Know About the Chinese New Year from a Different Perspective

New Years Day is generally celebrated by every ethnic group with much grandeur. The Chinese New Year Day celebration is nothing different. In China, it is a holiday and people celebrate with much enthusiasm. The Chinese communities around the globe also indulge in the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Another most important fact about each Chinese New Year is its prominent connection with the Chinese astrology. According to the system, each year is associated with an animal.

There are 12 zodiac animals acceding to which a horoscope is made in China. People who are born in a particular year are automatically connected to the animal of that specific year. It is believed that the behavior, character, and fate largely depend on the animal they are connected with. Here are some unique facts about the Chinese New Year Day.

The date for Chinese New Year Day varies

The date of Chinese New Year varies because it is set in accordance with the lunar calendar. This calendar is structured in accordance with the lunar movement. Generally, the date falls between the months of January and February. The Chinese people celebrate the day as Spring Festival too. The day is also celebrated as the harvest festival.

The Lantern Festival is the main attraction

One of the most prominent attractions of the Chinese New Year Festival is the Lantern Festival. It takes place on the 15th day of the lunar calendar. Traditional Chinese Lanterns are used to decorate the streets and homes. Lion dance and Lantern Riddle solving are some leading activities that people indulge in.

Taboos related to Chinese New Year

There are many unusual taboos related to Chinese New Year. Some are given below:

  • Showering and sweeping
  • Swearing and Unlucky words are not to be said
  • Giving unlucky gifts
  • Demanding debt repayment
  • Visiting the doctor

Chinese Astrology and New Years Day

As already mentioned earlier, each Chinese year is dedicated to a particular animal. They are ox, tiger, rat, snake, rabbit, horse, dragon, rooster, pig, monkey, sheep, and dog. According to the Chinese astrology, 2020 is a rat year. The people who will be born in 2020 might show all the behavioral trends that of a rat.

The rat people are very creative and they can work within groups to easily. The people born in a rat year can have a charm of their own. They are excellent opportunity seekers. The rat people know very well how to make the total use of the opportunity. Monthly and time-based uniqueness can be expected among the people who are born in the rat year. Overall, the rat people are decent and kind towards people.

Overstepping might be a main flaw among the rat people. It can be a mental condition that leads these people to miss certain good opportunities in life. Another most common tendency among the rat people is that they might miss good opportunities while being quick.

So, these are some of the leading facts about the Chinese New Yew that you must know. You can always live a good life considering the predictions given by your Chinese horoscope.