Limitless Intentions for Empowered Manifestation

There are different schools of thought about how we should set the goals and intentions we want to manifest. One school of thought says we should define our intention to the smallest detail, another says we should make it more general so we don’t limit the scale of the manifestation.

I was pondering this point before teaching a workshop on Empowered Manifestation and was blessed with another of those Divine downloads that have given me the information I need to teach about how manifestation really works.

Having spent over 20 years in IT, I know that one of the biggest problems in developing computer systems is when the users try to dictate the solution instead of letting the experts (analysts, designers and programmers) work it out for them. They either get something that just doesn’t work or they get far less than they could have had.

It’s the same with manifestation.

Instead of describing the solution down to the smallest detail let the expert (God/Source/Divine) know your requirements and work out the best solution for you.

For example, I wanted  a truck to pull a travel trailer that would take us on a tour to deliver my Empower Your  Life: Achieve Your Dreams workshop and started out with the intention of having a white Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck. What I really wanted was a pickup truck with space for my dogs in the back and the capability to tow a travel trailer of 8,500 lbs in a mountainous area, with the best fuel efficiency. The truck I manifested was a black Ford F150 that matched my requirements perfectly and if I’d stuck to the idea of the Dodge Ram truck I’d have found it fell far short of what I needed.

Specifying requirements allows the Universe (the ultimate architect) to design and deliver the best solution without limiting it. You usually get much more when you leave the solution to the expert… in this case God/Source/Divine/Universe, and a generous one at that! My truck turned out to be far better than expected with lots of added benefits I hadn’t thought of.

One of the key factors in empowered manifestation is that your intentions should be aligned with purpose – your life purpose and soul mission. In fact, every desire and intention should have a purpose – and defining the purpose is what gives the Universe the space to create the perfect outcome for you.

It’s the why!

Why do I want this house?

I want to be able to accommodate my family when they come to visit, have dinner parties for up to 10 people, have views of the mountains, a creek or river running through the property of 100 acres or more, to accommodate 10 horses or more, with a barn, indoor and outdoor arena and access to national forest land for trail riding.

That’s very different from saying I want Paradise Ranch in Durango, Colorado. The Universe may have a far better plan in store for you that you haven’t even dreamed of.

Robert Schuller said “make your dreams big enough for God to fit into”, in other words, don’t limit the scope of your goals and intentions. “A Course In Miracles” states “there is no order of difficulty in miracles”, in other words manifesting a big intention is just the same process as manifesting a small intention. Have faith, think big and you can move mountains.

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