Are you a Master of the Intuitive Mind?

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Marcus T Anthony (PhD) is a futurist of the human mind, writer and spiritual adviser. His web site is The following is an extract from his new book, Champion of the Soul.

Some new age teachings place the intuitive – and especially the psychic ream – at the centre of the spiritual journey. This is a mistake. In order for you to awaken, the intuitive must be made subservient to the mindful. Many new age teachings elevate the psychic to the status of ultimate wisdom. This is probably because for the layman who has never experienced much of the psychic realms, either directly or through education (who ever does?), the psychic seems incredible and superhuman.

There are some very, very gifted intuitives in the world, and some of them are practicing psychics. I have met and worked with several of the most amazingly gifted clairvoyants you could ever imagine. Some are so far ahead of their time that current science fiction doesn’t have a patch on them. Some of these intuitives are well-balanced and wise people.

But others have poorly developed life skills. These individuals lack emotional and spiritual maturity. For example, one I know is constantly on social media wailing about how awful people are. She always has some drama going down. So being “psychic” is no guarantee of spiritual maturity or wisdom. Given this, you should not blindly follow the advice of a “psychic” just because he channels the Archangel Michael. Nor should you expect that just because you are very intuitive – or are training to become such – that you have an advanced understanding of human spirituality. Some psychics I have met know absolutely nothing about awakening.

I am very psychic myself, a cognitive capacity that spontaneously opened up when I was in my mid-twenties. I immediately had visions of spiritual guides and alien intelligences. I found I could peer into the minds of people regardless of physical distance from me. I often foresaw events before they occurred, had out-of-body experiences and was visited by long- dead ancestors. I had lucid dreams where I could fly or leave the body at will. But I knew very little about spirituality. Nor did I understand my own mind. I was certainly no Buddha merely because I had some profound dreams and visions. Indeed, I was a deeply wounded individual who was barely connected to his own body. The intuitive realm can be a useful source of information. But so is the Internet, and a person is not going to awaken simply because he spends twelve hours a day online. Give a fool a computer and you don’t suddenly get a genius. All you have is an idiot sitting in front of a machine.

The psychic can be distracting, and it can be confusing. I can tell you from personal experience that is very easy to misinterpret psychic information. The ego will tend to see what it wants to see and distort the rest. The mind will also tend to view psychic messages in black and white terms – as either positive or negative. This is especially the case if the person does not have a strong capacity for mindfulness. If the mind exists in a state of polarity, a psychic message has the potential to throw the individual right off course.

Most of the spiritual information I have received via the psychic is ambiguous. The meanings are often unclear, the messages foggy. And I believe that this is deliberately so. Spirit will not give you all the answers. It wants you to develop wisdom by figuring out the answers yourself. I struggled with the psychic for many years, attempting to work out what was being asked of me. Make no mistake. Ultimately, the information and guidance gleaned from so many years of self-reflection has made me a far wiser man. But it is not so much the data itself that has made me wiser; it is the process of self-reflection. Basically I had to go out and test what I was being led to explore. And nobody made me do it. Nobody told me how to do it. Nobody told me why.

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  1.' Mike J says:

    Dr. Anthony, do you have any scientific studies that lend evidence or proof that psychics exist and can channel other realms? I would love to learn more.

  2. Mike, there isn’t any to my knowledge. There’s plenty of scientific studies which support ESP, including clairvoyance, telepathy and remote viewing, however. See the link below. Of course, there are many debates about this evidence, and many are hostile to the entire body of research. My own understanding comes primarily from first person experience. This occurred rather spontaneously many years ago. I have the odd video on the subject on youtube. e.g.

  3.' Nancy says:

    Thanks Marcus, I really needed to hear this. I had an NDE 3 years ago and have had some incredible psychic experiences since then. I began seeking answers and found a teacher who focuses largely on self-realization. She works with me on mind exercises to harness my abilities as well but I am not making the progress I’d like in this area; I get frustrated and often want to put the spiritual lessons aside and focus more on with the “fun stuff.” I trust my teacher so I have never stopped studying. You have confirmed what she has been saying all along. I appreciate your !

  4.' Nancy says:

    ooops….I appreciate your ARTICLE! : )

  5. I’m glad you got something from the article, Nancy. I believe that whatever opens ip for you is what is meant to be, regardless of how it opens up. So if you have some psychic capacities than it is part of your life journey. However, you have to learn to develop the right relationship with any “gift”, or it can severely unbalance your life. Intuitive abilities are no exception. They present a particularly difficult case because they are not accepted by broader society nor by science, and they can lead to mental disturbance if not understood. But they are a gift also. It’s a matter of harnessing the gift in the right way. Put mindfulness first, and the rest will fall into lace automatically.

  6.' arthur chris says:

    I have read this in disbelief.You talk of alien “intelligencies’ and the ability to “see”events before they happen.You also write about an experience that happened to you “spontaneously” 20 yrs ago.How can a person so overly curious like me tap into this “intelligence”? I believe life would be more meaningful to me if i had another angle from which to see you replied to Nancy,these are not claims that are easily accepted by science or society…so how would you advise me to keep track of developments in my life spiritully…in the future and perhaps in the past

  7.' arthur chris says:

    Sorr Marcus,how would i get in touch with one of those gifted psychis that you have worked with….those that would “embarass”..modern day science..

  8. To be honest, Chris, I don’t encourage people to engage the psychic realms. Generally people do so with an unconscious desire to escape the world and bodily existence. I always suggest mindfulness first. However, you might like to read my book Discover Your Soul Template. It addresses these issues.

    In another of my books, Champion of the Soul, I address 11 other domains that need to be mastered along with the psychic or intuitive.

  9. As for getting in touch with such people… There are plenty around. The greatest of them generally do not seek attention. I was led to my greatest teacher via a profound synchronicity, many years ago. You can see a brief version of the tale on youtube:

  10.' Mark Davies says:

    Hi, I have had a pretty bad 15 years however I have felt a strong connection to other dimensions for years. I was publically humiliated on a massive scale somewhat like the film Carrie. I was in a pretty bad way about five years ago.close to death. Something brought me back and ever since I feel a stronger connection to the universe on a daily basis. Synchronicity plays a massive part in everyday events. I know that my third eye is open and things are starting to drop down almost from the sky.

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