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Muslims Are Not More Violent Than People of Other Religions & Here Are the Facts to Prove It

Posted by on November 18, 2015 in Conscious Evolution, Conscious Living with 180 Comments

Muslims praying

By Juan Cole | Truth Dig

Contrary to what is alleged by bigots like Bill Maher, Muslims are not more violent than people of other religions. Murder rates in most of the Muslim world are very low compared to the United States.

As for political violence, people of Christian heritage in the twentieth century polished off tens of millions of people in the two world wars and colonial repression.  This massive carnage did not occur because European Christians are worse than or different from other human beings, but because they were the first to industrialize war and pursue a national model.  Sometimes it is argued that they did not act in the name of religion but of nationalism.  But, really, how naive.  Religion and nationalism are closely intertwined.  The British monarch is the head of the Church of England, and that still meant something in the first half of the twentieth century, at least.  The Swedish church is a national church.  Spain?  Was it really unconnected to Catholicism?  Did the Church and Francisco Franco’s feelings toward it play no role in the Civil War?  And what’s sauce for the goose: much Muslim violence is driven by forms of modern nationalism, too.

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I don’t figure that Muslims killed more than 2 million people or so in political violence in the entire twentieth century, and that mainly in the Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988 and the Soviet and post-Soviet wars in Afghanistan, for which Europeans bear some blame (the secular nationalist Young Turks also committed genocide against the Armenians during an invasion of eastern Anatolia by Russia).

Compare that to the Christian European tally of, oh, lets say 100 million (16 million in WW I, 60 million in WW II– though some of those were attributable to Buddhists in Asia– and millions more in colonial wars.)


Belgium– yes, the Belgium of strawberry beer and quaint Gravensteen castle– conquered the Congo and is estimated to have killed off half of its inhabitants over time, some 8 million people at least.

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Or, between 1916-1930 Tsarist Russian and then Soviet forces — facing the revolt of Central Asians trying to throw off Christian (and then Marxist), European rule — Russian forces killed an estimated 1.5 million people. Two boys brought up in or born in one of those territories (Kyrgyzstan) just killed 4 people and wounded others critically. That is horrible, but no one, whether in Russia or in Europe or in North America has the slightest idea that Central Asians were mass-murdered during WW I and before and after, and looted of much of their wealth. Russia when it brutally conquered and ruled the Caucasus and Central Asia was an Eastern Orthodox, Christian empire (and seems to be reemerging as one!).

Then, between half a million and a million Algerians died in that country’s war of independence from France, 1954-1962, at a time when the population was only 11 million!

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I could go on and on. Everywhere you dig in European colonialism in Afro-Asia, there are bodies. Lots of bodies.

Now that I think of it, maybe 100 million people killed by people of European Christian heritage in the twentieth century is an underestimate.


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180 Reader Comments

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  1.' Carol Ferencz says:

    It/s NOT TRUE, if you living with them, you change your mind. THEY ARE KILLERS.

    •' Umair Ali says:

      State facts. Brain washed idiot

    •' Diamond Sparkles says:

      ” They are Killers?” Wow

    •' Megan Jenkins says:


    •' Rhea Foster says:

      just like “Christians are ALL killers”, right? or tall people, or people w moustaches

    •' Carol Ferencz says:

      Rhea Foster It is our home, was a muslim killed, i do not think. BUT WHEN A CHRISTIAN GO IN A ISLAMIC STATE, WHAT/S HAPEN….

    •' Fariba Haidari says:

      Amazing how a population of almost 2 billion followers of Islam are all murderers and yet you still survived…amazing.

    •' Megan Jenkins says:

      Israeli mossads have been committing mass murders and calling themselves Muslims. (ISIS) That’s probably where she’s coming from with that..but yeah, they’re Zionists-pretending* to be muslim…so they can commit genocide all around the muslim/Arabs communities-and expand Israel. It’s legitimate. It’s called the greater Israel expansion. And it is sickening- that the u.s. media is covering it up by telling everyone it’s muslim radicals.. Telling us that they’re muslim-(so we assume that Muslims are safe over there (fact: they’re the MOST killed by ISIS) and we Americans become afraid & angry with Islam. . and then blind to the fact that this is in fact a genocide being carried out :/

    •' Carol Ferencz says:

      Umair Ali I am the bad guy, you are the good gay.

    •' Megan Jenkins says:

      Carol Ferencz -What happened to you, to make you think all muslims are killers?

    •' Carol Ferencz says:

      Yes, i/m ,,a brain washed idiot,, thank,s to GOD, our GOD. All the muslims, do not see the truth, the real truth, we are peacefull, and kynd.

    •' Megan Jenkins says:

      Our own police killed more than 1,000 Americans here last year….more than IsIs….hummmmm?

    •' Tammy McIvor says:

      I have a friend from India and she tells me the same thing. I can see the fear and horror in her eyes and she shakes. I can’t wrap my head around it it breaks my heart but it must be cultural in the area and not about the people and the religion. Those who claimed to be Christian have caused an equal amount of bloodshed and they don’t represent me or the other Christians I know.

    •' Ton Ruijsenaars says:

      Think again Carol, who killed the majority of the natives living in North and South America? I don’t think those people were Muslims…

    •' Salah Sari says:

      No sir. I am one of them. They are like you all: humans. You are more sophisticated, we are simpler.

    •' Carol Ferencz says:

      Sorry, you thing so, yes we are all humans, also why all the muslims do not think like this, why we cant not live normaly, why all the bad things are here in Europe. If some country , European country, begun to make somethings like this in muslims country, realy what you think.

    •' Carol Ferencz says:

      Ton Ruijsenaars I/m a brain washed, please read a little byt of history. Do not bee like me, see the truth, follow the truth. Never, i say never, the good things, was in the war, but if you want a really life, you and i, we all, we need to fight for that.

    •' Salah Sari says:

      everyone might divert. Certain reading or understanding of “the holy word” is in operation by many powerful sides, but the “standard one” of us is totally something different: normal like you, but with different sets of peaceful faith. You have reason to fear, but I just want to clarify. I live in an apartment, have a college degree, learnt English, and, as many many others, try to apply the “holy word” with light, love, and wisdom. There are uncountable people who belie that our faith is that of mind, and when the text and logic diverge, the text must be explained in the light of mind.

    •' Carol Ferencz says:

      Your rong, i am not afraid, the only thing i fear is the reasponse, you/l see. Any time to bad, the answer is more bad to kill the same thing. UUUUUUUUHHHH. IAM SO SAD.

    •' Salah Sari says:

      I understand that a country with a unified culture is better in the eyes of its people. l am, for example, not comfortable with a friendship with person with another faith, here in my country, not for religious reasons, but for social ones. Our customes are different, and even our accents, not very different, but let’s say it frankly, We are more at ease with those who resemble us. A tiny doubt may make “the whole faith” susceptible. “What if one of them turned to be. ..?”, you have reason to doubt. But please know, it’s not the whole faith, it’s distorted, disgusting “version” of that faith, but, to be honest with ourselves, this ugly version is totally out of the faith. Just know that, please.

    •' Carol Ferencz says:

      You think, a religion can make a distance betwin of menkindness, or the realy religion is love, truth, and helplles

    •' Salah Sari says:

      All faiths are equal in their beautiful human values, but the faith is a text, but who applies it is human. Every beautiful principle could be applied in infinite ways, but only the good ways are acceptable. Sometimes we are subjected, intentionally, to distortion of our views to things, that we ignore that, hyperbole that, give new bizarre reading to that…, and the result “something else.”

    •' Megan Jenkins says:

      Carol Ferencz Israeli mossad’s (Zionists) are the real IsIs. They are not muslim. They are lying & using Islam to cover what they are really doing. It’s called the “greater Israel expansion”. These Israeli soldiers are committing mass genocide of muslims/arab countries, so that they can expand Israel.

    •' Megan Jenkins says:

      Anyone who does evil is not muslim, christian, hindu etc…. anyone who does evil has no TRUE faith.. because they are evil in their hearts, trying to hide behind religion.

    •' Carol Ferencz says:


  2.' Melanie Darling says:

    The fact that you make comments like “polished off” shows your writing from a biased viewpoint and to me that is not about being conscious. So I didn’t bother reading the rest of the article.

    •' Umair Ali says:

      When have you seen a muslim country bombing or invading european nations or the U.S.

    •' Marce Pinilios says:

      Dear, when it comes to such a decisive moment of human kind in which we are defining whether we endure or succumb as a species, you need all the viewpoints you can have. Biased in your case seems to mean that doesn’t share your own bias. Just be aware if that!

  3.' Diamond Sparkles says:

    Media will make you afraid of your own shadow if you watch it long enough. I know quite a few Muslim that are very kind and sweet. The Media is about division period! They have people thinking all black people are thugs and thieves. Keep watching them manipulate you.

    •' Carol Ferencz says:

      I/m not afraid, but if you want to see the truth, if you have gouts, go now in Paris, and after that , you ee all. After we talck.

    •' Diamond Sparkles says:

      What am I suppose to see Carol Ferencz?

    •' Salah Sari says:

      they are simple people, busy getting their “bread”, have the same interests as you, except you are more developed. No one of them thought to explain the “holy word” as is tried hard to impose, or at least, they say it is outde, or it is not according to the logic or good sense, because they think that they believe in the Ultimate Owner of Wisdom.

    •' Robin Stark says:

      Most black people are not thugs. where you get ur info. i have many black friends i would trust with my life. thugs come in all races.

    •' Mima Petrovic says:

      Carol Ferencz Why don’t you go to Syria, or Palestine…….do you want me to continue? Then we can talk !!!!

    •' Mima Petrovic says:

      Diamond Sparkles@ I do agree with you 100%. I have Muslim friends all my life. And most of them are very very close friends that actually i call them my family. They are generous, kind, so sensitive, and they give good example on how to treat your family and close friends. But I’m not saying that most of those terrorist are not Muslims, they are. But when Christian person commit a crime/massacre then he’s a bloody murder not a terrorist. But my dear Diamond, unfortunately people chose to be blind and ignorant.

    •' Madelane Riley says:

      Salah Sari all religions think they are the Ultimate Owner of Wisdom. Love is the answer, not religion.

  4.' Melanie Darling says:

    The media manipulates every bit of information we receive, sheeple fall for it time and time again.

  5.' Cindy Cacciola says:

    I am not afraid of anyone

  6.' Melanie Darling says:

    Umar Ali, you should make it known to whom you are referring to in your statement if it is directed at a particular person. That way there is no confusion for name calling. My facebook notification said that you were replying to me but I think it was to the one above, correct me if I’m wrong?

  7.' Cathy Du Plessis says:

    Wow. Nobody is as blind as those who do not want to see! That is all I have to say.

  8.' Denise Baker says:

    It’s not JUST through some comments on these types of posts. It is FEAR and HATE within the TRUE heart of someone. Parroting a soundbyte…or something glanced at. As I have said before, you can’t rationalize hate. Period.

  9.' Megan Jenkins says:

    It’s funny when you hit the sleeping ppl with the facts AND resources.. then they go completely silent..

  10.' Manuela Jaunay says:

    .. The Muslims salafistes radicals are dangerous certainly… and even among the peaceful Muslims they are many who quietly support their brothers and sisters in islam and this include sympathising for a bloody jhihad

  11.' Linda Barbour says:

    No , it’s the crazy radicalised nutters that are a threat to the peaceful

  12.' Wanda Collins Head says:

    Not Muslims but isis is to fear but our government at this time is our worse fear.

  13.' Matt Smoak says:

    There is good and bad in every religion, to be a terrorist you have to have some kind of hate in you heart… Trying to treat people with respect that’s America, but it is getting harder. …

  14.' Melanie Darling says:

    Marce Pinilios, l am not biased in anyway towards any particular other than humankind myself. I just didn’t like the way those words were used. I have the right to express my opnion and if another misinterprets what i said in their own way then so be it. A little something for you to remember too. 🙂

  15.' Diane Berge says:

    Of course they aren’t…if you read the original tenants of any religion you’d be horrified

  16.' Kelly Welly says:

    Your talking about murder rates that haven’t been accounted for …right , you’ve lost my attention on ur first words , get out !

  17.' Chaga Man says:

    Rape not violent .. raping little boys is widespread in Pakistan and other countries

    •' Tammy McIvor says:

      So then pretty much the same as in America with Catholic Priests?

    •' Ton Ruijsenaars says:

      Not only in American but in every country where the Catholic Priests are

    •' Chaga Man says:

      I’m not trying to put them down put rape is widespread in Pakistan and other countries in that region non Muslim countries as well like India but the fact is rape especially little boys from 7 to 12 is widespread do your research

    •' Tammy McIvor says:

      In North America 1 in 3 boys are sexually abused and 1 in every 2 girls. So this seems to be a disturbing perverted world wide problem doesn’t it?!

    •' Richard Lucero says:

      That’s a example of deprive human nature not religion

    •' Chaga Man says:

      Yes very true both of you I’m just glad I’m Greek

    •' Tammy McIvor says:

      That statement makes no sense. But I’m glad for you.

    •' Tammy McIvor says:

      I guess it’s easy to think that stuff isn’t going on in Greece when the Greek government does not require authorities to report child abuse therefore there are no accurate stats they have also chosen to view pedophilia as a handicap… I’m just glad I’m not Greek.

    •' Txoov Vaj says:

      Lol look at all the white men raping lil boys. Look at all the Catholics who rape boys. I had a high school officer that got arrested for raping lil boys.

    •' Chaga Man says:

      Child abuse to you is proper punishment to us you get outta line you get fuked up that’s why we’re not pussies like they are were ever the fuck you come out of

    •' Chaga Man says:

      That’s just reality don’t forget every part of your society has copied Greeks to every last extent… everything every last’d be grunting and carving pictures of animals on the wall in caves if it wasn’t for Greek people

    •' Chaga Man says:

      We weren’t talking about catholics were we . I agree I’m glad I’m not catholic

  18.' Zsolt Gunity says:

    1400 years old religion and rules,the rules is a point.

  19.' Richard Lucero says:

    All the Muslims I know are good example of caring kind people

  20.' Nona Cabrona says:

    No not facts! People don’t like facts!

  21.' Shai Abby says:

    The media/social network makes people scared n hate us muslims.u need to know n learn deep into the knowledge of islam,from there u will change ur way n perception of islam…

  22.' Ruth White says:

    How many wars, how much death, revolves around all religions??? Think and research before you answer,I have researched ! I agree with your comment, Diamond !

  23.' Kelvin Pineda says:

    Sa quiapo ang daming tarantadong muslim dadaan ka lng biglang mananapak

  24.' Mike Snider says:

    I want to see Muslims vocal about what the Koran teach on ( what a infidel is) does it teach the jews/ Christians are infidels? Why does countries like Iran tolerate women treated as property, where is the outcry from the people of this so called religion of peace.

    •' Admira Kacevic says:

      That’s not being a Muslim no where in the Quran it says to treat women like property. That is only middle eastern way bc they we fucked up and fucked it up for all Muslims.

    •' Diamond Sparkles says:

      The US has treated women like second class citizens for decades. Where do you think Women’s Right came into to play? It was to give women equal rights as men. I guess you think the US gives women equal pay for the same work as men? We have no right to point fingers at others when our backyard is filthy and closets filled with skeletons. We need to ask ourselves those questions.

    •' Mike Snider says:

      I agree, as for as wage, but not property there is a huge difference, they are ordered to have sex with there husband’s or the angels will get them, clictoris mutilation, they think in thease countries a woman should not have pleasure, i couldn’t see that in a American jewis girls

    •' Shaun Wallace says:

      Good point Mike.

    •' Alyaa Mahmoud says:

      Mike, most violence verses were written by man. There’s no common sense in having sex with a man or the Angels will curse them, that serves men, not humanity. Muslims came to a point to be aware that most of these books have lethal mistakes and were written to serve a sole purpose. Violence, sex, killing. In where I come from it’s not the same as Iran for instance,
      Governments use religion to oppress people, just like in the Middle Ages when crusades were taken place in the Middle East, all under the name of Jesus and Christianity, but it’s far from truth. People in the Middle East started to be aware of what governments are doing, they’re started to wake up, late yes, but they’re trying
      In Saudi Arabia, women are forced to wear a certain clothing, if not they’ll be jailed, on the other hand the daughters of the rulers are allowed to wear whatever they want. Women are banned from driving in Saudi, but also the daughters of the rulers they can do whatever they want. When religion is used for political purposes it creates a country like Iran, Saudi, etc
      Muslims are not terrorists, not born to kill, but they’re misguided

    •' Diamond Sparkles says:

      Oh so Mike we forget here in the US that women were not allowed to speak in the churches and if they had anything to say, they must seek their husband approval. Not to mention during slavery, women weren’t allowed in the work force, they had to stay home and do *women’s work* while the husband go outside the house to work. I guess that’s not treating women as property. So I guess Women’s Rights was something women just wanted to do for fun.

    •' Diamond Sparkles says:

      Excerpt from article:During the early history of the United States, a man virtually owned his wife and children as he did his material possessions. If a poor man chose to send his children to the poorhouse, the mother was legally defenseless to object. Some communities, however, modified the common law to allow women to act as lawyers in the courts, to sue for property, and to own property in their own names if their husbands agreed.

    •' Sara Astekin says:

      Muslim beleif is based on Quran .. Quran includes the Torah and The bible …so when asking if Islam allows this is like asking if the Bible allows it … the only difference of their belief that I have found is Jesus is the son of Marry .. the rest are very similar.. or same..

    •' Catherine Odonnell says:

      Religion is for people afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for people who have already been there.

    •' Madelane Riley says:

      Mike Snider the things you mentioned don’t go on in all Muslim countries or households. You’re lumping everyone together. Sexual abuse of women goes on all over the world, regardless of religion, social class or culture.

  25.' Blythe Baxter says:

    Criminals exist in every society and every religion , it doesn’t make the whole religion or society criminal. Muslims are just like any other human being , there are good people and bad people. Don’t let the media paint the picture for you , intelligent people use their own brain to form their opinion. Humanity is before any religion , this is what I believe on as a practicing Muslim.

  26.' Steven Anderson says:

    In their own God following Couantry let them be.
    Britain is Christian.

    I will not be imposed upon

  27.' David Fried says:

    To what we were talking about Egan Early

  28.' T. Beckett Townley says:

    If they are peaceful, why are they patrolling the streets, where they have relocated, to insure, that those around them are obeying their laws? Why?

  29.' Bunnie Driver says:

    Who writes this crap!!!

  30.' Robin Gee says:

    My thoughts are that you’re whacked.

  31.' Kerry Begin says:

    Really? How about all religions are narcissistic self absorbed bunch of knuckle heads? More ppl.have died in the name of God than any other reason. I say to hell with your boogie man religion, regardless of your particular flavor..

  32.' John Copelan says:

    This crap is not even worth reading.

  33.' Kimberly Ann Walker says:

    All you musleeems promoting your propaganda. .. this is for youuuuuuuu. Vomit. All talk… excuses…. do you see muslims fighting these so call extremist musleems? No. Just words of not me not me. …. lies… or just cowards..weak..spineless. take action or eat bacon

  34.' Saharea Ovnite says:

    the world has moved forward but the muslims have never progressed they look at killing and other things as part of life were we imprision those that kill many islams look at sex with children as exceptable we arrest child molesters there are many parts of there culture we find offensive because we out grew and do not wish to return back to the past where women were property, our grand mothers fought for rights and freedom, islamic woman from what we see are beaten by husband sold as sex slaves forced to cover head to toe where we can dress as we wish go shopping when we want have sex with who we want get a education and basically have a great life…

    •' Thelma Harvey says:

      So true, they’re stuck in a backward mentality and want to drag the rest of the world into it. France and holland have banned the burqa and now want to ban Islam. Stepping forward!

  35.' Sarabella Gignac says:

    there are Islamic children taught from three years old about islamic children taught from three years old about jhad … They are taught to kill Americans… Trojan horse invasion will carry the concern…

  36.' Robin Stark says:

    Isis teaches kids to kill people you want those children in school with yours? You can’t tell one terrorist. from a syrian. you just can’t

  37.' Bernie Gay says:

    It’s not the violence , we all have lots of that . It’s the fact that they can’t seem to accept the statis quo . Want to change things to fit their lifestyle . They can come here and live like the rest of us or don’t come ..

  38.' James Conn says:

    Okay…if you say so, nonetheless, they seem disproportionately violent and intolerant..

  39.' Usharani Sridharan says:

    No other person kills in the name of God and unconnected persons. Open your eyes and ears and get some knowledge what’s happening around you.

  40.' Alethia Hines says:

    More people died worldwide by the hands of Christians, (the crusades) sanctioned by the Church for centuries.

  41.' Vish Nath says:

    But Most Of the People , Their Ignorance they are hating n threatening other People , First of all All Terrorists Should be Caught n They are Undergo Separate Psychological Counselling n If They Wish, Meditation Training to be Given for their Removal of Fear , Anger , Jealous , Dislike , all Negativities from their Minds is the Only Solution .

  42.' Vincent Tan says:

    Islam… Muslim… Its Goodness…

  43.' M Liam Narod says:

    Historically speaking Christians are the most violent. The Conquistadors, Native American genocide, WWI, WWII, “colonization” of Africa, constantly messing with the Middle East…

    •' Thelma Harvey says:

      Presently speaking…public beheadings, dismemberment, stoning so FFS! Pedophilia, murder..and women walking around in death-look garb.. How fkg a**backwards!

  44.' Mark Geerlings says:

    All that is done in the media is about were to point… point taken,
    Unfortunately the KORAN and the cult of repeating the belief 5 times a day is firstly the idea of brain washing. And what is it the KORAN, in it’s. Simple from is the terrorists are only following the text. No more no less. Read it for yourself. They cannot even tell you what human wrote the KORAN. THATS RIGHT,,, NO AUTHORITY OR AUTHOR. The KORAN has a lot to answer for,,, read it… or simply listen to the so called scholars, but it is very clear..
    If you love humanity you would not judge but Question. Problem is if you question the KORAN, ***good-bye***,, simple enough.

  45.' Obie Jessie Jr. says:

    It’s called propaganda

  46.' Susan E Ramey Falls says:

    Misinformation scares me!!! That causes people to get on the hate bandwagon!!!!!

  47.' Joestar Gazer says:

    I do not understand why the media and people called these ISIS terrorist, muslim? They do opposite of Islam teaching and even killed muslim and destroy mosque. How can they be Muslim? Please can anyone rationalise this for me.

    •' Mark Geerlings says:

      I would be careful on saying they do the opposite of Muslim, they do exactly what they think is a true muslim,,, this is the problem, the varience of belief that they are inscribed to. The KORAN is the issue, there are very strong statements in the KORAN that do actually say the things they do. The difference is the passive readers only get the good from the book of KORAN. In its completness. There is no comparason to the KORAN it stands alone. Though if you have every read the book of KORAN, it ends up saying that if you truely believe this you would follow Jesus!!!. how does that grab you. Firstly, you must know the Bible and the Koran. and anyother system of teachings. An indepth knowledge will take sometime as we learn always.

    •' B Adjoa Lafenwa says:

      They re muslims cos they r following the dictates of their prophet! Mohammed clearly stated in the Quran that islam must dominate the world!! Muslims have to do this through sharia or by the sword which is jihad! Mohammed told his followers not even sit with christians not to talk of making friends with them!! He told them to hate followers of Yeshua(Jesus)!! Any true muslim must fight by killing christians especially!! Mohammed hated followers of Yeshua so much! Jesus christ preached love and peace but Mohammed was the opposite!! If these killers are not muslims, then what are they??? They re definately muslims, devouted ones for that matter!!! Muslims are potential terrorists cos they re being rewarded with 72 virgins in their aljanah for killing in the course of their Allah!! Shallom!!

  48.' Kimberly Beth Garner says:

    Bull crap. And that is putting it nicely. Go tell that to someone who wants, to be deceived. We, Americans, don’t want to hear things like this.

  49.' Crystal Hasley says:

    They care, they love, they live. .there are bad apples among all life styles, and they usually ruin it for everyone

  50.' Biswa Jit says:

    All Muslims r not same true…but they have a brutal history..

  51.' Marky Goliath says:

    Muslims are the friendly ppl nd care for others

  52.' Morteza Hosseini says:

    And which one of you who say muslims are not dangerous actually lived in a muslim community ??! Do us all a favor and talk about things that you know and understand not things that you wish to believe !! The truth is : True muslims have the desire of killing you all , take whatever you have , rape your women and own them IF they have the chance !! so dont make yourself a fool by saying those kind words about them and believing in their peaceful mind !!!

  53.' Vishal Vick Sharma says:

    It’s a political game played on world stage and game is about
    Oil, gas, natural resources. And whoz there, Muslims, so, start a war and clear the area for corporations for future.
    By the way, every religion has its ups n down. So religion is not the problem, people are.

  54.' Michelle Dunn says:

    Scott Arhardt’s photo.
    Scott Arhardt
    10 hrs ·
    Christopher Allard
    23 hrs · Edited ·

    I don’t typically go on rants or express my political beliefs here, but I just have to get this off my mind. As some of you know, I’m active duty Army. Aside from that, I am a medic. I’ve spent 3 years of my life overseas in both Afghanistan and Iraq. I’ve seen some pretty atrocious sites caused by war, from both sides. I’ve picked up blown up body parts of friends and I’ve saved the lives of guys who were trying to kill me and my guys right before I was keeping them from their 72 virgins or whatever they believe awaits them on the other side. Here is an unbiased truthful view to the Syrian refugee situation. My first deployment to Iraq, in 2006, my unit voluntarily ran a childrens burn clinic outside of the FOB. It was a constant target for attacks. You would think that people wouldn’t shoot mortars or rockets at their own children, but you would be wrong. We saw hundreds of children, from infants to 18 year olds. The overwhelming majority of the kids we saw (90% or better) were clear cases of abuse. These parents were literally dunking their kids in boiling water, or throwing hot chai at their kids faces… Yes, we’re talking about babies, toddlers, kids not even old enough to understand why their parents would do these things to them. HUNDREDS of kids… We saw quite a few of these kids that were sexually abused, both girls and boys. Their parents acted if nothing was wrong with this, even when confronted by our doctors. This is the mentality of their society, not the viewpoint of a few individuals… these beliefs have been accepted to the vast majority of these people. Many were educated, well dressed, well spoken men, but yet, they still raped their own children, and kept chai boys (if you don’t know what that means, google it.) During that deployment, we also captured the 3rd largest EFP cache that had ever been captured. There were hundreds of copper plates, homemade explosives, fake curbs to house the EFP’s, hundreds of mortars and rockets and howitzer rounds, even an anti-aircraft gun. All of these things came from one place, Syria. Almost every single IED or EFP we found or hit could be traced back to Syria… A lot of the terrorists we captured were from SYRIA… Imagine that. Fast forward a couple years, and I find myself in Helmand Province, in Afghanistan… We had a group of Afghani’s that were paid to help guard our little mud hut in the middle of an Afghan village (I wasn’t on a fob) These guys also kept a “chai boy” A boy, about 11 years old, who was there to serve these guys sexually. We heard him being sexually assaulted many times, but there was nothing we could do about it. We asked the police, the Afghan Army, and we were told the same thing every time…. it’s their culture, and accepted as the norm…. Once again, we captured Syrian made explosives, weapons, and other items… We found Syrian passports during raids… And people out there want us to let these people into the US, with our kids, and near our wives. Near our schools, near our churches, synogogues, malls. Places where we should never have to fear being blown up, shot, kidnapped and tortured… Don’t forget what they did to the Egyptian Coptic Christians, or the Jordanian pilot… Don’t forget about what they do to rape victims! They stone these women to death for being raped! They behead their own people. Do you think they will show mercy to you? Look at the rape statistics in Denmark, Sweden, Belgium. Facts don’t lie… 97% of rapes committed in Sweden were committed by Muslim immigrants… And you want 10,000 of these people here? Even if just 1% of these so called “refugees” were ISIS supporters or active ISIS terrorists, would that be acceptable to you? Chew on it… think about it. Take a good look at your kids or your wife and decide if the risk is worth taking. Feel free to share this if you want.

  55.' Tietz Veronica says:

    Of course there’s good and bad people in every race and every religion…we are all the same.

  56.' Cody Schroeder says:

    We hear so much controversy over this but I know people that were born and raised Islamic who truly believe it is a violent religion and this is what is scary, not just the fact that the media shows us many pre-meditated murders by former followers of Islam.

  57.' Murali Anand says:


  58.' Maria Eva says:

    they are evil! they are cruel to women and children by legally treating them like slaves. muslims are terrorists, they hate the world we created and want to take it from us. they are very primitive and feed themselves with hate. just See what is going on in Europe now- Germany and France is floaded by them. But most of u are in USA and don’t give a fuck.

  59.' Vilma Picapiedras says:

    Of course, they are only terrorist ! That’s all!

  60.' Dahiru Sabiu says:

    When the time has come the truth will be revealed. Hatred and zeal to test weapons made western world to smear Islam with black paint, Why? Muslims blood is cheaper than any thing in the present time.

  61.' Mike Henderson says:

    How about you go and talk to the nice folks at Isis then.

  62.' James Payne says:

    Cut the bullshit! Muslims are violent and want revenge while their hearts support isis!

    •' Flynn Barry says:

      Please tell me you’re joking. I’ve had three exams today, but your comment has still managed to be the most frustrating thing I’ve read all day. Congratulations, pleb.

    •' Wendy Hardin says:

      Some people are incapable of seeing anything but what they want. They do not want to change their views, then they would have no life. Hate is all they know.

  63.' Michal Lipovský says:

    I havent seen a suicide catholic bomber in ages.. did you? Where are all those suicide buddhists? Are you paid to spread misinformations? LoL

  64.' Stuart Pennell says:

    Anjem choudary. Abdul hamza, an loads of other groups who have nothing to do with isis, who are plotting to take over Europe. The media doesn’t show this shit so who’s scaring who.

  65. Anonymous says:

    These days, the media is less concerned with reporting facts on any event/people. The public is misinformed about so much. You have to do your own research and trust your own judgement in the end, about everyone and everything.

  66.' Nichola Coglan says:

    Ridiculous article, pretty insensitive in this climate, unfollowed.

  67.' Stevo Grahn says:

    So what’s infidel …??? Please explain ? How can this seperate and join..??

  68.' Robin Christy says:

    The media certainly tries, but an understanding of the motivations behind the media funding helps diffuse their attempts at fear mongering: Power, Greed, and Control, with a healthy helping of global weapon sales on the side. The disgust helps to chase out the fear.

  69.' Eskem Ber Lou says:

    O really??? Then good for you. Hope your not getting beheaded or being bomb…

  70.' Sara Astekin says:

    Did you know Quran includes the Bible and The Torah… does the Torah or the bible allow any violence ?

  71.' Angela Ressa says:

    Carl Lalonde

  72.' Nadeem Akhter Korai says:

    All is this a paid jihad, world powers always used paid jihad to gain political and territorial power

  73.' Zbigniew De says:

    We in poland, the people are not afraid of muslims. They mayby don’t know that they are praying to AS, polish people. Lach, po (after) lach, polach Polak. Al(high vibration) Lach. Lechistan, Lechia, Lechici, Łachy. Principum polanorum. Hussary. Have good day all of you 🙂

  74.' Egan Early says:

    David Fried article seems biased…trying to equate both world wars as being driven by religion?…and trying to rationalize mirder rates in Muslim countries?? How accurate do you think those statistics could possibly be, of course coming from countries where stoning gay men to death is legal…

  75.' Kristina Cahill says:

    I don’t believe it. Different religions have different results. Some religions create beautiful results and make the humans better. Some religions include animal welfare. There is a huge difference in this.

  76.' Terry Richards says:

    It should not be necessary for mulims to explain or defend themselves in this way any more than to take up the ridiculous idea of a march to show that they don’t support daesh. What is needed is an open and honest discussion otherwise random tit for tat posts help no one.

  77.' Penny Jensen says:

    Right now it is all the various governments of the Western World planting the terror of War, the media are just puppets, always have been . . . God help us all ! . . .

  78.' Elisabeth Johannesström says:

    I know some lovely people of that religion, but, in the end, i want europe to be european. Islamisation is awful! Theese ”refugees” create their own paralel societies next to our modern one’s. Heard of the no go zones in france, uk,belgium sweden???.. the list goes on. Adapt and follow the laws or go away!

  79.' Patricia Cameron says:

    There are dangerous zealots in all religions.

  80.' Mary Berardi says:

    Not true. Muslims are more violent than people of other religions.

  81.' Marky Goliath says:

    Nd I agree with tht …I’m christian so I stand on the side of islam ,its nt them !! I’ll change to muslim if I hv to mke a good point

  82.' Tina Gonzales-Kaczmarzewski says:

    Not one bit

  83.' Mae Ma says:

    the MEDIA are the terrorists……

  84.' B Adjoa Lafenwa says:

    I was watching film

  85.' Rick Himes says:

    They worship the Korean to me any God that says it’s OK to treat women like cattel and it’s OK to have sex with little boys I don’t want to have any part of it an I damn sure don’t want them in my country end of story !!!!

  86.' Mavictoria Tan says:

    there’s always snakes everywhere!

  87.' dev says:

    why is it that few countries are interfering in internal matters of other countries…. few countries want to control all the natural resources and affairs of word…. they are going to war issues which are not there…. u.s.a bombed iraq, telling the world that iraq had weapons of mass destruction…. if true were are those weapons… not found…. just to control world economy they are finding excuses to attack…. why is there uproar when america, france or england faces attack… why the world keeps mum when other countries are suffering………… Libya under Gadaffi FACTS:
    • There are no electricity bills in Libya; electricity is free … for all its citizens.
    • There is no interest on loans, banks in Libya are state-owned and loans given to all its citizens at 0% interest by law.
    • If a Libyan is unable to find employment after graduation, the state pays the average salary of the profession as if he or she is employed until employment is found.
    • Should Libyans want to take up a farming career, they receive farm land, a house, equipment, seed and livestock to kick start their farms – all for free.
    • Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project, known as the Great Man-Made River project, to make water readily available throughout the desert country.
    • A home considered a human right in Libya. (In Qaddafi’s Green Book it states: “The house is a basic need of both the individual and the family, therefore it should not be owned by others.”)
    • All newlyweds in Libya receive 60,000 Dinar (US$ 50,000 ) by the government to buy their first apartment so to help start a family.
    • A portion of Libyan oil sales is credited directly to the bank accounts of all Libyan citizens.
    • A mother who gives birth to a child receives US $5,000.
    • When a Libyan buys a car, the government subsidizes 50% of the price.
    • The price of petrol in Libya is $0.14 per liter.
    • For $ 0.15, a Libyan local can purchase 40 loaves of bread.
    • Education and medical treatments are free in Libya. Libya can boast one of the finest health care systems in the Arab and African World. All people have access to doctors, hospitals, clinics and medicines, completely free of charge.
    • If Libyans cannot find the education or medical facilities they need in Libya, the government funds them to go abroad for it – not only free but they get US $2,300/month accommodation and car allowance.
    • 25% of Libyans have a university degree. Before Gaddafi only 25% of Libyans were literate. Today the figure is 87%.
    • Libya has no external debt and its reserves amount to $150 billion – though much of this is now frozen globally
    Education FREE
    Healthcare FREE
    Housing FREE
    Utilities FREE
    Food CHEAP
    Petrol CHEAP
    where is that Libya now..

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