Woman Flees Her Home After This Ghost Shows Up in Her Selfie

Posted by on November 7, 2015 in Mysteries, Reality's Edge, Spirits with 140 Comments

mother ghost selfie

By RossG | Yahoo News

A mother has fled her flat after she was photobombed in a selfie by what appears to be a ghost.

Natasha Boden, 26, a mother-of-one from Blackpool, Lancashire, took the picture of herself after dyeing her hair blonde, only to find the shape of a spirit face on her shoulder in the resulting image.

Even more unsettling was the fact that undertakers had mistakenly called at her door six weeks earlier asking to collect a dead body. They had the wrong address.

Ms Boden checked into a hotel for the night after seeing the spooky selfie and has ended the tenancy on her flat. She and her partner, Mark Donohue, and two-year-old daughter Dolly are currently looking for somewhere else to live.

She said she was reduced to tears when she zoomed in on the selfie and will not return to the property because she thinks it might be haunted.

Ms Boden said: “My boyfriend is moving everything out of the flat. I can’t go back there. I’m absolutely petrified.

“I’ve never believed in ghosts or anything like that. If someone else had taken the photograph I would think it was a load of rubbish but the face is so clear.

“I’d just dyed my hair so I decided to take a quick selfie to see what it looked like, and as I flicked through the photographs I realised there was the face of a man lurking near my right shoulder.

“I was terrified. I was alone in the flat and I knew I had to get out immediately. It was 11pm but I checked into a hotel and asked my boyfriend to meet me there. There was no way I would be able to sleep after what I had seen.


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140 Reader Comments

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  1. 932531430162563@facebook.com' Rich Kelly says:

    the shadow strikes again(~) <3

  2. 438288283024390@facebook.com' WendyJoy Smith says:

    chicken, what’s the worst? photobomb lol

  3. 1699296326971154@facebook.com' Kelly Knaack says:

    That is an app. A really old app from like 5 years ago that puts random ghosts in your photo’s. I used to have it on my phone and freak my kids and all the neighbor kids out with it all the time.

  4. 1716514941902925@facebook.com' Dan Snoek says:

    energies are real and seeking the positive Source within is the answer….seek the counsel of many ,trust yourself. running is just a change of surroundings. its possible that this is light trickery or its an entity.either way security can be found and applied, ask your angels for help and guidance….personally i ask a positive-light-glow eggshell protection of Jesus(Creator) that when maintained with love and positive thinking is more than enough

  5. 10156223381870554@facebook.com' Elicia Szeler says:

    Why is her face all beat up? That is actually relevant.

  6. 10156151243090542@facebook.com' Ash Strain says:


  7. 10205337881021836@facebook.com' Debra Spence says:

    Looks like a penguin lol!

  8. 823819661049614@facebook.com' Lexie Peterson Ulubiyo says:

    Funny because…the ghost can follow her. Lol

  9. 10156414169835495@facebook.com' Andrew Dose says:

    The Dark Lord will rise again.

  10. 10153757278864329@facebook.com' Valeria Garcia says:

    Look like a jinn, I don’t think is real, but if is, is probably attached to her, not the house.

  11. 766235646815504@facebook.com' Godwin Ogbeta says:

    Ghost exist, I’ve seen one before it wasn’t a joke matter my head was heavy I couldn’t move I stood like a statue and it vanished.

  12. 10153626538534631@facebook.com' Mark Wan says:


  13. 1490793581222743@facebook.com' Dario Genzić says:

    May be false or truth.
    I also have a photo of ghost. Long time ago when I took a pics he show up when film was developed in photo. That is reality which exsist. People beleive or not.

    • 1622532111345284@facebook.com' Karen Charlotte Corday says:

      Kakva je slika?

    • 1490793581222743@facebook.com' Dario Genzić says:

      Normalna slika sad već stara oko 18 godina osim što se na njoj vidi prozirna osoba. I to je to. Ništa senzacionalno, premda je bilo uzbudljivo to vidjeti i doživjeti.

    • 10205282147921740@facebook.com' Maria Lynne says:

      I know it’s true, I have seen a child ghost in an apartment I used to live in.

    • 10153582751573417@facebook.com' Nad Mallek says:

      There are two kinds of ghosts. The first is like a recording of an event that replays constantly. The other has a consciousness independent of location and can follow a person from place to place.

  14. 10206772860374421@facebook.com' Jeannette E. Garcia says:

    Slow day at the office?? Junk news….

  15. 10153465800473961@facebook.com' Stephane Chiapello says:

    Negative entity. Jerome Chabard encore un autre

  16. 10155986556585417@facebook.com' Julie Benjamin says:

    I find the psychology behind taking a selfie more disturbing than ghosts!

    • 607854869356646@facebook.com' Sam Grimshaw says:

      Says she who has fab selfies ?

    • 10207006700357623@facebook.com' Munib Turkanovic says:

      I agree with you. But we still do it anyway! What can you do.. We are just people and that is the trend, I guess. If not for FB, I would not have any pictures of self 🙂

    • 10203775250021193@facebook.com' Tiya Edwards says:

      I have to agree Julie and I have rl friends who constantly do selfies. Perhaps they need validation for either low self esteem or the proverbial, “oh my god, I need attention!” Which falls back to, low self esteem.

    • 10153248318483297@facebook.com' Alicia Merchant says:

      Selfies have been around forever though, it’s just easier now, think back before cameras even existed, artists would paint self portraits!

  17. 10153075947256594@facebook.com' Twinko KP says:

    She looks spooky herself.

    • 10204737247223663@facebook.com' Sharron Tilyard says:

      If you can’t say anything nice say nothing at all. No need to be nasty about her, Are you perfect?

    • 10153075947256594@facebook.com' Twinko KP says:

      It’s halloween season, spooky is the in
      thing. No offense meant. I don’t believe the story real anyway, apparently it’s an app.

  18. 899423800146506@facebook.com' Tony LaRose says:

    Yall wunt sum crRrAaAcCcKkK mudah fukah?!?!?. Hmmmmm? U wunt it u wunt it u wunnnnnts it? Hmmm?

  19. 10208217525586038@facebook.com' Lisa Daniello says:

    Alien…that’s no ghost

  20. 677161089082794@facebook.com' Dlav Gaucher says:

    I believe in the paranormal..absolutely..its apart of my culture..

  21. 10207769064054757@facebook.com' Lee Peters says:

    It’s probably sick of seeing duck face

  22. 183221622018602@facebook.com' Wade Wilson says:

    We are all ghost. Quite a few live inside our electronic signals in our brain and DNA. Whats there to fear? Photos bullshit too.

  23. 957107224335953@facebook.com' Tammy Tobias Riemath says:

    Looks like she’s fit a monkey on her back! Lo

  24. 1719239804978409@facebook.com' Jon Utas says:

    Looks like an Alien Ghost. Cool, wanna play a game…

  25. 957107224335953@facebook.com' Tammy Tobias Riemath says:

    Oh and I love the guy who said hes ” chagrined at how cold and insensitive people can be” …. try not to worry about it dude… It’s not real.

  26. 10206760790314779@facebook.com' Lauren Kennedy says:

    When voldermort photo bombs your selfie

  27. 10208237430160338@facebook.com' Shannon Curtis says:

    Don’t post this please it doesn’t help the consciousness movement!

  28. 10153742083614645@facebook.com' Tony N Rachel Flores says:

    That’s a ninja turtle!

  29. 10208452757095170@facebook.com' Chu Landa says:


  30. 10205164513133075@facebook.com' Patricia Lynette Gazaway says:

    I call shenanigans.

  31. 10153786252677193@facebook.com' Melanie Marks says:

    It’s the grinch!

  32. 10207876751095695@facebook.com' Colin Frawley says:


  33. 1656710797903359@facebook.com' Paul Cramo Crampton says:

    BEHAVE ..if you give this any credibility you have the IQ of bread mould …. crap …. In general cool page though.

  34. 10153594135403654@facebook.com' Jordan Foyil says:

    Nope. Stupid story

  35. 1511235129203002@facebook.com' Pamela Diez says:

    She didnt know she has a monkey.

  36. 10208225777388722@facebook.com' Geoffrey Donne says:

    You guys get unfollowed with junk like this.

  37. 853569408064150@facebook.com' Jay McFly says:

    The body motion sensor on the x box has been picking up heat signatures from entities.. My little sister experienced this at my mother’s house… I googled it and found it was quite common. Not saying this is real, but just saying

  38. 10153624579751043@facebook.com' Ty Rayshaun says:

    I honestly feel like if the spirit or being did not cause her any harm in any way it was not a malevolent spirit that was out to harm her but only to grab her attention because she may have abilities that she may not be aware of…

  39. 10153128788836820@facebook.com' Lisa Pack says:

    Cheryl Sadler Jodie Dumbrell ?

  40. 799943850115581@facebook.com' Jay Jones says:

    Why run? Fear not. Maybe it’s a relative

  41. 799943850115581@facebook.com' Jay Jones says:


  42. 135837583442309@facebook.com' Laura Libertad says:

    With technology everything looks real

  43. 131920417167500@facebook.com' Danielle Skodak says:

    Any ghost isn’t a reason to flee your home. Some are good some are bad and mostly around because of alive people’s need of them.

  44. 921090901308646@facebook.com' Dharti Pandya says:

    Prince Chauhan this will happen with you. Soon

  45. 10153016142900764@facebook.com' Yotz NiKo says:

    Wow!!! Everyone is so in the dark regarding….. The so-called “The afterlife”
    Do you really think our energies end when our physical vessel dies off!?!?
    WE ARE SPIRITUAL entities experiencing the earth dimension
    We are not our physical bodies!!!!!!!
    And ghosts are nothing to fear!!!!! They are here cause loved ones can’t let them go……. Let them go!!!! You will always be with your galactic ( universal family ) This earth time is so short, you have no idea!!!

  46. 10153582751573417@facebook.com' Nad Mallek says:

    That’s not a ghost . That’s a grey alien, or a zeta. Friendly little guys, nothing to worry about if they are short. Their taller cousins are a pain in the ass though.

  47. 1025111890853442@facebook.com' Naomi Sweet says:

    Lol i read this i laughed hard cause you know even if she fliest from that apartement ghost will still follow her

  48. 10153016142900764@facebook.com' Yotz NiKo says:

    @lisa Daniello
    Ghosts are souls, nothing more nothing less. It’s a lingering memory of a soul…. Who can’t let go. Usually the ones left behind are holding them from moving on….. Our energies are more powerful than we think….. Just let go forgive and love. ??

  49. 10206634078641880@facebook.com' Ian Eel Alexander says:

    a woman in england flees her flat when she sees such a terrible photoshop job

  50. 10153016142900764@facebook.com' Yotz NiKo says:

    A good read on this is ” The holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot……… The spiritual world is VERY real!!!

  51. 495032530669280@facebook.com' Cindy Cacciola says:


  52. 10203322536863875@facebook.com' Lisa Purnell says:

    Renee Shantel

  53. 10207225263087690@facebook.com' Martin Murtagh says:

    If it’s genuine it looks like her that is haunted….

  54. 187138061627152@facebook.com' Luke Jhon Hall says:


  55. 10154296051939838@facebook.com' Robert Gardiner says:

    Slimer’s back!

  56. 10208202395604221@facebook.com' Leila Choudhury says:

    Thats really too bad because if it is really a spirit it could be a helper or a spirit guide for her or a random ghost just passing through. It doesn’t seem like it is something to be afraid of.

  57. 10206986299474449@facebook.com' Irene Rain Navarro says:

    Olbap Zar Milcah Jhoy Fernandez 😉

  58. 10205228245001367@facebook.com' Anthony Spears says:

    It’s called pareidolia.

  59. 1646765808939886@facebook.com' Tom Edenbridge Bell says:

    That’s Jim Carrey as the mask.
    P a r t why because I gotta
    Can’t make the scene if u ain’t got the green.hahahaha

  60. 1484212045240135@facebook.com' Raymond Degarmo says:

    Yes they do!! I grew up in cheapest mentel units possible so ma pa cloud afford more booze.
    Lincoln, Wichita Denver.
    All haunted houses.
    Even spoke with grandmas ghost the nite she died!!

  61. 10207946154836126@facebook.com' Angela Pannell says:

    What a load of codswallop, so easily brainwashed…sighs..

  62. 195589877441568@facebook.com' Fiona Dzebic says:

    freaky ! I would move out too …

  63. 10207783812735682@facebook.com' Erinne Barnett says:

    sad thing is its probably attached to her so is still with her and not just in the house. it looks like an ape faced demon

  64. 908482092521226@facebook.com' Noura Zayat says:

    I have a ghost in my condo that I believe is a child. Always hiding certain items and the they show up out of nowhere. It’s like this spirit is playing hide n’ seek with me, which is fine:) I’m not sure why fleeing your home from a spirit, especially one that didn’t harm you is going to make you feel any better. We don’t know what happens after death, but we should at least respect the fact that ghosts do exist and it’s sort of ignorant to run away, rather than actually learning. Hell, that spirit made her selfie waaaay better;)

  65. 768539903256121@facebook.com' Susanne Morrison says:

    haha 😀

  66. 10206676593411195@facebook.com' Dee Mazs says:

    nope i dont believe that is real

  67. 10156164245690058@facebook.com' Jonny Enoki Spore Krista says:

    Doesn’t look like anything other then a photo glitch =)

  68. 10207440134784189@facebook.com' Shannon McCall Pendergrass says:


  69. 1474722409503233@facebook.com' Reba Greco says:

    All I see is an albino raccoon posing behind her. XD

  70. 10153497503934494@facebook.com' Brandon Broach says:

    *sigh* the human mind is one helluva drug

  71. 513107542196459@facebook.com' Arvin Chu Badilles says:

    Yea, i do believe in photoshop ?

  72. 1237578246258855@facebook.com' Vanessa Wells says:

    Liz Howard

  73. 10153241066017689@facebook.com' Fi Alsagoff says:

    It looks like a monkey lol

  74. 1722309681323814@facebook.com' Bani Adam Bani says:

    its like a small monkey laying down on her shoulder lol.

  75. 1648775375412207@facebook.com' Al Jacinto II says:

    lol…where is superman, batman and xmen?

  76. 10207845257708753@facebook.com' Rick Martinez says:

    That’s Shrek!

  77. 10207743778423256@facebook.com' Madonna Guzzardo says:

    The ghost might be attached to her – not the home Watch the ghost Wisperor ! Might not be so Scarry

  78. 1034616349892630@facebook.com' Ahmad Chaudhry says:

    Tabitha Wright isn’t look like you

  79. 921902167888914@facebook.com' Annie Halpin says:

    Freaky if real?

  80. 1501905536773683@facebook.com' Lori Johnson says:

    I believe it. Regardless… The spirit will stay wherever she goes… UNLESS she announces her wishes and reclaims her boundaries. She needs to tell them to leave in other words..say she cannot help them.

  81. 161074860910653@facebook.com' Manan Tank says:


    I would even throw my phone…

    Run the hell down…

  82. 10153164719407401@facebook.com' Stacey Taras says:

    Angie Eacott

  83. 10153381520420326@facebook.com' Channa Wolven says:

    I don’t see a face there. It looks like a cat with sunglasses on.

  84. 1065657026791420@facebook.com' Tracy Rowe Hughes says:

    Does anyone else think it looks like a ghost of the angry cat……???

  85. 414225402105685@facebook.com' Rhonda Ciccolella says:

    Doesn’t mean a thing!! Photo anomaly or photoshop. People are TOO superstitious!

  86. 955643677830293@facebook.com' Barry Mohn says:

    That’s what Fear does when you refuse the accept the truth It’s not about her get over yourself Boo HAHAHA you fucking pussy

  87. 10206304774913124@facebook.com' Sasha Mangroo says:

    Smh. When you think you’ve heard it all.

  88. 10153088756272175@facebook.com' Nicky Molbury Taylor says:

    Iv think it’s one of her spirit guides

  89. 991347960888190@facebook.com' Carol Nettles says:

    She’s the oldest looking 26 I’ve ever seen!

  90. 877454538989573@facebook.com' Adam Richard Cheney says:

    That’s not a app! It’s clearly one of those white jabawokkie masks you get at any Halloween store or Wal-Mart for 10$ in the cream color room lit from her front left side with a tad bit of exposure you have an IDENTICAL match. Thanks for nothing click bait. Another victory for the King Angler …HOOK. LINE. SINKER

  91. 10208070960310139@facebook.com' Basia Brady says:

    Hoax. A picture super imposed on a photo. I believe in ghosts, spirits that still linger, but this looks very fake.

  92. 799972600125250@facebook.com' Anna-Louise Bateman says:

    Looks like voldemort ??

  93. 10153425592014064@facebook.com' Johan Gustavsson says:

    stop taking selfies and the ghost will disapear

  94. 954383667936792@facebook.com' Darren Walshe says:

    That could be anything ha but she getting her 15 mins i suppose

  95. 10208386876938462@facebook.com' Mima Petrovic says:

    Boo ?

  96. 875756739181790@facebook.com' The Messenger says:

    Apparitions are real and can appear for multiple reasons. That being said they can also be faked. When they are real they can be from a soul that has left the body, they can also be from an energy that never had a human body. When apparitions appear in the physical world whether good or not that is a powerful energy. Some of these energies regardless of origin are attached to places and can not follow, some are attached to objects or living humans and can follow at that apparitions will. When an apparition appears gray or dark it is not holding positive energy.

  97. 1463579767300218@facebook.com' Michele Rose says:

    She’s assuming that the house is haunted when in fact it could be HER that is haunted?

  98. 10207816195712385@facebook.com' David Ullman Sr. says:

    Funny how the face is the same color as her shirt think maybe she needs to get the sensor in her camera check

  99. 10153674726581341@facebook.com' Sam JC Nind says:

    It’s her fucking heel! ? Just needs a good scrub

  100. 10205401610385844@facebook.com' Karen Kuennen says:

    Attachments are real! But running away won’t get rid of it.

  101. 10156170904770720@facebook.com' Cams XD says:

    Photoshop i so bad they turned her shirt yellow snd couldnt fix it

  102. 1008230139229646@facebook.com' S Kay Watkins says:

    I believe in GOd and ghosts because there are angels and lost spirits both of which are mentioned, but I don’t fear them

  103. 786949481427336@facebook.com' Jessica Bohémienne Lemire says:

    Hahahaha TOTAL fake. ?

  104. 10153362140088577@facebook.com' Catherine Gow says:

    They can be anywhere, her biggest problem is her own fear.

  105. 147883485553980@facebook.com' Albert George says:

    Ya take more selfies! Why stop now

  106. supergirl23suzie@gmail.com' Susan freund says:

    I reckon it could be an alien as they can be detected in the infrared spectrum which the camera can pick up but our eyes cannot see

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