Long-Awaited Chilcot Report Shows US and UK Had No Reason to Invade Iraq

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Chilcot report-compressed

By Claire Bernish | Activist Post

In a damning commentary on the rush to invade Iraq, Sir John Chilcot’s inquiry found “diplomatic options had not” at the time “been exhausted. Military action was therefore not a last resort” — as then Prime Minister Tony Blair led the people of the U.K. to believe.

While the Chilcot Report proffers scathing insight into the circumstances surrounding the U.K.’s part in one of the most contentious invasions of a sovereign state in modern times, findings dually skewer then U.S. President George W. Bush’s reckless rush to force military action.

“Military action might have been necessary later,” the BBC summarized several key points found by the Inquiry, “but in March 2003: There was no imminent threat from Saddam Hussein; The strategy of containment could have been adapted and continued for some time; The majority of the Security Council supported continuing UN inspections and monitoring.

“Judgments about the severity of the threat posed by Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction — known as WMD — were presented with a certainty that was not justified” and “Intelligence had ‘not established beyond doubt’ that Saddam Hussein had continued to produce chemical and biological weapons.”

Comprehensive in scope at 2.6 million words, the report covers the U.K.’s role in Iraq from 2001 to 2009, and includes preparations for the invasion, troop preparedness, the actual conflict, and the lack of forethought of the consequences — both in civilian and other casualties, as well as other repercussions — aggression would have on the country and region.

Chilcot investigated the nuanced codependent relationship between the U.S. and U.K. under the leadership of Bush and Blair, paraphrased by the BBC, “former prime minister Tony Blair overestimated his ability to influence US decisions on Iraq; and the UK’s relationship with the US does not require unconditional support.”

Though many expected the seven-year investigation to ‘whitewash’ widely-known mistakes in intelligence and support for the U.S. goal of “regime change,” Chilcot did not hesitate to keenly criticize the unjustified and heightened rush to initiate an all-out military assault — despite the report’s somewhat subdued language in doing so.

Nor does the report let either government off the hook for the enormity of the tragedy — in the civilian death toll, lack of planning for the aftermath in Iraq, nor in Blair’s capitulation to Bush’s bellicosity, despite lack of sufficient justification for war. Indeed, “despite explicit warnings, the consequences of the invasion were underestimated,” as the report’s Executive Summary states.

While the findings severely undercut the total number of Iraqi civilian noncombatants killed — at least 150,000 by July 2009 — Chilcot did admit the figure’s shortcomings.

Further, the report notes despite warnings about the potential for an invasion to destabilize the region — and what that ensuing stability might mean far into the future — Blair (and thus Bush, without stating as much) pressed the case for invasion past the point of disputability.

Additionally, Blair’s previous reluctance to involve the U.K. militarily in favor of forcing the Iraqi leader to accept the return of U.N. weapons inspectors, the report found, vanished following his visit to Bush’s Crawford, Texas, ranch. As it states:

Following his meeting with President Bush, Mr Blair stated that Saddam Hussein had to be confronted and brought back into compliance with the UN.

The acceptance of the possibility that the UK might participate in a military invasion of Iraq was a profound change in UK thinking. Although no decisions had been taken, that became the basis for contingency planning in the months ahead.

Flawed intelligence — the bulk of Bush’s justification for the invasion — should have been questioned by members of Parliament, but wasn’t, the report noted, adding the putative procedures determining legal justification for such an action were “far from satisfactory.”

Overall, the Blair-led government “failed to achieve its stated objectives.”

“If Tony Blair and other politicians responsible had told the truth it [the Iraq War] never would have happened,” asserted Kate Hudson, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament general secretary and organizer of a massive protest, as cited by RT. “A country was destroyed, millions of innocent Iraqis were killed, British soldiers were killed, and terrorism has spread across the Middle East. Those responsible must now be brought to justice.”

In the years following the effectively unjustified invasion of Iraq, countless advocates, activists, and policy critics have issued calls for the summary prosecution of members of the Bush and Blair administrations for war crimes and/or crimes against humanity. Whether or not the Chilcot Inquiry’s findings will add sufficiently to the rather stunning case in favor of doing so remains to be seen — as do other potential repercussions — though it’s widely believed the report doesn’t quite go far enough to do so.

Indeed, by not making a summary judgment on legality, a seeming paradox has been created. While any judgment concerning legal issues in the Iraq War must be undertaken in a court of law, the report’s open hinting there could means for prosecution based on this evidence could be seen as allowing such proceedings — but contrarily could suggest the evidence to prosecute the politicians responsible isn’t sufficient.

Encompassing 12 full volumes — some 6,000 pages — the Chilcot Inquiry had been expected to take just two years — but instead took seven. Considering the sheer volume of information contained therein, it’s possible further revelations will become apparent in the days ahead.

Claire Bernish writes for TheFreeThoughtProject.com, where this article first appeared.

Read more great articles at Activist Post.

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114 Reader Comments

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  1. 10205593697756505@facebook.com' Sandy Lalli says:

    Hang them by their tiny little balls for treason.

  2. 227364940960840@facebook.com' Bogdan Liviu says:

    Motherfuckers!!And so they started terorism all over the planet!

  3. Of course. It’s about the Rothschild agenda of the International Monetary fund. Taking over countries financial systems. Making profits by funding war through both sides!

  4. Yes. They should be held accountable. But they won’t be, right?

  5. 10152924338076436@facebook.com' Jarema Jay A says:

    Wait! So, you’re saying that imperialist US and UK are not ‘the good guys’ on this planet?
    Surely you’re not trying to say they caused a war for profits and in order to dominate a region?
    That’s not what the news, the politicians and the movies tell us!

  6. 10153100254165922@facebook.com' Robert Smith says:


  7. Wars don’t have any reason

  8. will take more than FB reactions for that to happen..the whole mindset of the population is being pushed to the “right”…towards WAR….BIll Gates even uses military euphanisms in his book reviews…it’s programmed into your society….heaven forbid what havoc AI based on humans will wreak…..:)

  9. But everyone knows that already. What is to be done about it ?

  10. Hmmmmmm, what really prompted the war? 9/11, that’s just it, the can’t be guilty of war crime, they are leaders having to protect their people both by defending and offensive means.

    • 10201799232460493@facebook.com' Chad Curry says:

      what about Rumsfeld’s announcement the day before 9/11 about the 3.2 trillion dollars that was missing from accounts not to mention the 2126 cases of insider trading that were being investigated and their investigative offices were inside the world trade centers. & what about the owner of the world trade center building who miraculously happen to DOUBLE his insurance coverage 9 days before the 9/11 “attacks”? its a cabal……

    • 816173508512985@facebook.com' T.m. Twilley says:

      Seriously I hope you’re not stupid enough to believe that shit (leader protecting their people)… Fml… Ignorance is fucking bliss, I wish that was the truth

    • Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

  11. 519974648151176@facebook.com' John Wayne says:

    U.S. Marine Major General S. Butler was the First to Speak, “War is a Racket” and “The Business Plot.”

  12. 723985847741252@facebook.com' Cathy Fessel says:

    They should be but never will be!

  13. Then will they be charged for the war crimes ??

  14. Hopefully they will be charged with war crimes, at least for lying to the American public. Makes what Hillary did look like she was in kindergarten. How many soldiers, American citizens have died because of this rash behavior. Something a commander in chief should be ashamed of!

  15. 10201799232460493@facebook.com' Chad Curry says:

    less we forget we went into Iraq after WMD’s which were never found DURING THE OCCUPATION. however we now know there were WMD’s in Iraq – canisters of cyanide gas – that were used on the Iraqi people & how do we know? because they are marked and when found can & have been traced to US & allied nations. they were sold to Saddam Hussain for use on his people thus justifying a petro-war and occupation. you don’t hear anyone bitching about C-130’s filled with American cash that was distributed there, & I do not mean 1 or 2 but trillions of tax payer dollars…….

  16. Tell us something we DON’T know!

  17. 10205656558157641@facebook.com' Martyn Farr says:

    It would send out the right message to future would be leaders if these people where put on trial for there blatant crimes against humanity.

  18. 1196026097083470@facebook.com' Ned Gayer says:

    while these men are the face of evil they have bosses!

  19. Some are born to greatness ….some achieve greatness….others get it as,a graduation present……BOTH HAVE TO BE TRIED for ALL those young men and women whom died NEEDLESSLY….and even more for those who are still suffering from their wounds

  20. 1359796027371148@facebook.com' Franco Nolam says:

    As long as the same ppl and the same mindset continues to prevail we are undoubtedly head towards destruction on a massive scale never before witnessed by mankind.

  21. I heard about this many years ago. ..
    Jet another so called Conspiracy theory proven right…

  22. 144674799230818@facebook.com' Carol Webb says:

    STFU… Do not even try to take attention off of guilty killary!!!! Not going to work… And your wrong

  23. 10208181661360323@facebook.com' Ant Card says:

    How many UN resolutions did Saddam flat out violate after Desert Storm ended? Never mind the WMDs. Saddam surrendered after Desert Storm ended and agreed to abide by numerous UN resolutions which he disregarded in the years that followed. That in itself was numerous and clear violations that justified going back to war in Iraq. Saddam violated the conditions set forth by the UN which were part of his conditional surrender. Those violations were justification for returning to war.

    • 263607134010270@facebook.com' Maggie Amor says:

      Can you in your heart believe that what has happened in the middle east , the slaughter of women and children does not touch you , That BLAIR and BUSH didn’t care about the people , it was all about the oil. ask yourself why they do not go into Africa. When heads of states put money before people as they do. how do we bring our young up?

    • 10208181661360323@facebook.com' Ant Card says:

      Maggie Amor We bring our young up with the understanding that we are all Gods’ children. All of us. We bring our children up knowing that they have free will. Free will to either obey God or not obey God. We bring our children up to know that no matter what decisions they make, there will be consequences good or bad. We bring our children up to understand that this free will exists between us and God and among Gods’ children (you and I). I believe you are intelligent enough to see where I am going with this so instead of me continuing to type out a novel, I’ll leave it there. Just one additional thing I’ll add… none of Gods’ children get to truly judge another one of Gods’ children. That isn’t our job. We will be judged though but it won’t be done by a peer.

    • You are BLIND !!!!

    • 10208181661360323@facebook.com' Ant Card says:

      Roman Lopatka Not sure why you came up with the “you are blind” comment given what I just said. I’m not blind. I’m just not the judge and neither are you or anyone else that is commenting in this entire thread. “First remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye.” Matthew 7:5 We are all sinners to one degree or another.

  24. They might not be honest or truthful, but I don’t believe they would do anything that would harm either of our contries.


  26. we’ve known that since day one

  27. 1673726826243877@facebook.com' Walt Shelley says:

    The purpose of divide and conquer, ???

  28. 10206921649732317@facebook.com' Terence Hill says:

    It is obvious what really went down. I only wish there was a way to redistribute all the money made from this lie and give it back to the tax payers and families of those who were killed or permanently effected by this atrocity. The real evil doers and counter parts should be immediately rounded up and held accountable in front of a world court.

  29. 10206649160220848@facebook.com' Allan Hvolby says:

    Did they really needed 13 years to find out, what everybody already knew from day one….???

  30. 1484128381892891@facebook.com' Sharon Wood says:

    I agree Franco Noam .

  31. This is not new, news

  32. Get them in Court!
    The whole Iraq war is one big charade, starting from 9/11.
    Time to deal with the ‘ mass cognitive dissonance ‘ that impedes people’s thinking.
    If it looks like a turd, smells like a turd, & tastes like a turd,………in spite of what the mainstream media tells us,……it’s not a lollipop, it’s a turd!!!

  33. WE ALL KNEW THAT AT THE TIME! But it has taken 13 years, and 2.5m words to prove what we already knew.
    There we go. Two former leaders who should – right now – be in the Hague, facing charges in the International Court. (Just like they did to Karadic. In international law, no different).

  34. 1131194013614943@facebook.com' Laurie Bowen says:

    Sadam Hussain – should have been tried by the Hague and now it should be Assad who needs to head for trial in the Hague.

    • abena_aya@hotmail.com' JoJo says:

      What personal knowledge do you have of these people – or are you basing your opinion upon what the mainstream media tells you is the truth? Iif so, I would suggest you might like to refer to credible sources and substantiate your position? This is yet another American-designed regime change in order to secure geopolitical dominance, money and power – period. Anything else is an excuse.

  35. 150990275249676@facebook.com' Susan Home says:

    No. It’s much more fun to whine ‘pay your fair share’ to everyone. To any and every insane order coming from insanity, because it’s your ‘leader.’ Vote, and hope!

  36. Just Bush.England gets told what to do.

  37. They have done their duty to protect citizens

  38. 874457002651639@facebook.com' Mayr Berry says:

    Nope … just another excuse for their war machine …

  39. Really and your telling the people now.

  40. Hope this two monsters.will be jailed to death for destroying Saddam Hussein and the lives of the people of Iraq. Including their puppets Maliki group.click like if you agree!

  41. 1040363002675862@facebook.com' Joe Hoffman says:

    Yes.. hung, for treason and war crimes, fraud, murder, and attempted murder…

  42. 10209549379321163@facebook.com' John Ward says:

    oh yeah……..

  43. 512558962268188@facebook.com' Serrano Jo says:

    We knew that…was because of the oil.. Nothing new here

  44. 890925711033012@facebook.com' Sana Aldhayi says:

    Killing 150,000 of us (Iraqis) !!!!! isn’t it a genocide crime?????

  45. 1136049479771549@facebook.com' Anurag Jain says:

    They shud b booked for war crimes

  46. 10207252363800470@facebook.com' Keith Petch says:

    Absolutely on fraud and crimes against humanity

  47. 1187600941267414@facebook.com' Sushil Yadav says:

    If you kill one person it is Murder.
    If you kill a few hundred it is Terrorism.
    If you kill a few million it is War.
    If you kill the entire planet it is Progress, Growth, Development.

    Military Industrial Complex = War and Terrorism.
    War = Terrorism.
    War is the biggest act of Terrorism.

    Weapon industry came with industrialization…….War industry came with industrialization………Global wars came with industrialization……..Global terrorism came with industrialization……..Global wars and terrorism were not possible in pre-industrial society in the absence of weapon industry, transportation industry and communication industry.

    Global wars and terrorism cannot be stopped without eradicating industrial society.

    Lockheed Martin…….Boeing………Raytheon……….Northrop Grumman……….General Dynamics……..And hundreds of other weapon manufacturers all over the world………These are the real terrorists whose weapons have fuelled war and terrorism everywhere in this world……….Weapons produced by these corporations have killed millions of people.

    In a non-industrial world NATO couldn’t have meddled in the Middle East or Afghanistan………ISIS, Taliban or AlQaida couldn’t have attacked the west because guns and explosives did not exist before industrialization……..The one and only cause of all problems is industrialization.

    The nonsense of Cold Wars and Hot Wars came with industrialization……..NATO created Taliban to fight Russian forces in Afghanistan………NATO is responsible for the emergence of ISIS………NATO attacked and flattened Iraq……..NATO toppled Saddam Hussain who was holding the country together……..The chaos and violence that resulted from American invasion of Iraq led to the emergence of ISIS.

    What is being used for war and terrorism???……….Are flowers being used for war and terrorism???

    The more weapons you produce the more war and terrorism you will have.

    Do you see war and terrorism in millions of other species???
    Millions of other species never produced weapons.

    All the war, violence and terrorism in this world has been fuelled by millions of tonnes of weapons produced and sold by the weapon industry.

    Countries that have produced and sold weapons are the biggest terrorists.

    Corporations that have produced and sold weapons are the biggest terrorists.

    All problems have been worsened by industrialization……..In pre-industrial society more than 99% of population was producing food……..The armies of kings consisted of just a few hundred soldiers……..How much war and violence would you expect in such a society???

    In industrial society 50% of population is not producing food………It is doing destructive work………Millions of people are working for the Weapon Industry……..Millions of people are employed in the Army, Air Force and Navy……..Millions of people are working for the Intelligence Agencies.

    Largescale war, violence and terrorism is a natural outcome of this.

    Technology is the biggest terrorist………All the guns, weapons and explosives came with science and technology.

    Pre-industrial wars were fought face-to-face, on foot or horse-back, with swords and spears………Industrial weapons can kill from thousands of kilometers away……. Bombs and missiles can decimate people from a distance.

    Wars have happened on earth for thousands of years………But there is a world of difference between pre-industrial wars and industrial wars.

    Comparing pre-industrial wars with industrial wars is like comparing the Lamp with the Sun.

    More people have died in hundred years of wars after industrialization (20th century) than in thousands of years of wars before industrialization.

    World wars happened only after industrialization………World wars were not possible in pre-industrial society.

    In pre-industrial society war and violence was mostly localized…….In pre-industrial society countries in one continent could not have caused war and violence in countries of another continent.

    Even religious conflicts have been aggravated by industrialization and urbanization………..In pre-industrial society people of one race and religion mostly stayed in one region because of the absence of industrial transportation……..This minimized religious conflicts.

    America is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of weapons in the world which have fuelled war, violence and terrorism everywhere that has killed millions of people.

    800 Military Bases all over the world.

    America has bombed every continent in the world…..Killed millions of people with smart bombs, depleted uranium bombs, carpet bombing, drone attacks, economic sanctions and embargoes..

    America has toppled governments…..Installed puppet regimes…..Destabilized the entire world.

    3000 people died in the World Trade Tower collapse……..America created a big ruckus…….It attacked and flattened Afghanistan and killed hundreds of thousands of people directly or indirectly.

    More than 10,000 people died in Bhopal Gas Tragedy in India in 1984…….Half a million people were maimed for life……..Genetic disorders will continue for generations………The worst industrial accident in the world caused by American company Union Carbide………America resisted the extradition of Warren Anderson , chairman of Union Carbide for 30 years…….He died last year…….No american got punished for the biggest industrial crime in the world.

    The entire industrial society is a terrorist……..Industrial society has destroyed forests, rivers, oceans and atmosphere…….Industrial society has tortured, slaughtered and decimated millions of species.

    Industrialization was the biggest act of terrorism in this world.

    Hundred years of industrial activity has destroyed what was created by nature in millions of years.

    Industrial society has destroyed the planet with Mining Industry, Logging Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Construction Industry, Electricity Industry, Oil Industry, Automobile and Rail Industry, Airline and Shipping Industry, Meat and Fishing Industry.

    All problems of industrial society have either been created by industrialization or worsened by industrialization………All problems of industrial society are unsolvable because industrialization itself is the cause of problems………Problems of industrial society can go away only when industrial society goes away.

    Man has spent more than 99.9% of his time on earth in non-industrial societies.

    Man lived in hunter_gatherer society for one million years……..Man lived in agrarian society for 10,000 years……..Man has lived in industrial society for just about 100 years during which he has destroyed the entire planet.

    If Urban Society stops its supplies to Rural Society it will live forever.
    If Rural Society stops its supplies to Urban Society it will die within a month.
    That is the worth of Urban Jobs, Consumer Goods, Growth Rate, Economy Rate and GDP.
    Industrialization was the biggest crime on earth.
    Agrarian society was the limit for man on earth.

  48. 1767973393487767@facebook.com' Chnel Howard says:

    well, other than natural resources and any other wealth the people held

  49. 1113578538688795@facebook.com' Jim Martin says:

    bush-chaney-rumsfield all should be tried

  50. two war criminal pieces of SH*T in one picture.. if there were true justice in this world both those murderers would be swinging from a gallows for all to see.

  51. 799444503525571@facebook.com' Adnan Ahmed says:

    bush is a terrorist…he should be hanged for murdering millions of innocent civilians.

  52. Yes under war crimes

  53. 1632451627038850@facebook.com' Wendy Hardin says:

    Yes and all his cronies.

  54. 985595298180309@facebook.com' Joe Tobia says:

    We didn’t need a report to tell us what was happening. Someone was making a ton of money off of that unwarraneted war!!!

  55. 766877893456152@facebook.com' Frank Law says:

    There was no need to waste such amount of money to prove what is known. Iraq under Saddam was attacked for imperialist interests, as Libya under Gadaffi, Afganstan, thanks for Russia’s interference of Syrian conflict because it was going to be like that. USA’s useless wars since then have caused many problems than before. Nowadays the world is insecure than any time in history because of the stupidity of USA, NATO, &Their Allies whose motive are selfish and irrational.

  56. No the world leaders knew it was going to happen if they get in trouble every leader of that time should get in trouble

  57. Where we come from, where we are going, why we are here, the truth about Life and death on earth has been revealed, the most clear, complete, and accurate explanation of the truth of life on earth. The universe as it relates to conscious life can be understood now. Learning the ultimate truth is the next step in our evolution. Nothing else matters. The world is being destroyed as a result of people not knowing the truth.

    Without the truth, there can be no real morality, justice, equality, unity, success, freedom, love, security, peace, spirituality or even survival. Only the truth can stop the wars and make the world the paradise it can be. Knowing the ultimate truth makes it possible for people to see life clearly and to be filled by it. Google “The Truth Contest” and open the top first entry _The Present_.

  58. Now, try these 2 fellows for genocide.

  59. 819397958195703@facebook.com' Ameer Khan says:

    Bush and Blair are both War criminals …..When UNO will take action????

  60. 10206168560364373@facebook.com' Bonnie Casey says:

    They should be put away!! Deceit,lies, killing fit profit. Disgraceful!!

  61. We already knew that

  62. 980271462067239@facebook.com' Emran Ali says:

    You ever notice how the world works.. The people who hold the most responsibilities are never the most accountable? Banks get bail outs instead. Presidents and MPs alget a slap on the wrist and recieve their generous pension funds early instead. Police who murder sleep well at night. And what do the rest of the world do. Just talk about it. We don’t want change really. We’re waiting for others to do it.

  63. 970016509708933@facebook.com' Chuck Leung says:

    why not? not only were the wmds a grand hoax, the war was fought on indebtedness, with the many seeing their tax monies frittered away while a precious few made monstrous profits…

  64. Surprise surprise

  65. The truth will not be stopped;)

  66. Really? Wow, you people are sleeping

  67. 1170962012974703@facebook.com' Alan Taylor says:

    Trouble is US Pesiidents consider themselves above the law!

  68. 10207622944510986@facebook.com' Jan Cropper says:

    Tony Blair and his despicable speech, showed exactly what he is! A pathetic, greedy little man, who couldn’t wait to kiss ass In the states!
    Bush, is trigger happy, he supports the gun lobby way too much! How he ever got in as a president amazes me!!
    The human cost of any war is too high!!
    And the two of them should face prosecution! But they won’t.

  69. 10207406953028373@facebook.com' Norman Kydd says:

    This country started a war with Iraq based on a hunch. There has been fighting in the Mid East for centuries. We should have stayed out of it. What a GD mess we created.

  70. 10207552987762005@facebook.com' Ricky Harvey says:

    No society should be held accountable seeing as we just sat back paid our taxes and watched it happen and also the fact blair and bush were puppets

  71. 1144318542255888@facebook.com' Robin Davis says:

    They most certainly should be held accountable!!! They are the reason for Isis!! They both should be jailed!! and all media covers is Hillary and her emails. What about this horrible mess that both Bush’s forced our nation into!!!

  72. 1144318542255888@facebook.com' Robin Davis says:

    I wrote to then President Bush and demanded my tax money be returned!!! I had no interest in funding any Sort of WAR leave alone one based on lies, greed and deception, but then again that describes most WARS>WAR what is it Good For NOthing absolutely nothing!!!

  73. I’m sorry when you make deals with the Devil, your choice is gone. He loves his Satan worshiping daddy!

  74. 953171698127470@facebook.com' Lee Sullivan says:

    Yes. They should be held accountable. Anyone with half a brain knew the invasion was a farce. Unfortunately, I don’t think either will face the consequences.

  75. 976260222413064@facebook.com' Lim Fong Yee says:

    Both should go to hell straight away. They killed Saddam and family

  76. 10155000132582586@facebook.com' Tony Harding says:

    All planned for the greater Israel project ..hang them both

  77. 10155289215463849@facebook.com' Jay Pinky says:

    Both should be in prison end of !!!!!!!!!!

  78. Yes! Criminal charges!

  79. We have no reason to invade anybody. Our minds and mouths can do far more than our bodies in terms of progress.

    War is a serious joke. Always has been. Not talking about current times or anything going on now.. Talking about the bigger picture; war is not progress.

  80. Afghanistan’s invasion can be justified as the then taliban regime had given refuge to osama and other al qaida leaders although osama bin laden later sneaked in to pakistan with the help of pakistani army, but iraq’s invasion was driven by George w. Bush’s personal agenda as senior bush had failed in toppling saddam hussain. For that the fictitious weapons of mass destruction theory was invented by jr. Bush , the result is current mess in middle East and its ramifications in the whole world.

    • abena_aya@hotmail.com' JoJo says:

      Rubbish – the US had been working with the Taliban for years and entered Afghanistan to protect their drug industry.

  81. whats the use of such report….?? will it chnge the situation….thr hs to be punishment fr accountbles

    • abena_aya@hotmail.com' JoJo says:

      You are spot on – the point of the report is to give the public the impression that these people actually care and to give the public the impression that it’s all been taken care of (although there will, of course, be no consequences for anyone in the “club”). These analyses are pointless unless they drive changes that prevent the possibility of anything similar happening ever again.

  82. 1139022759448944@facebook.com' Mayse Vila says:

    Yes. Blair already is on the spot but where is Bush?

  83. hell ya they should pay,

  84. iamapromise365@yahoo.com' Shane Steven says:

    “Intelligence had ‘not established beyond doubt’ that Saddam Hussein had continued to produce chemical and biological weapons.”

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