New Discoveries Suggest We Live In a Multiverse Teeming With Alien Life

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By Phillip Schneider | Waking Times

From Mermaids to Sirens, to Gods, Goddesses, Demons and Djinn. For millennia, tales of other worlds and the creatures that live therein have fascinated the imaginations of some of this planets greatest thinkers going all the way back to ancient Greece and beyond to Babylon. These stories of other worlds have sparked interest in “that which cannot be seen” since civilization began and this idea that there is still much we do not know seems to be everlasting in the consciousness of human beings.

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Now that science has advanced to such a degree and research has disproven many of these myths, most people have tossed away the notion that anything beyond the material realm that cannot currently be measured must automatically be dismissed. However, recent findings by astrophysicist Ranga-Ram Chary have again sparked interest in “that which cannot be seen.”

While mapping the “cosmic microwave background,” or light left over from the early universe, Chary discovered mysterious bright spots which he believes may be matter from another universe “leaking” into ours. In a study recently published in the Astrophysics Journal, Chary writes, “Our universe may simply be a region within an eternally inflating super-region.” He also writes, “Many other regions beyond our observable universe would exist with each such region governed by a different set of physical parameters than the ones we have measured for our universe.”

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The multiverse theory suggests that we are living in one universe of which there are many or even an infinite number of other universes existing independently or co-dependently, but which we cannot see or knowingly interact with. Chary believes that there is a 30% chance that these bright spots are nothing unusual, but that they, “[the bright spots] could also possibly be due to the collision of our Universe with an alternate Universe whose baryon to photon ratio is a factor of around 65 larger than ours.”


Although there is certainly evidence backing up the theory of a multiverse, not everyone is convinced by Chary’s findings. As the International Business Times reports: Theoretical astrophysicist David Spergel, from Princeton University, says he thinks it is worth looking into explanations that do not involve other universes. “The dust properties are more complicated than we have been assuming, and I think that this is a more plausible explanation.”

However, a document released by the FBI in July of 2015 titled “UFO” outlines some very odd points demonstrating that the government believes, or that they apparently once believed, a group of extraterrestrials lived and operated on earth. Suggesting that the government believes these beings are capable of inter-dimensional travel, the document seems to be from July 3rd1967, however, it is difficult to make out the date. Here are some points they made in their account, which you can find on page 22 of the document at

1) They do not come from any “planet” as we use the word, but from an etheric planet which interpenetrates with our own and is not perceptible to us.

2) Their mission is peaceful, the visitors contemplate settling on this planet.

3) These visitors are human-like but much larger in size.

4) They are not excarnate Earth people, but come from their own world

5) The bodies of the visitors, and the craft also, automatically materialize on entering the vibratory rate of our dense matter.

6) The region they come from is NOT the astral plane, but corresponds to the Lakas or Talas. Students of esoteric matters will understand these terms.

7) They re-enter the etheric at will, and so simply disappear from our vision, without trace.

It is also notable that researcher and author David Icke gives a strikingly similar description of what he calls the “Archons”, as described by the Gnostics of about 150 A.D. Although he believes them not to be a “peaceful” bunch and connects them with much of what is happening in the world today.

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How could the FBI have once believed this detailed account, but then somehow later figured it to be wrong and lost interest? Do the latest discoveries regarding the mulitverse theory also opent the door to the possibility that alien life forms are moving into and beyond our universe?

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Phillip Schneider is a student and a contributing author to Waking Times.


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  1.' El Ramos Spacko Johnson says:

    so what? we cant survive this planet so stop searching for a other planet to ruin xD

  2.' Joe McPlaatjie says:

    Obvious…… its no brainer really!

  3.' Mark Mitchell says:

    We do.

  4.' Doug Chapman says:

    Chris Anders

  5.' Darren Holmes says:

    lol, no shit sherlock.

  6.' Taryn Barrow says:

    James Evans

  7.' Erica Ross says:

    I blame the giants………

  8.' Alun Buffry says:

    so that’s where all the missing odd socks go?

  9.' Per Nielsen says:

    it has never boggled me, i know we are not the only intelligent life in universe. but those others must be smarter not comming here couse here politicians kill the people and make rules n laws to fit there ovn needs.

  10.' Lissa Marie Marcouillier says:

    To think we are the only intelligent life in the universe is ignorant.

  11.' Darrish B Robinson says:

    They are here and have been for centuries. Multiverse living. Just watch Rick and mortie then you will see.

  12.' Larisey Jarrett says:

    If we weren’t here, where else would we be? It’s a mad,mad,mad,mad world.

  13.' Miguel Matel says:

    There are around 1 billion inhabited planets in the whole superuniverse.

  14.' Mark J Hassall says:

    I know that we are allowing evil to live among us….IS and I know that trying to deal with them peacefully is like having an ash tray on a speeding motor bike.

  15.' Stephen Foltz says:

    Sherry White Steadman

  16.' Ada Alex says:

    There are different dimensions thats why our view is limited .. If we can see beyond that ….(paralel universes..timelines etc)

  17.' Alex Crofford says:

    We are not intelligent on a universe level. We just happened to be a little smarter then a dolphin or monkey. We’re not interesting. Nobody’s gonna use up light speed travel to go to our planet for any answers.

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