

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Our tech-driven world has also trained the mass majority of us to elect convenience while ignoring the potential privacy risks. In fact, we ignore the privacy risks which are already documented. Each day brings a wave of stories about identity theft, hacks of software and hardware (like vehicles), government intrusion upon our personal data and security breaches of the promised unbreakable type.

We’ve also been sold the concept that tracking=security in our personal lives, with features like chip implants for pets and a range of tracking apps to ensure you never lose your children, as well as a range of wearables for entertainment and fitness tracking.

However, what at first seems sensible is moving down the slipperiest of slopes into areas most couldn’t have imagined. This is no longer the personal choice about how to apply tech to one’s own body or family, but is now becoming a system where government agencies take the role of parent, and we-the-people become children. Most troubling of all is that it likely will be mandated unless there is mass opposition.

READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE AND Please take a look at the video following from Chaotic Moon and leave your comments …

You might also want to see the other healthcare and surveillance products that Chaotic Moon is developing at their YouTube channel

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  1.' Kat Kremer says:

    No way

  2.' Candy Eve says:

    That is “The Next Step”, the first step is a scare requiring a mandatory vaccine, and they implant a microchip, and you would never know!

  3.' Anna Sepontytär says:

    This is exactly like from the film “In Time”.

  4.' K Greg Roland says:

    Somewhat reminiscent of another sort of tattoo. From around 1940ish.

  5.' Natalie Taylor says:


  6.' Friday Anton says:

    Fuck this microwave planet, over my dead body.

  7.' Gene Smith says:

    only the weakminded would agree to this shit,
    I never will,

  8.' Rosemary Frank says:

    David, Michelle, Helen, Matthew, Adam…cutting edge.

  9.' Adam Harper says:

    Sean Bradley Tony Murray

  10.' Orlando Concepcion says:

    They’re starting to convince people to receive “The mark of the Beast “… watch out people ,this is one of Obamas idea. The Obama care BS! They also planing to plant micro chips to people. We are not animal to be plant a micro chips on…Fight together against this BS.

  11.' Martha Pauley says:


  12.' Stefan Đenić says:

    If some1 do this, he is the biggest moron ever, don’t go full retard people in america.

  13.' Crystal Saldana says:

    Ruben Saldana

  14.' Roree-lee Carline says:

    No No thanks..

  15.' AJ Carey says:

    Brad Stixy Carey Natalie Carey Mitch Carey Ben Clark Kellie Clark Noah Clark Bianca Clark Dylan Benfield Geoff Pull Susan Pull Jono Pall

  16.' Liam Havard says:

    yeah nice try

  17.' Ollidesa Gladys says:


  18.' Laurie Sutcliffe says:

    nope! just nope

  19.' Mark R Haborak says:

    ‘Mark of the beast’.

  20.' Anne Garrison says:

    Anneliese Michel

  21.' Thomas AndKayla Markun says:


  22.' Dlav Gaucher says:

    My opinion..this will be a tracking device..then no one will be able to live OFF grid

  23.' Adam Milton-Barker says:

    I have never read so many bullshit comments from so many ignorant people in my life. Mark of a the beast ? Get a grip when you all come out of the dark ages and can make an intelligent comment on today’s technologies feel free to do so

    •' Vincent Barbarino says:

      How’s is it brainwashed to resist and not want this abomination to humanity again…. Because I didn’t see you explain it sir…

    •' Adam Milton-Barker says:

      You “think” you are fighting something but it has already happened to you. You are already told what to think they already have your information, they already know where you are. You have been conditioned to fear change, the accusations about Mark of the beast are pure folk law from a book that teaches you that it is wrong to advance your skills and that you must obey what the book tells you or go and burn in a non existing made up hell. You clearly have no idea of what the technology is nor do most of the people replying in comments, yet you are all quick to shout mark of the beast, quite simply, get a head check.

    •' Adam Milton-Barker says:

      Incidentally I take it you feel the same way about your bank card, your cell phone, your iPad, laptop or Mac ? No of course not because you have no idea about what you are talking about. And just to confirm, I actually do respect other people’s beliefs but I see more and more of this ignorance every day and it is wrong. Don’t criticize something you have no idea about. The main point you have all missed are these tattoos are TEMPORARY.

    •' Adam Milton-Barker says:

      Incidentally I take it you feel the same way about your bank card, your cell phone, your iPad, laptop or Mac ? No of course not because you have no idea about what you are talking about. And just to confirm, I actually do respect other people’s beliefs but I see more and more of this ignorance every day and it is wrong. Don’t criticize something you have no idea about. The main point you have all missed are these tattoos are TEMPORARY. By thinking like you are doing you are walking straight into what you believe you are fighting against.

  24.' Matthew Pool says:

    Nope, not me. Wouldn’t be the first law I broke.

  25.' Alison Rodman says:


  26.' Cas Williamson says:

    These stories have been going around for years.. And everyone always says they will refuse but to be real 90% of people will do it willingly without even knowing why..5% will do it after force and 5% will die fighting.

  27.' Vincent Barbarino says:

    This is the last sign of the apocalypse

  28.' Shane Butler says:

    Sounds like Adam is a sales rep.

  29.' Estrella Calderonn says:

    David Armendariz

  30.' Dayo says:

    The problem is people need to read other things outside the bible. Mark of the beast my foot! Stop taking the bible literally and upgrade your knowledge people. Evolve with the universe and grow beyond your savage state. Ignorance is no bliss!

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