Must Watch: Nick Cannon DESTROYS Everything We’re Being Told About the Election

Written by on March 30, 2016 in Government, Politics with 28 Comments

Nick Cannon-compressed

By John Vibes | The Anti Media

(ANTIMEDIA) Nick Cannon, the celebrity known best for his roles in television comedy shows, has released a deeply profound video about this year’s election cycle.

In the video embedded below, Cannon performs a spoken word rap poem outside of a polling station, where he rejects every major candidate and the electoral process as a whole. The poem is titled “Too Broke To Vote” and discusses how voting for any of the major candidates will not change poverty, war, or the system of corruption currently in place.

In the first few lines of his poem, Cannon seems to express the desire to have no “president” or “ruler” at all.

“Nobody for President. That’s my campaign slogan. We got money for wars but can’t feed our homeless. The government is hopeless. It’s like a reality show. The Real lives of the House Liars,” Cannon says.

He continues: “Voting for office is like picking out which gun you wanna get shot with.”

He makes it clear that all of the options are untrustworthy, despite their different marketing schemes. Cannon isn’t even “feeling the Bern.”

“But I ain’t feeling the Bern. And hell naw I’ll never get Trumped. The Clintons had they chance with me, they the reason my cousin still locked up,” he says. It is unclear whether this is in reference to the Clinton’s role in proliferating mass incarceration, but nevertheless expresses a clear sentiment: presidents are not the solution to America’s problems.

He also makes it clear he does not support the Democrats or the Republicans, rejecting the two-party duopoly.

“They got y’all confused with these views from Republicans and Democrats, liberal or conservative, man I ain’t none of that,” Cannon declares.

The end of the poem is extremely powerful, revealing Cannon knows far more about global events than he has ever let on:

“Go for the gold cuz that’s who makes the rules. And all this pageantry is just designed for fools. They gonna give you the one they choose. Too big to fail, too rich to lose. And I’m still too broke to vote. So how do we fix it then? Give her away. In the End is where it begins. So I vote we return the country back to its original owners: the Native Americans.”

Hopefully, this is a new era in the work of Nick Cannon. More celebrities and others in the public eye must speak out with radical positions; for better or worse, their opinions carry an immense amount of weight with the average person. Instead of just endorsing a candidate, Cannon has made a bolder and more principled statement.

Unfortunately, Cannon’s groundbreaking poem was completely ignored by the mainstream media, who seemed more concerned with stirring up drama between him and his ex-wife Mariah Carey. Cannon shot back at the media, pointing out he is on great terms with his ex, and that news outlets were more concerned with a nonexistent fluff story than the political statement he made earlier in the week with “Too Broke To Vote.”

Cannon also said he doesn’t write diss tracks — unless they’re about the government.

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28 Reader Comments

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  1.' Christopher Comstock says:

    Were screwed no matter who gets in office. Only will things change when the people get together and put a stop to all this shit. But everyone is so scared and wanna live in la la land and think everything’s okay.

    •' Joshua Smallin says:

      I hear/read this a lot. Can you explain how we will be screwed no matter who gets in. Don’t get me wrong i know how screwed we will be with Drumpf and Hillary, but they are not the only candidates running.

    •' Christopher Comstock says:

      It’s always the same story, broken promises. They say one thing and do another. Making shady deals for super packs, I honestly believe we do not choose our president anymore. Only hope we have is Sanders. It’s all corrupt and if you’re to blind to see that. Get back in line with the rest of the sheep

  2.' Vuong Cong Tu says:

    Conscious Life News…I got 6%, and you? Test now…
    QzRsDMU 😀 start now. ~~>

    I like this post: Cannon performs a spoken word rap poem outside of a polling station, in which he rejects every major candidate and the electoral process as a whole. T…

  3.' Terri Tronsen Fries says:

    Coming from a wealthy Hollywood elite… I am unimpressed . The clintons are the reason his cousin is still locked up?! Lmfao!! His cousins illegal actions couldn’t possibly be the reason for his incarceration ? Go away nick cannon!

    •' Cody Calloway says:

      At least he is using his popularity to spread awareness. Too many people dont speak up and in turn so many go uninformed.

    •' Terri Tronsen Fries says:

      He’s deflecting the responsibility of individuals for their own actions.. Everybody’s talking and blaming someone else for everything that’s gone amuck in their worlds… Not enough people are teaching personal responsibility and respect.

    •' Brandon Capes says:

      “Illegal “legality and morality arent the same thing whats immoral is putting yourself in control over other peoples lives when were all meant to be sovereign. Locking someone in a cage for a “violation” of mans “law” someone decided a plant from the earth is “illegal” and signed a piece of paper that its ok to take someones future and put it in a box doing slave labor.

    •' Terri Tronsen Fries says:

      Bottom line is there are laws in this country. If you don’t like the laws in this country, you are free to move. The laws state there is a consequence for breaking them. Everyone has free will and free choice. Everyone is responsible for their actions… No one made you break the law.

    •' Brandon Capes says:

      Free to move where? When they are trying to indoctrinate the whole world. Indebting other countries and using that debt to take control of their resources and if their leader doesnt comply they have him assasinated or create a coup through propaganda. They are enslaving the planet by signing contracts shiny objects pitting man vs man and jailing people. So what bearing does Mans law have? As long as we attempt to rule over eachother we are all submitting to slavery

    •' Terri Tronsen Fries says:

      Until you love in heaven you have mans law..that’s just the way life is.

  4.' Sam Taylor says:

    He’s right! Nothing will change! Our votes DONT matter look at Louisiana primary for instance what a joke! This country is a joke!

    •' Brandon Perkins says:

      Find a new country then Sam!!! Be careful though in some countries your comments like that would get you imprisoned! U work where u want live where u want wear what u want go to church where u want say what u want is our country perfect no do the people need to wake up a little yes maybe u should try Russia or China ?!!!

    •' Sam Taylor says:


    •' Sam Taylor says:

      Exactly Brandon say what I want it’s called freedom of speech and I’m entitled to my opinion being I’m a law abiding citizen who pays taxes! Go troll someone else topic with U over buh bye✌

  5.' James Nguyen says:

    Who the fuck decided these were gonna be the candidates worst election ever

  6.' Jessica Oliver-Johnson says:


  7.' Kingsley Efetobor Okwegume says:

    This year election has the worst candidates ever produce in the United States Of America.

  8.' Maria Hidalgo says:

    Agree! ???????????

  9.' Becky Dowell says:

    Unfortunately he is probably right

  10.' Deborah Bailey says:


  11.' Scott Emond says:

    Im a little sheltered, whats a nick cannon?

  12.' Cassandra Rose says:

    He is right tho, Jennifer Galligan do you agree?

  13.' Jeb Jebberson says:

    A very articulate black man!

  14.' Joshua Smallin says:

    Mean while no one cares what millionaires think about anything. The fact that he doesnt support at least 1 person shows he doesn’t know enough about the people running.

    Don’t be like this twat, learn candidates voting history and stances.

  15.' Jacqueline Weisser says:


  16.' Ian Cremin says:

    Can’t stand rap but he pretty much hits the nail on the head, I’ll give him that.

  17.' Bryan Weaver says:

    I hat rap. Rap is crap. Nick deserves no credit for asserting the obvious. I submit that he should do something a little more constructive if he even can. I neither encourage nor applaud destruction and never will. If he wants money for people with minds that hate, all I can tell you is you have to wait. Does he want a revolution? We’d all love to hear his plan. Tell me Nick, will it be a bloody coup de’ tat? Criticizing for the sake of being critical doesn’t help either. Most people act in accordance with the promotion of their own self-interest. Every one is a self-preservationist. I blame Obama for our nation’s current predicament. He promised hope and change and all that he delivered was division and a system of health care (another entitlement) that is unsustainable. If our government is so corrupt (exceedingly corrupt), we do have an out. Our Constitution stipulates that we can take up arms and revolt if necessary. Is that what Nick wants? The only way to end war is to defeat those who will not rest until we are destroyed. What did Obama do? He went on an “Apology Tour” whereby he apologized on behalf of America against the will of America for the supposedly unjust actions of his predecessors. We elected (in Obama) a man that was not proud to be an American and he wasn’t happy until he had apologized for all of America’s so-called ‘transgressions’. He promised change and he accomplished that. Now, America is seen as weak and non-committal. Now we have more people on food stamps and welfare than at any previous time in our nation’s history. Gone is the work ethic. We have the right, under our Constitution, to peacefully assemble and air our grievances. We can protest against that which is wrong but who’s to say what’s right and what’s wrong anymore. Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? It’s not supposed to be complicated. No one man can solve the problem of poverty and of war and the chances are pretty likely that, even if a decent man like Kasich is elected, his hands will be tied. Power corrupts (I’ve heard). It’s time for every one to realize that Obama’s approach to solving the world’s problems has failed. He inherited a massive debt from previous commanders-in-chief and what was the first thing he did when he realized that America was in the whole? He kept on digging, deeper and deeper. I’ll never know how deficit spending can get us back in the black. You don’t spend more than you take in. That’s just common sense. Look at Detroit! Maybe they still make cars there but I think that, in a capitalistic nation, no company need be deemed too big to fail. Obama bailed out banks that arguably ought to have failed. When it comes to the economy, maybe there is a compromise between laissez-faire and harmful government intervention. I don’t claim to have all the answers but it just seems to me that our country’s problems (and, indeed, the world’s problems) have only worsened under Obama’s leadership. The Republicans in Congress are simply biding there time as we all wait for a Conservative to be elected. Mark my words, if a Republican is elected, and if the Republicans retain control of congress, things will get done. Nick: vote or don’t vote. I’m tired of pretentious celebrities’ standing upon their soap boxes. I think it is rather pessimistic to reject all of the candidates. And, even if none of the candidates can bring about an end to war and poverty or make what has become corrupt suddenly become the opposite of corrupt (whatever that is), maybe all that is needed is for all of us to change our point of view. Instead of accepting the false Principle of Scarcity, perhaps we can believe in the Principle of Abundance. Nick, do you really want Americans to give up on America (and the world, for that matter)? As for me, I don’t want to hear your syncopated b.s. and I won’t give you the time of day.

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