This Man Just Saved 1,000 Dogs From Being Slaughtered At The Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Written by on June 29, 2016 in Activism, Animals and Pets, Conscious Living with 208 Comments
Credit: AnimalHopeAndRescueFoundation Instagram

Credit: AnimalHopeAndRescueFoundation Instagram

Amanda Froelich | True Activist

Yes, the time has come. In China, a week-long event known as the Yulin Dog Meat Festival is taking place, much to the distaste of animal rights activists in the country and around the world. It is estimated that every year, 10 to 20 million dogs are killed for their meat.

While some are doing their part by sharing articles such as this one to raise awareness about the outdated festival, others are actually venturing to the event to rescue dogs before they’re killed.

American activist Marc Ching is one such individual. According to Mashable, Ching has suffered beatings and threats, yet still continues to sneak into slaughterhouses to rescue canines. In partnership with other animal lovers in China, he has helped rescue 1,000 dogs from being skinned alive.

Credit: AnimalHopeAndRescueFoundation Instagram

Credit: AnimalHopeAndRescueFoundation Instagram

After the abused dogs are rescued, Ching transports them to shelters and foster care so they may have a chance at life.

The activist wrote on his non-profit’s Facebook page:

“We have shut down six slaughterhouses, have five pending, and are on our way to visit a dozen more. To those that thought it was impossible – it is becoming possible.”

Credit: AnimalHopeAndRescueFoundation Instagram

Credit: AnimalHopeAndRescueFoundation Instagram


He is relentless in his quest to put an end to the barbaric festival. Sometimes he sneaks into slaughterhouses pretending to be a buyer, and other times he’s successful in persuading owners of the establishments to stop their cruel activities. If he has to offer them some financial incentive, he does not withhold.

Credit: AnimalHopeAndRescueFoundation Instagram

Credit: AnimalHopeAndRescueFoundation Instagram

Credit: AnimalHopeAndRescueFoundation Instagram

Credit: AnimalHopeAndRescueFoundation Instagram

This is the 7th time Ching has traveled to Asia to saved abused dogs. His actions have not only influenced activists around the world, they’ve inspired Chinese citizens to protest and boycott the festival and get involved in rescue efforts. Because of this, fewer dogs are being killed at the festival, according to Wendy Higgins of the Humane Society International.

Credit: AnimalHopeAndRescueFoundation Instagram


Following are two videos he posted to his animal rescue Facebook page:

Few activists would go to such lengths to help animals. Please show your support for those who are stepping into stop the activity by sharing this article and commenting your thoughts below!

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208 Reader Comments

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  1. Marc, you are a hero in my eyes!! So sorry about the sadness in your life, but I believe you are called to help these dogs as a part of your life purpose. Keep doing what you are doing and may you be blessed to have others help you! Prayers there is an end to this horrific event!!!

  2. Jo Jo Dodd I read another story recently like this but a woman bought a load of the dogs … ❤️

  3. Chris T. Sk, hun, you’d really like this story! ^_^ <3

  4. Once you’ve eaten dog everything tastes bland afterwards

  5. Jesus save us and those animals thank you sir you have saved those poor animals

  6. Thank you for saving them

  7. What makes a dog any different from any sentient being? We should be saving them all. Go vegan

    • I agree with you, we should all go vegan for our planet but what is awful in this tradition is the point they make to torture the animal before killing it. In their little brains, they believe that the more the animal suffer, the tender the meat…

    • Watch earthlings. Maybe that will help put my point into perspective. All animals are the equivalent to tortured before being killed so we can have something tasty to eat. It’s a barbaric tradition that we must stop.

    • Linda NH Linda NH says:

      It’s a real tragedy

    • Jane Bennett Jane Bennett says:

      You honestly think going vegan would stop this?
      They do it for pleasure anyway! Sick bastards

    • I’m the naive one? If you think you can’t change the world then you’re right you can’t. But my beliefs system isn’t set up that way. Every life matters in mine. Even yours.

    • As much as people hate vegans its fucking true. I don’t want to see any of you bitches complain about dogs being abused and killed to be consumed when in a couple of hours during your dinner you’re eating pork and ham.

    • Or beef ^^ you don’t see people from India coming to North America freak out about us eating cows. It’s a different culture. Funny how North Americans are so quick to jump at others traditions, but won’t examine their own lifestyle

    • Responding to the OP – Dogs aren’t sentient. That’s a big difference. And eating dog wouldn’t make us cannibals; eating a sentient would. Unless you’re providing a definition of sentience that would apply to most creatures.

      I do applaud being vegetarian or going vegan, but sentience is kinda a big deal.

    • what makes a plant different from an animal….absolutely nothing….morality of convenience it is

    • You obviously don’t know what sentient means. I’m sure they feel things that’s why they scream in pain. You should do some Google searching before debating. & plants have no nervous system. So James try again.

  8. Angel Rain Angel Rain says:

    So you post his photo & he would be recognized now – smart move … Not

  9. Kevin Ch Kevin Ch says:

    God bless you sir

  10. pump money into herbivore hot spots like africa, they should eat sheep meat which does not carry the carnivore aura. Dogs still look sad asif they know what has transpired for so many kin

    • I mean you don’t eat something that has hunted on the plains with us. You eat something which peaceably eats on the plain and has a natural life on the land, whose numbers aren’t diminished by being stressfully hunted, but by being taken for that purpose and thus not disturbing the communial life. One puts pressure on the communial life if too much TakinG takes place cause there aren’t enough farmers or farms.

  11. oh gosh so gross this people eating dogs eeew

  12. Brianna Alyse Douglas

  13. We salute you Marc!!!

  14. Thank you thank you thank you!!!?

  15. Once everyone know how bad protein is for them .. And live food so good for there body this will stop !

  16. Why stop the chinese from eating a dog, if you are going to eat a hamburger right after ! :3 hyppocratic act

    • Please don’t undermine a man who goes to great lengths to do wonderful humanitarian work with negative comments that have no relevance.

    • I respect what HE did ! but let’s face it ! other species are treated the same way the saved dogs were about to be treated ! i mean no disrespect !

    • Lisa Surface Lisa Surface says:

      Taher Saidane Why can’t you be supportive of him and support others that try to save other species. He is vegan and you dont have a clue as to his other convictions.

    • Rob Rosegren Rob Rosegren says:

      I’ll tell you the difference. I don’t eat meat from animals who were skinned alive and tortured by assholes who think it makes them taste better.

    • And alot of these dogs are actually peoples pets and illegally stolen, one man can’t save the worlds problems but one man can certainly make a difference . Peace out

    • Rob rosegren , i will only ask you to see what’s going on in the slaughter house that provide you with all kinds of meat ^_^

    • Angela Geoghegan , I am not talking law here, i am talking about the humanitarian side of the story, my point here is that if you feel sorry for a dog that is about to be killed and served as food then you should feel the same for pigs and cows etc.

    • Your a dickhead, end of story!

    • Did you miss the part where it said this man is vegan, writing negative comments on a status where the is positive great work done is just counterproductive, we need to change they way we think first and if you think positive thoughts you will be more likely to act in a positive manner, man just try see the good in the world and you’ll find it become a better place ☺

    • I agree with what you just said ! i didn’t know he was vegan ! but what i just said doesn’t only apply to this guy who’s much appreciated ! I adress it to rest of the population who feel sorry for the dogs but don’t to other animals who are dail tortured in slaughter house !

  17. May Johns May Johns says:

    Thank you. I applaud you, definately. ?

  18. Bless you, you sweet, awesome man!!!

  19. Karen Blok Karen Blok says:

    This deeply disturbs my soul.

  20. What about cows pigs fish and jungle meat it’s all meat it’s all alive

  21. I DO! Please join his page and support him, he is feeling very down <3

  22. Zai Razak Zai Razak says:

    What is this horrendous festival n barbaric and we are in the 21st century are we not ???

  23. Julie Ardron Julie Ardron says:

    There pets not to be on the food chain

  24. thank you rescuer, wish more people like you

  25. Zai Razak Zai Razak says:

    Tq for saving those poor dogs

  26. Mandy Hayhoe Mandy Hayhoe says:

    Bless this man. It sickens me that this festival is allowed to happen

  27. Marc you are a true hero, have seen some amazing people do great work to stop this babaric festival, inspiring to see.

  28. This is so sad, I cannot watch the video. I dont understand why people want to eat dogs and cats? Yes I get when people say here we eat pigs and cows, but dogs and cats? We should all be vegetarian and not eat any meat.

  29. Brooke Bruce Brooke Bruce says:

    Just exactly how much meat can you get off an emaciated dog, that’s fucking sad. Over population has ruined the natural order of the hunt and chase.

  30. that’s why i go vegan now………..a little bit stingy…… guilty feeling

  31. He is worried about Dogs being killed and nobody is worried about Human beings killed around the world by so called super powers.

  32. Humanity is still alive in some people. Technology can never win over nature. We’re too small in comparison with the vast , godly and divine nature. Be kind and caring for nature. Don’t overflow with ego that you’ve technology. God has much more power you are unaware of. It’s better we don’t apply science everywhere. Science is limited to some extent, but divinity is eternal and perennial.

  33. Good man vegetables way foward

  34. Stevo Grahn Stevo Grahn says:

    You a real man…you will be blessed..

  35. Janice Hume Janice Hume says:

    very sad but true that they are no different than a cow or a pg or a chicken..

  36. This man is the most amazing person! He risks his own safety to rescue these dogs and often gets beaten up for his efforts. He deserves an award for bravery as well as his selflessness and compassion! ❤️

  37. Linda NH Linda NH says:

    Mar this is great news!

  38. Aww sweet babies!!! There is no difference between slaughtering dogs, pigs, horses or other animals for sport or whatever..i can understand if it is a dire survival need, but its not in most cases in our world…thank god for strong people like this man!!!

  39. Jayne Wattie Jayne Wattie says:

    Wonderful human being.

  40. Carol Webb Carol Webb says:

    Some sick people to do this crap to dogs! This man is a Hero

  41. May God bless him in all of his efforts to stop this inhumane act

  42. In this country that’s an act of terrorism according to the Patriot act.

  43. Share and let Cassady stand up and help all of our youth in our community & all other communities with #justice4cassady

    What is #justice4cassady many ask ?

    It was made to make parents and children aware of what really is going on in the real world . Parents and adults are not who they say they are . It was created in hope for Cassady to touch lives and to ensure that another life is not lost . It was made for justice as the law states , Justice is the process or result of using laws to fairly judge and punish crimes and criminals. Everything happens according to GODs will. A parent can not continue to sell narcotics to our children . A parent can not continue to snort pills with our children. A parent can not continue to say it’s okay try this . A parent can not continue to have sex with minors . A parent can not continue to buy alcohol for our children . We do not need parents like this protecting our children . The list goes on . We all need to support #justice4cassady . These parents do not need to be on our North Carolina streets . This is what #justice4cassady is .

  44. Enda Mac C Enda Mac C says:

    i love dogs .. fuck this … stop war on profitable false terror in the west !

  45. Lisa Surface Lisa Surface says:

    I don’t understand why we cannot support people that help all causes. One person cannot work on all causes. We have enough people on Planet Earth to be passionate about many causes. Let’s be positive and supportive for the people like Marc that sacrifice many things to help stop this horrific torture AND the other people that sacrifice to stop the other horrific tortures going on across the world!!!! Bless you and thank you Marc Ching!!!

    •' Tony Marzio says:

      Lisa you are so right! Us crying here and typing words of indignation in treating animals this way is not doing any good. We have to join and support men like Marc Ching! The young healthy people who waste time on video games could become involved here. They would feel so fulfilled by stopping suffering!

      As for God, people stop acting as though God blesses anything! If that were the case there would be NONE of this cruelty or evilness in the world! It’s up to PEOPLE to do the right thing, and we all should follow Marc and help him in any way possible.

  46. Courageous is an understatement in describing this man. The foundation he created and the work he does is amazing. His passion runs deep. His soul bleeds red with every attempt in rescuing these tortured souls. He is their voice.

  47. May there be more like him.

  48. Keneza Angel Keneza Angel says:

    But why eat the dogs?

  49. Ross Turner Ross Turner says:

    Carrie Plunkett Shields

  50. Nancy Long Nancy Long says:

    Go Marc. Blessings to you.

  51. Yes!!!! That man is a real Hero!! Keep going!

  52. Dane Harlan Dane Harlan says:

    So now he is gonna find 1000 homes for these dogs, in a country where eating dog is a huge part of the culture, hence the dog meat festival… They will all eventually die, probably in cages, or being cooked…

  53. Angello Mark Angello Mark says:

    What a great man !!

  54. Ann Garside Ann Garside says:

    Bless his heart Kindness in him for creatures who have no voice !!!!

  55. There’s a place in heaven for you my hero!

  56. Thank you sir! One in a million knows that ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!

  57. Keep up all your hard work

  58. Good on you it is barbarian why do they eat dogs they are pets

  59. Thank you for being a beautiful kind man…my heart swells with heartfelt thanks to you for saving these dogs. Bless you and may you stay safe in your efforts. <3


  61. China doesn’t even value human rights, let alone those of helpless animals, just shameful. Great job Marc Ching.

  62. Kayla Dalton Kayla Dalton says:

    Nice! Hes cute too

  63. Dora Waters Dora Waters says:

    Maybe there’s hope for china

  64. Suor Soriya Suor Soriya says:

    Thank you Marc Ching for saving all of these precious dogs.

  65. Paul Keogh Paul Keogh says:

    Marc Ching , you are one awesome human being.

  66. I love u for it with all my heard

  67. I can’t even imagine!!! Poor a puppies oh my gosh. I don’t understand how people can do this:(

  68. Eeewl…disgusting

  69. Anna Berkes Anna Berkes says:

    Thank you Marc Ching we need more people like you .

  70. Animals are our friends is not for eating for GOD sake

  71. Rob Rosegren Rob Rosegren says:

    These are goddamned barbarians plain and simple.

  72. Jill Minkoff Jill Minkoff says:

    Thank you so very much for what you’ve done and continue to do. I know it’s very difficult and you risk your life many times. Your heart knows no boundries…thank you!

  73. Emaan Shah Emaan Shah says:

    OMG thank u sir ….. U are my hero

  74. Great work!!!!!!!!! Wish I could help you next year!

  75. He is a true hero!!

  76. Krishna Nath Krishna Nath says:

    That’s the spirit Marc, that’s the spirit to doing goodness on earth! God bless you in all your endeavour.

  77. Suvin Sagar Suvin Sagar says:

    Great work Mark Ching.

  78. Festus Adibe Festus Adibe says:

    Well, good for him but I’ll still eat dog meat when I can find. He isn’t doing anything particularly useful. If I was a dog seller and he broke in and released my merchandise, I’d have him arrested immediately. No one has the right to deny others of their food.

    • I can’t believe no one called you an asshole

    • Festus Adibe Festus Adibe says:

      Why would I be an asshole?

      The asshole is the one who goes around messing with other people’s livelihood and source of food just because he doesn’t agree with their diet.

      What he is doing is pretty criminal. If he tried the same thing at a cattle ranch in Texas he’d be shot…and rightfully so.

      No one has a right to deny other people’s right to choose their diet.

  79. Jamie Lott Jamie Lott says:

    God BLESS you amazing man ???you ARE wonderful

  80. Thank you, you are one special human being.

  81. Save an animal but kill n eat the other?? Doesn’t make sense

  82. Fuck all those worthless fucks who do this in my mind I respect dogs more than humans

  83. Thank you for saving them.. ho ono pono

  84. Marilee Ann Marilee Ann says:

    Marc Ching is doing great things. Thank you.

  85. Thank you and Bless you Marc Ching!!!lol

  86. Kelly Yee Kelly Yee says:

    There are good people still out there❤ Matthew Wood xx

  87. Pema Wangda Pema Wangda says:

    Great work sir n we respect u

  88. Shame poor poor animals what people are these

  89. “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”
    Genesis 1:29 KJV

  90. Love u man for saving some many dogs.

  91. why is it ok to eat cow bird pig but not a dog is an animal?

  92. good at least someone is trying to do the right thing for the dogs god bless you also you have a heart of gold go vegan god be with you also on your journey to and keep yous safe also

  93. How is eating dog different from eating veal? Not co-opting Marc, just thinking about consuming any animal meat v. consuming some animal meat.

  94. Marc is THE MAN !!! Kudos to this true human being and his fight !!! <3

  95. Thank you so much Mark for your endless commitment to saving these dogs xx

  96. Dorien Leys Dorien Leys says:

    OK. So he saved them. Now the dogs are being send to a shelter, where they will sit alone in a cage, waiting. If they don’t get adopted, they are being put down. I seriously wonder what the best outcome is here..

  97. would be cool if people cared this much about other people

  98. Great example we should follow

  99. Thank YOU!! A true Hero!

  100. Thank you sir! Godbless you always ☺

  101. Andrea Farquhar here you go someone saved 1000 dogs for you lol good people still exist

  102. Dee O Dee O'Brien says:

    Thank You, you’re an Angel!

  103. Keep it up! These type of killings are inhuman and I am greatful for this guy

  104. Jon Dean Jon Dean says:

    The Chinese are filthy.

  105. thank you. I realize every country has their traditions but this is universally inhumane and straight up wrong. I will never understand what kind of people, if they are really human, can support this.

  106. They’ll soon be processing chickens in China that I’m certain will return as any meat other than chicken.

  107. Yeh, I’ve seen that,it is terrible,can’t imagine treating anything that way much less man’s best friend

  108. Maybe we should set him loose in some of our own slaughterhouses. While not as intentionally cruel, still terrifying for the animals.

  109. Hahn Davis Hahn Davis says:

    Those dogs look soooooooo sad and my heart is very ache for them

  110. Phoebe Beh Phoebe Beh says:

    Thank you Marc for your bravery and kindness. Keep it up and god bless you.

  111. Mary Holmes Mary Holmes says:

    There is no words very sad the way things are so not right off balanced, awful on so many levels.

  112. Thank you Mr Ching x

  113. Tbh that looks yuck lol.

  114. Alright!!!! Amazing man, your the man, arf arf arf!!!

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