Keys To Choose the Cardboard Packaging You Need

When choosing the most suitable cardboard packaging, it is necessary to take into account certain factors such as budget, size, resistance and even brand image. As you will see, the choice of the type of packaging is not a trivial matter. Factors as important as cost savings or the integrity of the merchandise to be sent, among others, depend on that decision.

Do you want to know how to choose the best packaging for your merchandise? Today we give you some keys so that you are right in your decision. Do not miss it.

These are just some of the previous questions that can help you get your decision right.

Planning, however small, is important when making any decision related to packaging, one of the most important processes on which the business chain depends.

How to choose the most suitable cardboard boxes?

In addition to physical characteristics that are compatible with the merchandise, other factors are also important, such as the choice of supplier and the advertising support that the box entails.

Measurements and shape

The custom made boxes can have standard sizes or can be manufactured according to the client’s needs; in this second case the price will be higher. When choosing the measurements, it is necessary to take into account the secondary packaging that will protect the goods inside the box.

Maximum and minimum weight

How many units of the product will be shipped in each box? Will it be palletized? Is the box for storage or shipping?

This point is one of the most important to take into account.

Cardboard brittleness

The resistance offered by the cardboard is another important point. Thus, if the shipment is by transport agency, keep in mind that the boxes suffer a lot during transport. Bumps and falls are normal. In this sense, the resistance profile of the box is determined by the structure that can be single channel or double layer. The higher the quality of the cardboard, the more air chamber to absorb impacts. If you want high quality cardboard boxes, BlueRose Packaging can help you.

Customization of the box

The transport process is a free promotional opportunity, as well as being an added value for the customer who receives the package. Customizing the boxes is not very expensive and yet it has a significant return.

Finishing the box

Do you want it to shine, be matte or have a varnish? Is it compatible with the transport and customization process of the box?

Choice of provider

The choice of the supplier is a strategic decision in any company. In this sense, we recommend asking several companies for a quote to compare and choose the one that suits you best, be careful; it is not always the cheapest.

Sometimes it is better to choose the one that offers the easiest and best value for money. It is also convenient to check that it performs a customization of the needs and offers advice on the most suitable type of box.

Ultimately, choosing the most appropriate cardboard box depends on some basic but important factors to make your final decision right. As a final recommendation, we suggest the use of gummed paper to seal the cardboard boxes. An inexpensive packing tape that offers excellent resistance to cardboard boxes.