Manifestation and Spirituality, Conscious Evolution and Ascension

Listen to the November 16th Cosmic Creating Radio Show and learn how manifestation is a spiritual process and the link to conscious evolution and ascension.

On this show, I cover:

  • How successful manifestation requires a higher consciousness.
  • How to raise your consciousness through mindfulness.
  • How manifestation is linked to your purpose.
  • The 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions and their links to manifestation.
  • How to tame the ego to become a master of manifestation.
  • A powerful message from the I Ching on spirituality.
  • How to turn challenges into evolutionary catalysts.
  • The process of conscious manifestation.

You can get a copy of my book Empowered Manifestation at www.empoweredmanifestation.com.

Listen below…

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Jan Shaw The Success AlchemistJan Shaw – The Success Alchemist, is a Spiritual Empowerment and Intuitive Success Coach, Success Strategist and Mindfulness and Manifestation Mentor and can be found at www.thesuccessalchemist.net. She delivers intuitive guidance, spiritual and metaphysical teaching, plus life and business strategies, to support you in fulfilling your Soul Mission and Life Purpose. Get your FREE copy of her Dream Achievers Success Kit or apply for a complimentary Success Strategy SessionHer book Empowered Manifestation is available on Amazon. Visit her YouTube Channel for more tips, tools, and training. You can also visit her Facebook Page and join her Facebook Group, Breakthrough to Brilliance. Jan also hosts the Cosmic Creating Show every Saturday on Cosmic Reality Radio.