Lay Off The Tobacco; Become More Conscious About Your Life

The toughest months for quitters of tobacco are the first three. Interestingly, smokers coined a term and named it the icky three. If you meet the majority of smokers they will tell you, they are quitting. The funny thing is, no one complains about the entry point from the day they started consuming tobacco. However, when the addiction bites, the exit part becomes hard.

Those who have quit or tried to exit will tell you the craving they feel about tobacco cannot even be compared to the thirst you have for water. Tobacco is that bad. Nonetheless, you should not lose hope form quitting smoking. Now it is easier than ever with the e-cigarette device. Forget the pain and agonizing experience you have to undergo when shutting conventional smoking all at once.

E-cigarette (electronic cigarette) is a battery-operated device that delivers vaporized nicotine/ non-nicotine solutions to the inhaler (user).

How E-cigarette Helps You to Quit Tobacco Use

E-cigarette function like the traditional cigarette, but the only difference is there is no smoke. The idea behind using e-cigarette is to help smokers to quit and use a method that keeps them away from the diseases associated with conventional smoking. Use of e-cigarette helps drive the nicotine through the process known as vaping. Both smoking and vaping role is to feed the user with nicotine; however, the use of e-cig is safer and not toxic like smoking does.

So, e-cigs act like a bridge to crossover to a safer place as it kills the addiction normally with traditional smokers. Those who switch from smoking to e-cigarette may get addicted to the latter, however, it is healthier and research is yet to identify risks associated with it. Since the invention of e-cig, there are many in the market and you can get a variety from the largest providers here.

Benefits of Quitting Tobacco

Quitting tobacco is a process that requires proper planning due to the push and pulls involved. The struggle is as a result of craving and symptom withdrawal experience. The painful process as it may sound, it’s a journey every tobacco smoker should be prepared to take due to numerous benefit they gain thereafter.  Check the reason tobacco should be your greatest enemy.

  • Smoking affects the sense of smell, so quitting will make food taste & smell better
  • Quitting help you to avoid serious health problems brought by tobacco smoking
  • You will have money to save
  • You will save your family & friends from being affected as a secondhand beneficiary
  • Your body outlook is improved
  • You will enjoy life from a different angle, away from tobacco (effects)

Whether you take one conventional cigarette per day or a whole pack, the risk is the same. Every puff of cigarette you take, that’s a step forward towards your grave. Cigarette smoking affects every organ in your body and the reason you see quitters undergo withdrawal symptoms it means the body is healing from the toxic.


Quitting tobacco rewards you by adding more years to your life. Study shows that smokers who quit before age 40, they avoid dying from smoking-related diseases, while those aged past 45 and above avoid dying early. If the quitting scares you, an e-cigarette is the best option that has allowed seeing many cases of smokers quitting fearlessly. E-cigarettes help to transition the quitting process effectively.


The only way to appreciate life more is through quitting tobacco use and begins the detoxification process through E-cig. You can start on e-cigarette high doses, and then gradually keep reducing the dose. In that order, you will either quit altogether or balance e-cig intake which is healthy than conventional smoking.